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  1. TheZigzagoon

    Oof! Is there no reason why given?
  2. I was at a house party last night and I played aizounitsuki by DIMLIM and everyone was feeling it! It felt so good to be around people in an environment like that where they enjoyed my taste in music I’ve not met many people who can appreciate that kind of thing! 

    1. saiko


      You've got to tell this to Retsu asap before his lack of self-confidence kills him and Dimlim altogether. 

  3. I need help remembering this PS2 game that I had on a demo disc back in ‘05/‘06


    It looked like a horror game and you had this small guy with you that you could throw in a woodchipper or in basketball hoops or through windows


    I appreciate if anyone knows the title!! 

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    2. TheZigzagoon


      @Elazmus Thank you so much that’s the one! I’ve been looking for literally YEARS for what this game was!

    3. Elazmus


      So happy to help! I always wanted to play that one, I should make this an excuse to do so now lol..

    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Gackt: Dirge of Cerberus 

  4. TheZigzagoon

    I wonder if the bass on this album will be recorded by Retsu? It’s probable that he’s done both guitar parts for the album should there be any
  5. TheZigzagoon

    Is there a link for the physical copies available yet?
  6. I’ve been listening to Nirvana a lot recently and it makes me wonder what would it have been like if Kurt Cobain hadn’t died? I wonder if they’d still be making music now or if they’d have just disappeared in to the background as grunge started to lose popularity 

    1. Himeaimichu


      I think they probably would have turned out like Foo Fighters did. Foo Fighters is essentially their legacy continued, and they're still semi-popular today.

    2. TheZigzagoon


      @Himeaimichu It would be interesting to have heard Kurt sing on Foo Fighters tracks, I can imagine his voice being well suited to songs like Pretender and Monkey Wrench! And the popularity thing is interesting, I saw foo fighters live at a festival in august, they were headliners on the Friday night and the place was PACKED. I could only imagine what a crowd Nirvana would pull in if they were still around 

  7. TheZigzagoon

    I do like listening to lofi stuff mainly when I go to sleep or if I’m just relaxing, but I’d still be disappointed if DIMLIM’s new album is just lofi material
  8. TheZigzagoon

    Will definitely be following this, I need to buy some Nazare stuff!!
  9. I’ve decided for 2020 that I’m gonna expand on my VK CD collection and try new bands at the same time


    To do this, I’m gonna place all 26 letters of the alphabet in to a randomiser each month, and whatever letter appears I’ll take the band names that Closet Child have and place the names in a randomiser, whatever band is pulled from the randomiser I’ll buy a relatively cheap CD of theirs


    It’s probs a stupid idea but a good way to build up my collection I suppose 😂

  10. TheZigzagoon

    Imo in the video Sho is the only one who looks remotely VK still Also was not expecting Sho’s speaking voice to sound like it does, he needs social media accounts!!
  11. TheZigzagoon

    That’s true! I dunno I just can’t imagine it 😂 and I believe they call it sad boi rap (or at least that’s what my friends who listen to that music call it)
  12. TheZigzagoon

    Shit we really are living in the universe where we’re gonna hear Sho spit bars 😂
  13. TheZigzagoon

    What worries me about that is someone on Retsu’s instagram Q&A asked what djent and prog bands does he listen to and he answered “I don’t listen to that music anymore” someone also asked what music does he listen to and he answered “Chillhop”. Part of me thinks DIMLIM are about to head in a massive change in direction with this new album, and I don’t think many of us are gonna receive it well, that’s just my opinion, of course
  14. TheZigzagoon

    I think what’s happening is they’ve had the announcement for the Mexico gig and are holding out for organisers in SA to invite them to their country whilst they’re close by
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