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  1. Aha, cool! Thanks!
  2. By a handful, do you mean like two? I have seen (and missed) auctions of one tape, the "山賊版" demo.
  3. Was any band close to Kuroageha, musically speaking?
  4. Congratulations on 10 years! Read through this thread, must have been spicy 10 years ago (forums dying, drama)! I really didn't know about this board until a few months ago, but the glorious shitposting and rarez (along with the history that has been made) keeps me here. As I am a new fan of 90s stuff (and Japanese stuff in general), it seems that I have missed the golden days of LiveJournal and MySpace, but I sincerely believe that the days haven't passed yet (this forum is probably the last stronghold though, so when this forum dies, we die with it!). A special shoutout to @Ikkifor being here and on Jpopsuki. I have thoroughly and obscenely made love listened to your uploads. Also, @robkun, you are a nice person, and you have single-handedly probably uploaded most of the 90s stuff here. Not only that, but you are an excellent historian. I love you for this - therefore please don't stop doing what you do. I, personally, will do my best to upload what I get, and through that keep this boat going as long as it can. Thanks for everything! Here's to another 10 years of madness!
  5. I recently stumbled upon two links in an ancient 2ch thread, that seem to have contained rare Kuroageha (黒蜴蝶/黒蝪蝶) stuff. They're dead now, but if anyone would happen to have hoarded these files, or happens to know what to do, I would be grateful for any help. Edit: I have answered on a newer thread on there, hoping that someone re-ups it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx2NdVk7LPk 2ちゃんねる初心者ですか? 池沼=いけぬま=ちしょう=知障=知的障害者です。 間違いを論理的に指摘されるなどして、言い返せなくなると「池沼」と 書くしかなくなってしまうわけです。負け犬の遠吠えみたいなものです。 ttp://www1.axfc.net/uploader/Img/so/61652 DL PASS:blackarts
  6. Really, really interesting. It's like the culture's rise and downfall... unfortunately I never got into VK during when it was popular, but it sounds like it would have been great fun.
  7. Decade
  8. Apparently the singer of Kuroageha (Mukuro) later sung for "Soul Soy SaucE", a band that maybe released an album, the only reference of which I have found here: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p477522942. This listing is expensive, and answers no questions. Does anyone know anything about it? Link to vkdb: https://www.vkdb.jp/%B9%F5%EA%A3%C4%B3.html Edit: Also, the Night Breeze Zinnia apparently released a demo named "ナイト戦隊ブリーズV", but there is no evidence of it existing online (their archived site doesn't have it). Does anyone have any information on it? http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/thenightbreezezinnia.html Edit 2: What did Lucky Bon Bon put out, apart from appearing on "emergency express 1992"? Yunisan doesn't really help... http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/luckybonbon.html
  9. It is currently impossible to bypass the password (since ~2016), according to this. What are you trying to download? Youku videos are watermarked, in bad quality, and choppy.
  10. This. Is. Awesome. I. Love. It. Edit: It's up.
  11. I have been looking for the score to "Kurenai - Original Japanese Version" (by X, later-on X Japan) for a while. It was included in the same magazine (Rockin'f 1988.6) as the flexi sheet itself. Someone uploaded it to xboards, but the link is now dead.
  12. Do I want to go outside and do something productive, or do I want to sit at home and listen to music? I think I know what I'm going to do today... ha. ha. *whatamIdoingwithmylife* HA.
  13. Have we got any love for Candlemass here? Watch this terribly cheesy video, and note that Per "Dead" Ohlin is stamping in the background in some scenes.