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  1. geist

    Showing up late to the party I have to say these guys are pretty cool. Leda is an exceptional guitarist.
  2. It's funny watching all of these newer VK bands, and some older, getting into that "Djent"-esque rhythm playing that every heavy VK band seems to be doing now to varying degrees of success. As a new listener, Kizu reminds me of new GazettE mixed with OZ.
  3. geist

    Hello, everyone. I was looking for more Japanese bands like: Dir en grey GazettE kizu OZ lynch There's a whole laundry list of other "heavy" v-kei bands I've listened to (Deathgaze, Girugamesh, Sadie, 12012, Mao's new band, MUCC, D'espairsRay, Rentrer En Soi, Nega, UnsraW, DIO, Nocturnal Bloodlust); but found most of them to be pretty lame with the exception of MUCC and RES. Thanks!
  4. geist

    I really love how in keibetsu the main riff has subtle changes between each verse and completely changes by the end of the song. Very similar to The Inferno in that regard. I should just put those two songs on repeat for the rest of my life.
  5. geist

    I believe it’s the MDR cd900st, they have a red tag on them. I’ll double check later today. Coincidentally the GazettE use the same headphones. I found out the specific model because Ruki posted a pic on Instagram and I did some basic consumer research on them when trying to find a pair of studio headphones for myself. I chose Sennheiser’s lol
  6. geist

    tbh I think any complaints about the albums production has to do with...no joke...the studio monitors the band was using. I think the album sounds good; but watching the making-of I noticed the monitoring headphones they used are these super dry Sony’s that nearly every Japanese band uses to mix. This specific model of headphones are known for being “dry” and off putting to first time users. I’ve used them before and they take a while to get used to. Perhaps there were issues in the mix because the sound they got from the studio headphones was ultimately different than what we’re hearing. Just a fun little conspiracy I’ve had lately.
  7. geist

    I've got a review for you guys: It's good 9/10
  8. geist

    There was a very very small hiccup in the timing midway through; but other than that it was damn near perfect. The band sounded HOT in 2018 apparently, which is extremely encouraging because I remember hearing performances from around 2013 - 2016 and found them to be horrendous. Man, and Toshiya doing those screams on Different Sense? Fuck.
  9. geist

    You leave me and Papa Kaoru out of this.....
  10. geist

    Anyone else think moving to Japan to be closer to the band is super cringey even for a Visual Kei forum?
  11. It’s definitely in 4/4. The rhythm is in triplets so the guitars gives the illusion of 3/4 or 6/8; but the drums make it clear it’s still 4/4 It’s incredibly boring, especially that awful Unraveling remake.
  12. geist

    Fedora Kei
  13. I’m loving the 3rd disc performance of Different Sense. Is it just me or has Toshiya’s screams in that song improved greatly? Also sounds like he’s doing more screaming and less shouting/growling. I have only one complaint for this album besides Values of Madness: I wish Papa Kaoru was louder. Fuck, just give me his isolated guitar track and I’ll go celibate. I think the album length is great because it’s easy to actively listen in one sitting without feeling tired. The idea of having a bunch of songs being no longer than 3 and a half minutes worried me at first; but a lot of these songs greatly benefit from it. I can’t imagine an extra minute of songs like Keibetsu to Hajimari or Devote My Life.