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  1. If I mysteriously disappear you'll all know what really happened.
  2. I haven't listened to this album properly (start to finish) in years, so it was a good opportunity to finally do it. For the most part, I think it's a very good album. The louder and "heavier" side of Plastic Tree is totally there (Fujunbutsu, Sabbath, Egg, Ruisen Kairo, hate red, dip it), and the messier they get their sound gets the more I like them. I especially love the combination of Ryutaro's fragile voice with the heavier arrangements, and how it doesn't drown in them although it sometimes sounds like he's about to. Idk if it really explains it but for some reason drowning is the first imagery that comes to mind. Spica is a beautiful ballad, one of those Pla songs that make me think 'I could listen to Arimura's voice forever' - it's so gentle and SAD. If I had to choose a favorite from this album it would probably be it, I'm just a sucker for well performed melancholy. Andrometamorphose is my second favorite. I really love guitar part in the beginning and how it just slowly draws you in. I was shook when someone mentioned on the tribute album thread that it sounds just like Mew's Comforting Sounds though - it's true! I'm wondering if it's a tribute of sorts? I'm not quick to scream 'plagiarism!!!' because there are many genre tropes that make songs sound similar and it's fine, but in this case I can't help but being very convinced they were aware of the Mew track when writing this one. It doesn't make it a bad song, of course, but now I keep thinking about it every time I listen to it. On the other hand, Nemureru Mori is probably one of their weakest opening tracks IMO - it's one of those tracks that are so mellow and forgettable they make you tired halfway through, so I used to skip it a lot when listening to the album back in the day. Listening to it again I'm still not quite convinced, and I think opening tracks are important because they can set the mood for the whole album.
  3. I banned myself from listening to vkei on public transportation because of this.
  4. To be honest I was afraid the current tour MUCC are doing will end up cringy, with the string band and the fancy hall venues and all. But boy was I wrong. It was definitely different, but they did it just right - the strings weren't over the top (except in Daikirai, which was hilarious but also kinda cool and actually worked??), the piano added a nice touch to some of the songs and the setlist was just perfect for the more formal atmosphere. Going to the tour finale tonight, hope they change it up a bit for the enseiers (there were many of them this time, since the tour only had 5 dates - easymode!).

  5. i thought the announcement was pretty ridiculous at first, too. but then i realized that a large chunk of their audience are people who WILL freak out if they don't hear any announcements/see any activity on social media for a couple weeks without an explanation, and being considerate of that audience makes a lot of sense.
  6. i had a feeling polysics would do something from karma. predictable and almost feels too easy but i'm still curious to hear what they'll do with it.
  7. i was hoping they'll be getting at least 6 months/a year's break because 1) they deserve it 2) i'm broke
  8. こちらのスレを読んでTHE NOVEMBERSを聴きたくなった。 お勧めの曲は何ですか?
  9. Name: qotka/kat Age: 30 Years studied: 6 years at uni, 4 years of self study. I could be fluent by now if I had any discipline lmao Estimated level: Moderate? I can read by my conversational skills are lacking. Knowledge of Hiragana/Katakana: All Kanji: 1000~ What is your main goal with studying Japanese?: Be able to have normal conversations with people around me. After a year and a half in Japan, I'm only just getting over my anxiety and starting to talk with people. I do end up making really silly mistakes and making up grammar, so any extra chance to practice is a treasure. Also be able to read faster. What materials have you used before?: Genki, WaniKani (nice for kanji!), random JLPT prep books. よろしくお願いします!
  10. Welcome fellow Mucker! I'm sure you'll find plenty of discussions to join here.
  11. @Duwangthanks! I'm pretty new to them so I wasn't sure where to look up who was playing with them after Roji departed. I could hear something was off at the twoman with Kizu, but I was like 'oh well just a session drummer, won't see him again!' - oops! Roji was definitely the strongest link the one time I saw them live before that, so I was sad to see him go. But I'm glad to hear An's slowly catching up. Maybe it'll be fine with enough practice!
  12. when did An start performing with them? was he the guy who played with them at the twoman with kizu?
  13. Agreed. My POV is that of a woman who's been to enough 'regular' concerts to appreciate the unique situation in vkei. What I'm saying is that if you take away this property of vkei, you leave a whole group of people with almost ZERO OPTIONS to enjoy live rock/metal music freely (something most men can do at most rock concerts in the world - including vkei concerts in Europe/America, when those happen) - the fact that they can do it surely can't be a bad thing? Not saying there aren't problems in the scene, but this particular angle is very important in my opinion.