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  1. geist

    There’s about 3-4 songs on this album that are exceptional, the rest are pretty boring or downright terrible.
  2. geist

    Dorothy is one of those songs a fake Japanese band would make as a joke. I can picture the PV already: cats in kimonos dancing in front of a backdrop of Mt. Fuji and the Japanese flag. Mix in some 80’s filter aesthetics, and you’ve got a banger.
  3. geist

    A lot of good ideas on this album, which I suspect are Takumi's. A lot of not-so-good ideas on this album, which I suspect are Kyo's.
  4. geist

    I'm just saying it would be a weird experience showing up to a sukekiyo show expecting to snort coke off a fat goth's manboob only to find a bunch of teenage girls dancing and waving in a synchronized VK dance cult.
  5. geist

    I'm struggling to find the appeal of sukekiyo. They're the kind of group you would find in a New York nightclub full of drugged-out techno goths ripping coke and ecstasy in the bathroom. To my knowledge, such a thing is non-existent in Japan. So what's the point?
  6. geist

    We take our androgynous Japanese musicians VERY seriously around these parts.
  7. geist

    That explains a lot because I listened back to Adoratio the other day and was like "what the fuck is this terrible production?!". It seems like whatever project Kyo is apart of, he mandates that his vocals take precedent over everything else to such a drastic degree that the music sounds muddy in deference to the vocals. I can't even count how many exceptional guitar lines were completely buried into the mix.
  8. geist

    sukekiyo's audio production is pretty bad in general, and not many of these songs are jumping out to me. Some of the heavier samples are interesting but bland VK shit.
  9. A live report that's 12 paragraphs long and only spends 6 paragraphs on the show. You know you're attending a VK show when food and the pre-show line antics make up a bulk of the review.
  10. geist

    Well hey, at least Kyo looks like he's having fun.
  11. geist

    Many of the bands I listed are still greatly missed by the users here, including myself; but being missed by 10 people on a Japanese music forum is almost as obscure as it gets. That further highlights my point that there's a trend among VK bands where their first batch of releases are met with heavy enthusiasm but that enthusiasm begins to fade as the band continues to release music to the point of disbandment for failure to turn a profit, or for becoming musical frauds like the "Crunkcore" phases of Sadie and OZ.
  12. geist

    You misread what I wrote. I didn't say kizu fell off a cliff (well, maybe their production did). I was commenting on other bands in the past who had similar hype surrounding them but never developed into lasting bands.
  13. geist

    It's not about being "good" or "bad", I was speaking exclusively about fan interest and hype in that part of my post. It's a symptom of music in general (i.e. "flavor of the month" bands). Here are the bands at the top of my head who had similar initial fan hype (especially here on MH) but faded away whether it was disbandment (9Goats Black Out) or releasing god awful music (Girugamesh, Sadie): 9Goats Black Out BIS Dio - Distraught Overlord Eight Kannivalism Sadie Girugamesh Screw Eat You Alive UnsraW OZ Deluhi I'm sure if I had a comprehensive list of bands in front of me I could have picked out several more; but those are the ones that instantly come to mind that we've seen come and go over the years, all of whom received strong fan interest/support in the early days -- especially here -- and then quickly faded away.
  14. geist

    I can't stand the guitarist's knock-off Angus Young look, the production is terrible; but for a young band they have some good ideas even if all the songs are starting to blend together and sound rather similar. I'm curious though, how many bands have we seen just like kizu who promptly fell off the face of the earth after bursting on the scene red hot? Countless. They show promise; but so didn't nearly every other band like them.
  15. geist

    If Deluhi is getting back together that better mean they intend on writing all new material as well. Listening back to their releases recently, a lot of it feels incredibly outdated. Good music, definitely; but it fits that late 2000’s style that would sound out of place and uninspired.
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