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  1. zaa_zaa

    Incredibly boring. It is typical Fixer instrumentals from their Starwave Records era (and boi, was it bad). Basically, Fixer just changed the vocals and continued doing the same thing they did for the last two years. Except that Sui can't scream or growl.
  2. I guess that's what you call "a bad deal"
  3. I like how they bought 12k views and managed to get only 20 likes.
  4. Marco's guitarist is the president of Voltage, so they can't possibly be dropped from the label
  5. I like how they came up with a solution to hide double-chin (rather big, btw) of the guitarist by painting half of his face in black. Good look overall, nevertheless.
  6. The second guy to the left is... peculiar, to say the least
  7. Seems like they are not on Danger Crue anymore
  8. zaa_zaa

    I get a strong Strawberry Song Orchestra vibe in the PV's visuals and song
  9. I lol'ed so much at this. I am gonna bet on Lin being fired from NB considering how much stigma revolves around cannabis in Japan.
  10. zaa_zaa

    It's all thanks to the Internet. Nowadays one has access to so many tutorials and hacks to polish skills.
  11. It's so........... bland. I just can't. Such a lineup, and such generic music. Especially considering all of the previous bands the members were in (except for Yukkie, I would expect something from Nah and Heisen Ishin guy).
  12. zaa_zaa

    Naaaaah, there are more songs of them on youtube, such as They released two singles,you can find both of them online even in 320 quality. All of the songs are on this channel.
  13. zaa_zaa

    I prefer Dimlim, but they will never be as popular as Kizu. Kizu already pull crowds that Dimlim can only dream of. I think it might have something to do with Kizu targeting female audience specifically, whereas Dimlim's music are more suited for males. Personally, I believe that Dimlim would have achieven more in Japan had they dropped of the visual kei look.
  14. zaa_zaa

    Not impressed at all. Seems like Chisa and Shogo were the main driving force behind DIV. What Guzmania and Laplus create is so bland, I just can't.
  15. I'm quite surprised that Kyotaru somewhat worked on his vocals. It sounds better and with his style from Cockroach and Black:list
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