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  1. My favorite band from when I was a kid just dropped a new single and I'm torn between totally loving the composition and feel of the track and being kinda iffy about the lyrics (which sucks, because Tim Wheeler is one of my favorite lyricists ever). I'm ignoring that last part for now and having a blast.
  2. It doesn't translate into 'with no end', it's 'indefinite'. 期限 is used when talking about expiration dates, so think about it as a hiatus without a set 'expiration date' Of course there's always room to speculate, but announcing a band has disbanded before they'd announced anything is not something that should be under 'news'.
  3. @Seimeisenthanks for the review, I really enjoyed reading it! I thought it was actually kinda cool that what felt super wintry to me didn't seem the same way to you. Could be that we grew up in very different climates. About 夢中夢 - YES!! ONENESS -M is also pretty good, but I feel like 光の涯 outshines (pun???) most of the other tracks. Still worth a listen in my opinion. Have you had the chance to listen to it?
  4. This is 100% true and it surprised me so much. At age 38, he sounds a lot better than he did most of his career. The vocal training is so noticeable, both when you listen to the re-recorded versions of tsuuzetsu and homura, and when you compare how he used to sound live vs. how he sounded this year. I think the best way to see it will be to listen to his performance of 'kuchiki no tou' from the 2006 Budokan live and compare it with how he performed it at the same venue in June last year (WOWOW broadcasted it so it's been uploaded to places, but I sure hope it's included on the huge DVD boxset they release this year ). There was an element of being rough around the edges that I find very appealing in his older performances, but his range and his technique have improved so much that it's inevitable that now it'll all sound 'cleaner'.
  5. I was looking forward to this list, and it didn't disappoint. 2017 was an incredible year music-wise and I'm still in a bit of an overload from it.
  6. The mix I got was simply named 'Christmas 17', and the person who made it took a very straightforward approach - Christmas, winter, snow, a bit of dark and mysterious stuff! I actually started listening to it about two weeks after Christmas, but luckily it still perfectly fit the seasonal atmosphere. I didn't get a track list, so I'll just assume I was supposed to listen to it in the order the files were arranged in the folder. Here we go - I really enjoyed this mix because Christmas is important to many people around the world and it's always fun to see how different people interpret it. Which I guess was the point of this trade off - so great job, whoever you are.
  7. ^ same. sorry, haven't had the chance to listen to it properly yet, so i'll start doing it today and post my review in a couple days.
  8. sent my mix! sorry it took me forever (it's still the 23rd somewhere in the world, right? )
  9. - MUCC will drop a new release two days after they go back from hiatus and go on a European tour - Kizu will release an album and it's gonna be great but not extraordinary - Xaa Xaa disbandment/hiatus (I hope not but they've had their share of struggles this year) - or just release some very mediocre singles before getting their shit together? - Some DEZERT-related drama - seems like the industry is expecting a lot of them these days - or they'll just release a half-assed album - or the best album in the history of vkei lol - Yoshiki will step up his social media celebrity game and start a vlogging channel
  10. Welcome! I'm sure you'll feel right at home.
  11. Oh wait so he's still missing? What actually happened to him, I haven't been following. Yeah I think I'll pass too if that's the case.