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  1. great I loved this band I can wait for a preview
  2. mikarudio

    Still no vocalist Xd
  3. I wait for a preview soon
  4. mikarudio

    I wanna miss the band , Jin please make a return to vk with a new band
  5. really disappointed me the new vocalist
  6. mikarudio

  7. mikarudio

    satsuki twitter https://twitter.com/Satsuki0901_ht
  8. SIck. 4th mini album 「 Sick of you. 」 全6曲入り 1500円 (税込) 品番 ARCD-004 1. Resonance. 2. Misery. (Retake ver.) 3. 蜉蝣と僕等. 4. Colors. 5. Song for you. 6. Voice. (Full orchestra ver.)