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  1. Okay Metallica concert wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. They played like four songs from their new album, then they played a lot of their more popular older songs.  

    Though I found it odd that Jim Breuer (comedian) was their opening act. Like I guess it was different, but didn't really set me in the mood.

    1. reminiscing2004


      They had a comedian open? LOL That is very strange

    2. heresytrash


      It was really strange lol he was a little funny but went on longer than I would’ve liked. 


      Though Metallica still played 17 songs so that was nice 

  2. My coworker tried to snitch on me today lmao good thing I'm good friends with the customer service lady.

  3. I'm gonna see ONE OK ROCK now. Wow.

  4. heresytrash

    Not my story, but of a friend. She was in Japan during Christmas time and had tickets for the GazettE’s Christmas live, but because of her friend suddenly being mad about something and refusing to go-she missed it.
  5. heresytrash

    Oh great! I'll DM you when I get paid then ^^; Thank you!
  6. heresytrash

    Is this still up for grabs? I won't be able to pay shipping til this Friday, so it's okay if you say no.
  7. heresytrash

    I would say the GazettE fandom is one of the worst. I remember a live my friend went to Japan, a foreigner bit a Japanese girl for Ruki's water bottle hard enough to make her bleed. Ruki even tweeted about it. Then stories of fans punching each other and acting rude.
  8. So I'm seeing Metallica next month, and I have no idea what to expect.

    1. Bear


      Expect them to suck. Should've ended their band 30+ years ago tbh.

    2. heresytrash


      This is more of a family thing, for some odd reason. So I don't expect much with their newer material so.

  9. heresytrash

    Yeah, I liked Ryan Mac for a while, but he seemed so impressed by everything that it became boring. He is a nice person however, I have had at least one conversation with him at least. Also doesn't surprise me about the Death Threats. Some VK Fans are just ignorant and think everyone should like the same stuff they do.
  10. heresytrash

    I am rereading the Darker Shade of Magic series by V.E. Schwab I just finished reading her other two books, Vicious and Vengeful as well.
  11. heresytrash

    I kind of wish the GazettE had a DVD for their Christmas live they did way back. If I remember correctly, they even played some Christmas songs.
  12. heresytrash

    I feel like RyanMac reacts the way he does because it's safe and he doesn't want to piss anyone off. I doubt he really likes all the stuff he's shown, or he does and is easily impressed by everything.
  13. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm not.

  14. heresytrash

    Japan Discoveries is trash honestly, my friends have dealt with them before and some of them never got the stuff they ordered. Also from what I heard, their staff is incredibly rude, that is if you can get them to respond to your messages.
  15. heresytrash

    I've always felt uneasy about him.