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  1. TheZigzagoon

    I’m guessing the best of will be most of, if not the entirety of, their discography and maybe a new track or two? But yeah, I can’t see them pulling off a best of with that
  2. TheZigzagoon

    I am being 10000000000000% called out here! I’m too guilty of this tbh
  3. TheZigzagoon

    I’m living for it, thank god DIMLIM didn’t die after Chedoara
  4. So a big change in my life occurred recently, I’m single again. Needless to say as a newly single guy I’ve gone off the rails and got piercings done again and started smoking again. Just out here tryna live my best life I suppose! 

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    2. yomii


      breaking an engagement is a big step! it's sad, but on the other hand it's good you were not afraid to make this hard decision instead of ruining each others lives.

      the most stupid thing was when i broke up with my first bf, i started a diet and suddenly found myself having an eating disorder lol.  some years ago i dyed my hair pink awfully, like, i bleached my hair and it turned out very uneven but i decided i had nothing to lose and dyed it pink...worst beauty decision in my life. how are your piercings btw?~

    3. TheZigzagoon


      @yomii The most difficult part atm is that we’re still considering getting back together and I hate not knowing what the outcome will be. And I’m sorry to hear about your eating disorder, I hope that you’re well and in good health!  And that sounds like something I’d do tbh I’m no stranger to doing questionable things to my hair, but pink hair is the best hair!! XD My smiley piercing is a little bit sore, my nipple piercing is fine it just has it’s sore moments when I’ve caught it! 

    4. yomii


      ohhh that must be tiring mentally. whatever you decide i hope the outcome will be the most positive for you! thank you, i'm ok now~ omg isn't it like really painful...i like how nipple piercing looks but just thinking of such things makes me feel very uncomfortable ww kudos to you for being so brave!

  5. TheZigzagoon

    My favourite lyrics are from The Gazette’s song “Haru ni chirikeri mi wa kareru de gozaimasu” “夢ヲ見タ非現実系 自由ニ舞ウ 夢ヲ見タ” ”I dreamed an incredible dream I floated so freely” I feel it has a special meaning to me
  6. TheZigzagoon

    ‘BRIGHT’ and ‘BATTLEFIELD’ were nothing too impressive, they were average. Nevertheless, still gonna give him a chance and get this!
  7. This band is definitely going to have more member switch ups than they are releases by time they disband lmao
  8. Has anyone here had their nipple pierced? I’m getting mine done tomorrow, but I’m worried about the pain and healing process. Anyone got any advice? 

    1. BrenGun


      Not had one myself, but seems to be the most painful piercing you can get? 

      Never be worried about the pain, it hurts... if you can't take pain, don't take piercings 😛


      For healing you can ask your shop for tips. Just be sure to keep it clean. And don't worry about an abscess to fast, let it grow a bit and plop it and clean it. no need to take the piercing out.   

      But well.. hope it just heals without any problem. 


      When I had my lip piercing, i did got a little abscess after plopping it a few times, it finally healed up.

    2. platy


      For women I heard it's one of the worst to get done, for men I'm not sure. Either way, go topless as much as possible to let your skin breathe and also to minimise irritation. Cleanliness is your top priority.

    3. TheZigzagoon


      @BrenGun Thank you! The pain is usually worth the piercing sooo xD And those abscesses you speak of, when I had 6 helix piercings the abscesses that would form were a nightmare 


      @platy Thank you! It’s a good job I wear oversized baggy clothing too xD 

  9. TheZigzagoon

    That was okay, could definitely hear some Nightmare-esque composition work in there! I just don’t feel like he’s cut out to be a vocalist, the vocals are bland imo
  10. Just spontaneously got my smiley pierced 

  11. I have just come back in from my birthday night out (at the time of posting its 5:46am) and I have to say it was one of the best nights I’ve ever had wooooow

    1. monkeybanana4


      Haha, glad to hear that you had a blast XD 

    2. TheZigzagoon


      @monkeybanana4 Thank you!! :) 

  12. TheZigzagoon

    The Toronto setlist seems to be the best setlist so far imo
  13. happy birthday:angely:hope lots of great things are awaiting you on your journey!

    1. TheZigzagoon


      @yomii Thank you very much!! ^_^

  14. Happy birthday, friendo! Have an awesome day 🎂

    1. TheZigzagoon


      @Gesu Thank you!! ^_^

  15. Happy birthday, @TheZigzagoon! Hope you'll an awesome day with many more years to come :) (Also, the GazettE in about a month! Can't wait to see them xD)

    1. TheZigzagoon


      @monkeybanana4 Thank you very much!! :) I plan to get druuuuunk! Also I’m looking forward to the Gazette so much it’s so close now! 

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