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  1. What do you mean? Access to downloads of his bands or the fact that they are not that popular?
  2. As many people have said it here, j-rock became a huge part of my identity, too. Because of that, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am now and who I am. I would say I'm really emotionally invested into it, I can spend hours downloading music, making sure that I have an absolutely perfect collection of music on my iPod. People also know that I listen to j-rock, and it shapes their perception of me (sometimes in a negative way, but who gives a shit?). What I would listen to.... Most likely I would continue listening to weird bands such as 'iwrestledabearonce', I would still listen to black metal, grindcore, deathcore and such genres.... I would be really deep into post-hardcore as well.
  3. https://vk.com/blessthismessfan They have links there, I am not sure if it is a trancecode/YT rip/normal rip.
  4. Another Russian (already disbanded) old-school visual-kei band. Frankly, they put up a couple of good songs and their guitarists did an awesome job sounding like a typical 90s visual-kei band (I can clearly hear Deshabillz and Neil influences), but the vocals... And mixing Russian with English sounds so pathetic. Well, they tried.
  5. I would split a list into three categories: Russian bands from the Emo-period: - Stigmata (maaaan, their song 'Крылья' / 'Wings' is like a symbol of that period) - Amatory ('Черно-белые дни' / 'Black and white days' from 2004 shaped the entire music industry in Russia) - Origami ('Без лишних слов' / 'Without unnecessary words' is another one) - Jane Air ('Junk' is the song that preceeded all of the aforementioned bands, it was the first famous song from that period) - FeedYourDad (especially their early stuff, one of the most underrated bands in the recent history of Russian heavy music) - Soularis, Radia Cambodia, Medusa Scream, Океан моей надежды, and more less-known bands. I would put it this way - 2004-2008 were absolutely unique years for Russia, especially with the whole Emo movement. Whenever I talk to people from US or almost any European country, I feel that emo movement was just a movement in these countries (that's the impression that I get, sure we all were rebellious and such, but it just doesn't feel like there was something more to it), whereas in Russia it was an era, a symbol. I guess it has something to do with the things that were happening there during that time, us being born in 90s (horrible times for Russia), and just cultural things. The bands that I mentioned above are the ones that were symbols of that era. Once this era ended, most of them just quitely disappeared or lost almost all the following that they had. I still listen to these bands once or twice a year because of nostalgy, but nothing more. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to try out first four bands and their songs that I mentioned from the list, you will be able to feel the Russian culture from there =D Western Bands: Nightwish, Rammstein, Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Burzum, iwrestledabearonce (especially 'tastes like kevin bacon', one the most insane things I ever heard), MyChildren MyBride (my favourite is 'King Of The Hopeless'). All of black metal, all of death metal, all of grindcore, all of depressive black metal. All of it got boring to me. J-rock: - Versailles (I used to be a huge fan of them for several years, but symphonic metal just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Still like them, tho) - Nega/Perestroika (still listen to them occasionally) - X-Japan (well, thank you, Yoshiki) - Jeniva/Matenrou Opera (I stopped listening to them, I like them, but don't have any of their songs) - Megaromania (I was digging their Aurora release, but just stopped liking Sou's voice) - Blu-BIllion, Jakura (well, they are boring and I was blind) - Sads and Kuroyume (don't dig anymore) - Diaura (oh, man, I found them when they began and I loved them all the way till 2013. After that summer I stopped liking their new releases) - Miyavi (booooooooring) - An Cafe (still occasionally listen to them).
  6. There's one on VK (Russian social network). Can't remember the link, tho.
  7. Hell yeah, I can imagine the fandom's happiness. Considering how much they praise Yanagi/ Frankly, I am happy for them. Yanagi seems to be staying strong despite all his health problems.
  8. Born - Psycho Diva Initial'L - their recent PV Now this one I believe, there are more
  9. Oh yeah, Russian fangirls are like that, believe me. To a degree, some of them remind me of some crazy bangyas. Plus, the culture. As for Velvet Eden's disband - Ikebukuro CYBER (12.03.2016) - that was their last live.
  10. I would mention these guys: Zin - I adored them, personally. They managed to put up really strong songs, being the only active solid band other than Kiryu that perfectly incorporated Japanese folk elements. Tokami - enough said. Galileo Galilei - not J-rock, but influential enough. Velved Eden - way too iconic. RoNo☆Cro - these guys could have become so big, but, I believe, they ran into the same situation as DIV - after releasing a couple of really strong releases in the beginning of the career, they couldn't live up to their own standards and other people's expectations. Cardia - after Riddick disbanded, I was wondering what Gab would be up to. It's one of the few bands whose whole discography is in my library. I stan every single song of them.
  11. Gosh, they look soooo cheap. I mean, c'mon, I work as a programmer and hate doing design with all of my heart, but even I can pull this off in 2 minutes.
  12. As much as I like NB, I have to admit that at first they were your typical metalcore/deathcore band with nothing interesting to it. The switch to visual-kei made them play something softer, which benefited them. BUT. We all know, there's only one reason for musicians to turn to visual-kei. And also NB realized that since there's nothing that heavy, they would actually have a chance to become popular. As for D.I.D - I hate para:noir, and absolutely adore D.I.D. And Akane seems to be a guy who actually has an interesting personality, as such he has something to say through music. NB can't do that.
  13. Their first release was amazing. I could clearly hear how much Koryu and Tetsuya brought music-wise, Tsurugi added a lot as well on top of that. The other two.... The title songs are kinda weird, which is not the main problem. The b-sides are so vanilla, that a thought appeared that they do them purely to please their female fans. And there's zero-to-none of elements that made their first release to stand out in the world of visual-kei.
  14. I see what you mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)