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  1. I wanna be open with you all about something, the last couple of months have been the most difficult of my life, I have been very depressed, anxious constantly and I’d go from feeling super fine one minute to incredibly down the next. Things in my life, both work and personal, ended up getting too much for me to handle, I was walking home one night and had a breakdown and was prepared to go out and commit suicide by any means necessary. Thank god I convinced myself not to.


    Now I’m taking steps to seek professional help, and I’m hoping I can get a diagnosis of what’s wrong with me, but I want to say thanks to each and every one of you here at MH, this community provided me with a sense of escape when I needed it the most, I’m so grateful to all of you. Much love ❤️ 


    If any of you here are struggling with anything and you need someone to talk to, to vent about your problems no matter how big or small you feel they are, I’m here for you, just like the community has been here for me ❤️

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    2. TheZigzagoon


      @JRD Thank you very much, interestingly enough my GP said she wouldn’t give me medication, which I appreciate, but then she said I was only 21 so shouldn’t be feeling this way which I didn’t think was professional! I hope you’re okay and that you manage to keep a healthy balance with your mental health! 


      @yomii Thank you very much, it’s appreciated! 

    3. JRD


      No one should feel that way :( Keep your head and know that you are loved! Talking to anyone interpersonal; someone you're very comfortable with, can help tons. It may seem corny, but having someone who is there to listen to you matters the most.


      And thank you❤️ 

    4. TheZigzagoon


      @JRD Thank you so much I really appreciate that! And I know exactly what you mean, having my friends around me has helped so much! The support has helped a lot 

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