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  1. TheZigzagoon

    Thanks I hate it
  2. I’m disappointed that they only had the crowd sing au revoir, Kamijo would have suited it! I wonder if there’s a reason that it was just the audience
  3. TheZigzagoon

    Shit, I’m loving DIMLIM so I’m really hoping they can survive
  4. TheZigzagoon

    When you’re talking to someone and they have no clue how happy they’re making you just by talking to you, it’s such a good feeling and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time ❤️
  5. TheZigzagoon

    Does KISAKI is gay? No However... Does KISAKI is nonce? Yes
  6. TheZigzagoon

    I never knew that! The one I’ve ordered comes with two CD’s I believe!
  7. TheZigzagoon

    There’s more than one edition?
  8. TheZigzagoon

    NieR: Gestalt and Replicant Original Soundtrack
  9. TheZigzagoon

    It’s a no from me. A v e r y big no
  10. I’m actually so excited for Kiyoharu’s new live DVD, haven’t listened to Kiyoharu in a while! 

  11. I already wanna buy this just for Masquerade soooo
  12. Anyone know the setlist??
  13. I’m waiting for my copy to turn up, I am dying to hear Au Revoir!
  14. TheZigzagoon

    I absolutely hate myself for this and shouldn’t have done it (dammit CDJapan and your loyal customer discount coupon!) but I got paid so I ordered Deep Sanctuary VI MALICE MIZER 25th Anniversary Special - Live Blu-ray at Toyosu Pit
  15. TheZigzagoon

    The Gazette - Heisei Banka (First Edition, comes with live version of Okuribi) The Gazette - Tokyo Saiban ~Judgment Day~ live at Shibuya AX (First Edition, with trading cards) Already own both of these DVD’s but they’re the reissues so I wanted the original releases!
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