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  1. Ozileras10

    Yep it is! And soon after Kodoku, during Dead tree he was being possessed lol
  2. Ozileras10

    So kyo is hurting himself again huh
  3. Someone posted it on a fb group. Idk where they found it
  4. I like this song more than Ningen already
  5. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1KdZbug2qVt sample of a new song!
  6. Ozileras10

    Off topic but is Deg vk again? I know for a while they’ve been putting makeup and looking more and more like they’re back on the scene, but this latest look is so vk, especially kyo.
  7. Ozileras10

    I think a lot of people were expecting way to much from this album. I think its fantastic. For a first album it is awesome. I don’t remember a band release such a good first album. These guys are so talented, in the future they’ll deliver even better
  8. Ozileras10

    Wow what a fucking Album. I expected only heavy stuff but I'm so glad the album has some softer songs as well. There's so much variety
  9. New band pic and track list for the new album:
  10. Ozileras10

    How to get rid of the feeling that you shouldn’t delete songs of an album that you don’t listen because it will make the album feel incomplete???
  11. First time witnessed a lunar eclipse. What a feeling. The first time seeing Mars too.

    I’m so happy!

    1. xriko


      I waited all the week for this. We had 35°c and + all the week.

      Yesterday at 9pm a huge thunderstorm has arrived.

      I couldn't see anything except thounsand and thousand of thunders.


      The sadness of the century.

    2. platy


      We haven't had rain for a month. Blistering heat and clear nights until last night. :(

      You're so lucky. 

    3. Ozileras10


      Sorry to hear that. It has always happened to me too, but this time I was lucky to see it.

      Truly breathtaking

  12. The acoustic guitar in Filth in the beauty is the best part of the song. Fucking love it 

  13. Ozileras10

    This is so bad