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  1. Aurora is great and I love Bjork! Plus the video is so relaxing. Haven't heard of any of the others I'm afraid. Here's mine: Plastic Tree - Sink Toki Asako - Rain Dancer Danger Gang - Love is Blind Luna Sea - Branch Road Beyonce - Formation アイドルネッサンス - 夏が来た! ONE OK ROCK ft. Avril Lavigne - Listen 夢中夢 - 僕たちの距離感 DEZERT - 「ここにラブソングを」 The Pillows - Trip Dancer
  2. I recommend Bamboo House in Nippori (Fujimi). It's in a quiet alley but close to Nippori station (Yamanote Line~!). I lived there for two months before I "officially" moved to Japan and have a friend who lives there now. I can't vouch for all the people who live there because many of them don't stay for a long time, but noisy/annoying neighbors can be found aplenty anywhere.
  3. Yeah we should definitely swap recs sometime. And now I totally get what you did with the closing track. It was a good track regardless, but I like this interpretation a lot better than mine. I also really enjoyed reading your review and I was especially glad to see your reaction to MUCC because I'm a ridiculous fangirl Oomori Seiko - it was kind of a bet putting her there among tracks with a very different atmosphere, but I think the chaos in the song really fits the overall mental-instability-because-the-world-is-falling-apart theme I was thinking of.
  4. The first thing I noticed about this mix is the combination of moods and genres; from chaotic metal to tranquil, dreamy rock and pop. The shifts in mood are very gradual but also make you want to divide the mix into acts, like in a play, with each act being a different stage of humanity’s deterioration. But I don’t think this is really what @plastic_rainbowwas going for so I won’t do it. Except for the lolz. I really enjoyed the overall storytelling element! Or maybe read too much into it. The mix is titled The Virus Inside Us and it even has a terrifying background story: 1. SINCE1889 - [†]of screamer This track goes from drained breathing to soft, chant-like female vocals and finally wretched screaming is added to the mix. This is basically a ‘you’ve reached the twilight zone’ kinda exposition and it makes for a great intro track. 9/10 2. COHOL - Depressive This one starts slow and heavy with a dark and foreboding spoken part. Then the pace picks up and shallow growling kicks in. You know, not the menacing kind of growling, but the ‘I’m kinda terrified and I’m probably gonna be ripped apart by the end of this song’. I love the madness and chaos feel to this track and will definitely be adding it to my music library. 9/10 3. ClearVeil - Gerbera It starts with an alarm-like sound and a nice bassline. The beginning is slow and almost dreamy but then the growling kicks in, and this time the vocalist sounds a little bit like he’s got something in his throat? It’s a bit off-putting but it (probably unintentionally) really fits the theme of the mix so bonus points for that. It’s a good if somewhat generic vkei track. Generic doesn’t mean boring or poorly executed, but it gives you a feeling of ‘I know this track even though I’m listening to it for the first time’. 7/10 4. ゾディア - 果て無き絶望、朽ち果てる太陽 Madness ensues! This is a sweet-sweet track that goes from metal to emo-pop-rock verses and then dives back to heavier metal riffs and even some electronic bits here and there. I don’t even know what to call this but it’s probably one of my favorite ‘genres’ in vkei. I think it’s the almost innocent vocals on the poppier parts that break as the song shifts to the heavier parts. There’s a really cool part in this one around 2:00 where he sings ‘kibou ga towa mieru’ in a clear, almost dreamy voice and then breaks into a sort of despair right after. Definitely the virus. 9/10 This, I think, ends Act 1: Craycray Vkei Boys Dealing with Their Inner Demons. The mix takes an interesting turn here! 5. qujaku - die gabel This one really got my attention from the first listen. Something about the vocals, especially in the chorus, really gets you. It’s dark, it’s psychedelic, it really begs you to sit down and listen to it. It’s also convincing and gives you this vibe of walking through the mind of a person who’s really struggling, or a dark forest or some shit like that. I don’t know, it’s just good. 10/10 6. Boris - Feebacker, Part 5 The transmission to this next track is very smooth. This is a slow instrumental track with a noise-y undertone. It definitely sounds incomplete in and of itself, but sandwiched between the darker track that precedes it and the more robotic/mechanic track that follows it sits just