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  1. yuki_avk

    Hey guys i started playing bass not so long ago and i was wondering if any of you have bass tabs for DIMLIM's songs?
  2. yuki_avk

    Not bad but i was expecting better, I don't know what but there's something missing....
  3. Totally forgot about taion, already learned burial applicant tho. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, i'm still learning how to play the guitar, do you guys know some easy V-kei/j-rock songs for beginners? Thanks in advance!
  5. yuki_avk

    Thank you so much! I didn't know about the musician section, i'll definitely check it out! I love some older v-kei bands so i'm sure we will!
  6. yuki_avk

    Hello Everyone! I always wanted a place where i could meet people with the same interests as me, unfortunately, i don't know anyone who likes v-kei or Japanese music in general, so i'm really happy that i finally registered on MH! A forum that i knew for a long time but never registered because i'm a lazy guy e.e The bands i usually listen too are: Razor, DADAROMA, Mejibray, shellmy, luna sea, The Gazette, Royz, Disreign and jiluka (probably more but thats enough bands for a post) I know about v-kei for some years now but i only got really into it a couple of years ago. I play the guitar and the drums too ^^ I can't wait to meet and discuss music with all of you guys!
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