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  1. キナルラ. 6 CDs <3 Thanks Yume Shoku Store (Chile) for all <3 Others: Dir en grey - Gauze (Limited edition) Dir en grey - Jealous Gift of my dear friend <3 : Kar'maria - Maria
  2. You still have the Ru:natic cds?
  3. I love soo much the old style of Kikyo and Jaki <3 , but Miria looks like the standar new visual kei member
  4. Yes!! I'm soo happy! <3
  5. I hope he can get some treatment, and get healed :'( All the situation is sad, he look devastated for that, all the fans need to support him
  6. Amazing, one of my favorite bands <3 I hope they release something in the revival <3 *Where is the revival of Metis Gretel :'( *
  7. This is very SAD, i love the power of their songs
  8. Hi my friend Ge 😊 nice to see you in MH
  9. NOOO </3 I hope he get better I'm big fan of him, when I read this, i really think he gonna retire of music. I don't wanna it happen :'(
  10. WHAT? xDD the vocal phone number xDDDD the fangirls will be crazy that day
  11. I want the "0 full album" of Devil Kitty.

    Why this album is soo limited </3

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I want to hear it too, in spite of it only being 4 (really 3) new songs. Interested in hearing the song that's a sushi pun about reincarnation the most.


      Their guitarist leaked one of the songs on there over a year ago (including videos with what became MugenLOOP much later):



      I believe they renamed that as "Ruthless Lover."

  12. Bought all this things in these months (except the Archemi. Distributed CD, was a Gift). Thanks to "Yume Shoku Store" (Chile). In my opinion is the best <3. And some Flyers of Grieva, THE SOUND BEE HD, Zip.er, Archemi., and others <3
  13. Love you Takemasa FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 Waiting for this <3 10 years in a few weeks <3
  14. Yes that is a horrible true I really hope he stay better, he is young and a really good guitar player
  15. Yuuna (夕薙-ユウナ-) [Ex. I sick face, Mother-マザー-, Mercuria-マキューリア-, 時雨, another projects] Love this guy <3