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  1. XàYamiJamp

    Totally the best band in the scene atm. I want the full CD as soon as possible
  2. XàYamiJamp

    Mysterious bands, Band m8 that disappear with money, Artist involved in " anti social " acts. Visual kei, what is happening to you ?
  3. XàYamiJamp

    Lol . Just lol.
  4. XàYamiJamp

    that basically is what we always do in eu and nothing bad happen ( unless u do disorders ) ( maybe not public urination on weed.... maybe on alcohol :V ) but " hey that's japan " so i guess he have to know where the " limit is " . rip akinori's musical carrer?
  5. XàYamiJamp

    Ripperoni Pepperonis :=)
  6. XàYamiJamp

    So at least? what akinori did? Just was high or what? i do not understand. Someone up there posted he was exchaning drugs.. is he a drugs dealer? Or he just was high and be asshole with cops? pls answer me xD btw Vk2016drama is
  7. XàYamiJamp

    ROTFL... sorry guys.. but as i wrote in another post, i feel strange nothing was happening in " vkdrama " so.. mybad :V
  8. XàYamiJamp

    I feel strange this days cause no " visual kei dramas " was happening xD ... my bad think that was over :V
  9. XàYamiJamp

    ahh... Kiwamu.... again...
  10. i do not know i would something " more " from this long preview :/
  11. Pretty cool preview. Can't wait for the full version of this... Seems really amazing.
  12. XàYamiJamp

    The question is, how we could contact fixer directly to tell about the " voice question " ? ( But i'm sure it's a band choise ) i think is pretty impossible xD or not?
  13. XàYamiJamp

    That you hate or love kiwamu the event is pretty interesting, for sure if i could be there i go to see that live.
  14. XàYamiJamp

    Yeah seems they decide at the begin of the band that if one of them leave, all the band had to disband. So that happened.
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