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  1. yuugure

    It's ridiculous how good Chedoara is, everything is so cohesive, the music and vocals complement each other so well. And I like the SE, they're experimental but not in a shit way IMO. Like they're actually trying to go for something. And I agree with what @Saishu said, it's one of those albums best listened to whole.
  2. Beat me to it, there's a bunch of references in there that I wouldn't have gotten though. Nice job, thanks!
  3. yuugure

    Koichi looks like the presenter of a wacky kid's TV show.
  4. Damn, this song is so good. Someone posted the Japanese lyrics on the music video on YouTube so I went ahead and wrote up the romaji and an English translation. The original lyrics are quite vague and conceptual as is the case with Japanese but I did my best to lace everything together. Any feedback/suggestions welcome! --- Kanji Romaji English
  5. I'm looking for the kanji so I can translate the lyrics into English. Can't seem to find anywhere. Nevermind, found them. Posting translation soon.
  6. yuugure

    Both songs suck so much. Neither of them can sing and the music sounds like something teenagers would rave to. Can we just delete the thread? They're not worth anyone's time.
  7. yuugure

    Adding my unecessary two cents. AoT season 3 OP is just awful. As a song on its own it's meh at best. Yoshiki really needs to find something else to do that isn't music related, maybe working at the conbini. He's wasted so much time talking about this new album that's never coming. What an unproductive life.
  8. Super excited but it'll be sad if a track is wasted with Ningen wo Kaburu.
  9. yuugure

    Absolute garbage. And Koichi can't sing for shit, the autotune makes it sound even worse. Tsuzuku's voice was always bad so no changes there. What a disappointment.
  10. yuugure

    Cannot unsee 'meme'. Hopefully their music is better than their name and that awful logo.
  11. Here's the next translation in the 死因 (shiin) series. What's Batsu's cause of death this time? It's kurashi―day-to-day life, or more simply, 'living'. --- Kanji Romaji English
  12. Here's another Mamireta translation, this time for 死因:わからん (Shiin: Wakaran). I managed to get my hands on the kanji for 死因:暮らし and 死因:無視 too courtesy of ZERO so expect translations for those. The kanji for 食べたい (Tabetai) was on Jpopasia so I'll do that at some point as well since there was a request for it in the Ojamashimasu thread. As before, any suggestions or feedback welcome. And what did you think of this song? --- Kanji Romaji English And just for fun:
  13. yuugure

    No words.
  14. Generic idol sound laced with horrendous screams. They really need to stop, this is their 3rd incarnation. At least they dropped the long-ass name from before though.