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  1. I haven't really paid too much attention to these guys before but after listening to "ARBITER" I think I really gotta start following this band more closely! That single is awesome. I really like the direction they're going.
  2. Trying to learn how to use PhotoShop after only using GIMP for nearly 10 years is pretty frustrating. Why is this thing so unnecessarily complicated.
  3. Awesome! I've missed him <3
  4. What the hell. T~T
  5. I had a dream that this one visual kei band announced hiatus because their vocalist got pregnant even though he was a guy. Sadly I don't remember much else of that dream. I have a lot of questions lol
  6. Sounds pretty good I think! I like their look too.
  7. Let's go~ hopefully this will be a good year.
  8. I finished God Eater Resurrection a while ago and moved onto God Eater 2 Rage Burst. They have apparently changed some of the mechanics a bit and I don't really know if I like it or not. It'll probably take me a small while to get used to the changes. As for the characters, they all seem a bit boring at first. And I can't tolerate how goddamn annoying Ciel is. Hopefully she'll get less annoying as the story progresses. Nana is my favorite character so far though, she's so cute.
  9. Well damn. I really liked them a lot and was expecting a lot from them...
  10. I saw my friend after a really long time again and I got some really cool stuff from her. ^^ - After Eight chocolates and some fancy green tea - Candleholders and some candles (purple ones, of course. I'm a bit obsessed with the color purple haha)
  11. I like the song, it's nicely different from most of the bands nowadays~ I'm really looking foward to what all this band has to offer
  12. ヴァージュ (Virge) will release 2nd minialbum 「高潮トキシコーシス」 on 2018/03/14 (2,500yen) CD 1.toxicosis-SE- 2.共依存 3.ワイセツCandy 4.毒苺 5.深海 6.家族ごっこ 7.オルゴール DVD 1.毒苺 Music Video
  13. I never knew he actually had a pretty nice singing voice too. I'm really looking forward to all his solo stuff~
  14. Jumavitunlaudansaatana is my new favorite swear word. It doesn't really mean anything, I kinda just made it up by combining a bunch of swears into one very big and angry one. I hope my neighbours like it too because I've been yelling it quite a lot while playing some video games. What is this "anger management" and where can you get it?
  15. There has indeed been a lot of hints about their disbandment lately but I still wanted to have hope... But I guess all those hopes got crushed now. God damn it.