right and adds a sort of weird tranquility to the mix. It would also work well as an ending track in my opinion, because it has this feel like everything is being extinguished and is slowly dying. In a good way. 7/10 7. World's End Girlfriend - Angel Ache This track sounds like you’ve just walked into a deserted lab, with the fluorescent lights still flickering between the ruins. Maybe this image popped into my head because it’s a part of the imagery you get when you’re thinking about a post-apocalyptic world where everyone has a virus that fucks with their minds and bodies, but yeah. I’m not really sure how to describe this track musically. It’s like a slow electronic track with interesting 8-bit sounds spread here and there. I really like the violin and other classical instruments layered over the electronics – they add a nice touch that perhaps tears a hole in the otherwise high-tech setting of the track. 8/10 8. ANYO - in the middle of. The quiet chaos part of this mix shows itself again. It’s dark pop-rock arrangement with vocals so soft that the singer almost sounds tired. It really goes well with the overall vibe of the track. It gives a feeling of driving in the middle of the night and everything around you is kind of a blur; it has rhythm but it feels like everything around it is very hazy. I like it a lot but I think it’s something you need to be in the right mood to enjoy. 8/10 And so (I think) ends Act 2: Quiet Chaos, Despair and Robots. IDK, I’m just having fun making these things up. 9. cocklobin - Martyr Back into the realm of vkei! This time, instead of being deranged and angry, it’s a vkei ballad that almost sounds like coming to terms with the state of the world and what it’s come to be. It’s not a particularly memorable song (but I feel the same way about 90% of vkei ballads) but it’s not bad, and I really like the piano bits. I wanna give it a 6 or a 7 for not being memorable, but I’m listening to it again as I’m typing this and it’s definitely at least an 8/10. I’m weak It’s good. 10. Heaven In Her Arms - Rusty Trace This is a metal ballad and it combines the quiet chaos vibe of the middle of the mix with the crazier, more emotional and desperate first part of it. The screaming here is just beautiful. It starts with a spoken part which I don’t really understand, but the voice sounds sad yet clear and confident, like ‘yep, this is the end’ kinda thing. In the end there’s a spoken part that sounds like military radio communication and you can almost feel the end, the abort mission feel. Very intense and gives the track a good wrap up. 9/10 11. 大森俊之 - Balsamic Moon Moving on to a slow and melancholic track with some industrial elements – the beginning almost sounds like a submarine? Or something you’d hear underwater? Not sure. The violin bit is very mournful. Is it mourning the fate of the guy from the previous track? Probably not, but it really adds to the story. It’s not something I would normally sit and listen to, but it goes well with the overall mood. 7/10 12. 分島花音 - 砂のお城 YESSSS Wakeshima Kanon! The dramatic strings, the ethereal vocals, the mysterious dark vibe! I love how the darker bits of the song combine with Wakeshima's vocals to create an eerie yet angelic vibe. The world has come to an end, but it’s OK because it’s gorgeous. 10/10 13. ギルガメッシュ - 壊れていく世界 I’m very biased when it comes to Girugamesh. This is one of my favorite songs by them because I’m a sucker for the whole dramatic screaming shtick. This is a very good rock tune and Satoshi is a very good actor - I really believe him when he says the world is falling apart! 10/10 14. MONO - The Sky Remains the Same as Ever A great way to end a mix that basically talks about how humanity is doomed because it needs to pay for all its sins. It’s calm and peaceful and even has a tiny gleam of hope. Maybe not all is lost? Maybe humanity can live peacefully, crazy virus and all? Mentally unstable and deformed, but still alive! I don’t even know how to rate this track because it means nothing disconnected from the context of the mix, but it’s a great ending track. 8/10 Whoa that was quite a ride, and kinda scary how almost every track here is something I would usually listen to (if I don’t already). Thank you for introducing me to some really good bands (I’m still a n00b when it comes to the newer vkei bands) and telling a cool story. Edit: now I've read plastic_rainbow's review and it's cool to find out we could probably pilot one of those robots from Pacific Rim together judging by this trade. Always nice to find another human with similar tastes!
