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  1. Laurence02

    I prefer lossless to anything else - not for aural purposes, but for archival purposes.
  2. Laurence02

    That's an interesting point. I've seen the fact promoted that VK especially is slowly dying from natural extinction because the shock value that it once had is becoming "normal" and hence not very interesting anymore.
  3. Laurence02

    Banana Fish. Need I say more?
  4. Laurence02

    I would: 1. Add the band images to the site if they look good, 2. Join the Discord server with the full scans so that someone (me?) can add the information.
  5. Do you count T.M.Revolution as successful? He sung in Luis-Mary (which I would like to argue was pretty popular - it went major!), but his solo career was quite very successful for a while - anime openings, concerts, Budokan, the whole shebang.
  6. Laurence02

    I eat it too. I am a proud Swede.
  7. Laurence02

    Shoutout to Amoeba Life (あめえば らいふ)'s cowboy-esque solo!
  8. Laurence02

    I don't give a shit about new X Japan. I've never listened to that and I have no desire to start.
  9. Am I correct if I remember that you like Red tail cat?

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    2. Laurence02


      Ville tacka för rippen! Undrade även ifall plattan var till salu, men inser nu att ifall du fortfarande lyssnar på den så är det en dum idé att fråga..! Och så är man lite glad över att åtminstone en svensk till gillar Free Will..

    3. Shadowtear
    4. Takadanobabaalien


      Inga problem! (Visste inte ens att mitt rip fanns på nätet längre). Alltid kul när man hittar folk med samma obskyra intresse, haha. Lyssnade på RTC idag för första gången på länge. Sjukt underskattat band på free will egentligen (by-sexual är kanske bandet jag lyssnat mest på). Minns bara att jag hade chansen att köpa girl som 16 åring och slog till direkt, haha. Hade bara hört en omnibus låt vid tillfället. 

  10. Laurence02

    For earlier stuff, check out Red Tail Cat's albums, but especially "Sixth Sense Balance". The falsetto used is off the charts.
  11. Laurence02

    Could I ask for an image or so of DAISY's "Radical Loud Riot"? Never seen it before and would love to!
  12. You forgot all the early indies-era songs!
  13. Laurence02

    You're never gonna make me change my mind on this. I'm a huge fan of Kuroageha and their old-school, silky-smooth, metal-ish ballads. 5:12 to 6:07:
  14. Laurence02

    If you can do Suruga-Ya, they usually are good at second-hand stuff. https://www.suruga-ya.jp/product/detail/232009713001
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