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  1. Great!
  2. OMG, its been a while since i haven't heard some news from them, can't wait to know by next year.
  3. OMG, I'm so excited to get another iTunes Japan Gift worth 10,000 Yen just like last year, my father is going to buy me 1 in 3 months later when my father goes to japan by November.

  4. the LOTUS - Aisare Takute this time its the full song i'm listening to. =)
  5. To other anime fans, have you checked out the Autumn Anime Chart 2017, its available here


    1. YuyoDrift


      Nah I haven't checked it out.

      Dia Horizon looks like an interesting one for sure.

      Two car seems right up my alley lol


      Which one is fanservice-y in your opinion? lol

    2. Chi


      Ye I have. Going to be a good season for sequels for me.

    3. Zeus


      fate/apocrypha, kekkai sensen 2, dies irae, black clover, dia horizon, two car,

      looks light tbh

  6. well yes i am referring them to the 2010+, specially the new ones after the older bands disbanding, then later on suddenly the ones forming a new band or some old bands Reforming under a different name.
  7. I'm looking forward for this.
  8. Welcome to MH! i see your a fan of old school visual kei, nice taste an you were a fan of visual kei for so long, thats a nice story you got there, by the way do you listen to songs or artists from the New school Visual kei and the modern ones, if you haven't, you should try other artists too as much as you love the older ones and also, if you any questions, problems or concerns, feel free to ask anyone if you have concerns. Enjoy Well.
  9. Dang it, my phone's storage is out of space and i wanted to install an Escape Game and Bountiful Novel at the same time just to find out what kind of game is it like.
  10. Autumn Anime 2017 Chart is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/fall-2017/tv
  11. Welcome to MH i see, you were a member of this forum since 6 years, wow thats pretty long and by the way, what bands are you listening to? Enjoy well. 😁
  12. OMG, i'm planning to watch that anime too along with Busou Shoujo Machiavellism and Akashic Recordsof Bastard Magic Instructor on Autumn at October.
  13. only 3 months left, i can finally play Ameba Pigg again and watch anime again in the Halloween season.

  14. Can't wait for this when it gets released on October.
  15. Any news from (ex-SCREW) members?