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  1. Welcome! I'm sure you'll feel right at home.
  2. Oh wait so he's still missing? What actually happened to him, I haven't been following. Yeah I think I'll pass too if that's the case.
  3. Yes, it says they'll be holding tree last lives before disbanding: 1月6日(土)名古屋MUSIC FARM 1月13日(土)大阪 MUSE 1月20日(土)高田馬場 AREA Kinda makes me wanna go to the Takadanobaba one, if it's even possible finding a ticket at this point. ok i've over-estimated them, they're still on sale lol
  4. shit, i was rooting for them!!
  5. i feel a lot smarter now that i've read this. thank you!
  6. OK I admit I felt not worthy of being there because I didn't know much about most of the performers, so I felt kinda bad thinking 'wtf is wrong with this dude he's really bad, and why is everyone screaming his name like he's Jesus reincarnated'. But if it's common knowledge I'm relieved.
  7. I really want to like Creature, but listening to it gave me 'wow, this is so polished and GOOD, I should be liking it!', but something never 100% clicks for me with them. I will, however, give their next album a go, just in case I miss something.
  8. this is the best news ever, thank you.
  9. They totally made it sound like it's their song. I mean, yeah, it had that kinda vibe to begin with, but they also made it their own (unlike what they did on the Plastic Tree cover album, which just felt... weird).
  10. Polysics basically gave that track the existence it deserves. Can't wait to hear the full sukekiyo! Kishidan, Plastic Tree, BREAKERZ, GRANRODEO and Kiryuin Sho sound exactly like I thought they would - still pretty sweet!
  11. Found out today just as I was about to leave for the live. Hope they're all OK.
  12. I've got a really random story about this one. This TCTC album was one of the first albums I bought myself when I was a kid in 2002, and probably one of the first albums I would listen to start to finish over and over. Problem is, I barely understood any English back then, definitely not enough to understand the creepier, stalker-y lyrics. Somewhere along the line, years later, I started listening to it again, and finally understanding what I've been listening to back then added some layers of extra creepiness to it for me. Anyway, I'm so glad you liked the mix and totally got what I was going for (even though it wasn't a complex idea, lol). And of course thanks for reviewing it. I agree that our approach to the topic was pretty similar, which was one of the reasons I decided to wait until I was done with my review until I read yours. It was a really fun trade-off to participate in.
  13. Hi, sorry I'm late!! I love a good story, and @ghostgave me some spine-chilling, chaotic drama to process. The mix is basically a 41-minute song comprised of 10 different tracks edited together - it took me a while to figure out how to approach this, since the whole is sometimes greater than the sum of its parts. In the end, I decided to treat each track more or less as I would a movement in a composition. If only I knew the first thing about classical music. But you get the gist! Let's Make a Murderer 'Let's Make a Murderer' is a pretty straightforward title - it talks about the gradual turning of a would-be murderer into an actual psychopath who kills people. The background story: It all starts with an ear-deafening SCREAM - is it the victim? Is it the murderer losing their shit? And then! Thank you ghost, it has truly been a pleasure listening to your mix! I've discovered some new tracks that are definitely going on my playlist and got an interesting, spooky story for Halloween. 5/5 will listen again! Also, the level of thought put into this mix and how well it was executed definitely raises the barrier in regards to what a mixtape can be, at least to me. It made me wanna learn the technical aspects of putting together something like this so I can use it someday.
  14. I haven't listened to the whole single yet, but I have to say I really like the direction they're taking with Kawazu. Lime's vocals are really fun - sweet nostalgic power metal done right. I also really like that white-noise like sound they use - sometimes as 'micro-intermissions' throughout the song, and sometimes layered with the other instruments (idk how to really explain it?? but it sounds cool).