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  1. Was not expecting that... their sound is so distinct and every track is so damn catchy. Really sad to hear this news.
  2. Went ahead and translated this addicting song by request from @platy. Although I work in translation I don't have much experience translating lyrics but I hope you guys enjoy. Just a couple of notes. For anyone that doesn't know, "ojamashimasu" doesn't really have a direct translation. It literally translates to "I'm going to be a nuisance/bother" and is usually used when entering someone's house in Japan to acknowledge that your host is allowing you to "intrude" (enter) their house. Although "ojamashimasu" is said multiple times throughout the song I tried to translate it in various ways that I personally believe conveys the meaning of their usage in the song better. The whole song is one big perverted metaphor for intruding on, or more specifically violating a girl. Note: "Chome" is one part of Japan's crazy address system and denotes districts of a town. The song basically travels through different districts (district 1, district 2 etc) which are also metaphorical. He's going to ojamashimasu every part of the girl. English translation is my own and I wrote up the romaji myself. Kanji taken from Batsu's official Twitter (https://twitter.com/BATSUmamire). Any feedback/suggestions welcome! --- Kanji Romaji English
  3. I will have mine posted by today (UK time), I apologise that it has taken me so long.
  4. Yo!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome Yup, I'm a pretty big J-pop fan. Not sure how many J-pop fans are on the site but hopefully there are some!
  5. Yo!

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you. A bit about me if you're interested: currently a student in the UK studying Japanese at university and also working as a writer/translator for a Japanese company. I've been learning the language for 7 or 8 years now. Although I'd consider myself still relatively new to visual kei, I'm a huge lover of music from Japan and I'm always happy to find new music. I can't count how many favourite artists I have, and they all range from different genres. Some of my favourites include Aimer, WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA, Soutaiseiriron, Fujiwara Sakura, DIR EN GREY & sukekiyo, Nujabes, BiSH, Capsule, and so on. I'm currently enjoying Xaa Xaa's new album, they're really awesome. Anyway, don't wanna make this too long. Looking forward to getting involved. See you out there!
  6. Newbie here. Please sign me up if I'm not too late!