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  1. Xaa Xaa's Yuki Tokei is one of the best vk ballads period.

  2. Ozileras10

    Early SID was pretty good

  4. Man crystal lake fucking killed it in their new album 

  5. God of war, Nier Automata or Horizon zero dawn! Which one should I buy and play first? 

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    2. platy


      Don't forget you'd need nerves of steel to get through Horizon's dialogue cutscenes.🤢

    3. Ozileras10


      Thank you so much for the recommendations guys. I guess I'll go for Nier first, coz I love when games have outstanding music and storylines and most of you love Nier so I guess its the best one of the three. The second one I'll get in the future will be Horizon Zero Dawn, and after that GoW.

    4. yakihiko


      Literally one month later, but I feel like posting as well.


      I got a copy from Horizon in my PS4, but I did not try futher gameplays mostly to cutscene design and etc. I pretty much skipped that in order to play FFXV and later Persona 5, not gonna lie I'm a Square/Atlus boy.


  6. Ozileras10

  7. Holy fuck this new song called Namari(鉛) from Razor's new mini album is so incredible check it out guys 


  8. Ozileras10

    Why do his higher notes sound so similar to Sho’s? Not as good obviously but the tone of his voice reminds me so much of Sho
  9. What is your favorite Dir en Grey song from a lyrical perspective ?

    1. saiko


      Cage is very pretty, imho. The ending is very theatrical. But the one that brings tears to my eyes while thinking about the meaning of the verses is 304 goushitsu, hakushi no sakura. 

  10. Vacant from The GazettE doesn't get the attention it deserves

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    2. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      And it will most likely never be seen on a DVD smh.....

    3. Ozileras10


      true, not anytime soon anyways

    4. platy
  11. Ozileras10

    The lyrics for the new song
  12. someone  leak sukekiyo's latest single pleaseeeee


  13. It might be just me but from what i've heard X-japan's lyrics are really generic. I feel like they sing about walls and sands of time 80% of the time

    1. God


      It's probably blasphemous to publicly admit to this, but I never really got into X that much.  I've heard a lot of their music but none of it really stands out to me.

    2. Komorebi


      I find X boring and repetitive as a band. Sorry not sorry. 

    3. Ozileras10


      I mean they have some good songs, but overall I agree with you guys

  14. Ozileras10

    This song has the same formula as their previous A-sides but it's still catchy af, especially that chorus is stuck on my head