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  1. I heard of them because Kou and Hiryu started following me on Instagram back in the days when Miztavla was a project called "R/EV". Adramelech was amazing imo, I currently have 'Rei' being shipped and I'm gonna preorder 'Chimaera' soon xD
  2. How come? XD
  3. The best response xD
  4. I personally love the band, their new single Nostalgy Science/Tsumetai Taiyo is so good, I'm obsessed with Tsumetai Taiyo atm Anyone else like them?
  5. You've got a point. And I'm not one to call the "rich parents" card, as I myself work hard to earn money for things. I wanted to join Heresy, I just don't see the benefits. I'm not knocking anyone for joining. I guess I just question why they made that 15th anniversary tour Heresy only when plenty of fans will want to attend that.
  6. general

    Love it xD
  7. general

    Wtf did he actually smack her head in to that? Shittttt boi
  8. That's true, but I just feel like fans who can't necessarily afford the fee to join Heresy are left out of the mix a lot
  9. Starting to get the feeling that the Gazette care more about Heresy members than "ordinary" fans
  10. The Gazette Traces Vol 2 (Limited Edition) Miztavla Nostalgy Science/Tsumetai Taiyo (Type A and B, limited to 1000 copies) Both Miztavla singles came with a photo of the band with their autographs so I'm pretty happy about that!
  11. They haven't played HEADACHE MAN in a while? The Yoyogi DVD for the dogmatic final didn't have it, nor did any of the dogmatic tour setlists SENTIMENTAL GOT PLAYED OMFG
  12. Hello! Nice to meet you too!
  13. I think a lot if people are being very overly negative and overly critical about this release. I mean it's not the best gazette release, but it's also not the worst. The reason this lacks the youthful energy these songs once had is because they're not in their youth anymore, they're in their mid-30's, and this album shows how they've developed as musicians over the past 15 years. I like that the tracks have been polished, the track list could've been better (they really missed out on Okuribi, and why pick 'UNTITLED'?) I dunno...maybe just picking out every single flaw in a gazette release rather than highlighting the good stuff about it is just the trend now.
  14. For me, I prefer his voice now, I just can't get used to the vibrato thing he did with his voice back in the 90's. Don't get me wrong I love Kuroyume, and I love Kiyoharu, I just don't get it XD
  15. Dayum, that was legit poetry xD But I agree, the Gazette don't have the energy they had back in the day. I'd do anything to bring back the days of DISORDER tbh