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  1. Now it sounds more like a transphobic name... Anyway, AF sounds better than Piass.
  2. According to their official Facebook page, this is their new line-up: envy Official Thank you very much for tonite. This is new line up of members. _Tetsuya Fukagawa _Nobukata Kawai _Manabu Nakagawa _yOshi (killie) _Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet) _Hiroki Watanabe (Heaven In Her Arms) I think it's a dream team, lol, I'm a big fan of yOshi, killie is my favorite screamo band.
  3. I always expect bands with huge names full of kanji to be angura kei, lol
  4. He could've choosen a better artwork for the release...
  5. felipar

    sounds good, better than their previous band, Narcolepsy.
  6. felipar

    I wish I could see them live
  7. Not sure if I'd be happy to see them releasing a new album, I didn't like their post-hiatus stuff.
  8. Guess we have different taste for music
  9. felipar

    One of the greatest visual kei bands ever... Their first full album is an all-time favorite to me.
  10. felipar

    worst band name ever
  11. They always sucked on their remixed songs... Can't wait for the new album though
  12. felipar


  13. felipar

    It doesn't sound like DEG but try SWARRRM, japanese grindcore experimental band.