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  1. yuugure

    I'm only on the 5th track but I hate everything so far. Also I like how they're trying to make a statement with the title of the first track. Still need to listen to the rest, but I don't see myself "changing."
  2. yuugure

    PV is too short to form an opinion but sounds legit so far. I hope that awful sound quality is just it being a shit quality video post though. If that's the actual song then it sucks ass.
  3. yuugure

    Surprised no one mentioned Ojamashimasu by Mamireta yet.
  4. yuugure

    Just saw this on Twitter, this really sucks. I hope this doesn't affect the quality of what they have been putting out recently. Visual-kei bands really suck ass when it comes to staying together, wish it wasn't treated like a part-time job. Obviously the industry works differently but still it's really annoying.
  5. Yoshiki has ascended above and beyond meme level status. He just keeps on giving.
  6. yuugure

    I'd rather talk about the ones that deserve it.
  7. yuugure

    The fans didn't bother me really, if anything the screaming is good because they need to be shown that we want them to come back. Japanese fans are just as bad anyway. But the phones, jesus fucking christ. Every single gig I go to there's morons holding their arms up like orangutans filming a shitty crusty video they're never going to watch again. The band are LITERALLY RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM. It's unfair for people who actually want to watch the show with their own eyes. It's already hard enough at concerts with tall people, so the phones make it worse. I forced myself in front of a guy towards the end because I just couldn't see because of his disgusting arm. When I went to see Jack White in London he had a service he uses on tour where you're made to put your phone in a tiny bag that you can only unlock by leaving the room or at the end of the concert. I wish this was compulsory at every show. Just saying "photography/filming forbidden" isn't enough, and they don't enforce it when the show starts anyway. The ability to film needs to literally be taken away from them.
  8. Yoshiki so I can see what he actually does all day cuz it's clearly not writing that album.
  9. yuugure

    The gig in London last night was amazing. Super solid set, both the music and vocals were orgasmic.
  10. yuugure

    Thanks for the Kanji, haven't been able to find anywhere. Will try to translate this week if no one else does beforehand.
  11. yuugure

    So it's confirmed, DIMLIM is better than your favourite band.
  12. yuugure

    Kyo sounds so ridiculous but I love it, can't wait for the album.
  13. yuugure

    Sorry for being a basic bitch but Kyo's screams/growls here are just too good.
  14. yuugure

    Lol holy shit that song is insane. Has a completely different vibe from their previous stuff. Not sure if I like it as much but I still enjoyed the track. Experimental as hell. The song name can mean vulgar or disorderly/chaotic. Definitely feeling the latter. Looking forward to hearing what else the album has to offer.
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