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  1. K-x-H

    Winter Anime Chart 2019 / 2020 is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/winter-2020/tv
  2. K-x-H

    Autumn Anime Chart 2019 is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/fall-2019/tv
  3. Yesterday, i just got my first salary on my new job, and i wasn't really that bad at getting at least like 6k during the first salary.

  4. K-x-H

    OMG, i feel sorry for these guys, plus i really liked them well.
  5. K-x-H

    Yeah, Hizumi is finally back on stage at last! Although, he looks more hotter than before.
  6. K-x-H

    Summer Anime Chart 2019 is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/summer-2019/tv
  7. K-x-H

    Nice one! although the bands name just reminded me of Sousei no Onmyouji, however i think their not so bad of a band, so i guess i'll keep an eye on them.
  8. K-x-H

    Reito's look right now makes me wanna laugh so hard ahahahahaha, because he has a look of clown, anyways looking forward to this release.
  9. K-x-H

    Spring Anime Chart 2019 is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/spring-2019/tv
  10. K-x-H

    I'm kinda dissapointed for this, i thought they were gonna last long at least bit, since i really liked theese guys so badly, but i hope for the members of Vexent to have a better future after the disbandment.
  11. My flight to japan is at 2:00 AM in the Philippine timeline.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. K-x-H


      @yakihiko yes but just only a few though.

    3. K-x-H


      @yakihiko yes i'm not kidding, they made the Lovots since the late last year for home appliance.

    4. K-x-H


      @yakihiko  here's the figurines i got from japan.tumblr_plmv43TPLh1wqihoho1_540.jpg

  12. Since my trip to japan starts in 3 days later, this is my 1st time going to japan and also my 1st time buying visual kei cds, can anyone recommend me stores and locations where to buy them, recommend me at least 5 visual kei cd stores.

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    2. monkeybanana4


      There's some VK CD shops in Shibuya and Shinjuku. Puresound, Like an Edison, Zeal Link, and ClosetChild have stores in Shinjuku.  I think Zeal Link also has another branch located in Shibuya. 


      If you have a chance, ClosetChild has another branch in Ikebukuro. Brand-X is located there as well.

    3. K-x-H


      @yakihikoeven the recent live limited release can be found at ClosetChild and Puresound as well? just my question.

    4. yakihiko


      I really can't say that, but mostly depends on what band you are looking for.

  13. My trip to Japan is coming in 2 weeks later and next month as in early January 2019, this is gonna be my 1st time visiting Japan.

    1. monkeybanana4


      That's awesome! Where in Japan will you be going?

    2. K-x-H


      @monkeybanana4 we will be tour sight seeing there, i plan on going to Akihabara just for anime, i also plan going to Tokyo Disneyland and Hello Kitty land because my cousin was planning to invite me there, i also plan on going to other places like Shibuya, Shinjuku and in some parts of Tokyo to find some Cd's for Visual kei. I might as well see Mt. Fuji.

    3. yakihiko


      Akihabara is my dream, my wish to get the most action figure I can from some games and animes.

  14. K-x-H

    oh gosh, why did he even left the band? well i'm hoping for Valder to get a new voccalist to replace him soon.
  15. Hey to some anime fans, guess what?  The Winter Chart 2018 - 2019 is out now:


    1. YuyoDrift


      Oh god I was waiting for this. Thanks @K-x-H!

    2. platy


      SO EXCITED FOR KAKEGURUI S2!! I wasn't expecting to fall in love with something I don't understand even one bit.


      Yakusoku no Neverland and Dororo sound good too.


      I'm disappointed to see there's another 'shoujo ai' series where an adult falls in love with a literal kid. Why can't we just get normal shoujo ai anime, for fuck's sake.

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