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  1. I mean, this Lime dudes got a point. Why release a full album when you can get your fans to buy 3 songs of varying quality for $15-30? Release several singles a year and you don’t have to worry about writing full albums. And besides, changing the formula is a bad business move when your current model is already profitable. Kizu feels very “corporate” to me. As if several music execs got together and formulated a band who could more efficiently deliver profits. Everything about them feels very “corporate” to me. Designed in such a deliberate way.
  2. geist

    Allergie was a decent song until about the 1:35 mark when harsh clipping was inexplicably inserted into the track. Really? You're going to write something somewhat passable as a metal song (core knock-off nonetheless) and then you take away from the song with that nonsense? The rest of the album? Well, what do you expect? It's bland pop metal with the band stealing ideas from the GazettE (does XERO sound familiar?). If you want decent pop metal, just listen to the GazettE and throw this album into the trash. 2/10
  3. geist

    fucking hell....
  4. geist

    I suggest you listen to more Sadie then because the imitation is clear if you know what you’re listening for. Take Sadie’s “Rosario”, for example. Not only do you have Mao poorly imitating Kyo’s style, but even the set up to the chorus — and the harmony between singing and harsh vocals in the chorus — is a direct imitation of Different Sense. Different songs and keys? Sure; but the way that chorus is set up and the chorus itself is self-evidently copying Dir en grey. I’m speaking about musical form here, not about the specific notes being played. The songs are not similar in terms of notes played; but in terms of the songs structure, there are specific things going on which show themselves to be imitation. To top it all off, you even have Mao wearing gear reminiscent of Kyo’s obscure outfit in the PV. The imitation is evident. I remember when Rosario came out everyone here lost their shit over how it sounded like a weak Dir en grey knock off. Furthermore, what you described as Sadie’s “j-pop driven sound” legitimately describes every single VK band INCLUDING Dir en grey. That’s not a quality I’d ever consider unique to any band, let alone Dir en grey. So yes, you can draw a comparison between the two in that regard; but that’s not Sadie ripping off Dir en grey, that’s just a VK convention.
  5. geist

    Don’t you worry my little babushka, I’ve got plenty of cash to spend 😘
  6. geist

    That's the entire crux of my argument. Let's stop pretending that band's didn't see what Dir en grey were doing in the mid-to-late-2000's and didn't rush to emulate their style. Some bands switched to 7 string guitars (lynch), some bands were direct copies (Sadie, 12012), some bands copied the vocal styles of Kyo (Nega, Rentrer en soi). The fact is, bands made sudden stylistic shifts when Dir en grey started getting (minimal) international recognition and it's obvious. You were around (I assume), I was around -- we all saw it in real time.
  7. geist

    Bullshit. Nega is basic and bland compared to Dir en grey, sure; but their vocalist sure loved copying Kyo when he started incorporating a low-rent version of his high screams. Like I said, not nearly as unoriginal as Mao or Wataru; but derivative nonetheless.
  8. geist

    This band sucks so much dick. "Nega" is your typical mediocre mid-2000's VK band that thought aping Dir en grey was a good idea. They're second-rate. I put them a step below Sadie and 12012 in terms of unoriginal cringe; but it's close.
  9. Are you kidding me? This is my dream question. I would hang out with Papa Kaoru and we'd spend the first part of the day talking about music, his guitar rig, etc. And then we'd spend the second half of the day drinking beer and writing guitar riffs together. It may even end with a kiss goodnight if he plays his cards right 😉
  10. geist

    Way better than the original. Buck-Tick Sucks-Dick. They’re one of those bands who I want to like, but then I get super bored and put on D’erlanger.
  11. National Media Boys is a trip. Whatever these guys are taking, I want some.
  12. Whenever I think of lynch, I think of "stale pop-metal". I always listen to these guys expecting some good, heavy-hitting, music, and all I get is music that's one degree of separation from Babymetal -- pop with a commercialized "metal sound" layered over the top for affect. Fingers crossed they step it up.
  13. Hey, this is a big development! Kyo used to complain about touring abroad in interviews; but now he says he loves it! What a sweetheart 😍
  14. lmao, yeah, that sounds about right. I remember at one of the Apocalyptica co-headline shows where some friends and I were standing in the middle, and I said to one "When Red Soil rips, I want you to push me and I'll do the rest". Sure enough, the song picks up, I get a solid push in the back, and I begin trucking through these small Asian girls (sorry) with my arms outstretched to part the seas. After that, the pit was awesome the rest of the night. Even a few girls were getting into the mix and having fun. Oddly enough, they were Apocalyptica fans who had never listened to Dir en grey before so it was a cool experience. There's only been one show where we tried to get a pit going and security shut it down. The security guard came up to me and said "Man, I love what you guys are doing; but this isn't the kind of show for this", so instead we spent the rest of the show getting drunk at the bar with the vocalist of the opening band.
  15. Gaika... has not aged well. I'm starting to realize that the band's earlier journey into the more "extreme" aspects of metal sound weak in comparison to their newer material. Much of it sounds like cheap imitation, no doubt as a result of the band trying to find a new "sound" while tackling styles wholly new to them.
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