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  1. Visual-Kei

    Nightmare did their best work with Nippon Crown BRING BACK NIPPON CROWN NIGHTMARE!
  2. Ahhhhh, thank you very much, and sorry for all the questions XD
  3. Is this per store or in total? If it's in total I'm so glad I preordered both types as soon as they became available
  4. Well Miztavla were originally known as 'R/EV' almost a year before becoming 'Miztavla' and they released nothing under the name 'R/EV' so I can only assume they're releasing all their previous material from that time
  5. Do you know of anywhere that will be selling the DVD?
  6. Just kinda sat here predicting/hoping these things: MIZTAVLA get more recognition, because they're fucking awesome Avanchick will form in to a new band minus Noah Sakito (NIGHTMARE) will release his solo project but since 2013 he decided he'd be an aspiring DJ and the project will suck ass. Despite how hyped I am for The Gazette's Traces Vol.2 album, it'll be rather underwhelming
  7. I've read from a couple of sources which state that YOMI was in a previous band called 'Rebirth' (I'm not sure if it is stylised in a certain way e.g 'Re:Birth' or 'Re-Birth' ) Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, do you have any information on this band?
  8. I think "good steal" is an understatement! XD
  9. Holy shit I would kill for a Luinspear single! I want Yami to Tsuki, but it's literally impossible to find. Why was it being sold so cheap?
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. I've listened to a few songs by Luinspear, those being 'Luvis', 'Veltair' and 'St.XXX no Kagami'. All I know about Luinspear is that Ruka from Nightmare was a member and so was the vocalist of Vidoll. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them, why they disbanded etc.
  13. Am I the only one who likes to think of 'Bite to all' as 'Black Spangle Gang 2'. Regardless, I love every song on this single, but nothing tops 'DISORDER' imo
  14. Thank you! I shall do, I hope I become a part of the community!