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  1. Started listening to Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois and damn...

    I’ve been missing on so much

    1. Zeus


      i've been getting into some 90s and early 00s tunes too!

    2. Ozileras10


      Despite being so old, it’s so much better than most of the vk stuff nowadays. So creative and such beautiful melodies 

  2. Ozileras10

    Deux is one of the best songs they’ve ever made. I hope someday we hear a song from them on the same level
  3. How is Death Note so good?

    I’ve watched so many anime and shows but there’s nothing like it.

    I wish I could erase it from my memory and watch it again

    1. chipathy


      Watch Monster 

    2. yomii


      i think so about eva. years ago i thought all that big titles are overrated, now i understand that its classics for a reason

    3. God


      yakusoku no neverland has great mind games and sorta made me think of death note in that aspect.  but go in blind if you watch it.  gives the thing a bigger impact.

  4. Ozileras10

    The single is really good except the production. Why did they fuck it up?
  5. Ozileras10

    there are a lot of bassists that i love: Toshiya Reita Aki(SID) Hati(9gbo) Masa(Nokubura) yuchi(Sukekiyo)
  6. Feeling really lonely the past few days. I’ve never had a girlfriend and it’s mostly because I’ve never really been interested.   Lately I’ve been searching for that special someone that would embrace me for who I am and that I would love unconditionally. Ehhh it feels like it will never happen :(

    1. Gesu


      If you need to talk, just send me a message whenever you feel like it. Know that all of us at MH are here for you. *hugs*

    2. platy


      Finding that special person takes time, especially if it's new territory for you. But since you are now open to it, it'll come! You just need a little patience. 

  7. Ozileras10

    Ok I have to say Undo is fucking amazing, especially the b-sides. Their best release to date
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo is unbelievable 🐐

    1. nostalgia


      No wonder because he is the 2nd best football player in the world.

    2. Ozileras10


      I would argue that he’s the first. Doing unimaginable things at the age of 34

  9. That was awful Cazqui wtf are you doing?
  10. Its kind of sad that there’s no one in my country that listens to Vk or any Jrock group. I’ve tried so hard finding any vk/jrock fan but it seems like I’m the only one. 

    1. Gesu


      Same :( I used to be friends with someone who likes VK/J-rock, but we're no longer friends. Which country are you from? I'm from England.

    2. Zeus


      listen i live in one of the biggest cities in the world and i can't find fans either ❤️

    3. Ozileras10


      I live in a small country called Kosovo located in the balkanic peninsula, Europe. I guess we have each other in  MH ❤️

  11. Any katatonia fans here??

    I listened to the song Forsaker from them and fell in love immediately. Need some recommendations for similar songs like Forsaker

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ozileras10


      Same, the other songs I’ve heard from them aren’t nearly as good as Forsaker IMO. Need more songs like it

    3. Seimeisen


      Love Katatonia! If you haven't, make sure you listen to The Fall Of Hearts. I can't guarantee you'll get 12 variations of forsaker, but it's one hell of an album, quite probably the best album of their current sound and the best album to come out of 2016. You'll also like The Great Cold Distance.

    4. Ozileras10


      Thank you I’ll definitely check it out, 

      I hope it’s as good as forsaker and in the white. I’m really in the mood for some Death Doom

  12. SID! It was the first Jrock band I heard. From them I learned about Vk even though they weren’t a vk band at that time and then I got into Vk properly from The GazettE. I don’t listen to SID that much nowadays but they have a special place in my heart for introducing me to the gem that vk is.
  13. Ozileras10

    First time showing myself I'm not a huge Iron Maiden fan but I like this shirt
  14. Anima is the best sukekiyo song.

    change my mind

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    3. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Its tied with Zephr as being my fav so you not wrong. 

    4. Ozileras10


      You can’t really change my mind tbh, I just wanted to hear your opinions, and it’s nice to see that some of you agree with me

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