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  1. Oh shit, you've gotta be kidding me, why would they disband?
  2. OMG Their new look is pretty cool the songs from their Album was great. Looking Forward to this.
  3. Tomorrow, i'm getting ready for my school's photo shoot, i hope things goes well tomorrow.
  4. Next week, i'm finally back to Ameba Pigg, can't wait for my return oh yes, i'm so excited.

  5. I only started listening to this band, and now their disbanding this early just like DAZ and which only means, they won't be having music activities anymore by the start of winter, how pity for them to end their activities this early.
  6. Welcome to MH Nice list of bands you have, yeah i have to agree with you but it is really hard to find someone who has the same area as yours to be honest, specially in the Philippines its hard to find some people who has your music interest as you. Enjoy well, nice intro btw.
  7. Welcome to MH You should check out every places of the forum, its gonna fun and feel free to make frieds with anyone just like what Yuyo said. Enjoy Well.
  8. Damn, i was expecting for a Sports Festival this entire week, then suddenly here's shocking news from my school, later on it was cancelled due to some circumstances.
  9. Happy Birthday Matto, i know we are no longer together as before back in FxG, hopefully, i'm hoping that your doing well today dear. ^__^

  10. Happy Birthday man, enjoy your day well.

  11. Finals exam for 1st semester in my country is coming on next month, i surely have to study hard, because if i don't complete the requirements for Final, i'm totally done for, in the 1st semester.
  12. Aw, its kinda sad that Akashic Records' Game server came to an end since the other day, 08.31.2017, but hopefully Square Enix might make another JRPG in the future someday better than it.



    R.I.P アカシックリコード (Akashic Records) 11.10.2016 - 08.31.2017

    1. Zeus


      a. is this what the anime is based off of?
      b. why did they close down?

    2. K-x-H


      @ZeusThis a Square Enix and a Kadokawa JRPG made for Smart phones which can be installed in Google Play and iOS app store although its a Japanese Exclusive only, but for Android, it can be installed in Qoo App. Also, the reason why they shut down their server, 1. ever since the final chapter of its main story was released in the game



      and 2. The game wasn't really selling well but, there were many players and fans supporting this game even though, the game wasn't that popular, thats why it shut down.

  13. Welcome Back to MH Enjoy your return.
  14. Welcome back to MH Enjoy your Return well.
  15. Welcome to MH nice, another J-Rock fan since High school, i've always been looking for J-Rock fans since High School, btw what bands are you listening to? Enjoy Well.