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  1. If this were true surely staff would intervene
  2. Literally this, they all clearly treasure Fumiya as a close friend, it must be so hard for them all.
  3. As a huge fan of MIZTAVLA I'm beyond shocked and upset, we can't deny that he was an incredible drummer. R.I.P Fumiya, and I wish his family, friends and bandmates the deepest respects
  4. I joined the stream when Sick were on, those vocals were...questionable? XD
  5. The engrish is strong in 'EGOIST' On a serious note, I like the balance of light and heavy sounds, I might check this out
  6. Jealoussssss! I need to find a place to buy it, I've seen live footage from VRZEL when Bloom have advertised other lives and they do have a lot of energy!
  7. I love the look, I'm interested to see if they'll do as well as Arlequin and Pentagon, I look forward to seeing what they do
  8. I've never bought VRZEL CD's but I might make this my first, I wanna get that live DVD they released but from what I understand, it's live limited Dx
  9. It's a shame Avanchick couldn't give us one more single before disbanding
  10. I'll watch it if someone records it, but I can't ignore how mediocre that setlist is
  11. Nahhhh I wouldn't say so. RUKA and Hitsugi have been doing there own thing for a few years now, I reckon Sakito is just keeping himself busy whilst YOMI fucks up his voice some more
  12. Ahhhh that's fair enough then XD I never knew he'd been doing solo lives already!
  13. I wonder if enough people hate NOAH for this to flop before it starts.
  14. Probably my copy of Nightmares 1st single 'Hankouki' and their first and only mini 'Outlaw'. Dont know how rare they are (though I'd love to know) but I'm happy that I own them
  15. Any idea how to get this art book when it comes out? I wanna see Mikansei Alice performance pictures