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  1. returnal

    most vk wouldn't exist if they all took creativity workshops ba dum tss
  2. first thing to come to mind is 和亥 (kazui) from Missalina Rei most recently being in the very un-VK band arrival art this is a legendary combination
  3. looks like they changed their twitter @ btw i'm living for that promo image, can already imagine it being hastily printed on some laserjet and put in a slimline CD-R case, then sold a decade plus later on rarezhut for like five bucks. will their OHP be hosted on maho.jp? hopefully they sound the part as well.
  4. returnal

    this was more difficult than i imagined, sticking solely to like, guitar bands. not ranked or anything - 女王蜂 / 獄門島一家 (Ziyoou-vachi / Gokumontō Ikka) - ミツメ (mitsume) - uri gagarn - the chef cooks me - Coaltar of the Deepers - NUMBER GIRL / ZAZEN BOYS / bloodthirsty butchers - 相対性理論 (sōtaiseiriron) - Boris - サカナクション (sakanaction) - 神聖かまってちゃん (shinsei kamattechan)
  5. back on my bullshit, meaning "trawling @robkun's uploads and fiending for bands with budgets lower than my GPA in high school"

  6. god these guys are so consistently great it's almost boring. i love them
  7. the last line, i think, is mukai saying “if possible I want to do a couple more shows" so we'll see!
  8. NUMBER GIRL—yes, that NUMBER GIRL—are set to reform at the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL in Hokkaido, set for 16-17th of August this year. Comment from Shutoku Mukai: official HP Natalie article
  9. "He also complained on Twitter last December that Japan was “mean” to the rich, and moved to Malta that month to avoid paying taxes in Japan." this motherfucker! this motherfucker is all the things every other low-level bandomen scammer wishes they were. living the dream, i guess???
  10. returnal

    put some respect on kylynn's name! the look is good and as far as we know he ain't a literal pedophile
  11. wow, that's awful to hear
  12. returnal

    Excitement! It's that pool! Like, y'know, that pool
  13. returnal

    *breaks a thousand panes of glass in mourning* nah but real i loved those motherfuckers. this sucks! hopefully they can still work together somehow?
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