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  1. For my dears

    It's not for me, but that's because I'm not into pop music so whatever. I know that some people get really crazy about these k-pop groups. I don't condemn them, It's their choice to listen to this kind of music. I don't know, for me all those groups sound a bit boring, but some of the guys can sing really well. I wonder how they would sound in a rock band? That would be interesting for me.
  2. For my dears

    Lar~Mia, NeiL, Missalina Rei.
  3. For my dears

  4. For my dears

    They look GREAT!
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. For my dears

      For my dears

      Thank you 💙

    2. Himeaimichu


      You're welcome! I hope everything is going well

  6. For my dears

    Malice Mizer Lareine Madeth gray'll Vasalla Deshabillz deadman Aliene Ma'riage Deathgaze The Piass Luna Sea
  7. For my dears

  8. For my dears

    life sucks
  9. For my dears

    attempt suicide by das:vasser maybe Jakou by Laputa also many songs by deadman like additional cause for sorrow... I don't know, I can think of a thousand songs that can sound 'sad' but it's a hard thing to recommend because what is sad/depressing for me maybe will not work for you, anyway there's also 'Sad Songs' by JILS
  10. These are some of my favorite old bands too lol I don't find many +sadist+/Parasite fans too often haha It's a shame that Parasite had only this song, I really like the piano intro.
  11. For my dears


    Hello and welcome!
  12. For my dears

    deadman always have been one of my favorite bands. I miss them so much. I've heard rumors about Mako becoming a christian. Does anybody know if this is true...?
  13. Sounds cool! Nice to see Ryohei with a strat.
  14. For my dears

    all my days are bad days
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