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  1. geist

    Awesome, thanks for the clarification. Japanese is certainly a fun language and for new speakers like myself, I find myself sometimes playing a guessing game over things like this.
  2. geist

    る = 'ru', not 'ri' It could either be "Uragiru Shita" or "Uragiru Bero" but I don't know for sure. I'm leaning more towards the former. Oddly enough, the softer tracks I found to be the weakest on this album. Especially "Unfinished" which really brings the album down back into that cheesy pop-punk aesthetic the band -- for some reason -- insists on.
  3. geist

    I really like the production on this one. After a few listens I may come back to give my first impressions.
  4. geist

    To my understanding, Ruki -- as the "frontman" -- has a ton of sway over the direction of the band. In one notable interview that's been mentioned here before, Aoi made it clear that Ruki would tell the band "hey let's do something different musically" and would give the band a direction as well as maintain final say for what is put on the album. In one instance, Aoi said he wrote a song for a future release, presented it to Ruki as a potential song to work on, and Ruki shot it down as being "too different" and they scrapped the song.
  5. Language barrier and the fact Japanese Popular music largely copies musical trends in the West. As a rule of thumb: if a certain sound becomes popular in the west (like a type of pop music, or metal subgenre), it will become a popular trend in Japan 3-5 years later. This is why nu-metal suddenly became a thing years after it hit in the West. This is why metalcore suddenly became a thing years after it hit in the West. This is why hardcore suddenly became a thing years after it became popular again in the West.
  6. geist

    I can’t believe that in 2018 the GazettE have developed into better songwriters than Dir en grey (Kaoru). I won’t know for sure until the next Deg album, but I’ve enjoyed the last three GazettE tracks on NINTH more than I have Utafumi or Ningen o kaburu — by a long shot. GazettE are still rehashing that “GazettE sound” and I don’t think they’re doing anything revolutionary; but there’s more there. Think of how bland the structure of Sustain the Untruth, Utafumi, and Ningen o kaburu are in relation to Undying, Falling, and Uragiru Shita. I’d hate to judge without knowing what Dir en grey has in store for us, but one thing is certain: and that’s the fact as of right now, I find GazettE’s music far more appealing than the recent weak efforts by Dir en grey and find this latest track somewhat encouraging. Just an observation.
  7. geist

    When it comes to the chronology of GazettE albums, I like to pretend everything between DIM and DOGMA never happened.
  8. geist

    There has been a venue change for the July 10th show in Cambridge, MA. The show has been moved to The Royale Nightclub in Boston, MA -- which is notable for being twice the size of the previous venue, The Sinclair.
  9. geist

    I'm so happy they've finally truncated Diabolos. That song was always too long. EDIT: nevermind, FUCK the Demo version for leaving out the best part (fast, heavy section). There were some other parts I liked though.
  10. geist

    In partnership with Adult Swim and Cartoon Network, The Pillows will be touring the United States in July as part of a celebration for the anime FLCL with Special Guests, Noodles and Cullen Omori. Tour Dates below: Tue July 10 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair NEW VENUE: Boston, MA - The Royale Thu July 12 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre Sun July 15 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre Mon July 16 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre Wed July 18 - San Francisco, CA - August Hall Thu July 19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater Tickets are now on sale: Official website with tour dates and links to purchase tickets
  11. geist

  12. geist

    I'm not so sure about the others; but Kaoru doesn't really associate with the rest of the band outside of work. In an interview not too long ago, he joked that he hasn't said hi to Shinya in a long time -- mainly because all the band members have their own lives and they only really get together for work and to record. But even then most of that is done in their own homes, according to Kaoru, and almost none of the creative process is collaborative in-person -- except for Sustain the Untruth, he stated, which was intentionally done differently. Otherwise, it's mostly Kaoru sending riffs to other members, they flesh the ideas out, then get together to go over them.
  13. geist

    I think the material in the single is good, but the drumming really brings it down. Shinya’s drumming is so basic and so uninteresting it makes interesting rhythmic sections like the main riff on the single appear flat. Honestly, I’m not opposed to the band moving on from Shinya. Just bring the dude over from Sukekiyo and you’re good.
  14. pls no bully btw I'm sure most have already noticed, but ningen o kaburu is on iTunes (US) for $3.87. I probably should have just waited for the single on iTunes instead of paying that ungodly amount to get a physical version.
  15. That feel when Papa Kaoru and I have the same hoodie