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  1. I’ve been listening to Nirvana a lot recently and it makes me wonder what would it have been like if Kurt Cobain hadn’t died? I wonder if they’d still be making music now or if they’d have just disappeared in to the background as grunge started to lose popularity 

    1. Himeaimichu


      I think they probably would have turned out like Foo Fighters did. Foo Fighters is essentially their legacy continued, and they're still semi-popular today.

    2. TheZigzagoon


      @Himeaimichu It would be interesting to have heard Kurt sing on Foo Fighters tracks, I can imagine his voice being well suited to songs like Pretender and Monkey Wrench! And the popularity thing is interesting, I saw foo fighters live at a festival in august, they were headliners on the Friday night and the place was PACKED. I could only imagine what a crowd Nirvana would pull in if they were still around 

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