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  1. Once this shit show of a pandemic is over, I'm looking for a new job. ._. Getting tired of telling people to follow safety rules when all they do is be assholes about it.

    1. solaris05


      Good luck dude!!! I hope you can get outta that business. Does the current company at least treat employees better than the last one?

    2. heresytrash


      Depends on the supervisor. I was fine on Graveyard where it was a small crew and we knew how to get along. But now I'm on days and we got clashing people left and right. orz

    3. solaris05


      Ahhh gotcha. Omggg thats the worse. 

  2. heresytrash

    I only have my debit/credit card, and never go over my budget and keep my checking at a comfortable spot. I always make sure to have savings as well in case, which came in handy when we had a family emergency and I suddenly needed to fork over 800 dollars almost for housing. I only have rent and utilities to pay for right now, and I use transit so I don't drive so that helps a little bit with my saving. I know once I learn to drive and get my own car I'll have to rework it, but I don't see the need for 4 credit cards.
  3. heresytrash

    Not last night, but a while back I had a dream I was in a pool with some of the members from BTS (Taehyung, Suga, and Jimin to be clear) and all of the sudden I started to drown. Jimin tried to grab my hand to save me from sinking/drowning, but I like smacked his hand away? Then I woke up cause my brother slammed his bedroom door shut so I never got to see the conclusion to that dream. It's odd, I've been having BTS dreams a lot lately and they're not my main group.
  4. I have issues trying to decide what my animal crossing character will look like. 

  5. So we had an earthquake earlier where I live. We were doing our morning stretches and I felt the ground shake, plus all our roll up doors were shaking too. 


    2020, if you're gonna kill me just do it already.

  6. Somehow with the little content we got with the WT documentary, I ended up on the Dallas portion of it. Thanks GazettE, I look pissed AF. 

  7. Christian girl is praying for me today. Okay. 

    1. nekkichi
    2. platy


      Pray for her too, so that one day she might stop being a pain in the ass. 

  8. So cdjapan is gonna pay my return charges in shopping points.



    1. platy


      > spends new points

      > they send the wrong thing again

    2. heresytrash


      I'm so tired, I just wanted to watch it cause apparently I'm in the dallas portion 

  9. Okay CDJapan replied to me, said to not open my item and wait for their email about how to exchange the item.

    I'm so confused. I also should get the external bonus, I wonder if they'll let me keep that at least LMAO 

    1. BrenGun


      But do you wish to exchange it?


      if its an bluray I guess you can play it with your ps3/4 (at least if they accept blurays from every regio or if its regiofree)

  10. heresytrash

    A little bit of an update; my supervisor ended up talking to her (with someone as a witness I guess) and he basically told her that while they don't mind she's religious, she can't hold coworkers personally accountable for not going to her church and that work is not the place for it. We do have some rules at my company regarding politics/religion as well in terms of discussing it, meaning if someone is not particularly comfortable discussing it than not discussing it at all is the best option. They're rather touchy subjects anyway. I haven't talked to her lately though, and she hasn't really come to me so I think we both just realized ignoring the other is the best and I hope that she takes the supervisor's advice and just leave work as work.
  11. So CDJapan just emailed me saying they may have sent the wrong format to me, and that I might receive the Blu-ray instead of the DVD because of a miscommunication with Sony....but they only told me not to open it if that's the case.

    So....how do I go about sending it back? LOL I never had to do this and they said nothing about how to return it.

    1. YuyoDrift


      If the notice was in email form then you simply wait for the package to arrive and verify if it was a mistake by replying to that email. This is an awesome thing to happen but only if you intend to keep it. If it was a notice from your CDJ account then I would just email customer service and document any info should it bite you in the ass later.


      CD Japan is solely responsible for any return shipping processes and should provide a return label for you to use. DO NOT PAY OR DO ANYTHING YOURSELF. 

