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  1. qotka

    I haven't forgotten it!!! I'm just being very... chill about the deadline :x (But seriously thanks for the mixtape and the patience!)
  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day today 🎂

    1. qotka


      Thank you! :D 💕

  3. qotka

    @robkun thank you so much for listening to and reviewing my mix, I really enjoyed reading this. And I'm glad you enjoyed at least a chunk of it and that the general gist came across. It'll take me a couple of days to post mine because I'm having a crazy week at work and I don't want it to be half-assed. Thanks for being patient with me.
  4. qotka

    exchanged mixes with @robkun ! sent mine late, sorry
  5. dat off-key harmony though <3 also wtf is CreAto? at least they blend right in with the rest of the acts that play there i guess lol
  6. qotka

    dude doesn't show up for work for 4 days and people are dumping on him like he ran away with all the band's money to buy crack (or pizza).
  7. qotka

    oh yeah that's definitely her. the shop is called yellow house and last time i went in the granny told me something along the lines of 'i don't go to yoshiki, he comes to me'.
  8. qotka

    Yes! A while back a friend sent me a couple of videos from a Radiohead concert back home and all I could hear was the audience. The whole thing sounded like a karaoke night at the local pub. Which means fun, but wouldn't pay for it as much as I would pay to see a band I actually care about. Just a couple of days ago I took a friend of mine to see a band she's been a fan of for nearly a decade, and I thought she'd be excited. She was just confused by the audience participation, the furi seemed 'fake' to her, the stage props and theatricality seemed to really put her off and all she could say by the end of the live was 'well that was... interesting'. Instead of getting defensive it made me think about how this live culture is unique and beautiful and yes, outsiders might just not get it and it's fine. It emphasized for me the dissonance people might feel when they don't just listen to the music, but for the first time experience the visual and 'performative'(?) aspects of the scene, and this is one of the things I love so much about vkei.
  9. Addition: Miya: We've come up with 自己嫌悪 last minute on the 16th [of May] so we won't be able to include it in the single scheduled to be out in July. But since everyone seemed to like it [during the lives on the 21st and 22nd], we're thinking about releasing it as a limited edition CD for the Hokkaido tour. I wonder if we can do the press and design on time. I love this approach and how they're flexible, creative and responsive to their audience even though the way they work always seems very systematic.
  10. bless these guys and their over-the-top yanki chic. especially satochi and his JE dropout shine.
  11. qotka

    Not very spring-inspired, but a theme I was thinking about is GOD - How would a god manifest him/herself through music? It can be any god or deity: the monotheistic one of Abrahamic religions, one (or more!) of the many gods of faiths and mythologies around the world, or a fictional one from a book/movie/comic/anime/game. It can be one you believe in, or just fascinated with (or just read about somewhere and thought was really cool). It can also just be your personal perception of god - cosmic energy or anything else you interpret the concept as.The songs can portray anything from the characteristics of said deity, to its story or just how you feel about it or think its soundtrack should sound like. tl;dr: choose a god or gods and build a soundtrack around them. I think this is general enough because most people have had some sort of contact with religion throughout their lives, weather they're people of faith or atheists. Gods play major role in everything from people's daily lives to major historic events to pop culture, so it could be interesting to see how people perceive them and what they mean for them.
  12. I think the comparison with the anime industry reveals one of the reasons why Jrock/vkei is not a thing in the west - Cool Japan has a top-down/soft power/blahblah approach that utilizes pop culture to draw people to Japanese culture and thus make Japanese endeavors outside of Japan (not just in the west) more profitable and attract more business and tourism. The Cool Japan fund will invest in any sort of content/media that will make Japanese culture stand out, but only if it sees the potential, ie organic interest in the content/subject matter, like big anime/cosplay conventions - quantifiable receipts that I don't think Jrock had even in the height of its hype overseas. Plus, I think music is more than about understanding lyrics. It's culture, it's being able to relate to ideas and sentiments expressed there and catch cultural cues that you'll miss if you don't spend hours digging around the internet for reference. If it takes a lot of work to actually 'get' a song, less people will wanna do it. This is why Kpop companies train their idols to speak and sing in Japanese and Mandarin, and why the AKB franchise 'translated' itself by forming local units across Asia instead of selling the Japanese content as is. I don't think Jrock can be localized the same way, nor that it should be. At the end of the day, as was already said here, Jrock had its 15 minutes of being an almost international thing thanks to anime, but it didn't hold because you can't translate and sell it as well as you can with anime.
  13. The 3rd Kizu oneman (the first one I managed to get tickets to - it was a bloody battle) was really good. Great production value - every song had matching video art and overall it felt very well thought out and presented. It feels like they've gained a lot of confidence since the first time I saw them (last July at the Little Hearts tour - they seemed very timid back then).

    They announced their next single and mentioned their next oneman (Zepp Tokyo! Sweet!). Was hoping for a bigger announcement release-wise (album??), but can't have it all. :P 

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    2. Duwang


      Oh!  lol. If you see a white girl with long straight black hair feel free to say hi.


      Kizu has a lot of fans who buy a million tickets to try to get early numbers so a lot of tickets went up on Twitter for under list price the past two onemans. I might try the lottery for Zepp, though.

    3. ricchubunny


      My friends are Kizu jouren so they buy like 40 tickets everytime for getting Saizen, so if you have problems for looking for tickets next time let me know and i can get one for you guys :) 

    4. qotka


      @Duwangsure thing. if you see a white baba with glasses and wavy hair that's me. :D 


      oh, so that's where all the tickets were going? should've guessed! 


      @ricchubunny, thank you! :) 



  14. qotka

    Looking forward to this! The direction they took with 'Hello' worries me a little (doesn't it kinda sound like a One OK Rock track? Not shitting on OOR here, it's just... different), but fingers crossed.
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