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  1. I'm gonna put this out there because I know it's unpopular. Up until around 2014, YOMI (NIGHTMARE, TAKE NO BREAK) was a really talented vocalist. Seriously, listen to songs like Melody, Deus Ex Machina, Mahora, Wasurena Kusa live at Budokan 2009, his voice was amazing
  2. BOI Sad thing is, ur probs right
  3. I was thinking that, didn't he do like an 8/9 hour performance last year?
  4. Kiyoharu posted this on instagram: If anyone is willing to translate it'd be appreciated, I'm not sure if it's a live or for a fashion range of his all I know is it takes place on 2017/12/31
  5. Can't find them anywhere DX
  6. Some of the were I believe, INSIDE BEAST came top (I blame vk noobs and gaze weebs for that one)
  7. Yeah but it's not a DVD for that 15th anniversary performance is it. Seriously though, looking forward to seeing what they do now with this, I'm assuming it's gonna be dark and metal orientated, a successor to DOGMA more than anything
  8. What a boring setlist, waaaaaaaay less interesting than their 15th anniversary tour
  9. The vocalist is pretty decent, won't be following them though, not my thing
  10. I'll go if they're UK location is Sheffield and not London (if they go to UK that is)
  11. Also me when I think of my life choices
  12. I thought so tbh BVVVVVVVVT
  13. If so, I'm so fucking guilty
  14. So far I've listened to Boukyaku no sora, Because, Rakuen, Masquerade and Happy. Just wondering what else I should listen to by them, I quite like what I've listened to so far.
  15. Oshare Kei: Keeping the 2006 scene queen look alive