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  1. qotka

    my most prized procession was actually caught by my partner at one of the dezermucc lives early this year, but i claimed it. 😛 it's satochi's drumstick, but sora was the one who threw it (it was at the encore session the bands did together). the only thing i ever caught myself was yukke's pick that tatsuro threw at us at a non-vkei festival in kabuki-cho. i think he aimed it at our group because it was obvious we were there for them.
  2. This is long overdue, so I'd like to start by apologizing and thanking @Original Saku for having faith in me eventually posting this. This mix was a challenge to me. When 2019 rolled in, I set myself a goal - I’ll start listening to more female vocalists. I've been in vkei hell for the past three years and, after all, it's a sausage fest and I need to expand my horizons. It’s July (oops) August and I don’t feel like I’ve really been following through with my resolution, so this mix came as a blazing reminder to both step my game up, as well as to why it’s been so easy to keep procrastinating on my seemingly simple goal. I don't know if it's internalized misogyny or whatever #toodeep label you could put on it, but I tend to find a lot of female vocalists not as interesting as their male counterparts. And I feel bad about it, a lot. So I guess this is part of my learning curve (hey, I only recognized one artist on the list!). Thanks for that. I didn't rate the mix and tried to be very careful about reviewing it because most of these are artists I'm not familiar with. It's called Swaying Emotions and it definitely lives up to the title!
  3. I'll also be late. Work is crazy as always and I wanna properly listen and review over the weekend!
  4. Mix sent to @Original Saku , sorry I forgot to mention it
  5. yoshiki took to twitter to apologize (of course he's not going to miss an opportunity to mention he actually talked to the queen lmao)
  6. missed doing these. i'm in!!
  7. qotka

    Nero is amazing for uploading this video and speaking up. My friend and I experienced this recently and got called "ayashii" pretty much to our faces (they thought we couldn't understand Japanese). They asked us to show our resident cards, emptied our wallets and looked at the names on our credit cards. They also asked personal questions about my family. It was really humiliating but we complied because we didn't want to get in trouble. The real kicker was when they noticed my friend has a Yoshiki credit card and started talking to us about X Japan as if they were our friends. It took all the restraint in the world to not tell them to go fuck themselves.
  8. qotka

    Sorry for this being out of the blue, but in case you have it handy - could you please say which volume of Cure this is from? I really want to read the full interview but I can't seem to find it.
  9. why does it sound like they recorded it in a karaoke room
  10. qotka

    this video is what i signed up for when i got into vkei. i hope this bands stays around forever.
  11. qotka

    It's kinda sad how it doesn't shock people. I'm sure many people found Chanty's blackface hilarious, the same way they associate black people with exaggerated gestures and funny intonations - pretty much the only representation they get in Japanese media. It's sad mostly because Japan is not as homogeneous as the mainstream narrative goes. The people they find so hilarious work with them, go to school with them (or with their children), teach them English and live in the same neighborhoods with them. Plus they're exposed to western culture through media. So while I understand why it's not shocking (the discourse on race in Japan is... different), I don't think it's a reason to shrug and say 'oh well that's just the way Japan is'. So did they mean anything by it? Not a big political statement, but using the same tired portrayal of black people for comedy is saying SOMETHING.
  12. qotka

    I haven't forgotten it!!! I'm just being very... chill about the deadline :x (But seriously thanks for the mixtape and the patience!)
  13. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day today 🎂

    1. qotka


      Thank you! :D 💕

  14. qotka

    @robkun thank you so much for listening to and reviewing my mix, I really enjoyed reading this. And I'm glad you enjoyed at least a chunk of it and that the general gist came across. It'll take me a couple of days to post mine because I'm having a crazy week at work and I don't want it to be half-assed. Thanks for being patient with me.
  15. qotka

    exchanged mixes with @robkun ! sent mine late, sorry
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