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  1. TomoMAD

    I'm like this too hahaha ❤️
  2. TomoMAD

    I hope everything turn in a positive way for this guys ❤️
  3. TomoMAD

    This is my favorite kind of Homage-kei ❤️ I think that in vk scene there is a lot of creativity, but i love when a band make "revive" another old (amazing) band. (and even more if that old band is like kotekote kei) Although sometimes appear bands that make old songs a shit bag. Thanks for the post! ❤️
  4. TomoMAD

    Yeah! i think it happens because Nazuki post his own copy of that omnibus, and all the members tweet about it hahahaha, I'm so happy about that ❤️
  5. TomoMAD

    Never xdddddddd, I love kikyo's tone ❤️ but i prefer him vocals in Sadies Marry with more "sounds of him dying" hahahaha 😂 really old kotekote ❤️
  6. In the part of the song that he scream "YIA YIA YIA YIA" sound like Jaki's single ❤️ love that hahaha
  7. TomoMAD

    La'veil MizeriA 4th single "死枷" Release Date: October 31, 2018. Product Number: SWLA-5 Label: Starwave Records Price: 2,160 yen. (Limited to 666) Tracklist: 1. 淫虐の理 2. ヘマトディプシア 3. 錯乱孵化 DVD: 1. ヘマトディプシア(MV)
  8. Give me more indie artist like this plssssssssssssss, hope this project give us (old) kotekote stuff ❤️
  9. (Ward, if someone translate it jeje)
  10. +1, but i think that the instrumental audio can be better , but it is nice to see this Live DVD
  11. TomoMAD

    Thanks! ❤️
  12. TomoMAD

    Welcome back!! hope you can see all the new and old stuff
  13. TomoMAD

    The best
  14. Nice songs but their are covers from Mis†ake hahahaha but like them ❤️ thanks for the samples
  15. TomoMAD

    Yume Shoku la mejor tienda