  5. I've been listening to @plastic_rainbow's cool mix for days now, but I didn't have time to sit down and write a proper review. Will be up tomorrow!
  6. Kinda late but I'm in if it's still possible.
  7. I used to watch this on repeat. So much good. My wtf moments: - People losing their shit over some nude cheki. - That time MUCC and Sid were touring together and Mao tried to sing Ranchuu. Growlord. This thread is amazing.
  8. My first v-kei lives were at Visual Japan Summit last year. I went to the 3rd day and managed to catch: ぞんび - super cute! Love their concept and they are beautifully produced. Versailles - their set was 3 songs but they gave their all! Diaura - haven't heard of them until that day so that was a fun surprise! And their bangyas are awesome. MUCC - I was a casual listener until then but I completely fell in love that day. They sound x10000 time better live and are so energetic on stage it's ridiculous. Golden Bomber - they were hilarious, their X Japan cosplay and digs at v-kei were on spot, and they let Yoshiki troll them which was very cute. Luna Sea - flawless. X Japan - 2 hours of basically Yoshiki masturbating and crying but I drank the kool aid so I enjoyed every moment of it. And then everything started going downhill 2016.10.30 - VAMPS Halloween Party. I'm not a big fan of VAMPS but it was really cool. Plus Momoclo were there too and they're totally my fav aidoru. Wagakki Band were pretty awesome too! 2016.11.25 - COMMUNE Vol.2 - DEZERT were fun, Plastic Tree were cool (they mostly have nostalgic value for me), MUCC stole my heart yet again. lynch. were supposed to be on the lineup as well but Akinori just had to go and get arrested a couple of days before. 2016.12.22 - Aldious - I'm not the biggest fan of Re:NO but she was surprisingly good that night (I think she sounds a bit anemic on their studio stuff). 2017.01.06 - te' - not v-kei but I guess talking about Japanese bands in general is cool? I was floored. They're just electrifying live. 2017.01.08 - Luminous101 - another 'not-v-kei'. They are a super cute indie band and they sometimes kinda sound like Weezer. 2017.01.23 - Arimura Ryutaro - I love his solo album, it really reminds me of old Plastic Tree stuff. The concert was really good. I wrote some stuff about it. 2017.01.29 - This is the FACT - a livehouse headlined by DEZERT, with A9, Nocturnal Bloodlust, LM.C, アルルカン and MUCC. It was an exhausting yet incredible experience. 2017.02.04 - MUCC - I saw them twice that day and lived to tell the tale. 2017.02.18 - Wagakki Band - I got tickets after seeing them at the Halloween party and thinking they were really cool. I grew kinda bored with them as the initial wow factor wore off, but live they were still kicking ass and it was an incredibly entertaining show.
  9. These guys are totally in my current top 10, too. I think that while they don't always sound at the top of their game, there are many ways in which they could grow and surprise us. I'm not sure why, but I have really high hopes for them.
  10. Holy hell!! This was on my playlist for YEARS and I had no idea what it was because for some reason the file name and tags were all in gibberish.
