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  1. Good news! I've been waiting for these guys to release something new.
  2. They just conveniently posted an announcement of all the stores and the bonus stuffs you get from each store~ https://ameblo.jp/virge-official/entry-12392396795.html?timestamp=1532177156
  3. The last two tracks for 「影」 seem to be called かくれんぼ (kakurenbo) and Angraecum. i think ryo has some kind of an obsession with flowers, i've lost count how many times he's used weird flower names in song titles/lyrics lol They are already up at least on Like an edison, zeal link, brand x and little hearts websites but I couldn't find them on Cdjapan... It'd be great if they'd start putting their releases there too >.<
  4. chocobuzz

    Though I like their earlier darker and heavier songs too, I really like the direction they're going. I think it suits them well and they have more of their own sound now rather than just being "dezert copies". Also that MV is fun lol
  5. The more I listen to Archemi.'s latest single the more obsessed I get with it. Addicting stuff.

  6. chocobuzz

    If it gets streamed I will very probably be recording it. ^^
  7. chocobuzz

    I found this super cute game called Snake Pass and it's honestly one of the best things I've ever bought. It's a simple, colorful and fun little platformer game where you play as a snake and collect stuff. The controls feel a bit funny first but you get used to them fairly quickly. Though the gameplay itself is really simple, the level designs are well done and offer enough variety so the game doesn't feel too repetitive. The graphics obviously aren't anything super amazing but for a simple little game like this they're still good enough. The music is really fun too. Also the snake has such a derp face and it's just adorable.
  8. 2-song mini album... hmm... What's an M-card though?
  9. chocobuzz

    because what's a better way to start a morning than to listen to some funeral doom and then feel all sad and gloomy for the rest of the day. why do I do this.
  10. chocobuzz

    I thought I meant something to her. I thought that for the first time in my life I actually had a friend. Nah, apparently I'm still just a piece of trash that can be ditched and thrown away however she pleases. Promises and plans don't matter. It doesn't matter that we haven't seen each other in over six months and after this summer there will be very few possibilities for us to ever see each other again. She's made it pretty clear that she has better friends and better things to do. Oh well. Then again why am I even surprised anymore.
  11. Nice sound, I like it a lot.
  12. chocobuzz

    I really wonder what was the reason that they decided to do this, eh, whatever this jpop crap is. The change from Mejibray to this shit seems really weird to me.
  13. I still miss Mediena so much and I will never truly get over their disbandment. I love Virge with all my heart too especially since ryo's always been my favorite member but... it's still just not the same... *sobs quietly*

  14. chocobuzz

    I've recently been kinda obsessed with this song.
  15. chocobuzz

    Well they didn't last very long...