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  1. It was so weird growing up mormon and then getting into vkei


  2. heresytrash

    I like bts and black pink enough but I cannot stand the fandom. I also never got the flaunting the wealth of their stars, not like the fans are benefiting from it.
  3. heresytrash

    Thank you for reading! Honestly that movie had me in tears the whole time. Something that hasn't happened in a while. I rate it second only to your name.
  4. So I just.....got someone fired at work. I mean he's been written up so many times, but like....my complaint to the HR was the final straw.

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    2. YuyoDrift



      Most tend to do this as a coping mechanism for slipping up and being put in their place.


      Very hard to elaborate on but these types of people believe that they would never get fired/reprimanded/accused by their shitty actions, let alone believe that someone would actually go to HR about it, or for it to gain traction whatsoever.


      Dude knew it was a possibility, shrugged it off denying that anyone would dare say anything cuz he's a badass/untouchable, and well, here we are lol. Dude is having a hard time processing he got rekt.


      My question is how the fuck he knew it was you? I thought this stuff was anonymous.

    3. heresytrash


      @YuyoDriftoh no that is the reason I turned him in, he's also been written up for production loss  but this incident threw him over the edge. He doesn't know I reported him....as far as I know 

    4. YuyoDrift


      Oh I gotcha.


      Just let him simmer down and realize life moves on, just now somewhere else lol.


  5. heresytrash

    I really don't either. I don't know if it's up anymore either, but like you can see a video if you look up the GazettE Dallas and see a video of someone recording them leaving the venue for their bus like....ew.
  6. heresytrash

    With her cosplay on I actually couldn't really tell, but she was most likely in her twenties because DEG hadn't been in Utah for years at this point and she probably was a teen when this occurred. But yeah sadly fans don't seem to realize that, when I saw GazettE in Dallas fans willingly parked themselves in the back to even catch glimpses of the staff it was really...weird. And they kept looking for their bus.
  7. heresytrash

    Half the room of the panel was supporting her cause too, and I legit worried about like...the state of the fandom. She was just going on about it, I didn't even call it a Vkei panel. It was more of a "Here's some Gackt drama and the time I stalked Dir En Grey" panel. I knew a girl who met Ruki once, but once he realized she wasn't going to take photographs or do anything crazy-he was super friendly with her. So I know fans who happen to run into bandmen can be nice, it's just sad that it's not the majority.
  8. heresytrash

    I guess for me it'd be the GazettE obviously, but I'd be really sad not being able to listen to GOTCHAROCKA or coldrain even. I'd be slightly bitter at myself.
  9. heresytrash

    But the thing was is that she didn't meet them at a M&G, she actively stalked them while they were on their down time. So I'm a little confused at the notion that she thought she was owed his presence in a place where he wasn't really obligated to show up lol
  10. heresytrash

    So with DEG announcing a US tour I was just reminded of this girl who ran a Vkei panel at a local anime convention here once. I thought she seemed cool, but all she talked about was Gackt and his personal drama, then she talked about the one time DEG came to Utah and how she sort of stalked them at the mall and was so 'mad that Kyo didn't come out to socialize with them'. If I knew there were fans out there like her, which he most likely does, if I were Kyo I'd NEVER go out.
  11. heresytrash

    I think the one thing that disappointed me when it came to some of my Vkei friends back then is how they always slept on Kagrra,. Though nowadays if any of my friends bring them up I cry. My friend sent me a pic of a cassette tape she found when they started out as Crow. She got it for me, I feel like I'm in debt to her for that one ;A;
  12. heresytrash

    I really wish that GazettE would do another era themed tour whenever I get a chance to get to Japan, probably won't happen though ha ha I just really liked the idea though of them going back through their eras and centering a few shows around a certain era from the past and then finishing off with the most recent era.
  13. I really would love to go to a GOTCHAROCKA live one day, but with my luck by the time I get to Japan they'll be gone. :C 

    1. Komorebi


      It doesn't seem they'll disband any time soon. They have a steady fanbase. 

  14. It's going to be weird for me to see HYDE honestly, cause I used to use him as a faceclaim for an OC in a RP where he was a magi and a knight so.

  15. heresytrash

    There’s a running gag in the sixth gun fandom that Kai is hella rich, cause he likes to buy high end stuff. Could say that about the others though lol
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