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  1. Back to the Future

    Really? is there a place for translations of the show?
  2. Back to the Future

    OOOOOOH MY BABY JEEBUS IN HEAVEN!!!!! And Dress, one of my all time faves of Buck Tick!!!!!!!! This is the best thing i've seen in all 2017. Nothing will top it.
  3. Back to the Future

    why can't they host a music tv show, or online. A youtube channel where they just talk shit... remember when they had this radio show? that was with ps company right? damn... i just love their banter and shit. Errr i have to catch up with some songs so, the ballads, only heard the preview. It was ok. Now reading that translation, it's somehow understandable the preview sounded like it was all too meticulously calculated and had no hmmm "heart" let's say; maybe they didn't want to make a mistake. they should have a sound engineer. Always. At all times, for all purposes xd
  4. Back to the Future

    I'm not worthy of this pure genius. Oddly enough, but i loved the most was those first minutes before the song lol
  5. Back to the Future

    Huh??? i gonna have to check that! Like i said, their works between Dim and The last album are pretty much unfamiliar to me, so i have alooot to catch up. But this is interesting
  6. Back to the Future

    I'm floored (yeah, shitty pun) by the new vocalist. I won't get into the she's better than Tarja fight because i'm sick of it, but listening to ghost love score wow! she can sing that preeeetty nice too. The way she sings Stargazers mmm not a fan. Will like to hear Floor singing Deep silent complete, tho.
  7. Back to the Future

    Agree, those drums made my ears bleed. Hated them. Hate trashcan drums in general, but thats' just me. Also, yaaaaas Violet, queen! ♥♥♥♥♥
  8. Back to the Future

    I LOVE HIM I love he is showing himself more without make up, it's like he is saying "this is kaya too" or something like that lol His voice, his style. Kaya is Kaya like he said on twitter, a while back. I honestly like all of his songs as a solo artist and as part of a band. I just can't be objective with him, i wish him all the success. I know, i'm fangirling *blushes* Also his Yumeji look, GAH! my fave along with Oka Ryoran and Chanson.
  9. Back to the Future

    Eating chips and reading the entire thread great way to spend sunday night, so many things i didn't know, sooo many "wtf" love it The moments i remember were wtf for me Versailles going into hiatus when i was so hype for them, and yeah Isshi's death. God i loved his voice so much i was starting to listen to Kagrra and that was a big slap to the face. Oh and finding out Selia hangs from hooks in his back as part of his live shows sometimes... that is wtf By the way, thanks for that Tanuki link, a real laugh reading that tumblr
  10. Back to the Future

    I saw last week, after years of not following them, a preview of their 2nd ballads album with the oldies and... i got an "awwww the gazette!!" feeling, i then started stalking looking for Ruki's insta and see what's up. I still like the old songs better, as for the videos, Chizuru is my fave and that hasn't changed. I confess I was expecting a diferent sound, listening to Dogma the other day i don't know what really, but something that tells me This is Gazette a decade after... I think it was hard for me to follow them the way i used to, after DIM. The works that came after kinda made me search somewhere else. But they are definitly one of the bands i cherish. Prob always will.
  11. Back to the Future

    Hi there! I'm Andy. 26. From Argentina. Graphic Design student.... let's see, what else... Started into Jrock/VK with a The Gazette's song: Cassis, years ago, and since then I have been gone and back and gone and back; now I'm mostly a Kaya fan (in fact i freaking worship him lol), but i like to see/hear what's new from the bands i like (Versailles, the gazette, screw, alice9, D, matenrou opera) and what's new in general. I think you'll find me, most likely, gushing about how perfect Kaya is, but i'll check other threads too Later!
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