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  1. TomoMAD

    Thanks to @t597 for sell me this stuff ❤️
  2. TomoMAD

  3. Happy Birthday Robkun!! have a nice day!

    1. robkun


      Thank ya! ^__^

    2. TomoMAD


      Your welcome 🙌🏻

  4. TomoMAD

    Fer;Rite VANISHER was a lot of time in Yahoo Auction
  5. Wow i never think that Kanon will leave, but for my An Cafe was better with the first line up after that i only love Kanon in the band
  6. TomoMAD

    I remember LOG with these guys hahaha, like it
  7. I really miss Grieva 😢 WHY AINS WHYYYYYYY!!!!

  8. TomoMAD

    Kpop Kei Shit as fuck
  9. TomoMAD

    Another one fuck
  10. TomoMAD

    Wow really love it ❤️
  11. Maybe Wilson appears in their next release
  12. TomoMAD

    Ooooooh yeeeees babe ❤️
  13. TomoMAD

    I feel the same i always love the "kotekote bands" that makes me feel so "😍🌊" and the most of them the singer is pretty "bad" hahaha seriously o love that, they sing with all their feelings (and without tone) but it's makes me love them more ❤️ Really want he start a new project with ALL KOTEKOTE STYLE ❤️