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  1. I had another dream with reita saving my ass. Wtf brain

  2. I had a dream reita saved me from being kidnapped lmao thanks dream reita 

  3. Definitely missing GazettE right now.

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    2. monkeybanana4


      Same here. I've been listening to their Ninth album, but it'd be great to hear something from them soon~

    3. Seimeisen


      I can't believe it's been two years since NINTH


      I hope they're working on something good right now

    4. blackmoral


      omg, same. Like,they were supposed to announce something during the cancelled live, right? I wander what it was supposed to be... Maybe a Spooky Box or an album? 

  4. heresytrash

    Since my job gets me a little dirty, I do have to take two showers sometimes. One in the morning and one after shift.
  5. Reita from the GazettE, I feel like he'd be a pretty funny guy to hang out with lol
  6. So apparently Christian girl at my work got let go, I didn't know until today. Yeet,

    1. nekkichi


      loving this concept.gif

    2. platy


      It's God's wish

    3. YuyoDrift


      Damn it @platy that was my line lol



  7. I want to thank my friend for introducing me to zigzag

  8. I just found myself drowning in Saiyuki feelings. 


  9. I really went and made a GazettE style venue in Animal Crossing. 

    I miss them so much ;___;

  10. I ordered the NIL Live DVD like a while ago, was supposed to get it by the 10th and still haven't received it. But Amazon didn't really give me a number to call or a way to track it...:l 

  11. heresytrash

    Speaking of yoshiki I had a dream my friend made him cry
  12. Call me a clown, because I bought Gotcharocka's live DVD when a week ago they uploaded the entire thing onto their youtube LOL

    1. evenor


      it always happens ;(

    2. suji


      just think, they may probably have it online for a limited time, but you'll still have ur copy ;)

  13. heresytrash

    the GazettE -DIM Kagrra,-Shizuku Kagrra,-San GOTCHAROCKA-Screamy Girugamesh-Music
  14. heresytrash

    I think some people just wanna forget his crazy ass exists.
  15. heresytrash

    I'm gonna have to fight you on that one
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