      Obviously this is going to get fucking expensive on their behalf and may not be worth the hassle due to fees and exportation expenses, for what, like $40 dollars lost?

    2. nekkichi


      ohmygod can you check with this person if you've ordered the same dvd and maybe you can trade or something? - https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/profile/11825-thezigzagoon/?status=29692&type=status



    3. seys


      just keep it lol

  12. So I work in production, I've been with this company for little over a year now and I do like the atmosphere most of the time as I get along with most of my coworkers and I'm part of a few committees that get me more involved with things like safety and what not. Recently we've been getting new temps coming in, which we lose at least 3 of the 6 that originally show up for orientation. It's a very different type of production however, so when they see what we do it really is easy for them to get confused and just walk off the job completely. Within our last group, only two lasted. One is great, but the other one (who we'll call CG) is starting to show signs of starting unnecessary drama and all around acting rude to people. She's a very religious girl, and while I can appreciate that she's passionate about something and loves God (even if I'm agnostic), the way she tries to pressure everyone at work to go to her church is a little unnerving. She's already stopped talking to two coworkers because they didn't show up to church, and she's constantly telling us not to smoke and drink though mostly everyone at work does smoke (and drink). I get that she's young too, and as I said I get that she's passionate about the church, but a lot of people that I work with aren't (including myself) and if they are, they don't normally talk about it or tell people to join their religion. I'm the one who trained her at first. We do something call 'Full Cleans' on our rooms to prepare for the next product, and her first day of working was essentially with me doing said Full Clean. They're generally easy to do if you know the process, but I'm not going to go into the logistics of that. So I taught her the next day how to do one, and I must say she did good for her first clean so I was pleased. We were friendly with each other the first few days too, as I always try to be friendly towards the new people. However not even a week later she started to show some attributes I don't like. One instance where I was talking to my friend/coworker about going out to drink, and CG just turns to me and says "Ash, you shouldn't drink." I laughed at her and said I drink on the weekends all the time, and she said once again "But you shouldn't drink, it's against my religion." Then the next couple of days was sort of hard for me. I was trying so hard to clean one room, and because the machine has corners that are hard to get it kept failing the Quality Check. She wasn't in my room, but walked up to me and said "Ash, you should put me in your room so I can clean it so it can pass." When I didn't respond to her, she just said "I'm just saying." (I found out Friday she told another Operator to let her clean because she can do it better?) Then another instance where another coworker tried to help her out with something as water was leaking from her room, and she yelled at him for doing it. He's a guy who's been there 11 years and takes no bs from anybody, so he told her (in Spanish btw) that she really needs to watch her attitude. She then turned him in to our supervisor for 'harassment'. (All because he was trying to help her clean up the water outside her room) Sorry if this is long, but I felt like I needed to include some instances. I'm not as friendly towards her anymore, at least not more than I have to. I just don't know how to approach her anymore as I found out that she's been trying to start things with everyone. The last instance actually made me mad because even though that guy is kinda hard to get along with sometimes (he's got a different personality) he's a hard worker and will help you when you ask him. We've even discussed her with some of our higher ups, but I think because she's new they wanna wait a minutes. (idk, it's all weird to me.) I do hope I'm just wrong about her, but there was something off about her after a couple of days. Like she's being fake-nice. Also if this is not allowed here, please feel free to let me know or delete it. I just don't know where else to put this. I just wanna know if ignoring her is the best, or if having a serious talk with my supervisor about her behavior is needed.
  13. I'm going to see Carlos Santana. Should I start doing furi?

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Yes, mainly this one which resembles castañuelas

  14. heresytrash

    It really is never ending, it seems to never end. As long as something doesn't happen to Meyrin or the other Servants I'm fine though.
  15. heresytrash

    I'm reading Kuroshitsuji on and off. I'm kinda only in it for the side characters back story and then I might nope out of it again. The storyline went in a different direction I wasn't too fond of though so...... Plus it's been so long at this point ha ha
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