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  1. It is currently impossible to bypass the password (since ~2016), according to this. What are you trying to download? Youku videos are watermarked, in bad quality, and choppy.
  2. This. Is. Awesome. I. Love. It. Edit: It's up.
  3. I have been looking for the score to "Kurenai - Original Japanese Version" (by X, later-on X Japan) for a while. It was included in the same magazine (Rockin'f 1988.6) as the flexi sheet itself. Someone uploaded it to xboards, but the link is now dead.
  4. Do I want to go outside and do something productive, or do I want to sit at home and listen to music? I think I know what I'm going to do today... ha. ha. *whatamIdoingwithmylife* HA.
  5. Have we got any love for Candlemass here? Watch this terribly cheesy video, and note that Per "Dead" Ohlin is stamping in the background in some scenes.
  6. 1. X Japan (pre-1997) 2. 黒蜴蝶 (Kuroageha) 3. Gigaslave 4. S 5. Sakrun 6. Sleep My Dear 7. Buck-Tick 8. Versailles 9. 摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) 10. Baiser The first two are definite, the rest are in no real, particular order.
  7. Thanks for that link! Anyhow, MegaSync doesn't seem to work for me. Unfortunately, I get a popup saying that I have transferred too much when I have downloaded over 5GB. It sucks when you have 35 gigs of X Japan bootlegs in split RAR archives to download..
  8. Hello and welcome! Rest assured, we like old-school stuff here too! You have good taste. I personally appreciate bands from the 90s (often the smaller, more obscure ones) the most. Enjoy your stay!
  9. Hi, and welcome back! I'm happy for you. Life does go before hobbies sometimes, doesn't it.
  10. Fan, nu såg jag detta för sent. Gick det bra?
  11. Здравствуйте! Hello there! First of all, I admire your selection of bands, you've got some good ones there. Your English is very good too!
  12. Hello there, and welcome! Please do enjoy your stay!
  13. Yes, AT LAST! Now, there's just a re-re-release of The Advent Melody left, and I'll be fully content.
  14. X Japan. There's a reason why people think that their indie years (and up until until 1993, when they released "Art of Life") are the best years. I simply do not like the later ballads as much anymore.
  15. I probably still would have listened to a lot of international stuff... but I would, most definitely, listen to more European metal.