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  1. Does anyone have any good experience with Zen Market?

    1. monkeybanana4


      I've used ZenMarket several times, and I think they're pretty good. The items I've ordered through them have safely arrived. Although, I haven't used their bidding system, so I'm not familiar with that area ^^;

    2. Arkady


      I don't use it often, but till now I have no negative experience with them.

    3. Komorebi


      I use it often, both for stores and auction, I’ve never had an issue with them in the three years or so I’ve used them. Higly recommended and they have less fees than buyee. 

  2. Dear anyone playing pokemon sword or shield, what's the best strategy for beating leon 

  3. heresytrash

    Bede and Marnie were great, they had interesting backgrounds and honestly Bede was a better suited rival. I've been training in the wild, I'm supposed to go beat Leon but I can't seem to find a strategy that works with his third pokemon. So I'm training and seeing if I can find another pokemon. He's really hard, at least for my team ha ha.
  4. heresytrash

    I didn't realize it didn't even have a full dex? But I'm a casual player too, not really into competitive battling or trying since I know my team is basic. (They get me through the game, but yeah not going anywhere with an Eevee I can't even evolve) The only character I seem to not like is Hop, but I never liked the friendly rival thing they started having. I liked Blue because he gave you a reason to dislike him, rather than "I'm your best friend! But I'm going to beat you!" and then get depressed when you beat them in turn. Otherwise characters are great in this game. I do like Raihan, maybe a little too much.
  5. heresytrash

    Haven't received it yet, but bought GOTCHAROCKA's new single Chirality.
  6. heresytrash

    I also think that most k-pop fans ride on the awards so much that when their group doesn't win something, they cry foul and attack the group that actually won. Blackpink won over BTS, which sent their fandom into a full blown tantrum and honestly I cringed so hard. Stuff like that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  7. heresytrash

    I honestly would smack him if I could, and doesn't seem like someone I'd be friends with irl smh. But I do like the game, I even like the newer pokemon. The only qualm I have is I got an Eevee for playing the game beforehand, but it won't let me evolve it :C I want a Vaporeon.
  8. heresytrash

    Pokemon Sword seems alright so far, but am I the only one who's extremely annoyed at their rivals now? I'd rather have someone like Blue (Gary) again.
  9. Oh my god I was supposed to do a Visual Kei panel for a convention three years ago, and I found my powerpoint. This did not age well. Though I'm wondering if I should try again, though would like someone to help me with some of the history as some of the stuff I got was just from Wiki lolol

  10. heresytrash

    I never noticed the other vk bands omg. I just remembered watching this show cause that's what my sister always put on and this popped up, I yelled at the TV and my sister gave me a look like I was insane. Sad they labled it Japanime. Would've been interesting to see if they could pull off a vkei photoshoot, but then again that would turn out cringy.
  11. heresytrash

    Does anyone remember the Gazette cosplayers who showed up in a clip on America's next top model?
  12. I can probably lose complete interest in the GazettE, and Aoi will still have my heart. 

  13. I'm going to be blunt and say that my oldest brother, the oldest out of us seven, is not a good human being and an abuser. Because of this, certain members of my family find it hard to get along with them, though it wasn't the lack of trying. The crimes he did were so heinous and had such a negative impact, with no real acknowledgment from him or apology that it was too hard to keep civil anymore even for my mom's sake. My mom states that she's the only one who has faith in him when he's never really done anything to redeem himself and gets mad when I dont acknowledgme anything he does. As of late he wasn't invited to my sisters wedding and he's not invited to my brothers wedding either at his fiance's request to protect her child. If I get married he won't be invited either, I barely consider him family anymore. However the way she talks about our trauma with him is odd, that if any regular Joe schmoe did this to us she'd want his head. She expects the victim to just realize he's "trying his best" despite he keeps playing victim. Like he hasn't caused any psychological damage to his victims at all and his wife says they're being over dramatic about it. How can I relay to my mom that even though he's her son, and our brother, his actions are just way too severe and we dont owe him any sympathy or forgiveness? If this topic is too heavy feel free to delete it, I just had to get it off my chest.
  14. I missed the Anime convention I attended every year for almost 10 years this year, and I'm kind of glad I did. I didn't miss the screaming, perhaps I'm getting too old for that crowd. Though I have fond memories, it is where I met my nerd of a boyfriend after all.

  15. heresytrash

    I never had an issue with Lazy ones as I think some people are just casual listeners to music anyways and like what they like. Hell I found a guy who didn't even listen to music at all, at least on his own accord. I think the one I had an issue with is the Vkei/jrock fans who are much like the kpop fans who refuse to acknowledge western music. Which is sad because most of the bands they like are inspired by bands from the west. Also I had a friend whose only complaint on one album of a Japanese band is that it sounded 'too western' and I honestly don't know what she meant by that or why it was a problem. I know she won't listen to coldrain because of that reason, like does Masato have to sing in Japanese for you to be interested? Must be boring to live like that.
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