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  1. Happy birthday! 

    1. Mihi


      thanks <3 <3

  2. REVINE BEST ALBUM 第零帝國厳選軍歌集「輪廻転生」(dai zero teikoku gensen gunka shu) "rinne tensei" will be released on 2017.12.27 for ¥3000 (tax not included) Tracklist: 1.DICTATOR 2.ENVY 3.NEOGATE 4.NewVariety 5.帝國革命主義者 (teikoku kakumei shugisha) 6.Refine 7.万世ナル旭日ノ神國 (mansei naru kyokujitsu no shikoku) 8.茜色染まってく (akaneiro somatteku) 9.神風 (kamikaze) 10.帝國行進曲 (teikoku koushinkyoku) 11.レクイエム (requiem) 12.万歳三唱 (banzai sanshou) 13.殺してほしい (koroshite hoshii) 14.REVIVE
  3. The preview for M.A.D sounds so good!! I’m so hyped for this to drop
  4. Thank you for letting me know! I’ve been looking for this
  5. Omg my heart, NOOOO 😭 whyyy
  6. Wow I actually really enjoyed it, I guess I now stan (?)
  7. Scarlet Valse - Reincarnation てんさい。- センパイの彼女 Diealo - Frustration Gossip's Satsuki cheki Rides In ReVellion's TaJI cheki
  8. I really like this!
  9. For real? Smh I really liked them too....
  10. A true shame that he’s gone. It’s still nice to have someone at times but I see what you’re saying. Thank you though!
  11. Literally the same. I have only 1 irl friend and I’ve always been a loner so whatever attention I get at times I grab at it and hold it like my life depends on it which is why I’ve been into so many toxic friendships since I’ve been too scared of being alone but thank you! I really appreciate it and if you’d ever like to talk I’m here too 😊💕
  12. True and I listen to music on a daily basis but sometimes I just crave human attention at times and sometimes I just want to talk or listen and I understand that there’s better ways to do that than going back into something that isn’t good for me but I’m so bad at starting any type of friendships. However thank you for some encouraging words (and SS was one of my favorite bands)
  13. Almost got back into a toxic friendship with someone from a long time ago just because I was feeling lonely and I’m just glad that they replied a few weeks later and I came to my senses by then so I didn’t reply back. I just hate how I know that I should still avoid them at all costs but sometimes I just feel so alone and think “bad company is better than none” but I know better and it makes me so mad how I’m willing to throw away everything I’ve done to get in a better place and go back to that.