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  1. K-x-H

    Welcome to MH These artists that you listen to have great music, i also agree with you and @monkeybanana4 about the VK Niche, It's truly impossible to other fans from the country i'm from mostly, except in anime conventions though. Enjoy!
  2. I have a question regarding about NOKUTO's 1st single 「妄想殺意」, what does "妄想殺意" means in romaji?

    1. The Piass

      The Piass

      妄想 is môsô and 殺意 is satsui. 

  3. K-x-H

    Welcome to MH Some of us here almost shares the same interest in bands. Enjoy
  4. Happy Birthday once again Matto, i am truly hoping that your doing well and have a blast for your day, enjoy. 😁

  5. Hey, Happy Birthday again just like last year man, enjoy your day well. 😁

  6. Welcome to MH Nice, so your a fan of SCREW and LM.C, i also like them too, their music sounds really great altough its kinda sad that they disband 2 years ago. But now listening to KHRYST + too ever since Byo and Jin returned to stage ever since SCREW disband 2 years, so lets continue our support to the band. 😊 Oh btw, you'll get to find some newer bands here just incase your out of ideas. ☺ Enjoy Well.
  7. K-x-H

    Wow, your drawings looks even greater and better than before, you should keep up the good work.
  8. Does anyone here have some live limited singles or any release from the past months that are not in the Download Forum? i kinda wanna listen to one somehow, i'm not really interested  on downloading on whats in the download forum right now, i don't mean to offend, just because i said that i wasn't really interested, its just how i feel right now, since i'm kinda bored.

    1. Shadowtear


      This epic youtube channel often uploads rare music, aswell as some recent live limited releases:




    2. suji


      find & buy some yourself, they're available at lots of stores


      besides I don't know what makes them different from regular releases, except they're rare???

    3. xriko


      @suji it's exactly what u said, they are are. most of them are tracks which are going to be released in regular later, but sometimes they're not. they stay rare tracks until leaking.

  9. K-x-H

    Hey, Happy birthday, hope you enjoy your birthday well. ^_^

    1. Kaye


      A belated thank you! :D I had a great day.

  10. K-x-H

    OMG, can't wait to listen ro the new single, also their new look looks just great.
  11. K-x-H

    Welcome Back to MH Its sometimes good return here wheter your an old member, new member or an old member with a new account, as long as you know how to use forum well and if your familliar with it. Anyways hope to find newer bands that your into. Enjoy your return well.
  12. K-x-H

    Welcome Back to MH! Enjoy your return well.
  13. K-x-H

    Well, i did used to listen to some of the bands from the 2000's and a bit of the 90's often back when it was my first listening to visual kei especially metal, and a year later i started listening to modern Vkei bands a bit, around in my high school days from 5 years ago on my graduating year that time, then another year later and so then, i kept listening to more modern Vkei bands up to now, which is more appeal to me up to now but, i still have respect for the first Vkei bands i've listened to from the 2000's, even if i listen to more on modern ones.