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  1. chocobuzz

    I'm pretty scared of wasps too, but mostly because apparently I'm super allergic to them and could probably die if one managed to sting me. I haven't seen many wasps around my city now though and I rarely leave my apartment anyway so I think I'm fine... When I was a kid though we used to visit the countryside a lot and I had to always have the adrenaline pen with me in case I'd get stung. It was kinda scary. I have a pretty bad phobia of spiders too. I start crying and shaking if I see one, even though the spiders here are really tiny and can't do anything to humans. This reminds me, I was once chatting with my friend's (now luckily ex-)boyfriend and he knew about my arachnophobia but still decided to send me a gif that made it seem like a spider would've crawled across my phone's screen. I freaked out and almost threw my phone to the wall and I raged at him about it so bad he was scared to talk to me for several days lol.
  2. Both limited and regular editions are on cdjapan!
  3. Nice! Though looking at those tracklists, I think only 4 of those songs are new... Not very much
  4. chocobuzz

    Ah, awesome news ❤️ I wonder why mei decided to change his name though.
  5. Which Keito are you today?




    I'm 2

    1. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      All 9 at the same time

    2. Gesu


      6, all day, every day.

  6. chocobuzz

    I wish I had a bigger freezer. I wanted to buy some ice cream today but there's literally no space in my freezer... There's currently four half-empty bags of different kinda vegetables, a huge bag of fries, three pizzas, two boxes of chicken and rice I made some weeks ago, three bags of rye bread and a bunch of ice packs. Why do I have so much stuff there.
  7. chocobuzz

    Finally started Far Cry 5. So far really liking it, it's lots of fun, but I think Far Cry 4 will still stay my favorite out of the series.
  8. chocobuzz

    I should probably clean the insides of my pc more often than once in 1,5 years... So much dust, oh god.
  9. chocobuzz

    Woah. Sounds really good! Though I'd also be really curious to hear how Mio would perform that live.
  10. Limited edition ¥3,500(without tax)/ 11 songs + DVD 【CD】 1. Place of 「 」 2. Vanish 3. 影(Re-mix) 4. ベラドンナリリーにナイフを添えて 5. -ガラシャ- 6. 毒苺 7. 紋白蝶 8. 醜劣 9. 夜想(Re-recording) 10. 白昼夢 11. Le ciel 【DVD】 1. Vanish MV 2. Le ciel MV Regular edition ¥3,000(without tax)/ 11 songs 【CD】 1. Place of 「 」 2. Vanish 3. 影(Re-mix) 4. ベラドンナリリーにナイフを添えて 5. -ガラシャ- 6. 毒苺 7. 紋白蝶 8. fated(Re-recording) 9. 醜劣 10. 夜想(Re-recording) 11. 白昼夢 12. Le ciel
  11. chocobuzz

    I can't think of any ridiculous names that wouldn't have been mentioned here yet, but I've always thought "POIDOL" is somehow a pretty dumb sounding name.
  12. I've been exploring some industrial metal lately and discovered this band called 3TEETH. I'm currently incredibly addicted to their second album, "Shutdown.exe". My favorite tracks from it would probably be "Pit of Fire" and "Shutdown". They'll also be releasing their third album in July and I'm super excited for it already. Anyone else here ever heard of these guys? Or a fan of similar kind of music? (I hope this is metal enough for this thread haha.)
  13. chocobuzz

    I think I like Retsu's look the best though they all look pretty damn good! Really hoping we'll get some song previews or something soon
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