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  1. Me: I really need to work on saving my money for adult things.
    Also me: *buys GOTCHAROCKA's newer album*
    Me: Dammit.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. heresytrash


      Neverending cycle for me lmao 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Haha, same here XD It's even worst when going to lives, and I see the goods table ^^;

    4. Arkady


      Let's see the bright side, worst case scenario we could still build a tiny house with our vk collection for retirement. (I mean using the stuff as bricks)

  2. Random question, but when will Nightmare ever resume activity or did they disband?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alkaloid


      I believe one of the reasons they paused activities was to prepare for their 20th anniversary, which would be next year. So my guess is they'll be back around then.

    3. heresytrash


      Okay yeah that makes sense. It probably will end up they disband, I follow Hitsugi on twitter and he's all about his new project.

    4. sixblacknine


      Well I dont think he should be posting about how he misses Nightmare or anything like that, they're all working on other stuff, even Ni~ya now, so its not fair to single him out like that. But Yomi starting another band when he said he needed to recover is very sketchy, then Ruka and Sakito were at the same event and just completely ignored eachother; so it doesn't look promising. 

  3. heresytrash

    Probably wouldn't be possibly anyway, but Kagrra,.
  4. heresytrash

    Dallas did the numbering system too, which was nice. Were a few people who tried to cut in line though and even threw attitude when they found out it was fans enforcing it and not staff. I wish I had gone to New York because the setlist they got was my dream one, but I'm happy with what I got anyway because they threw back with Hyena and I loved that song when I was in High School just because of Reita's bass and it was amazing to hear live. He really is great to watch live. Lines for GazettE shows are wild though so that's half the experience lmao
  5. As fun as the Dallas show was, I met great people, I realized how crazy some GazettE fans actually are. 

    But hey I met a Utah fan so yeet.

  6. I gave Ruki a stuffed fennec fox and he didn't know if he should pick it up lmao 

  7. NINTH songs sound so much better live. Ahh.

    1. raspberrynilla


      YES! I found so much more enjoyment out of them at the concert than I ever did while listening to it at home.

  8. I’m gonna fight Ruki in about two weeks.

    1. YuyoDrift


      More like fight the crowds first, amirite?

  9. If you're gonna be in Dallas like me for GazettE, hit me up and we'll have a cage fight.

    1. lei0418


      I'd fight you XD

  10. The GazettE announced a world tour and I am NOT READY

    1. togz


      you gonna go to LA? Me and a friend are gonna go. wanna room up? 😆

    2. lei0418


      I saw LA last time, it was dope. 

  11. Okay Metallica concert wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. They played like four songs from their new album, then they played a lot of their more popular older songs.  

    Though I found it odd that Jim Breuer (comedian) was their opening act. Like I guess it was different, but didn't really set me in the mood.

    1. reminiscing2004


      They had a comedian open? LOL That is very strange

    2. heresytrash


      It was really strange lol he was a little funny but went on longer than I would’ve liked. 


      Though Metallica still played 17 songs so that was nice 

  12. My coworker tried to snitch on me today lmao good thing I'm good friends with the customer service lady.

  13. I'm gonna see ONE OK ROCK now. Wow.

  14. heresytrash

    Not my story, but of a friend. She was in Japan during Christmas time and had tickets for the GazettE’s Christmas live, but because of her friend suddenly being mad about something and refusing to go-she missed it.
  15. heresytrash

    Oh great! I'll DM you when I get paid then ^^; Thank you!
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