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  1. chocobuzz

    I loved IDEAL too. I had a little mixed feelings after 荊海 BEYOND and was a little hesitant what this single would be like but I got very positively surprised by it in the end. These guys are really one of my favorite bands at the moment. also, I'll hopefully be getting 荊海 CODA around next week or the week after that ^^ It was supposed to be here this week already buuuut it got a bit lost at one point... All this waiting and waiting is making me go crazy...
  2. chocobuzz

    I mostly play on PC but I also have a PS4, PS2 and Nintendo 3DS. Out of those consoles I still play on the PS2 the most. The PS4 I got just because it's got some nice exclusives and the 3DS I mostly play with during breaks between the lectures in university because I have no friends to hang out with there lol
  3. chocobuzz

    I swear I've seen a different kinda MV for this track but couldn't find it anywhere... but then again the last time I watched the mv was like 5 years ago so maybe my memory is just failing me lol. one of my all-time favorite khiphop tracks though.
  4. chocobuzz

    I take selfies like once a year maybe so might as well share this rare occasion lol
  5. chocobuzz

    Woah, another full album already? That's pretty damn good news!
  6. chocobuzz

    Haha that'd be great. Or maybe hitting myself in the head with a baseball bat so hard I'll get amnesia and forget the guy ever even existed lol. For some reason when I really concentrate on my breathing it makes me oddly uncomfortable and I start breathing really weirdly. But I did find out that reading some light and fun short stories managed to finally force my thoughts into somewhere else so I guess I'll just do that whenever this happens haha
  7. chocobuzz

    How do I turn off my feelings? I'm not necessarily enjoying it when I'm lying in bed ready to sleep and my brains suddenly decide to start thinking of this guy I really like and remind me of how I'll never see him again and how I don't have any chance with him anyway. I need sleep not this shit argh.
  8. Just a funny little question that popped into my mind. If it was suddenly legal to have any kind of an animal as a pet and you'd be able to provide it the proper environment and care, no matter how exotic the animal perhaps may be, what would you want as a pet? I'd take a crocodile. They've always fascinated me and even as a little kid my favorite toy was a huge crocodile plush. They're just so incredibly cute and funny creatures.
  9. chocobuzz

    Nice nice nice!!
  10. chocobuzz

    Discovered this guy a while ago and this is definitely my favorite video so far lol
  11. chocobuzz

    Mediena, no doubt about it. And if I had to choose one album, it would obviously be Gothic Cult by Mediena, since it has almost all their songs lol. I don't think I'd be able to choose only one song though. I need happy songs to listen to when I'm happy and sad songs to listen to when I'm sad.
  12. chocobuzz

    He'll finally ditch music to become a minecraft youtuber and play with pewdiepie?
  13. chocobuzz

    Two new covers from Mio ^^
  14. chocobuzz

    y'all need some jesus christ in ur lives
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