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  1. It is so disgusting
  2. He looks too much vkei, so we can safely assume he is in a band.
  3. seriously.......
  4. I could never understood why they became so popular while playing such mediocre metalcorish songs. Could someone spend some time and explain to me what I am missing in their songs? Sincerely.
  5. Nahhh, I don't think so. His voice is as disgusting as it's always been - completely out of tune.
  6. I think it is Daiki (ex. Aikaryu) who plays support for NOW according to his twitter.
  7. I don't get it =( Is it sarcasm or rumours in general?
  8. Maaaan, their lives look so much fun! Still hate the vocals, lol
  9. Wasn't their drummer the main composer, though?
  10. There are some videos online where he's singing, and he also was a back-vocal on some of DIV tracks. He's quite good, actually. EDIT. My bad, it was Shogo, not Chobi. EDIT 2. Maybe you will be able to distinguish Shogo singing here.
  11. I am so pissed rn because of ZMI ._.
  12. Watching it right now. Shiki from Sick. is so disgusting live when he uses clean vocals.... soooo disgusting. Same with the band before them. EDIT 1. They are disgusting live in general EDIT 2. The keyboard guy uses screams and growls. The bassist does it, too. But Shiki can't do shit, and when he does it - it's pathetic.
  13. Duuude, chill. Everything anyone says is subjective, especially when it comes to music, ok? Sure, you can use your musical education if you have one, or you can write me a huge list with what you deem as proof. Does it change anything? No. I am not a DEG fan, nor am I a fan of Mao. I'm just a dude listening to music. Yes, I find Mao emulating DEG. Yes, DEG emulated other bands, and it's confirmed, too. Everyone is ripping off everyone else. But let's see what we have here: DEG changed drastically over the cource of 20 years - looks, music. influences. They constantly changed. Their inspirations changed. One day they copied Kuroyume, next day they copied Korn, third day they copied Architects (name any other band). So yes, they grew, took everything from all of the inspirations that they ever had, and tried to do something somewhat original that sells. Now let's look at Mao. I am no musical expert, but when I first heard them in 2007, to me he already tried to emulate Kyo, which is fine. In 2009 - still the same thing, it's justthat he tried to emulate Kyo from their different era. 2011, 2013, 2015 - maaaan, just stop it already, we know that your respect/suck up to Kyo, find some other major inspirations, ok? And now he has a different project in 2017, and it's still the same thing. I hope you see what I am trying to say here.
  14. Can't say that I am impressed. They lost some spark and energy their first PV used to have, it seems to me.