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  1. I fell bad for the members of this band, because they don't have the fault of this, and i think they must be having a really bad time
  2. If anyone have this of キナルラ for sell please send me a PM. Demotapes: ショウタイム 畸人病 体内回帰 MASK (1st and 2nd edition) CDs: 遠ざかる空 ノスタルジア 黒イ奇跡TOUR 2006 FINAL 9/2 六本木Y2K
  3. Thanks!
  4. Holyyy fuck </3 I hope he get better soon if anyone read something of this in twitter or some blog, please comment in this topic :'( <3
  5. NICE!!!! i miss him alot, i hope he release something
  6. I really love their style <3
  7. Amazing!! I want to hear it right now <3
  8. I like it will wait for it, the vocal in some parts of the songs is like the vocal of Archemi. hahaha
  9. Thanks for share this , this is no my style of music , but i really like the instrumental of this album, the effects of the guitar in Pretender, wonderful world and White out, is very awesome <3, One of my favorite songs is SCARECROW, that song caught me <3 with the lyrics and the music, really amazing song!, other song that i like TIGHTROPE and 蜃気楼 <3 that 3 song i really like <3 8/10 <3
  10. Why Devil Kitty have bad luck?! </3, I hope he get better
  11. Listen the master Kijin <3 is the best
  12. You'll not regret to listen this band, please take your time and listen all the discography, the most old and the new, really is amazing <3