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  1. chocobuzz

    Their drummer is pretty hot
  2. Ryo will be absent from the performance on the 20th as he has been diagnosed with influenza type A. Hope he gets well soon~
  3. Awesome!! Also it makes me happy how much love Virge has been getting lately. Quite a lot of people seemed to dislike them when they started but now they seem to be getting much more positive attention. ^^
  4. chocobuzz

    If I could marry one fictional character, it would be Balthier from FFXII. I've had a crush on him longer than I've ever had a crush on a real person lol
  5. chocobuzz

    mediena, mediena, mediena... not really surprised haha.
  6. I'll never understand what's the point of keeping everything as a mystery, I just find it kinda dumb
  7. chocobuzz

    That's a cool look! Also this seems to be the first time ryo isn't covering half of his face with his hair, now he's just covering it with a mask or whatever that is I'm kinda wondering if there's a reason for it or something, I've never actually seen his full face lol
  8. There's nothing better than knitting while drinking tea and listening to Final Fantasy soundtracks. Makes me feel so cozy and relaxed.

  9. chocobuzz

    I've been playing Monster Hunter World for a few hours now and I really love it. I've never played a Monster Hunter game before but I've played some similar games so I kinda knew what to expect. It'll probably take me a good while to learn how to get good at it but it's fine, I like games where you actually have to know what you're doing.
  10. chocobuzz

    All kinds of racing/driving games. I own a bunch of different ones, like Dirt 3, Redout and Euro Truck Simulator 2, and I do love all of them though I'm quite terrible at them. I've never actually driven a real car or any vehicle and based on how terribly I drive in games maybe it's best I never will...
  11. chocobuzz

    vo. ryo (virge) ba. tooka (ex-mediena) gt. keito (ex-mediena) gt. rei (ex-mediena) dr. mizuki (ex-mediena) ;___;
  12. I'm studying IT with a bit of business management on the side. I'm mainly aiming to become some sort of a software developer but I'm quite widely interested in all kinds of IT-related things so I'll just see what happens. Who knows what I'll end up being.
  13. chocobuzz

    This was quite interesting