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  1. label probably had someone at the door checking IDs and turning away okaa-sans
  2. you're saying that like it's a bad thing~!
  3. snatched! snatched! snatched!
  4. neither is super special to me (especially compared to say, ファンタジア) but i definitely fuck with them also s/o the promos and the mv using the same set as Maison book girl
  5. not surprised at how single heavy it is but anyway GHHHHHHHHGHHHHHHHH FINNALLLYY IM BLESSED
  6. *prays they don't fall off*
  7. lasted not even a year, smh sucks tho, they had potential
  8. i'd say more "gay bar denizen parodying a subway pervert" YEAH
  9. ^the definition of iconic^
  10. treading similar territory to 「うそつき」 but that's definitely good territory to repeat yourself nya
  11. everybody's favorite Johannes (→ CROW(璃和) → 苺69(そら) → メロウ☆ぴんきぃ→ meth.(空→sora) → cocklobin(sora) → Develop One's Faculties) definitely comes to mind, while also making total sense couple notes—would consider the title of this thread to be a bit clickbaity? a lot of these strike me as rather natural evolutions, or at least not Super Wild? just my imo, though and i'd say Cornelius's whole thing isn't that crazy, it seems like it makes sense given the trajectory from FG through his earliest solo records into Fantasma and into Point and so on... (also i consider myself a staunch defender of Ryo's direction and of autotune in general, LOL and a staunch defender of both eras of Ziyoou-vachi) (that being said, i find the Eliphas Levi -> vinett transformation endlessly fascinating)
  12. face: melted rerecordings of tulpa and gensou sounding tight too
  13. R.I.P. the legends