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  1. ohhh, this reference to Metis Gretel
  2. zaa_zaa

    meh, boring expected more from Noah
  3. zaa_zaa

    I like the fact that KAZ left Gengah for Chariots, and now that they disbanded he is back with Hajime
  4. zaa_zaa

    Since I didn't find a thread about Avanchick, I will post it here. According to vk.gy, Noah used to be in Kansai Johnny's Jr. I looked up information about him during that time period and found this link where you could see his face https://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=3630399 And it seems that it used to be his YT channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsgfBLIwDTz9htO0TTlE_nw
  5. zaa_zaa

    Frankly, to me it's a typical deathcore band. I understand why people like it, but praising the band that much like some people do clearly shows that the only thing they care about in such kind of music is whether the band is japanese visual kei or not. There are thousands of bands that are on par with Deviloof when it comes to signing and technical aspect. Yet, there are always some cool moments in Deviloof's songs that I like.
  6. zaa_zaa

    I gotta give it to Karma. When I first heard the PV, I didn't like the song at all. After listening to the mini several times, I absolutely love it. This is oldschool j-rock made with today's possibilities of recording - clean sounds and such. And their song "Enbu" is an absolute beast to me - I hear so many references there to old-school bands.
  7. zaa_zaa

    Their 【This Is The “FACT”】TOUR 2018 -FINAL-
  8. zaa_zaa

    Well, Savage technically lasted for 6 years
  9. zaa_zaa

    A R T S Y Quite interesting that Karma is credited as a composer of the song. And the overall video idea is his as well. The song is not my cup of tea, and the video seems pretentious but it's quite good and pleasent to watch.
  10. And here I was wondering why I hear such strong Sex-Android vibes...
  11. zaa_zaa

    I recognize the guitarist from Balalaika. The guy who is to the left from Mei looks really familiar, too...
  12. zaa_zaa

    I can see some double-chin kei
  13. zaa_zaa

    Considering that Orcalade did nothing for the last 1.5 years, I wonder what the point of his decision even is...
  14. zaa_zaa

    All I can say is that I have no regrets that Fixer will disband. Prior to Starwave they were good. The last three years - just meh. Completely changed their sound for the worse. Even production got worse (which could be expected knowing Kiwamu).