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  1. i only started listening to these guys and their disbanding so early in 2018 , man this so cheap, i only got to listen to their music for a short time but, oh well... i hope they continue on making good music in the future.
  2. Winter Anime 2017/2018 Chart is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/winter-2018/tv
  3. Happy Halloween to  all in MH! ^_^

    1. suji


      and a very spoopy Halloween to you too, dear~👻♥

    2. YuyoDrift


      Candy! Candy!

      I'll be scaring kids this year lol.

      Then get drunk and shriek to some scary movies later tonight.

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Happy Halloween you too!

  4. Today, i've just started listening to Shellmy, tbh.... i'm not yet really familiar to their music but, their music is not that bad so, i think i should listen to this band. 

  5. Welcome to MH me too, i do like sort of mixing old and new bands and the taste was pretty fine but, i like the newer bands more tbh, but i'm also fine with the older ones too. And by the way you should try some of the newer bands that you've never heard of, its gonna be fun if you try to listen to it. Enjoy well.
  6. Right now, i've just started watching the 1st 2 episodes of Netsuzou Trap today, i was really enjoying this anime and its kinda entertaining because of Yuri.

  7. This happening was too fast, i feel sad for THE BLACK SWAN and balalaika of disbanding in 2018. why would good bands disbands super early these days?

  8. First, THE BLACK SWAN, now this one, seriously you've got to be kidding me they only started last year, but i guess t3b can do a revival.
  9. This season of Autum, Currently i'm watching Busou Shoujou Machiavellism (Armed Girls Machiavellism) and planning to watch Netsuzou Trap in 2 days later. Armed Girls was quite of fun because Fudo always has to act perverted to every girl in the school, specially on the members of the 5 swords, which made me laugh quite enough because this looks kind of interesting. And for Netsuzou Trap, its a story how 2 girls are in love within one another. but i might be planning to watch Just Because in Spring 2018, since this anime is still on-going.
  10. Oh shit, you've gotta be kidding me, why would they disband?
  11. OMG Their new look is pretty cool the songs from their Album was great. Looking Forward to this.
  12. Tomorrow, i'm getting ready for my school's photo shoot, i hope things goes well tomorrow.
  13. Next week, i'm finally back to Ameba Pigg, can't wait for my return oh yes, i'm so excited.

  14. I only started listening to this band, and now their disbanding this early just like DAZ and which only means, they won't be having music activities anymore by the start of winter, how pity for them to end their activities this early.
  15. Welcome to MH Nice list of bands you have, yeah i have to agree with you but it is really hard to find someone who has the same area as yours to be honest, specially in the Philippines its hard to find some people who has your music interest as you. Enjoy well, nice intro btw.