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  1. zaa_zaa

    All I can say is that I have no regrets that Fixer will disband. Prior to Starwave they were good. The last three years - just meh. Completely changed their sound for the worse. Even production got worse (which could be expected knowing Kiwamu).
  2. zaa_zaa

    That can be an interesting discussion, that's for sure. I would say that even old-school j-rock bands tried to use some screaming - Aliene Marriage for example. If you listen to many obscure bands from 1998-2003, you will find plenty of weak growls (more like shrieks even). From relativily popular bands - early Vidoll, the Gazette. Moving to modern times - once emo-style and metalcore sound was becoming popular, it surely influenced jrock scene. To me, one of the most early examples was -OZ- with their Cry the Crime and Zenith. I believe, it was 2006. In comparison with the bands that I mentioned above, Natsuki used his harsh vocals more often and extensvely. We also have early Deathgaze from 2004, D'espairs Ray, Gemmik, to name a few. And Unsraw with their debut single. Yeah, it seems like 2005-2006 is when screams and growls were becoming the thing. I hope some senior contributors from MH, like @zeus or other guys who were in jrock community for around 10-15 years would contribute to this discussion)
  3. zaa_zaa

    I googled a little bit, and found some screenshots of the cooking show, it seems. And here's Natsuki: Here's some links to the discussions about this subject: https://tr.twipple.jp/h/14/ba/ozx農家.html https://jyouhou-depot.com/yukiguniavocado/
  4. zaa_zaa

    Frankly, I can hear some reseblance in his voice to Awoi's singer.
  5. zaa_zaa

    It seems to me that they play the same song over and over again for the last two-three releases. The only thing that differs is that this song has acoustic guitar, and this is where all the difference ends.
  6. zaa_zaa

    Aren't NB signed to their own label?
  7. zaa_zaa

    I guess, this is one of his lowest points. To be a headliner at an event organized by a weeabo shop in a Ukrainian city....
  8. zaa_zaa

    It sounds absolutely retarded. Splitting a band into two. Just who could come up with such a stupid idea?
  9. zaa_zaa

    Considering that several onemans of Balalaika weren't sold out even when with one ticket one could bring their friend - I would say he's not popular for bangyas to pay attention to his projects that much. For me personally - I'm tired of the same tuning and style of his bands. Nothing new.
  10. zaa_zaa

    It's just a repackaged Balalaika/The 3rd birthday. I give them 2 years at best, because L's projects proved to be commercial flops. I still like them, tho.
  11. zaa_zaa

    I don't think it's Futaba, because Futaba is left-handed.
  12. zaa_zaa

    Basically, people claim that he is a huge asshole and even for bangyas to sleep with Naru is hardly an achievement or something to brag about (from what I understand, for bangyas Naru is the lowest point of any semi-famous j-rocker).
  13. zaa_zaa

    Another thing I wonder about is what Haruka was thinking about. He was with Naru in Velgreed, he knows Naru for so long, and he still voluntarily signed up for playing in Diealo. And then he leaves once again. Heh.
  14. zaa_zaa

    Loooool. Now we can definitely conclude that Naru is the reason why everyone leaves the band =D Even the bassist who is from their previous lineup left him =D
  15. zaa_zaa

    Their pv is ok, but I really like how irrelevant they are - less than 300 views in under two days, it's been a while since I saw such a low view count for jrock band. And take into consideration that this is somewhat established band.