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  1. カリメロ too, mayhaps?
  2. i live for synth horns
  3. Confirmed only band that has ever mattered and that will ever matter
  4. new angura band looking good 


    1. AimiGen7


      I can't wait to see their new performance in the middle of the park. I hear security there is great

    2. Tokage


      shinjuku gewalt looks great!

    3. returnal


      you'll have to go to miyako-jima island okinawa to get their new live-limited single 大正警察学校信心歌ver2.042

  5. !!!!!!!!! i'll love the original version the most (maybe my fav Chanty song?) but really nice it's getting an MV and a spot on the album (mv on some creeper vibes tho... par for the course for vk tho so...)
  6. hotlink is borked!
  7. Higiri's blackface is to say the least very bad*, but i do gotta s/o the band's look for 幽囚谷のバッタ; utterly out-there and it was beautiful seeing how divisive it was (i loved it) *(i'm assuming that's the look you mentioned; tinypic sucks and is always down, like it always has been since like the 00s)
  8. yeah, i have no idea what to say. this is awful
  9. three posts, all of which are new threads, two of which are on some weird het wave, and also have been relegated to the toasted waffles section definitely one of the most iconic entrances ever. your fave could never
  10. im gay
  11. Yowza.
  12. oh, it's the twin brother of tenten from the 幽囚谷のバッタ video


  13. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan goodbye and thanks for the bangers
  14. ouch, that didn't last long. i remember digging their debut but completely forgot about them immediately afterwards, should see how their other releases fared