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  1. tsuzu_kami

    SID is better than The Gazette.
  2. tsuzu_kami

    I don't like Riuki's voice.
  3. tsuzu_kami

    Tokyo Hotel not japanese, but I used to love them, but now I hate them.
  4. tsuzu_kami

    none of them.
  5. tsuzu_kami

    Daruma is a hungarian visual kei band. Vocal: Hime Guitar:Zero and Lily Bass: Reira
  6. tsuzu_kami

    Zin(Jupiter), Riuki(Miztavla),Hitomi(Moran)
  7. tsuzu_kami

    Lycaon is one of my favourite, so I choose them.
  8. tsuzu_kami

    I prefer Nokubura.
  9. tsuzu_kami

    I love Mejibray more than anything!
  10. tsuzu_kami

    Mejibray! They are the best! I don't listen to Royz because I think Subaru's voice is too weak.
  11. tsuzu_kami

    Dadaroma <3
  12. In 2011,in my room, while watching Death Note.
  13. tsuzu_kami

    I choose Versailles because Kamijo's voice is better than the Lareine era, and the guitar part is more powerful.
  14. tsuzu_kami

    I love this cover more than the original song.