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  1. mikarudio

    I hope mizaly keep to support member for a long time
  2. mikarudio

    I wait for a bundle with final fantasy 7 remake
  3. mikarudio

    The names of the tracks an the preview in better quality ウェリタス〈アコースティックバンド〉 SINGLE 「TROIS-トロワ-」発売予定 ¥1,200(税抜) 1.真っ暗闇に浮かんでは眠り凍りつく輪廻よ 2.Lycanthrope さらなる詳細をお待ちください。
  4. mikarudio

    jin wanna come back to twitter with a new personal account
  5. mikarudio

    Kisaki need noney
  6. mikarudio

    Sound good I wait for more
  7. The New single of x japan sound amazing
  8. great I loved this band I can wait for a preview