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  1. I really want to buy anything by L'yrca. I mean, desperately.
  2. I use xrecode II and am happy with it.
  3. I really would like to just listen to this tape. That style is my bread and jam. Couldn't find any reference to their phone number or the street address either (this is provided in the Zombiejuice scans). All in all, it's: 〒983-0043 宮城県仙台市宮城野区萩野町1-21-13 コーポレスト301 Tel. 070-5470-3919
  4. Thought is sounded very similar! Now, to search the gig lists. Edit: it's probably from this gig: 1986.10.25 目黒鹿鳴館 (Shu and Hikaru Last Live). Edit 2: It's "Only Way". The gig in better quality is here.
  5. What band/track is this?
  6. My apologies. I have no real excuses, except for reading a little too fast.
  7. BUMP!! They were active from the early 90s - some people say that the first demo tape (仮面遊戯, Kamen Yuugi [Masked Game]) was released in 1992. Their last release, the VHS named (夜想曲, Yasoukyoku [Night Melody/Nocturne]) was released in 1998 - I guess they disbanded shortly after that. Copied from Metal Archives about the omnibuses: More information here: http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/kuroageha.html http://dds_sdd.tripod.com/kuroageha/kuro.htm
  8. Thanks! Man gör ju vad man kan... Otroligt få svenskar som gillar VK över huvud taget.
  9. Tjenixen!
  10. I've been trying to find the lyrics for this mini-album for years, and have only found (and been able to transcribe) the lyrics to たとえばxxx (the song). I tried to transcribe たとえばxxx, but the other songs are beyond my limit, I feel. http://pastebin.com/XRc4jbB2 A booklet scan would be preferable, as I would like to fix the formatting of the lyrics, and double-check the kanji. Can anyone help me? /L
  11. Once Zess ate beans that tasted like shit, thinking, "what the dick?", so threw them at the cat cause he is such a crazy little bastard. After drycleaning vigorously, everything bursted into some form of hypergalactic flames and the couch started transforming into something sexy like boobs which performed lap dances which seemed very outerspacey wtf? Followed masturbating on my frisky frisby with rage and passion, because CAT5 didn't lick his favourite orifice. Then, a light stone made him super soft, but thirsty, so that booty juice turned pink with excitement, making noises like barks, so Seimeisen inserted coins up that ceramic bunghole of juiciness. During @Zeus's speech, he farted very slowly, pleasuring his special appetite for anal masturbation, whimpering silently, "Take me to church." All this jocularity means unicorns chewing weed, while blowing away a fistful of sand at my swollen body, Ultra-Poo pleasuring violently fisting for justice and Oshare-Kei prolapsing through
  12. Indeed. Acknowledged. Thank you!
  13. Looking to buy about everything from 黒蝪蝶 (except for 帝王切開, 遺書剥奪, Capriccio, and their posters). This means that I want the demos, singles and VHS'. Under $10 a piece preferred. Also looking for SAKRUN's mini-albums, demos, and (if they released any) VHS'. Same price point, please. The same applies for the Night Breeze Zinnia and ConSenT+pluG. On a non-visual kei note, I am also looking to purchase Skywings' album "The Advent Melody", for as cheap as possible.
  14. Thanks guv'na!
  15. Ja, vad annars ska man heta? Finns det folk på flashback vid namn "oboyglas", kan man väl heta Bygghandel också? Tackar och bockar!