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  1. If it's anything like Doku Mawaru then my body is ready.
  2. Excited to see what they're all about. Anything's better than Mejibray.
  3. They never make their names very searchable do they? Welp, let's wait and see what they're all about.
  4. Was hoping they wouldn't release a sequel to MASTURBATION. Guess they finally got laid. Catchy but forgettable.
  5. @Manji 卍 Here's a rough translation attempt at the first 24 seconds, because I can't make out a lot of the rest of it. I also can't hear what he says before 'koko' in the last line I translated. If anyone knows, I'd love to know! boku wa shindeshimaitai [I want to die] mamireta... shiin gurashi [mamireta... cause of death: living] moufu wo maite kubitsuri jisatsu [I'll tie up the blanket and kill myself by hanging] kusuri wo nonde yakubutsu jisatsu [I'll swallow this medicine and die from an overdose] kemuri wo taite rentan jisatsu [I'll light the fumes and smoke myself out] [...] koko kara tobiori jisatsu [I'll kill myself by jumping from up here]
  6. Finally! Been waiting to hear new material from them.
  7. HERE WE GO!
  8. @Original Saku Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm super happy you enjoyed the mix. I really enjoyed your review and what you pulled from the mix and theme. It was so detailed and fun to read. I was pretty apprehensive about this mix since it didn't contain many V-kei songs, but I felt the songs worked so well with the theme I was going for so I just went with it. I'm really glad you received it so well. I was definitely conscious when it came to making the structure, but I didn't know if it would be picked up on or not. But you definitely extracted more than I had intended for the structure in your review! As for the Phantasmagoria track, that one's more of a personal thing. There's various emotions it stirs in me, one of which is an intense nostalgic feeling I get when I think back to walking back home from my first Japanese classes during winter and it was cold and rainy. I don't remember if I had heard this track back then or not, but it reminds me of that. There's something about the guitar that just fills me with a kind of longing and sadness. So it really is more of a personal one Boku no Lyric is just amazing, isn't he? Every track has such a nice flow and rhythm. His rapping is so damn catchy. Had you heard c.cedille before? It was a two-member band made by a really old American YouTuber called Emily Connor (her channel is applemilk1988) and a Japanese guy. She doesn't post anymore and most of her videos have been deleted since this whole scandal thing she went through, but she used to make videos on Japan and learning Japanese. She ended up doing some pretty crazy shit and a lot of people started hating her. But despite all that, every single one of her music projects are just amazing. Her music is pretty hard to get hold of. c.cedille disbanded years ago but their only album, en lecture, is an absolute masterpiece. @SeimeisenI'm glad you liked the review, and thanks for the response! A Premonition definitely serves the "cold opening" vibe you were going for. virgin snow color works well as a title sequence. It gives me a feeling of ambivalence: on one hand, it has that cheerful Christmas-y air of hope and wonder to it, but on the other hand it's not a fully "happy" sounding song; there's a hint of something embedded in there that tells me this won't be a joy-filled journey. It has a kind of false-sense of security thing about it. That's what I feel anyway. In terms of tracklisting, I think ending with the MERRY song was the right choice. It perfectly serves that purpose of ending credits. The opening of トゥナイトゥナイ ヤヤヤ reminds me of the song As The World Falls Down from the film Labyrinth with David Bowie in it for some reason, which feels kind of Christmas-y. Except トゥナイトゥナイ ヤヤヤ doesn't continue with that mellow sound, it bursts into a foot-stomping riot. It was a fun song. I also want to go and re-watch Bigger, Longer & Uncut now after seeing you mention South Park. Going to listen to the soundtrack again right now! There's a rough translation of Panta rhei here. As with a lot of Japanese songs the lyrics are pretty vague... I'll definitely give the girugamesh albums and tracks a listen, thanks for the recommendations.
  9. This looks fun, I'm in. 2018 Ratings Waiting for release/listening to:
  10. "The Ghost of Winter's Past" Review I chose this playlist because I was looking for something thematic and the title really caught my attention. I'll start off by saying that overall this was a superb mix with a great selection of tracks, all of which combine to deliver what it says on the tin. I know I'm reading into things way too much in my review, but this is the vibe I got from the mix. Overview Track-By-Track
  11. Jeez, I can't believe it. He was so good at what he did - he always stood out to me the most during the times I saw them live. Really no words. RIP.
  12. My review will be in by Wednesday, sorry for the delay! Irl stuff but I know that's no excuse when participating.
  13. I want "The Ghost of Winter's Past" but the link seems to be broken. @platy resent to me so all good!