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  1. The GazettE's thirteenth anniversary look was their best ever. Change my mind!

  2. Ozileras10

    the song is amazing especially the guitar work. Although I wish it had some growls/screams
  3. Ozileras10

    That's incredible
  4. I'm curious what direction the GazettE will go on the future, coz Ninth was good but IMO it felt like they released an album just because they had to. I'm hoping for a DOGMA 2.0 with the emotional side of DIM

    1. chipathy


      DIM 2.0 or bust

    2. libertine


      Meanwhile Ruki's wondering what kind of blazer he's going to wear for the next album. Personally, I think it might time for stripes.

  5. Ozileras10

    Some of the vocals Kyo does in Koumo Chigau Mono Nanoka, Yosuruni sound like they came straight out of The Marrow of a Bone
  6. I wish Satsuki would release something similar to Apocalypse again

    1. Masato


      I hope Satsuki would retire if he keeps his rapping! -_-

  7. Ozileras10

    From the previews, the Nazare single sounds better than the upcoming Dimlim one
  8. Ozileras10

    Rentrer en Soi - Anima mundi Renter en Soi - Shinwa The GazettE - Nakigahara The GazettE - Reila The GazettE - Without a Trace 9goats black out - Heaven Dir en Grey - Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai ni Hohoemi Dir en Grey - Ware, Yami Tote Dir en Grey - Glass Skin Mejibray - Hiai Diaura - Todokanu Tegami Girugamesh - Crying Rain SID - Rakuen
  9. Ozileras10

    the bass in the first song fucks me up every time I listen to it
  10. Ozileras10

    idk tbh its not a fair comparison
  11. Ozileras10

    it's better than TIW but compared to Adoratio Idk. I have to listen to it more
  12. Ozileras10

    The 12th track Uso reminds me of 9gbo more
  13. It's funny how groups in vk.com uploaded infinitum immediately after it was uploaded here

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Seelentau


      aaaand it's on YouTube

    3. nostalgia


      it's funny how the files in the INFINITUM zip turned out to be YOHIO's new album.

    4. suji


      it's funny how the youtube version of infinitum is actually a 128kbps transcode

  14. Ozileras10

    Cool song! I love Ray’s voice
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