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  1. zaa_zaa

    that's personality for you
  2. zaa_zaa

    Could you name a few? I'm just curious. I can't recall a single bandoman who is over 100kg. There was also a bassist from an obscure band called Drop who was thicc. I know that Loki from More is slightly overweight (you can see his fat). There's also Dezert's bassist. But this guy has such a massive second chin and bulging stomach - I can't recall a single bandoman who is as huge as him.
  3. zaa_zaa

    Can't blame the guy for leaving. Regardless - the guy is huge for Japanese standards. I don't think this fact influenced the band well considering that many fans choose a band for the looks. So for sure visual kei is not for him. The industry is not gonna change over one snowflake. As for the bullying part and such video even existing - well, the president of Bloom (the blond guy in the video) is a legendary kusoman who was supposedly involved in many shady things. What else could be expected from him?
  4. zaa_zaa

    yeah, they are so out of sync with each other sometimes.
  5. zaa_zaa

    OH MY GOD They wrote the band's name in Korean. I see who they want to target, I see.
  6. zaa_zaa

    What line-up changes? Hazuki left in the beginning of Deathgaze because he wanted to have more creative input. The second guy left because he got married, I think? Then there's was Naoto before Takaki joined - I mean, 5 years in a band is a pretty long run. And Darrel's lineup is stable since they were all support member of Ai's solo project. Can't see anything out of the ordinary here. But yeah, Ai is dedicated to his sound?
  7. they'd better make prospective members to take a drug test before considering them
  8. Isn't it Cula? 'cause it's those Fixer guys with David.
  9. zaa_zaa

    Ah, those kusomen and easy pussy.
  10. The song is generic af and Sai still can't sing properly, but who cares, my boi is back
  11. Oh my goooooooood. Sai came back after almost 14 years. God bless.
  12. zaa_zaa

    Frankly, I am not surprised. What I am surprised though is that Koryu hasn't left with him either. It's just I feel like Razor's style change after their first EP doesn't suite these two.
  13. zaa_zaa

    Franlky, I do think that it's a good thing for Dimlim that they drop the visuals. After all, to the majority of female audience jrock musicians are a thing - simply a projection of their adrogynous perfect males from the dreams. The audience couldn't care less. So if Retsu is truly fed up with it - good for him.
  14. Surprised. Yet I can't say the song is good simply because I don't feel like they are used to listening and producing this kind of music.
  15. zaa_zaa

    Seems like the guys know about existence of MH, @Tokage
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