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  1. Laurence02


    Ah, that makes sense looking at it with the explanation, sorry! Sorry, I can't really find any articles with the limited Googling time that I have. I think Marty Friedman did a video on it, and I am sure that /r/musictheory on Reddit has loads of threads on that topic. Do you like Concerto Moon?
  2. Laurence02


    There are multiple hypotheses for that "X factor", but I don't know which one is true! Yeah, Unicorn were pretty soft. They did it well though. You wrote that you don't like bands that went major, or didn't I read that properly? Does that mean that you dislike the bands even before they went major (i.e. indies-era X)?
  3. I'll see what I can do, but it will take a little time because I am quite occupied. The problem with the resolution makes it so that it takes quite a lot of time.
  4. Wow, the resolution of the photos really weren't that great. Taking that into account, and seeing as not all of the vocals are clean, and because some of the kanji are variant kanji (which I want to transcribe correctly), I am having a hard time transcribing the stuff. If you were to have any better pictures where I can see the kanji's strokes more clearly, I would appreciate it.
  5. Laurence02


    Sorry for the delay! This song is amazing, but not so visual. Unicorn were more of a "standard" rock band more than visual.
  6. That was amazing of you. And yes, it's a shame xboards went down. So much stuff, and so many cool people..
  7. Let me see if I can tackle any of these tomorrow.
  8. Laurence02

    Yes. Also, all packages that aren't sent using the "Small Packet" option can be marked as gifts.
  9. Laurence02


    You seem to have a respectable taste! Do you know about Unicorn?
  10. Laurence02

    Some stuff by Real. This wasn't too expensive. All sealed. REAL - Viridian (two copies) REAL - Radiant Evolution Antique Liberty REAL - Elegance Law (replica from master) REAL - 黙示録 (Mokushiroku) (two copies) + a CD-r with some misc. stuff. With this I own their discography.
  11. Laurence02

    Hi mate! Enjoy your stay!
  12. Laurence02

    Thanks man! Well, I really do like X (indies era best era!), Buck-Tick (darker than darkness is so good!), and Dead End, among the major bands. I also find myself listening to more obscure 90s bands like Kuroageha, Gigaslave, and Red Tail Cat too. Because I am a metal fan, the bands I listen to typically are more on the metal side of things, but I don't discriminate..!
  13. Laurence02

    You seem to have excellent taste. I'm glad to see more fans of the "golden era" (teehee) pop put of the woodworks! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. Laurence02

    Vpngate.net always has Japanese proxies.
  15. Laurence02

    Greetings from Sweden - Willkommen and Tervetuloa! Hope you enjoy your stay.