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  1. K-x-H

    Byo, its been a while since the last time i heard his voice, its good to have him back on stage ever since SCREW disband 2 years ago, i kinda liked his vocals back in SCREW but, i hope things becomes even more interesting in KHRYST +.
  2. K-x-H

    What? He might do the same thing that their former guitarist did to be absent, oh please don't be like Toka.
  3. Lately, i kind of want to watch an anime but i couldn't think of one right now since theres too many of these shows to watch, can anyone suggest me an anime from the recent time that i haven't watched even from the previous seasons as well except on-going ones, because i do not watch a current on-going anime in the current season until it's officially complete, i only watch an anime  of the current season within the next or every 2 seasons.

    1. platy


      Mahou Shoujo Ore, Steins;Gate 0 if you've seen the first season, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

  4. This shitty band is kind of intense tbh, its like a band with sort of pop rock band music compared to the ones that we listened to from the others.
  5. K-x-H

    I do play various of mobile games besides Akashic Re:cords, i started playing A rhythm game developed by Noxy Games called Lanota, 2 months ago and can't stop playing its because the main story was kind of good but the expansion chapters are more great to play if i only do have purchased it and also their songs and the way you play the game the music chart is kind of a strech and challenging, dpecially the Ultra and Master difficulties but it was fun. Next i did started playing another rhythm game from last month it was called Arcaea a rhythm game developed by lowiro games, their music chart was kind of hell because the speed notes are too fast for me too handle but the songs and the characters were great. It even had a collaboartion with Lanota. Then i usually play this indie rhythm most time called Hachi Hachi, it was an online music game that has a PvP , their songs were cool and the rhythm game that kills my time of enjoyment to enjoy with practice and play, espcially unlocking new songs through events which only do if i had the money to purchase coins and it gives 500 event collection for every purchase of 700 coins and above. And i was playing a japanese exclusive 3D RPG VR moe game called Alternative Girls, a game that has different types of girls in 3 teams with 6 members per team, this is a game where players are potrayed as Captains and its a game where you can form a team in the game like your usual RPG games, and the VR allows the player to communicate with the 4 favorite girls that player chosed, you can also change their dress through gacha, event and other rewards, the game also helds VR idol lives as well to listen to one of the girl's songs.
  6. Everytime i think of Fumiya's death from last year, it feels like that MIZTAVLA must have faced the same pain as Rave did when they lost Mikuru 2 years ago on the same month with different dates.

  7. K-x-H

    This sucks for the band disbanding, it would be great if they reform under a new name and a new drummer, after they lost Fumiya, but not in a disgrace.
  8. The worst part for this year is, that MORRIGAN will disband by the end of September, its a pity even though i don't really listen to their music that much. :(

    1. Biopanda


      It really is a pitty :(

  9. ok this good news for this band, although its kinda disaponting that their previous vocalist riku won't return to the band ever since he went missing. what a waste he is. anyways hoping for mira to be a better vocalist than riku.
  10. K-x-H

    Summer Anime 2018 Chart is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/summer-2018/tv
  11. K-x-H

    This is great for the band to have a new member, but although its kinda sad that Ex Gt.Lay left the band without further notice, but still looking forward for these guys.
  12. K-x-H

    I started watching "Just Because!" last night, an anime from Autumn 2017 for this season of Spring 2018 and i managed finish 8 episodes in a row overall since story is kinda touching me really, even though this anime is actually an original anime with a serialized novel that also came out on Autumn 2017.
  13. I've finally graduated as college university student yesterday. yes i did it.

    1. plastic_rainbow
    2. K-x-H


      @plastic_rainbow: thanks!

    3. platy


      Congratulations!! You survived, it's no small feat :D

  14. Hello Hello ! 

  15. K-x-H

    Welcome to MH Your english is fine, no worries, me to i feel the same way as you i kinda miss having freinds who likes visual kei, and in my country, i don't have friends who likes visual kei, its kinda lonely. Enjoy well