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  1. I think I spent so much time taking the piss out of Yoshiki this year that it backfired and this week I pulled a Yoshiki both at work and on my hobbies – sorry guys! At least I managed to finish everything before the X Japan album was even due (tomorrow, eh?). Anyway…! @Zeussent me a mixtape that both challenged and captivated me. It’s called “Metro”, and when I was told that it’s a trip through the city late at night, I did the obvious thing and started listening to it at night on my way home. It added an almost cheesy feel to the walk – foggy ambient tunes filled my ears as I rode trains packed with tired and drunk city dwellers, walked past neon-lit pachinko parlors and passed out salarymen and then slipped into the still and dark alleys of my neighborhood. It felt like a cliché but I enjoyed every moment of it. The mix is 64 minutes long and at some point I realized that if I start listening to it as soon as I board the train it’ll end just around the moment I reach my doorstep. And now I’m just needlessly being weird so I’ll just get to talking about the tracks.
  2. @Zeusthank you so much for listening and reviewing. I've got an actual reply with actual content I want to write but not enough time today. it'll include some hot cali=gari recs, so watch this space. Also, I really really hope I can finish my review by the end of the day, but if not - here's my heads up that I might have to postpone it for tomorrow. Sorry! So first of all, thanks again! The mix was very short on purpose - I wanted it to be an abrupt jumble of chaos, just like some of the songs I chose for it. But I was really happy to hear it made you want to hear more. OK someone has to explain this to me, because it's not the first time I hear someone saying this - when I listen to Oomori Seiko, I feel a range of emotions that starts with awe and fascination and ends with wanting to jump off a roof. I see absolutely no Shiina in her. I mean yes, Shiina Ringo used to be a lot edgier, but she had different, a very elegant and sophisticated way of conveying what's on her mind, no matter how messed up of a thought it was. Oomori is just a hot mess, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This is what makes her one of my favorite live acts on the planet, but I can totally see why she's not everyone's cup of tea. As for cali≠gari - if you liked その行方 徒に想う (yeah I totally used the wrong kanji there :x ) I suggest to go the easy way and start from 2, their 2013 mini-album. If you want to start from something more classic, go for 第5実験室 (Dai go jikken shitsu). I don't know how to recommend particular songs because I feel like their albums are like a stupid story and I never know where to trim it to show someone a sample. So yes, I recommend the album.
  3. i'm excited to see what the tai-band tour will be like, which bands from their tribute will participate etc. the budokan finale sounds epic.
  4. I may have spent 3 hours today crying at the Budokan because MUCC decided to play their selection of MEGA EMO SHIT (from stuff they released from 1997 to 2006 + some stuff from the new album). I mean I was trying to write something cynical but they started the show with Kuchiki no Tou and ended it with Zuta Zuta so it was like a very delicious emo sandwich. I'll never refuse a good emo-sandwich. 

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    2. qotka


      I was with my husband at A2. Not German though, but maybe it was us? He lifted one of the crowd-surfing girls on his shoulders at some point. It was so much fun, but it could've been a lot crazier - something just didn't feel right with the energy there. Maybe they should've let more people into the standing block, because it felt like there were only 4-5 very active rows and the people behind us were just... hanging there. XD


      I think the thing they did with Myakuhaku as closing/ending is all about the polarity of the two shows - life, death, everything is connected blahblah (<-- reads too much into poetic vkei stunts lol). But I get where you're coming from.


      media no juusei is epic, but i think some of the magic is lost in a big venue. when they did it at club citta last month i gained about 10 years of life. plus Tatsurou's theatricality throughout the song adds a lot to it - the crazy man talking with himself and the scary faces. Speaking of - do you remember which song it was yesterday when Tatsurou was alone on stage and just did a scary face with creepy lighting etc. (i was mesmerized XD but for some reason my memory is very foggy on this one).


      And holy shit yes! At this point I'm about to go from 'shut up and take my money' to 'take my credit card and do what you need to do'. :(  But seriously speaking, I hope this year doesn't burn them out. All these releases (even if they're remasters/re-recordings/compilations) and 4 tours? They better take a break after this.


    3. TrentReznor


      It must be you guys then, maybe French? I remember the guy tried to help/push when one girl just suddenly faint there, was it him?

      From the first floor today the ground looked much more crazy (like everyone active) though with less "crowd surfers"


      I dont remember that exact moment from Tatsurou, maybe it was in the "minibreak" they did when only him and Sato reminded in the stage for a few seconds?


      Taking into account they sales are not as good as it used to be...is a bit risky all this releases...3 compilation albums in 1 year, + 2 remasters (at least), +1 tribute album, the LP reedition, + at least 1 live dvd (I guess it be a box set, like the "live chronicles" series) and 1 MV dvd, pfff sounds way too much, and there is still one "egg" to be discovered, hope they take some rest after it.


      But this Friday I go back to Beijing (I was in Tokyo for just 10 days) so the anniversary lives part is done for me:(





    4. qotka


      possibly us then! :)


      2nd day had less crowd-surfing songs and more... general headbanging/moshing ones? to be honest, although i like the 1st day setlist more, the 2nd day felt a lot more like i thought Budokan would feel like.


      yeah, i'm not sure where they're going with all these releases. plus rumors about oishi masahiro screwing l'arc over makes me wonder where all the money they will make off these releases is going anyway. and yes, they should rest. the bangya will live without seeing them for a couple months lmao


      glad you got to go to both days! hope you have more cool opportunities like this soon. :)



  5. @Zeusand I have swapped mixes
  6. i think this hits the nail on the head of this problem. when you're looking to curate something (and i believe this is a large part of an organizer's job), you need to know your shit and actually care about the acts you're bringing. taking a quick look at the VK acts b7klan are working with, my first thought is 'i don't believe you for a second that you actually believe these bands have potential in europe'.
  7. i wish the name choice was the most tragic part about this one.
  8. X Japan went through the trouble of changing their tour name to include the word ACOUSTIC in it, but it's still called WORLD TOUR and all six dates are in Osaka and Yokohama? OK THEN. lol

  9. DEZERT should definitely cover one of their early 2000's tracks. But seriously I love DEZERT's dramatic presentation and although they seemingly draw a lot from MUCC they could probably do an interesting interpretation to Zetsubou (or Bouzenjitsu, that would also be cool!). Also Polysics doing Fuzz sounds exciting although I would also love for them to cover something from Karma.
  10. OK so this one didn't happen at a live and I'm risking exposing myself for the 14-year-old fangirl trapped in an old hag's body that I am (as if I haven't already lol), but here goes. Went to Tower Records Cafe in Shibuya. It was MUCC Day, the band was doing a live broadcast on nico and the cafe had a special MUCC-themed menu. My friend and I just wanted to hang out and suspected nothing even when the waitress asked us if we're cool with being photographed/recorded. Fast forward to this scene:
  11. DEZERT, lynch., Plastic Tree etc, and even cali=gari are somewhat predictable (even though I'm super excited), but omg Polysics?? I can't wait for this.
  12. today i broke a personal record of self-embarrassment and was THAT gaijin on a live niconico broadcast.

    1. Komorebi


      Been there. 


      It'll soon be forgotten

    2. 蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      Ahw is it #GaijinConfessionDay again? :D

    3. qotka


      everyday is #GaijinConfessionDay

  13. fuck yeah!! love these guys, they're fun.
  14. oooh cool theme. i'm in!