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  1. The new EP from the thirteen is so goood! “Urge to live urge to die”  has become my favorite song from them


    1. 123Sandman321


      I agree, they have improved immensely, considering the mess their early works were. If they continue on this trajectory, they may become one of my favorite bands.

    2. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Huh, really, sweet I'll have to go check it out cause I had kinda given up.

    3. Ozileras10


      Definitely check it out, theres some awesome songs in there

  2. Holy fuck the single brilliant from Razor is incredible, love every release from them. One of the best new vk bands IMO

  3. Ozileras10

    Phase 01 PHENOMENON!? What if there will be different phases of NINTH, like it was with different movements of Dogma
  4. Ozileras10

    You can preorder ninth from jpurecords https://tictail.com/jpurecords/the-gazette-ninth-cd-pre-order Really excited for it, hopefully we get previews soon
  5. Ozileras10

    New look
  6. Ozileras10

    Interesting, didn’t know about that
  7. Ozileras10

    Did they merge their vevo channel with their official youtube channel? Coz all the videos are appearing under their official youtube channel
  8. Ozileras10

    The bois chillin
  9. Ozileras10

    Although I’m not that person that requests decayed crow all the time lol
  10. Ozileras10

  11. Ozileras10

    Who else agrees with me that “Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai Ni Hohoemi” is their best song ever
  12. Yeah whats with the production sounding so bad?
  13. Ozileras10

    Seeing Aoi use a 7string gets me so excited for NINTH. we might hear Djent GazettE on the 13th of June
  14. The re-recorded version of Ash sounds better than the new song The new song is good but I was hoping for something as good as rinkaku or Uroko