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  1. TheZigzagoon

    I was literally gonna comment Tokyo Drift by Teriyaki Boyz as I used to listen to it so much as a kid! I mean my signature has the best lyric from it xD
  2. TheZigzagoon

    I actually really like that song!
  3. TheZigzagoon

    Peace and Smile Carnival 2005 DVD, featuring the best performance of 'Carry' by The Gazette available on DVD imo
  4. Anyone here play competitive Pokémon? 

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    2. saishuu


      you might wanna try Facade over return for Snorlax as there's a chance it might get burned. try giving Mence the Lum Berry and Koko the Life Orb. you could play around defensive sets for both Vaporeon and T-tar as they're both quite bulky in SpDef and see which one works best. good luck on the tournament!

    3. TheZigzagoon


      @saishuu Facade Snorlax is interesting! Would it get STAB and boosted from stat boosts? I might do Lum berry Mence and Life orb Koko as it seems like a sensible idea! I was thinking having Vaporeon hold leftovers, and Tyranitar hold Assault Vest :) Thank you! And thank you for the advice! 

    4. saishuu


      it does get STAB from Facade! sure it's weaker, but it helps when you're aflicted by status. you're welcome, btw!

  5. TheZigzagoon

    Everything is fine except the pacifier, that's the stuff of nightmares
  6. So in less than 3 weeks I'm covering Filth in the beauty at a convention.


    Can I scream/shout/growl?



    Am I nervous?



    Am I fucked?

    y  E  Ss

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    2. TheZigzagoon


      @Mihi @-NOVA- it's just a vocal cover, and it will most likely be recorded. The song will be missing huge chunks I guess but oooooh welllllll XD 

    3. -NOVA-


      Good Luck :) Thats really cool !!! :headbang:

    4. TheZigzagoon


      @-NOVA- Thank you! 

  7. TheZigzagoon

    Enjoy! That album is a treat for the ears!
  8. TheZigzagoon

    Meh it's nothing we haven't heard before but it's still decent nevertheless, I'll buy it!
  9. TheZigzagoon

    I love this post! Thanks for the hard work on it!
  10. Of course man! My comment was aimed at the OP on Tanuki, not you B O I
  11. I get that, it's the way the original poster on Tanuki put it with "I don't want Screw fans telling me they feel bad for [Byou]". Like, how can you not after reading some of that stuff (I understand that stuff may be false info but still)
  12. Yeah dummies, we need to make more bandomen jack off in a room full of people and beat them if they don't cum, otherwise how else would they learn respect JEEEEEEZ
  13. Can someone make a separate thread about Ruka getting beat up with a chair or link me to some place I can read about it? I want to know this juicy gossip
  14. TheZigzagoon

    That's odd, where's Mathilda's slot?
  15. I wonder if the new vocalist likes pizza and hide and seek as much as the last 🐸☕