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  1. TheZigzagoon

    I second this. I don’t feel their music is what a band of just three people can pull off in a live environment, and I believe others on the forum agree with this
  2. TheZigzagoon

    The rival is very annoying in this game, and he seems to just appear every single second. It’s a good game tho so far!
  3. Trains in the UK are fucked rn because of weather


    I’ve just done the journey from Norwich to Leeds which anyone here from the UK will probs know is already long. I got on the train at 7pm. It’s now 5 to 1 am and I just got home 

  4. TheZigzagoon

    I’ve been rewatching Kuroko no basuke, this is my favourite opening
  5. TheZigzagoon

    I’m in the UK but I may try and go to the Paris live
  6. This is my first time doing something like this so it’s just for fun! I’m proud of myself even tho it’s a sloppy mess 😂
  7. I actually quite liked that! Any info on where it’s being sold if it is
  8. TheZigzagoon

    No Doubt - Live in the Tragic Kingdom I really liked the album so I thought may as well watch the live too!
  9. TheZigzagoon

    I’m behind on my Jakigan Meister releases so I’ll definitely have to check this out!
  10. TheZigzagoon

    I agree with you on the Diaura front to an extent, I do think Diaura are decent but I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them, I think they should stick to the 90’s homage project they did the other year when they released Unmei Kaika
  11. TheZigzagoon

    Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt Warning - Green Day I don’t know the exact title but it’s the Dir En Grey DVD from a performance in Osaka that they did in 1999
  12. Just got back from seeing Planet Booty, TWRP and Ninja Sex Party live and wowww was it amazing! Danny Sexbang (Dan Avidan) has an amazing voice live, so talented 

  13. All I want right now is to be a vocalist of a band 😂

  14. I liked that, I might buy this!
  15. I was wondering if anyone here might know NIGHTMARE’s setlist that they did at little hearts 11th anniversary?
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