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  1. God of war, Nier Automata or Horizon zero dawn! Which one should I buy and play first? 

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    2. platy


      Don't forget you'd need nerves of steel to get through Horizon's dialogue cutscenes.🤢

    3. Ozileras10


      Thank you so much for the recommendations guys. I guess I'll go for Nier first, coz I love when games have outstanding music and storylines and most of you love Nier so I guess its the best one of the three. The second one I'll get in the future will be Horizon Zero Dawn, and after that GoW.

    4. yakihiko


      Literally one month later, but I feel like posting as well.


      I got a copy from Horizon in my PS4, but I did not try futher gameplays mostly to cutscene design and etc. I pretty much skipped that in order to play FFXV and later Persona 5, not gonna lie I'm a Square/Atlus boy.


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