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  1. chocobuzz

    According to doctor Google I apparently either have rabies or I'm pregnant. Well, at least it's not cancer this time. Why do I even bother trying to google anything anymore lol
  2. chocobuzz

    I've been having lots of fun with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Just beat the final boss today, now I can start playing for real haha.
  3. chocobuzz

    dimlim should just join forces with 8p-sb at this point and become the ultimate "what the absolute fuck happened" band
  4. chocobuzz

    Ah, I just meant that he looks way older than he actually is ^^'' Not trying to offend anybody haha
  5. chocobuzz

    I think he's between 23 and 25. Mio I think is 24, Yoh 29 and Issei old as fuck somewhere in his 30's.
  6. アルケミ (ARCHEMI.) guitarist 剛 (Go) will depart in March next year. Details of his last lives will be announced soon.
  7. chocobuzz

    Mediena, Virge and NAZARE are definitely my top 3. Other bands that I really like that come to my mind atm are SuG, ARCHEMI., Gossip, DEZERT, DIMLIM, DEXCORE, Schwarz Stein and Schwartz:Mist. As for kpop/khiphop: BTS, M.I.B, Block B, Epik High, Drunken Tiger, MC Sniper, Outsider As for western metal: 3TEETH, Powerwolf, Sabaton, Virgin Black, Amon Amarth I might be forgetting something but I think those are all the most important ones ^^
  8. chocobuzz

    I have found my spirit animal
  9. chocobuzz

    The title of the CD they'll distribute at their 1st anniversary live on 2020/01/12 has been finalized as "PROOF OF EXISTENCE". Tracklist: 1.Proof of existence 2.Adolfism.Ⅱ
  10. chocobuzz

    NAZARE - IDEAL limited edition NAZARE - INNOCENCE limited edition (+ artist photo set) ヴァージュ - 私ノ悪イ癖 / 白昼夢 type A & type B (+ artist photo set)
  11. chocobuzz

    I hope Elon Musk launches Yoshiki to space and doesn't let him to ever come back
  12. Happy b-day Choco! ❤️

    1. chocobuzz


      Thank you! ^^

  13. Choco, Happy birthday to you! ^^
    Wish you will have a wonderful day and another wonderful year!

    1. chocobuzz


      Thank you! ^^

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