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  1. I am unfortunately not very interested to be honest, but hej från Skåne!
  2. Norrman?

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    2. Laurence02


      Nabo! Fun to see!

    3. Bear


      Yeah. Hvor i Sverige bor du?

    4. Laurence02


      Skåne, så kanske inte helt "nabo"-likt (dessvärre). Du? 

  3. Laurence02

    Thanks @Shadowtear! Kuroageha's LIVE at ON AIR WEST, 夜想曲, and Sad Song PV videos.
  4. Laurence02

    It seems that he is somewhat OK now.
  5. Laurence02

    R.I.P Kagurazaka Explosion. You shall be remembered.
  6. Laurence02

    Kuroageha (黒蝪蝶)'s lives, especially the last live, would be amazing to watch.
  7. Laurence02

    This shit is scary. I hope that he gets better. Update:
  8. Laurence02

    Hi from Sweden! It's very much a niche thing here as well - I know of less than ten people actively listening to (at least, older) VK here. You have nice taste! Do you prefer indies-era X or major-era X Japan?
  9. Laurence02

    I am glad to see that you have the same good taste as always!
  10. Laurence02

    According to an acquaintance, there are lots of bootlegs dating from the early 90s.
  11. Laurence02

    "Steal Your Heart" was played at the Atsushi and Terry birthday live at 1985.10.04 only (or at least, it only seems to be bootlegged from that gig as that gig is the only one which seems to be shared). The tape is probably a bootleg tape from that gig. Also, if the black/red-jacketed aren't bootlegs, the "alternate jacket" version probably is. It consists, according to Puresound, the two tracks from the single and a live take of "X". Especially suspect when "We Are X" was the precursor to "X", and was released on the other versions of the demo tape at about the same time. "Install" is a bootleg as the sound quality is stolen from a gig audience recording, it seems (I'll update when I know what gig). The same, probably, for tapes like "Kurenai", where the audio seems to be stolen from the VHS versions of tracks. I highly doubt that the ubiquitous live recordings are real, official, releases, due to the jackets only varying a little, there being no sale price and no value to distribute them for the band, really (pressing tapes is kinda expensive). I have a feeling that "Feel Me Tonight" is an early practice version for the members only, as the lyrics that Yoshiki mumbles differ from any bootlegs I have (which all are from after early 1985, when the tape seems to be from). There also is no value in releasing the tape for the band. "Jun's Tape" is a leaked, internal, practice tape that an acquaintance to Jun allegedly partly dubbed and leaked. It is also important to say that the "X LIVE/LIVE 85" tape seems to have a lyrics card. This, I believe, helps confirm that the release is official.
  12. Laurence02

    Don't worry, unless you buying stuff from bands such as Rosenfeld or X Japan. You (probably) won't find a single genuine copy of anything then... Watch out for qld96 on Yahoo Auctions, who definitely bootlegs tapes. The same for jnsyn936.
  13. Laurence02

    That Noble DVD seems to be from Puresound (ピュアサウンド).
  14. Laurence02

    I really dig Stop Bloody Rain and Endless Dream. Shame that they never were released in an accessible manner..
  15. Laurence02

    Yes, totally! But first and foremost, the period of X (which later became X JAPAN) before they became major (i.e. Vanishing Vision), which was the years 1982-1987.