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  1. zaa_zaa

    Not impressed at all. Seems like Chisa and Shogo were the main driving force behind DIV. What Guzmania and Laplus create is so bland, I just can't.
  2. I'm quite surprised that Kyotaru somewhat worked on his vocals. It sounds better and with his style from Cockroach and Black:list
  3. zaa_zaa

    That's some amazing news
  4. zaa_zaa

    pffff, I'm surprised they lasted THAT long they did have some good songs here and there, but it always seemed to me that they didn't use even half of their potential
  5. yeah, agree can't recall a single song by them which is strange - despa and fanatic crisis guys ought to have some songwriting talent
  6. I just don't get it. With so many experienced members each of whom have more than 20 years in VK under their belts and with all of their connections all they could find was Insomnia vocalist... It's plain stupid.
  7. This is exactly the feeling that I get. There were so many parts where harsh vocals would fit and make the songs even more versatile.
  8. Basically, Visual Kei stands on its own. We know about some transitions to Visual Key - Nokubura and Deviloof are examples of it. But we don't hear that much about guys who used to be visual kei and became (semi-) successfull in "normal" bands. Basically, most of those guys are virtually unheard of on MH. There are several exceptions, though, notably: - Yeti - all of the member are from relatively famous j-rock bands. Except, they are quite unpopular based on what I heard - The drummer from "Brick Break" did everything well - he played in several metalcore bands before joining Abstracts. That it quite impressive - from Dear Dolce band to Abstracts is quite a jump. Any others you might know about?
  9. Kinda sad cause the song is quite generic. It is good, but nothing outstanding. I guess i was mistaken to hold my expectations so high. Maybe because Katsuya claimed that he didn't want to be in a band until it had all the perfect members and perfect musical form.
  10. zaa_zaa

    Well, praising a band to such extent and crediting it to be the best j-rock band when one never heard a single FULL song is..... strange.
  11. zaa_zaa

    I didn't see anywhere online a single song released by them. An. Do you own anything from them?
  12. ohhh, this reference to Metis Gretel
  13. zaa_zaa

    meh, boring expected more from Noah
  14. zaa_zaa

    I like the fact that KAZ left Gengah for Chariots, and now that they disbanded he is back with Hajime
  15. zaa_zaa

    Since I didn't find a thread about Avanchick, I will post it here. According to vk.gy, Noah used to be in Kansai Johnny's Jr. I looked up information about him during that time period and found this link where you could see his face https://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=3630399 And it seems that it used to be his YT channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsgfBLIwDTz9htO0TTlE_nw
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