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  1. Greetings from Sweden - Willkommen and Tervetuloa! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. You have good taste! I, myself, really like the indies-era X. By the way, where are you from?
  3. I concur. This database is beautiful. I'm totally gonna contribute what I know.
  4. Not good.
  5. What photo exactly?
  6. Ufret usually is good for major/newer chords: http://www.ufret.jp/song.php?data=8538 You can also buy the score at one of various sites (Google "THE BACK HORN 戦う君よ スコア" or something of that sort).
  7. This is really nice, actually! Original, and the musicianship is good!
  8. I have some Webmoney that I don't use. PM me for details. Edit: if it can be used, of course.
  9. Yeah, Oathean and Kalpa are amazing too! Though I personally prefer the self-titled Sad Legend album to the Searching for the Hope in Utter Darkness EP.
  10. I found this Korean Black Metal band that is pretty depressing and good, Sad Legend. Shame their albums were so expensive.:
  11. I am currently binging Gigaslave. So good.
  12. Hyura delivers! I am happy to report that she is a pleasure to buy from.
  13. Only about 20,000 on Yahoo right now.. Plus about 205 yen in domestic postage. I got these little cuties from @hyura. All of them are really nice, actually!