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  1. Wish I could've been at the coldrain budokan live 😭

    1. rekzer


      i hope they release it on DVD. I want to see this in better quality:



  2. Catching up on gotcharocka and I suddenly became obsessed with their song Ash. 

    1. Komorebi


      It's soooooo gooooood!!!

    2. leighla


      *o* if you need any recommendations, I'm a huge fan :3 Ash was sooooo great to hear live.

    3. heresytrash


      I'm currently going through their discography, thank you <3 

  3. I'm going to be in Seattle again in two months, wild.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mamo


      Nice say hi to the cast of Grey's Anatomy for me lol

    3. saishuu
    4. heresytrash


      I guess now I'm reminded why I don't come back lmao thanks

  4. FATELESS has basically been on repeat for the past two months. I listen to other music, but I love it too much.

    1. freesia


      coldrain ftw!

  5. I need to go to another concert. 

  6. I got like three months until Seattle. 

  7. I'm reminded of why I love DOGMA so much, excuse me while I go cry about the LA concert.

    1. chemicalpictures


      Their best song ever, period.

  8. If my brothers ruined my recording for Anthony Bourdain's Seattle episode, I will punch someone. I wanted to record that so I could watch it right away.

  9. I keep reminding myself why I don't go on tumblr anymore. 

    1. togz


      Let it die....

    2. heresytrash


      I don't even talk to peeps on there anymore. Someone tried to say twitter fandom was worse while Tumblr fandom was rainbows and memes. Like, we're all horrible here, but tumblr has that...self righteous attitude and I got tired.

  10. Listening to Kagrra, puts me in a mood.

  11. Oh, I forgot about this place.

    1. togz


      You can check out any time you'd like but you can never leave.

    2. heresytrash


      I can't believe I got that reference. lmao 

  12. Yes! We're due to get to Seattle by at least 3 on the 11th. Ill pm you on insta when I get there if that's okay 😌
  13. Not as active as I thought I'd be. I'd rather put my time into something I'm active in, so I'm leaving. best of luck
  14. Uruha [or was it Ruki] said it's fine to enjoy the old songs, but they wanted to try out their new techniques on these and correct some things they felt were wrong with it. It's not for everyone, but honestly I really like the album. Cassis has always been my favorite ballad, but I liked what they did in the new one. I do enjoy both versions though.
  15. The only thing I knew about Yohio was DISREIGN, and only because they followed me randomly on my private twitter. I gave their music a shot, it was alright to me-but Yohio as a person in general I don't care for and that's sort of a deal breaker for me.