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  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one who liked Dogma the most lol Mine would look something like: 1. Dogma 2. DIM 3. Spermargarita 4. NIL 5. Disorder
  2. Even though I’m sick of core-influenced metal with synths, and have been for years, I find the GazettE to be a guilty pleasure I’ve stuck with since DIM and have been enjoying them more and more as time goes by. They’re fun. Yeah, so they recycle riffs occasionally (I think it largely works); but their sound is distinct, so listening to them feels like a refreshing and enjoyable experience. The one thing I love about core-influenced metal is the gnarly down-tuned chugging, especially when it gets technical, and I think GazettE does an awesome job with that. Their songwriting seems to have improved as well with their guitar riffs being far more “substantive” than the old days of Discharge and Headache Man, no doubt a result of their developing western-metal influences.
  3. Well, one of these days he'll come here asking for a sample and there it will be!
  4. I don't think any samples have come out yet....unless I'm stupid, which is entirely possible.
  5. This is probably a stupid question; but is the NINTH blu-ray region-locked? Probably, right? Are GazettE's other blu-ray releases that way?
  6. The only thing I can really say negative about this tune other than the intro is the band’s reliance on that specific half-step chord progression they play in legitimately every single heavy song they’ve ever done. At 43 seconds in the song it’s as clear as day as the band strums (I believe) G-F#. It’s a staple in most Gazette songs which indicates a lack of originality; but here they play it in a way where at least it’s not 100% identical to the rest of their output, maybe just 90% identical. A lot of bands, especially Western metal core bands like Bring Me the Horizon have used that progression before, but I’ve never seen a band rely on it so much as this band.
  7. I REALLY don't like that intro; but there are some excellent changes in there, and I typically like their new style, so it's decent.
  8. It's been down for everyone, I believe, because when I refresh some of the page loads; but it's taking forever.
  9. Well this was out of nowhere for me. Cool! I had no idea a new song was dropping today. I hope they can get the site working again so we can hear this new song.
  10. They absolutely are sold because that’s how the Batsu guys got some of theirs, it just so happens that trading is the most popular form of exchange. At least one of them has a connect in Japan who knows a few people that trade bootlegs. For people in the west that want them, there’s a price.
  11. I imagine it was one of the new songs they've been playing live recently, so I bet SOMEONE has a shitty cell-phone quality bootleg of it. They're probably charging $500 for it too.
  12. Thanks for the recs! All I have so far is the 3DISC Best and Coupling Collection and thought those two would be a great entry into the band. I'll make sure to dig into these soon! I've really been enjoying Kouichi's guitar work so far, definitely a highlight for me.
  13. Laputa was a Japanese nagoya kei rock band, active from 1993 to 2004. The band chose its name from the flying island in Gulliver's Travels and tried to portray a similar unrealistic view of the world with their performance. Their 1997 album Emadera was named one of the top albums from 1989-1998 in a 2004 issue of the music magazine Band Yarouze. I had never heard of these guys before and stumbled across them after listening to Dir en grey's "Ash" and their song "舌" was queued afterwards. What is everyone's thoughts on this band? Like them? Hate them? Favorite releases? They seem pretty interesting and I was looking to check them out later!
  14. Careful what you wish for! I'm still holding out hope for Garden.....
  15. I think I'm starting to look forward to Ash just by virtue of it pissing everyone here off. Years ago, when the Hageshisa single was released, I wanted a Kiri to Mayu remake because I knew how good that song could be with their new sound, and I think that will be the case for Ash as well. If you don't like Metal, you're not going to like this.