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  1. Same (about the objective issue). However, I am fairly surprised and pleased with this album. I kind of see some international sound, done in an intelligent manner. Even the weakest song, Shadows Fang (which basically is Flowery 2.0 by Hizaki), is quality material. Inheritance, Lineage and Marionette all are top-notch stuff to me. I immediatly liked Lineage (Jubilee and Holy Grail had to grown on me first). On a sidenote: I admire Kamijo's ability to dominate the scene (especially 2015-now) and kind of see Versailles as the new Malice Mizer since Budokan, finished Europe Tour and announced World Tour. The new Malice Mizer as in not really giving a fuck about trends in the scene while still staying relevant and becoming more more and more relevant. Chateau Agency also does some smart stuff with David. Really in love with Versailles again right now.
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