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  1. That was pretty good! I may have to invest in this
  2. Yeah they did, they also had Nightmare. Can't answer the second part unfortunately
  3. I live in the UK and I wanna order from Puresound but they don't appear to ship to the UK, can anyone recommend a good proxy shipping service?
  4. Watch the second one, it's wayyyyyyy grosser
  5. I'm confused if it is a demo or a single, because Hankouki was their first single in 2001, this is from 2002
  6. Thank you! Glad I bought it when I saw it then
  7. I ordered 'Crash!? Nightmare Channel! ' by NIGHTMARE because I've never seen it on sale anywhere. Was it a single by them or was it a demo? Also how rare is it?
  8. Nightmare - Crash!? Nightmare Channel! (Anyone know how rare this is?) Nightmare - Gianizm live dvd @ Saitama Super Arena (Can't remember the full title) 3 disc box
  9. Oh Jesus that has put a very vivid image in my head xD
  10. Sorry but I couldn't help but think "You would not berieve your eyes, if ten mirrion firefries"
  11. I am the comedy xD
  12. I was only gonna buy it if it had the song Zakuragoto no yuutsu but it's the same old stuff you hear in most Gazette dvds as of late, I won't be buying
  13. Just bought a limited release Nightmare 2011-2012 tour DVD live @ Sendai Macana, they performed Sabbat and Vice!
  14. I really want a tshirt from their 2011-2012 tour for their album NIGHTMARE but I doubt I'll find one, at this point I just want some tour merch from them or something XD