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  1. According to iTunes my top 10 played songs are: 1. La’veil MizeriA - 泡沫 2. Galeyd - precious heart 3. Jiluka - Screamer 4. Jiluka - Faizh 5. The Black Swan - 赫音-justitia- 6. Galeyd - Train 7. Reign - 君に 8. Fixer - リナリア 9. Jiluka - Omelas 10. Jiluka - Crossing Fate
  2. Ohhh, I’m so excited!!
  3. ゴシップ - 吐愚弄-トグロ-(豪華盤)
  4. 愛狂います。(aicle.) members Gt.ルビ (Rubi) and Ba.さらん (Saran) have opened twitter accounts.
  5. Yes! I'll pm it to you
  6. I've only seen for Mercy Rain and Envies-13
  7. The band has made a download for Envies-13 available until 1/15 http://34.gigafile.nu/0119-cf78e8c6fd5d2d6b7b672173b17dc9ebd password: 0127
  8. I love this video so much! I’ve been playing it nonstop lol 😂
  9. Todays setlist for Ricko and Zyean’s birthday oneman: Also I’m very excited for their new release, I’ve been waiting for a full album
  10. New Project HALLOW has formed and will start activities on 1/28 at 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA) Twitters: @official_hallow @K_hallow @haku_hallow @sakura_hallow @charlie_hallow
  11. Damn, that sucks. They had potential and I actually really liked them.
  12. You have to use a proxy shopping service,
  13. It’s available on Jishuban club and Like an edison Also there's a free download available for Mercy Rain until Jan. 1 http://1.gigafile.nu/0105-cea82b822d1d3dabd81fb9a367fd64fd7 password: 0127
  14. Oh no I was hoping for a new release but I doubt that will happen now. Sad to see them go but I hope they all come back soon.