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  1. chocobuzz

    A bit off-topic but daiju is a slang word for "stupid/crazy" in Finnish lol.
  2. Well damn. I hope the band will still be able to continue though, they're pretty good
  3. chocobuzz

    MiLLa/Mediena had quite a few songs that they played live but never recorded/released. I've managed to find at least 6 songs like this from some old setlists. The song titles were "lost", "grave", "#13", "喪失", "夢幻" and "埋葬". Ah, I'm really curious how they would've sounded like... Though who knows, maybe some of those could still be released as Virge's songs at some point...? Most likely not, but Virge's "紅いドレス" was originally Mediena's song too and "Angraecum" was something Ryo wrote 4-5 years ago. Maybe there's a small chance, maybe not, I don't know.
  4. chocobuzz

    I saw a ghost once but then I realized I was just looking at myself from the mirror before I had gotten my morning coffee
  5. chocobuzz

    Me: "Why can't I sleep???" Also me: *drinks 9dl of coffee right before going to bed* Mysterious... totally mysterious......
  6. I have a feeling I'm gonna like this a lot. Also that looks is pretty cool
  7. They could've put some kinda breaks between the different songs, the video just sounds like an 8-minute extremely odd song lol Anyway some of the previews sounded pretty nice, some maybe not so much but I'm overall still pretty excited for this
  8. chocobuzz

    I like it. The vocals kinda remind me of yuuki (lycaon/inital'l) in some way.
  9. chocobuzz

    I hate Sundays. I should use this freetime meaningfully and do something fun and relax but I always just end up stressing about the upcoming week and just wasting time. Also I just checked up that it's actually spelled "free time", as two separate words. It just sounds wrong in my head. I probably make tons of mistakes like this all the time because my Finnish brains just want to write everything as one word.
  10. chocobuzz

    Many nice songs on that playlist but I gotta say I like the Nazare one the best. 1. D.I.D. - pity me 2. Poets Of The Fall - Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day 3. Avatar - Puppet Show 4. Nokturnal Mortum - Where Rivers Flow Into The Seas 5. ヴァージュ - 共依存 6. Kaya - Awilda 7. U-KISS - 돌아돌아 8. メディーナ - 呪縛愛 9. DIMLIM - 初潮 10. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - rip current How am I supposed to choose a favorite out of these?? I'm a rebel and I'll choose two favorites you can't stop me x.x
  11. chocobuzz

    They've also been released on the album 「暫定的オカルト週刊誌①」 (zanteiteki occult shuukanshi ①).
  12. chocobuzz

    Virge's Kohaku is lovely! 1. sleepyhead - ALIVE 2. Nocturnal Bloodlust - Dead End 3. Deathgaze - genocide and mass murder 4. SHINee - Life 5. Xasthur - Tyrant of Nightmares 6. 摩天楼オペラ (matenrou opera) - Shine On 7. Darkest Horizon - From Beyond 8. MORRIGAN - UNDER WORLD END 'XISS 9. Kaya - Monday Monday 10. ジグソウ (jigsaw) - 鋏 (hasami) Hasami by Jigsaw is such a fun and catchy song, I love it.
  13. chocobuzz

    Doing some achievement hunting for ETS2. This is gonna take a while...
  14. chocobuzz

    The preview's pretty short but it already sounds surprisingly good. Gonna keep an eye on this band
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