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  1. I'm so tired I feel sick. I'm also hungry but even just thinking about eating something makes me nauseous. Why oh why do I always think that staying up until 5am and waking up at 8am is such a good idea though I know I'll feel like shit the whole day then.
  2. I just finished the single player campaign in Doom and I really loved everything about it except for the final boss. It was somehow just really... lame, I think. I was expecting something a bit more, I guess. Anyway, I'm replaying the missions now to get all the collectibles and secrets. I also finally got a nintendo 2ds xl and started playing Pokemon Sun. I haven't gotten very far yet but I'm really enjoying it. It's also my first Pokemon game I've ever actually played... luckily though I have a friend who's a pro pokemon gamer so I can bother her with all my stupid questions lol.
  3. @YukimotoThanks for making this topic and telling about your live experience ^^ It sounded like a very fun and successful show. I wish I had a chance to see them live some day too. I have one question that I've wanted to ask someone who's seen them live although it's a bit of a stupid question... XD How tall would you say Ryo is? he looks really short in all the pictures I've seen, so I've just been wondering about it... haha.
  4. Virge
  5. "I wish" by FT Island What's your favorite food?
  6. they released some new photos too! Gosh Ryo looks so gooooooood can I just like hug him or something
  7. I'm super hyped for it! So hyped that I actually preordered the deluxe edition of it though I promised myself that I wouldn't... oops. I've really enjoyed the previous AC games and though they've indeed made some changes to this one I'm pretty sure I'll still enjoy it a lot. At least from what the trailers and gameplay videos have shown the mechanics seem still good. Also the setting is one thing that's gotten me really excited. I can't think of many games that would've been set in Egypt, so it's interesting to see how it'll turn out.
  8. (not sure if this has been mentioned somewhere already?) They'll also be distributing "akai dress" at their oneman live on 21.10 I think the cover art looks really cool~ also will anyone be there to get it and maybe share it? pls ;_;
  9. aah I can't wait for the full release~ "お人形遊び" especially sounds really good!
  10. I'm loving this topic already lol when the teacher gives us a programming project to do and I don't know how to do half of that shit me trying to figure out why in the heavens doesn't my code work when it's lunch break and I see what our student restaurant has to offer me when it's finally friday
  11. No idea how I even found this but I've listened to this way too many times in a row I aways get a little triggered though when I see it written as "Levan"... It's "Ievan" with an i >.<
  12. I usually like creative and weird ways to promote new releases but I feel like this is already a bit too much. This kind of a shitty way gets attention, sure, but definitely not very positive attention...
  13. This stuff's right up my alley. Totally gonna be keeping my eye on these guys.
  14. I have a pretty huge folder dedicated for a couple of my favorite bands. I try to save all photoshoots and other pictures of them and also all their music videos/live videos/whatever videos I can find of them. And to be extremely sure I'll never lose all this material I've saved them on my desktop, on my laptop and on an external harddrive... And most of the photos are on my phone, too. I just really don't wanna lose all this stuff.
  15. I'm always trying to save as much money as possible so I mostly only buy the cheapest kinds of groceries I can find. There's usually not that much quality difference between some cheap brands and expensive brands in some basic grocery things anyway, so it's always been fine. But today I made a huge mistake and bought the cheapest coffee I could find in our local supermarket. This coffee is so bad it only tastes like sadness.