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  1. zaa_zaa

    I really hoped to get a PV one week prior to the release. It sorta makes sense - two weeks before the release a tracklist is announced, then it would be logical to upload a PV to build up some hype. But I see. Not gonna happen.
  2. zaa_zaa

    Ai and Kisaki in one session band - am I dreaming? That's so goooood
  3. zaa_zaa

    It's like I am listening to another Starwave band. Sure, it's cool that the guy from Tokami is back. Not my cup of tea.
  4. zaa_zaa

    The bois are just unstoppable
  5. The type of generic garbage that I like
  6. zaa_zaa

    Well, the songs' titles hint at the album being conceptual (8pSB conceptual, he-he). And it seems like the last song would be reminding us of the old Dimlim sound. So let's see.
  7. zaa_zaa

    To me it sounds like a slightly heavier version of Ashmaze.
  8. zaa_zaa

    Taishi left because of medical reasons as far as I remember and he himself stated that Dimlim would be his last band. As for Ryuya - well, he stated that he felt like his skills were not good enough for Dimlim. But who knows.
  9. zaa_zaa

    I actually assume that he is slightly older than Leda from Deluhi, since his first band was Leda's first band and Issei also supported Amulet. So it looks like they used to be/are friends from old time which makes me suspect they are almost the same age.
  10. zaa_zaa

    I wonder if it's a pun to their first mini-album called "Various"
  11. Some time in 2020, NéiL will revive. Not sure if it's one-time, but it's confirmed by their bassist and some other old-school guys
  12. Could you add timestamps to added musicians when you add them? This way it makes it far easier to see the new ones and not read through half of the post Thank you for your effort.
  13. zaa_zaa

    Wow, that's a really cool line-up
  14. zaa_zaa

    Here it goes again. Naru should just start a solo career like L from Balalaika did.
  15. zaa_zaa

    And midi-keyboard and midi-drums Guitar Pro 6 without any plugins.
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