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  1. heresytrash

    My friend does videos on youtube, mainly the GazettE. Her url is dimskies, and she even has a vlog with me in it (ha ha) She mainly does GazettE-related videos, but she has really fun vlogs (Some during the 15th anniversary for GazettE so it's fun to watch), likes to talk about tattoos and she posts helpful videos for the younger sixth guns to try and help them with stuff like concert tickets and what not.
  2. heresytrash

    I forgot about him and now my night is ruined. Thanks lmao
  3. heresytrash

    I watch a few channels, but sometimes fans can be cringey and it just gives me a laugh.
  4. I'm having a real hard time not buying the digital copy of NINTH when my physical copy is already on it's way. 

  5. heresytrash

    Aoi's almost left too because he felt he wasn't contributing anything musically, and didn't like being told how to play guitar. (I got that from the interview with Uruha in his R&R, I'll have to look for the link to it.) So I'm hoping that it doesn't get to the point where he feels the same and he actually just leaves. Aoi writes very emotional songs, but they're very good and I wish Ruki let the others have more input. edit: here it is
  6. I want the Shiekah symbol from Breath of the Wild as a tattoo, I wonder if I could find an artist around here who could work with that.

  7. I missed Zelda and the Water Temple.

  8. heresytrash

    Perhaps you could visit an artist, and maybe they can work with whatever artwork you show them and put their own spin on it?
  9. heresytrash

    My first tattoo, which I just got, is GazettE related-but I also tied it into my Filipino heritage. I had the idea when I saw them in LA and they played VORTEX, but I figured I'd tie it into my other tattoo idea to having the Filipino national flower on me. I like how it turned out, but I'm going to go back and add more to it, and possibly have her fix the e in the me at the end of the sentence. Ha ha
  10. heresytrash

    GOTCHAROCKA~SCREAMY I really like a lot of the songs I've heard off this album, so I decided to finally buy it after spamming their youtube videos.
  11. heresytrash

    The GazettE having a vevo and putting their MV's on there is actually better tbh. Now you can watch their MV's without worrying about your country being blocked for stupid reasons.
  12. heresytrash

    Thanks to everyone for the words. (Sorry, not sure how to put it ;^^) I find myself overthinking about myself when I talk to someone, or when I hang out with someone. I may have not said anything offensive/awkward, but then my anxiety tells me that I did and that person now hates me. I've gotten better to a point, but it's still hard to find someone here that I truly could consider a best friend. But I feel like in time I'll eventually be okay with that. I can attest that the way Mormons are is that they are very superficial, especially since I was raised as one. In our Young Women's especially it was hard, because I was into different things than the other girls so they tended to shun me but then turn around and pretend to be nice whenever our leaders were around. So I've grown up thinking this is how everyone is, and that they're being nice to me to save face.
  13. For me, connecting with others is sort of hard. Other than the friends and connections I made via twitter (and yes, tumblr, but none of us even use that platform anymore), I don't really connect with anyone around me where I live. Yeah, I have a boyfriend and sometimes I feel like we're on the same level on most things, I don't have many friends outside of my relationship. I used to hang out with my ex-coworker/current coworker, but I find that they don't listen to what I have to say most of the time and we have very little in common as to what we like. And I found that my one friend was more interested in what I could give her (concert tickets), rather than taking anything of true value out of our friendship. I discussed plans up until I bought the tickets for this tour, and now that I've bought the tickets she won't even acknowledge that I exist or even contribute to the group chat on facebook. On another note, I lost a best friend a couple of months back due to the fact that we were just in different spots in our lives. She took her anger out on me, and I didn't respond well to it so we both decided to end the friendship. I can't even connect with my own family. I find myself in a state of depression because I do feel alone. Talking with my friends on LINE/Twitter sometimes helps, but they're states away and travelling is hard for me. I know I'm doing this to myself most likely, because I tend to shut people out. But I don't know what friendships I'm building are genuine or not. I don't know if people think I'm too annoying, cause I talk too much when I get comfortable, or they think I'm weird cause I don't speak at all. I might be overthinking things, but I wish I really had someone other than my boyfriend around here that I could just sit and talk to.
  14. heresytrash

    I'm sorry, but Ruki's had that haircut for 6 months it kind of lost it's charm.
  15. both Panic! at the Disco and the GazettE are coming out with new albums in June, but Brendon is feeding his fans with two new songs as opposed to just one so Panic! already has a point from me. Also Say Amen (Saturday Night) is a banger.

    1. nekkichi


      feed me Brendon