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  1. I never really got into AvelCain that much but with all this hype around Karma I'm still really curious about this haha I hope he'll surprise me positively with whatever he's then gonna release
  2. It's quite a mess.
  3. Sent a PM~
  4. Kinda expected something a bit more but the song is still very good nevertheless. The PV is awesome though.
  5. I myself don't sadly own any pets (mainly because I don't have the time and money, otherwise I'd probably already have bought myself a horse T.T), but my brother has two cute little snakes. They're both royal pythons, the first one's a 4-year-old female and the second one's a 2-year-old male. They're both so adorable!
  6. Most of the songs sound pretty okay, but I think I'll need to give a few of them a couple of more listens to get a bit more into them. Stop my heart sounds really good, though.
  7. I have no idea what's even going on in that PV and it mostly looked just ridiculous but this part was my favorite: he looks so happy
  8. These demos sound pretty good but now I'm just really curious about the vocalist... Is he so bad they're embarrassed to show his vocals at all or what is going on lol
  9. That's a really nice one, I love it <3
  10. Yessssss I'm so ready for this!!!
  11. I like the song, it's very catchy. I like their overall look too, though the vocalist's makeup looks somehow kinda weird.
  12. So I found the kanji lyrics from their blog and I was wondering if someone here would be kind enough to romanize and maybe even translate them for me. ^^ Thanks in advance! Here's the kanji: 二枚舌 作詞 遼 作曲 遼 編曲 ヴァージュ 何カトイツモ綺麗事並ベ お安イ正義ヲ振リ撒イテ 不都合アレバ逃ゲ癖発揮デ ドッチガ本当ノ顔デスカ? ア~キライダ! 善者ブッタ 偽善者失セロ キミハボクヲ恨ンダ ボクハキミヲ笑ッタ 腐ッタソノ目ヲシッカリコジ開ケ タマニハ己ヲ見ツメナサイ 裏デハ他人ノ不幸ガ好物 汚イ心ハ満タサレマスカ? ア~キライダ! 善者ブッタ 偽善者失セロ キミハボクヲ恨ンダ ボクハキミヲ笑ッタ 幼稚ナ理想、意味ヲ成サナイ 曲ガッタ悪モ白ニ染マッタ 悲シイ顔シテ素顔ハ隠シテイクノカ? ゴ都合主義デ理性ヲ保ツ 縋ッテバカリデ愚カダッタ心ノ無イ者ヨ 失ウ前ニ悔イ改メヨ ア~キライダ!偽善者失セロ ア~キライダ! 善者ブッタ 偽善者失セロ キミハボクヲ恨ンダ ボクハキミヲ笑ッタ 幼稚ナ理想、意味ヲ成サナイ 曲ガッタ悪モ白ニ染マッタ 悲シイ顔シテ素顔ハ隠シテイクノカ? ゴ都合主義デ理性ヲ保ツ 縋ッテバカリデ愚カダッタ心ノナイ者ヨ ボクハモウ見抜イテイルヨ 吐キソウニナル タダ皮肉ニモ曲ガッタ悪スラ降リ掛カッタ 被害者ヅラシテ本性ハ隠シテイクノカ? ゴ都合主義デ理性ヲ保ツ 縋ッテバカリデ愚カダッタ心ノ無イ者ハ 表面上ダケハ素敵デシタ