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  1. chocobuzz

    I've been playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy for a few hours now and I love it. I logically started playing the third game first because that's the one that has a special place in my heart and is the most meaningful one to me. I was a bit worried if the remastered version would still have the same kind of a feel as the original one did but I think they've managed to do it really well. Sheila's character design looks a bit funny to me though, I think it's mainly because of the funny hair haha. All in all, I'm enjoying the game a lot so far.
  2. chocobuzz

    A (few days early) birthday gift from me to me. DAMY hoodie and album 「自己中心的リミッター」
  3. I'm having a wisdom teeth removal surgery today and I'm slightly terrified. Not sure if I'm more scared of the surgery itself or the possible pain or other complications that may come afterwards. I can't handle pain at all...

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    2. BrenGun


      the pain after is the worse

    3. colorfuljinsei


      Yea, just make sure to follow all of the post-operative instructions. The worst thing to get is dry socket, which usu. shouldn't be an issue (there is like a 2% chance of getting it...which happened to me...) If you do feel intense regional pain and see whitish bone, use clove oil to relieve the pain.


      If you're hesitant about really strong pain relievers/opioids, you can use Ibuprofen(Motrin) in conjunction with Acetaminophen (Tylenol). They're both helpful in the case of tooth removal.


      It'll be fine. I've had to have my wisdom teeth and two back molars removed (due to internal resorption b/c long-term braces screwed w/ my dentin.) Smooth process for all of them.

    4. chocobuzz


      It's now been 7 hours since the surgery and luckily I've had no pains yet, the left side of my jaw is just a bit swollen. They removed both my lower wisdom teeth so the numbness on both sides was pretty terrible. The surgeon said the operation was a bit tricky since the roots of the right wisdom tooth were really close to some nerves in my jaw and if they hadn't gotten some part of the tooth easily out they would've just left it there because there would've been a high risk of permanently damaging my jaw... Luckily they got everything out and everything went smoothly. I got a bunch of painkillers and antibiotics with me too.

      I just googled that "dry socket" and it seems quite scary! I hope I'll be one of those 98% who won't get it haha.

  4. chocobuzz

    They're not bad. Not sure if I necessarily like those songs but they do have some good moments. Maybe with a few more listens I'd get more into them. Still curiously looking forward to the full album though.
  5. chocobuzz

    Damy dressed up as One Piece characters - Soushi as Sanji, Ryo as Luffy, Miharu as Zoro and Sora as Trafalgar Law
  6. chocobuzz

    I want back my 50 seconds that I wasted watching that video
  7. chocobuzz

    17,500 yen. Lowest I've seen was 13,000 yen... Pretty insane prices.
  8. chocobuzz

    I think Virge's Akai dress is my biggest treasure so far. It was a live distributed single from Virge's first oneman in October of last year and it took me months of active hunting to finally find and get it. People really don't seem to like reselling their copies I guess, even until now I've only seen like three other ones being sold on yahoo auctions or mercari. I'd actually kinda wanna know how many copies of it exactly were even produced, none of Virge's other live distributed singles seem this hard to find. Hmm. It's also my most expensive cd, I paid 15,000 yen for it... And that's not even the highest price I've seen it being sold for lol
  9. chocobuzz

    Initial'L's Satoshi knows/studies english think
  10. chocobuzz

    Pretty catchy, I like it! MV looks super good too.
  11. chocobuzz

    So it turns out that I'm not allergic to any kinds of nuts after all. I've been living in a terrible lie my whole life... First thing I'll do tomorrow is go buy some peanut butter and finally see if it really is as good as everyone says it is.
  12. chocobuzz

    I can't say that any of these are 100% surely true since my sources are just guesses and speculations found on some tanuki threads haha But I'm pretty sure Ryo (Virge, ex-Mediena) is 27 (born on 1991) As for the other ex-mediena members, I think Rei is the same age as Ryo, Keito and Mizuki were born either 1992 or 1993 and Tooka 1994. As for the other Virge members, I think Aru is around 24 (1993 or 1994?). About Shin and Sizuki I'm not sure, but I think they once mentioned that Shin is older than Sizuki and that Ryo would be younger than them (though the way they said it was quite questionable so I can't be too sure about that)
  13. chocobuzz

    kazuharu looks goood!