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  1. Choco, Happy birthday to you! ^^
    Wish you will have a wonderful day and another wonderful year!

  2. Preview for "私ノ悪イ癖"! All of these previews have sounded so amazing, I'm sooo excited for this release ❤️ MV spot:
  3. Preview for the second track, "白昼夢" It indeed is the same song that was already released on their full album but the instrumental is a bit different on this one it seems. Honestly I think I like this a bit more though~
  4. chocobuzz

    Virge's Ryo is definitely a cat person. Some of his bandmates have even called him by the nicknames of "neko-chan" or "bakeneko". I don't know if he currently has any cats, but he's had some before at least. He's never really posted much about them on social media though. Another one that comes to mind is TRNTY D:CODE's Shio. He posts a lot about his cat on twitter and instagram.
  5. Preview for B-type's 3rd track~ Hope they release other previews soon too! This sounds goooooood
  6. Both types are already available for preorder on cdjapan ^^
  7. chocobuzz

    Kinda painful to watch how my dad is slowly killing himself with alcohol. He's just drunk all the time and has been to the hospital for who knows how many times already because of too much drinking. He was told by a doctor already 20 years ago that his liver was in a very bad condition because of alcohol, and he did manage to reduce his drinking a good amount back then (mainly because mom was always so mad at him about it - I still remember those nights when he came back home late and drunk as fuck and mom yelled at him. I had never seen her so angry. It scared the shit out of me). But after I moved out and mom divorced him a little over 2 years ago, he of course started drinking more again. And it's gotten to the point where he's pretty much always just drunk again. I wonder how much time he has left if he keeps that up... Most likely not much. I'm not very close with him (I'm actually a bit scared of him) but I still don't want him to die like that... Why does alcohol even have to exist? What good has it ever done to anyone? Just how many families has it ruined? How many kids has it traumatized? I don't think I even wanna know...
  8. Beautiful new look <3 Also that cover art for type A is slightly terrifying lol
  9. chocobuzz

    I'm already slightly terrified that next week I'll have to travel 9 hours on a bus to go see my friend. And then after a few days I gotta travel the same route back home again... I can barely sit still for 2 hours, how will I ever manage to do that for 9 hours lol. Why oh why does she have to live so far away T_T
  10. chocobuzz

    Mio uploaded a new cover~
  11. chocobuzz

    I like kpop. And when I say kpop, I mainly mean 2009-2016 kpop haha. Haven't really been keeping up with the scene anymore so I don't really know any very new groups and can't really say anything about them or what the recent music is like... But what hooked me into kpop was the catchy music, the aesthetics and the amazing choreographies. I used to spend hours just watching all the cool music videos and adoring how well some of those people can dance haha. Also, physical kpop albums. The design of those things is really something. I don't really interact with any fandoms anyway so the possible "toxicity" of them never bothered me lol.
  12. chocobuzz

    It's got a tad bit more of that gossip vibe than the previous song. But I don't know if I really like that chorus lol Not bad otherwise though
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