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  1. Today I said fuck it and shaved my hair off 

  2. TheZigzagoon

    After listening to Ki Do Ai Raku I must say I think it's a solid release from them! I hope I can get my own copy one day, maybe if I see it being sold I'll splash out on a copy. I loved the fusion of different musical elements that they used, from the tracks that used electronic aspects to the one that had a calmer, less metal feel to it (sorry I can't reference song titles here) I loved all of it! And Sho's vocals are incredible on this, I do hope that he can keep his voice in good condition and that he is taking care of it! As for Vanitas white and Aizounitsuki black... Well, part of me thought it was okay, it's sort of like them poetry reading things some artists do, but at the same time hearing Sho lowkey having what sounded like a breakdown of some sort in my ear was a bit weird. But yeah, great release nevertheless!
  3. TheZigzagoon

  4. TheZigzagoon

    It was a job for video editor and graphic designer for a business networking company, so it’s heavily compatible with what I did at university (Broadcast Journalism). It just pisses me off that they said I had the skills for the job, so their problem wasn’t with my abilities, it was with me as a person. Thing is is I’m not exactly a shy person, I’m comfortable around new people. But, I’ve applied for a million and one more jobs in PR, Marketing, Social media...basically anything that I can apply my skills learnt from my degree
  5. TheZigzagoon

    So the job I was interviewed for rejected me. They said I had all the skills they were looking for but I didn’t have the personality they wanted?? It could just be me, but that seems like a crappy reason. You don’t get to know someone or their personality in half an hour
  6. TheZigzagoon

    Anyone know if this is available to order online? And if you need proxy shipping outside of Japan? I loved Diaura’s alter ego material more than Diaura
  7. TheZigzagoon

    Tomorrow is my job interview and the nerves are killing me
  8. TheZigzagoon

    That’s pretty much what I expected from the cover of Boukyaku no sora, I enjoyed it! Still debating whether it’s really worth buying tho...
  9. I have an interview on Wednesday for a full time job in video and digital content editing and IM SHITTING MYSELF AM I EVEN CAPABLE OF A BIG BOY JOB?

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    2. TheZigzagoon


      @lichtlune It is but it’s scary to join the real world away from my crappy part time retail job! 😂 

    3. lichtlune


      Hey i could use a crappy retail job right now. I can't find anything. lol 

    4. TheZigzagoon


      @lichtlune Ahhhh shit sorry to hear that man! Stay positive there’s something out there for everyone!

  10. TheZigzagoon

    I’ve started looking for a new job now that I’ve had a bit of a break after graduating. The careers advisor working at the university I graduated from is super helpful, he fine tuned my CV and made it look really neat! Hopefully with his assistance I can get out of working nights and working retail soon!
  11. TheZigzagoon

    Nah this one
  12. TheZigzagoon

    I think I’ve had a run in with the creepy Ruki fan you’re talking about, she called a girl in one of the MV’s back in 2004 (can’t recall the song title) a “dirty American slut because she had her hands on her “husband” 🙄 Everyone called her out for being a dickhead though and she was VERY defensive about it
  13. Sadly I’m back at home now Leeds Fest is over 😞 Billie Eilish was really good live! And I saw Foo Fighters for about half an hour which was also decent! I should’ve stayed for that whole show tbh 

  14. It’s an incredibly long shot but is any of the UK members here going to Leeds Fest?? 

  15. TheZigzagoon

    @Duwang do you remember the setlist they played at O-West at all? I’m hoping some video footage surfaces, im assuming the band doesn’t/didn’t have the funding to record it for a DVD release?
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