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  1. felipar

    feeling old yet?
  2. Yep, I got "10 -rebuild-". I don't really like 10, so I barely paid attention to the re-recorded version lol
  3. Just got the new EP and it sounds great. The main song really reminds me of Dai 6 era as someone mentioned, and there's also a new version of Tsumetai ame and Zoku, tsumetai ame (and a karaoke version for each song).
  4. I have stuff from some of those bands, if you want to trade just message me, I'm looking for 霞鳥幻樂団 stuff. Ozoma Seeds' singer is Kranke-san (ex-ANTI-KRANKE and lymph gland burst). Death March Kantai is influenced by the angura/eroguro culture, but not related to the VK scene.
  5. タイトル:東京2060 唄と演奏:犬神サアカス團 形態:CD 品番:DDCZ-2213 価格:税込3000円(税抜2778円) 発売日:2018年9月26日(水) 配信開始:2018年9月26日(水) 曲目:気象衛星百年記念式典/ロックンロールを唄いきれ/夜をぶっちぎれ/東京2060/奪え!/狂気の恋/月夜に踊れ/裸の女王様/アルタミラ/牢獄/化猫遊女/幸福論/おやすみ(全13曲) Link (OHP): http://www.inugami.jp/news/index.html#201809release
  6. Now it sounds more like a transphobic name... Anyway, AF sounds better than Piass.
  7. According to their official Facebook page, this is their new line-up: envy Official Thank you very much for tonite. This is new line up of members. _Tetsuya Fukagawa _Nobukata Kawai _Manabu Nakagawa _yOshi (killie) _Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet) _Hiroki Watanabe (Heaven In Her Arms) I think it's a dream team, lol, I'm a big fan of yOshi, killie is my favorite screamo band.
  8. I always expect bands with huge names full of kanji to be angura kei, lol
  9. He could've choosen a better artwork for the release...
  10. felipar

    sounds good, better than their previous band, Narcolepsy.
  11. felipar

    I wish I could see them live
  12. Not sure if I'd be happy to see them releasing a new album, I didn't like their post-hiatus stuff.
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