  11. Some random comments on CAT5's response to my review - ----- OK your review totally made my day, I'm so glad this trade worked so well! It was fun and challenging to put together a mix for someone I just met and seems to care so much about music. Thank you for listening to this (loosely) rainbow-themed thing I decided on making because this forum is called Monochrome Heaven and I'm an idiot with the sense of humor of a 5-year-old! I literally threw that Pillows song in because it's the only song I really like that has the word ORANGE in it. The fact that you thought the first track could possibly be MUCC totally blew my mind because this is something I would kill to hear them do. The closest thing they have to this, that has a spoken word/rap thing going, is Libra, and it's one of my favorite songs by them. I wish they did something like this, only edgier: The second track is actually the only one recorded by a non-Japanese band (well, their singer is half Japanese), the London-based Kero Kero Bonito. I like their bubblegum aesthetics that have a bit of an indie touch to them. OMG I'm so glad you liked track #5!!! Sayuu are one of my favorite things in the world right now. And if you liked Yellow Hate, wait until you see the video! It's from their first full-length album スカムレフト スカムライト (2015), and last month they released a mini-album titled カンバセイション which I also really recommend. And spot on, 6 is a b-side from Midori's Swing single. I only ran into them recently but I'm already hooked (and bummed I missed out on when they were active!). Spot on with Plastic Tree as well! Ryutaro's vocals can be a hit or a miss and I totally get people who can't stand listening to him. I can totally see how 8 reminds of Hyde's solo stuff, the sounds is totally reminiscent. It's Fake?, a side project of Ken Lloyd and Inoran. Are all side projects doomed to sound like generic alternative rock? Maybe. Great observation with track 9 as well! I also agree that the best part of the MUCC track I used is it's ending. So much passion, so much feels. I think their constant play with different genres has resulted many amazing things over the years, as well of some of their more embarrassing releases. They're an eclectic band and this is the main reason I love them so much. Anyway I'll stop talking now and reveal the tracklist.
  12. @CAT5's mixtape has a really cool concept, using tracks inspired by an image, making the overall vibe of the mix very tight and neatly put together. Disclaimer: I still have a lot to learn when it comes to technical terms and finding the right words to describe certain things when writing about music, especially with the genres in the mix being somewhat outside my comfort zone. Hell, I can’t even identify the exact genre for most of them, but it won’t stop me from jumping right in and talking like I know something! Overall this mixtape was great and I had a lot of fun listening to it. Some of the songs are definitely not an easy listen for someone who left a Radiohead concert crying because SHE JUST DOESN’T GET 80% OF WHAT THEY’RE DOING ANYMORE, but I like a challenge and it was worth it. Plus, by cheating and looking up track #2 I found Ling Tosite Sigure and they’ve totally been my jam for the past couple of days!
  13. Funny story: it was Plastic Tree, but I had no idea they were even considered v-kei and had no idea what the band looked like until a year ago. A friend recommended them to me and I've been listening to them on and off since 2004. I didn't have an internet connection at home back then and relied on copying friends' music folders whenever I had the chance. Shirochronicle got me through a shitty military service, I'll always have a place in my heart for this album. By the way, I found out what they looked like when I came to Japan and started looking into tour dates. It was a pleasant surprise! Love Ryutaro's emoboi hair and Moroccan grandma getup.
  14. What I did (and I'm sure there's a x100000 more tech-savvy way of doing this, but this is the one I'm familiar with) was open the album in windows media player and drag the image I wanted for the mix cover over the old cover and it replaced it. It's easier if you change the album tag for all the tracks (just call it "mystery album/mix"/whatever random title you want to give it) so WMP will recognise it as an actual album.
  15. This could become the hottest thing in 2017. Or maybe not. Either way shitfest report is much appreciated! ----- Not VK, but I've recently had the privilege to witness crowdfunding done right by Japanese post rock/math rock band te' for their China/Taiwan tour DVD. They invited all funders and the general public (funders got to enter first) to a free gig at Shibuya's Kinoto in addition to the rewards people got by donating. It surprised me how well it worked (they got 102% of the sum!). So yeah, in Doguramagura's case it's a world of... difference, but I'm glad to see it can be done.