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  1. Hey to some anime fans, guess what?  The Winter Chart 2018 - 2019 is out now:


    1. YuyoDrift


      Oh god I was waiting for this. Thanks @K-x-H!

    2. platy


      SO EXCITED FOR KAKEGURUI S2!! I wasn't expecting to fall in love with something I don't understand even one bit.


      Yakusoku no Neverland and Dororo sound good too.


      I'm disappointed to see there's another 'shoujo ai' series where an adult falls in love with a literal kid. Why can't we just get normal shoujo ai anime, for fuck's sake.

  2. K-x-H

    I've finished watching Comic Girls since last week, the anime was really into my taste about on making manga made by 4 high school girls, also i've finished watching The Master of Ragnarok and the Blesser of Einherjar just today, the story was about a High School Boy who was transported to another world after taking a selfie infront of the divine mirror and he later became the patriarch of the wolf clan. then just now, i'm currently watching Wotakoi: Life is Hard for Otaku just now thanks to @platy's recommendation, i've just started watching the first 2 episodes of this anime and i think its kinda okay but surely being a hard core otaku can surely be hard.
  3. K-x-H

    This is pretty fast for them to disband, due to motivation difference.
  4. Somehow, i'm kinda sad since Fairy Tail is already coming to an end since the anime is already on its season finale, at least i'm hoping for Fairy Tail to have a good ending on its Season Finale, hoping for Hiro Mashima's new project Edens Zero to be good as Fairy Tail.

  5. K-x-H

    The Full song of shoujo type B, thanks to the help of @Aferni-san.
  6. K-x-H

    Nice, I'm betting that this album to be extremely good.
  7. K-x-H

    Its just out now.
  8. Glad to know that L is back on stage with his new band called "MEME" and also the PV for the song Purgatorio just sounds great.

  9. K-x-H

    Welcome to MH These artists that you listen to have great music, i also agree with you and @monkeybanana4 about the VK Niche, It's truly impossible to other fans from the country i'm from mostly, except in anime conventions though. Enjoy!
  10. I have a question regarding about NOKUTO's 1st single 「妄想殺意」, what does "妄想殺意" means in romaji?

    1. The Piass

      The Piass

      妄想 is môsô and 殺意 is satsui. 

  11. K-x-H

    Welcome to MH Some of us here almost shares the same interest in bands. Enjoy
  12. Happy Birthday once again Matto, i am truly hoping that your doing well and have a blast for your day, enjoy. 😁

  13. Hey, Happy Birthday again just like last year man, enjoy your day well. 😁

  14. Welcome to MH Nice, so your a fan of SCREW and LM.C, i also like them too, their music sounds really great altough its kinda sad that they disband 2 years ago. But now listening to KHRYST + too ever since Byo and Jin returned to stage ever since SCREW disband 2 years, so lets continue our support to the band. 😊 Oh btw, you'll get to find some newer bands here just incase your out of ideas. ☺ Enjoy Well.