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  1. UPDATE I have a list of three songs 4 songs I may do, they are as follows: 'L.L.B' - NIGHTMARE 'Suna' - NIGHTMARE 'Wasurena Kusa' - NIGHTMARE 'Melody' - NIGHTMARE (I'd like the instrumental to be the unplugged version from their budokan live) If anyone could help make these at all I'd be super, super grateful!
  2. Here's the t-shirt I ordered it arrived fast, it's made out of good quality material, and @Juka08Juka08 works very fast! I recommend buying a t-shirt from here!
  3. There's no doubting that Sakito is an amazing musician, NIGHTMARE's early stuff showed this in particular. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees RUKA as emotionless. If you watch their DVD's pre 2006 he has fun with the band, but he became boring after that. Maybe it is because he wants to play bass, but wouldn't he play bass for LSN instead? As for YOMI, I didn't know he smoked, he was never seen smoking with the other members. I always thought it was the endless touring NIGHTMARE has done for 16 years that caused YOMI's voice to deteriorate
  4. I respect your opinion, but I wouldn't say NIGHTMARE were lousy, I think RUKA is the worst member. His sheer rudeness to the fans, his simple drum beats (literally kick, snare, double kick, snare, crash x1000 with an occasional drum fill) and his "I'm way too cool/good to be with this band". I remember the days when RUKA got involved with the band and had fun, now he's just a robot
  5. Sakito better not let me down and make an album full of electronic noise *cough* SCUMS *cough Seriously though, I want Sakito to do well, he's a shy bean and he seems anxious that people might not like his music, which for the most part he did some amazing composition for Nightmare so he shouldn't worry so much
  6. featured list

    YOMI Active: 2000 - Present Notable bands: NIGHTMARE, TAKE NO BREAK I've noticed that a lot of people on MH dislike YOMI's vocals, often noting that they aren't fond of his vibrato vocals or they believe he sounds nasally (he is a tad nasally from 2013 onwards) and people find it off putting. However, I am a huge fan of YOMI's vocals, it was his voice that was my gateway to VK and I still, to this day, love it. NIGHTMARE are one of my favourite VK bands, it's just a shame that they're going to be forever tied up in the "anime hype", visit the video for 'the World' and 'Alumina' on YouTube and the comments are swamped with Death Note, and I feel that they will always be "the band that did the themes for Death Note". Regardless of all that, I have a special place in my heart for YOMI, because if I hadn't heard him, I don't think I'd have gotten in to VK as much as I am now.
  7. So I went on a shopping spree! NIGHTMARE - Outlaw (rare af!) NIGHTMARE - VIsion of the world ruler DVD NIGHTMARE- TOUR 2006 【ジャイアニズム痛】@NHK HALL DVD NIGHTMARE- TOUR 2004 GPU @Nakano Sunplaza NIGHTMARE - TO BE OR NOT TO BE Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Super Music Collection SADS - INNER FILM LIVE @EBISU 2002.12.25 KUROYUME - CORKSCREW Aaaaaaand I think that's all!
  8. Do you ship to the UK? If so can I buy this? ナイトメア (naitomea) - 犯行期 12€
  9. 'L.L.B' by Nightmare
  10. Hey! I was wondering if anyone hear creates instrumental tracks, I'm doing a skit for a convention in September, but I can't find an instrumental for the song I want to do. I was wondering if anyone here could create an instrumental or suggest who I could go to for one. Thank you very much!
  11. Can I have this? Nightmare (ナイトメア) - ジャイアニズム〜お前の物は俺の物〜/〜俺の物は俺の物〜 :: €20 (limited edition, limited 5000 copies, sleevecase)
  12. I'm jealous of your fools mate with NIGHTMARE on the cover!
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I got myself a Nintendo Switch and a copy of this (I'd been waiting a whole month and a half to play LoZ:BotW) I also bought Shovel Knight for the Switch
  15. The track is 16 seconds long and literally says "Bonus Track". It's a joke