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  1. The only thing I find disappointing about these samples is Kyo’s voice is layered to shit. It sounds like he has one or two extra voices mixed in, especially to help him with the higher parts.
  2. Oh sHit, more samples!!! This sounds really promising
  3. Whoops, totally meant Utafumi. The vocals sound re-recorded and more prominent in the mix.
  4. This is going to be Dir en grey’s best album tbh. Also re-recorded Utafumi vocals!!!!
  5. If it's around 50 minutes, let's do some math. Ningen is 3:45 (3.75 for math's sake) Ranunculus is about 4 mins Utafumi is 3:11 (3.25 for math's sake) Subtract those, we're left with 39 minutes distributed between 10 songs. That leaves us with an average track length of about 3:50 Unless there's a few 1 minute songs, it doesn't look like there will be any Vinushka's in here.
  6. All of these notifications are driving me crazy. With all the people posting now, I keep coming here thinking samples have come out, or the album leaked, and each time I cry.
  7. geist

    I’m flipping through the Dir en grey Player’s Book right now and had no idea Die was a huge wrestling fan. A bunch of his guitars had WCW stickers on the back including a Goldberg sticker, Sting sticker, and nWo sticker.
  8. geist

    Midwife is instantly disqualified for that terrible lead in the beginning of the song. Kaoru opens the song with this sexy smooth riff, and Die fucks it all up. The Inferno is the better song.
  9. Omg give it to me now damnit!! btw, do you have a link to said review, a scan, or a translation?
  10. geist

    I've noticed a dramatic shift in Kaoru's guitar tone. Compare Different Sense with Ningen or the end of Ranunculus. My ear and terminology is not great for these things; but I've read your insights on mixing so I'm curious as to your thoughts. Quick question: is it that Kaoru has switched to a more mids focused tone? I wanted to know your thoughts on Kaoru's guitar tone if you had any good insight from experience or your studies! Anyone else can answer this, of course.
  11. Thanks for the translation! This was my initial response to Ranunculus: the song feels, as some have said, like an album closer; but the way it ends suggests to me that there is deeper consideration for how the album is laid-out and how it progresses. I wonder what Kaoru means by "tougher", is it possible for you to elaborate? Does the language specify tough in what way? I really don't want to get my hopes up; but I can't help it.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, it’s because Dir en grey are held to a higher standard than any other VK band. I would consider that a testament to their quality.
  13. This was my suspicion as well. There may be two verses before the first Chorus; but I have no idea.
  14. Hmm, idk. It sounds incomplete like it’s part of something greater — which isn’t always the case with promotional versions. There’s some cool stuff in there, like how the song ends; but other than that it feels pretty typical for a VK ballad.
  15. I couldn't possibly be any more erect right now