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  2. Now that's the stuff!
  3. any cal gari in english warms my heart, thanks~__!
  4. i reset back in september '11. acct my scrobbles for say, CAPSULE have dropped off significantly since like, 2014 (still love 'em but y'know) while i scrobbled a Ton of i-fls and ventla in 2013 while reading Wandering Son, though they're still fixtures in my library now something like my last 365 would be a closer representation of Now, but i do wish there was something like a view for the last two or so years, would be more accurate of my recent scope
  5. mostly habit, with a side of cross-referencing ID3 tags and sometimes adding pictures (everyone loves pictures) never used it for "discovery" (save for a few times i've stumbled across life-changing stuff in the similar artists—tokyo michael early in my vk education, for example) it's nice as a musical diary of sorts, but i haven't any Attachment to it
  6. Faaaaaaaaack praying to visual god they didn't fall off
  7. SO ready for the return of bedroomdemotapecore
  8. the Robot and Lyrics translation blog notes the sources of all the covers on 改造テープ! (virgin blues is listed as a Togawa cover, tho it actually does originate with 野坂昭如; didn't know that 'til now!)
  9. i'm fond of 公式エミュレータ bc シグナス (plus 今だから and 玉椿) were the first SG songs i heard (mind was blown); i cooled on it a lil' since then though, but i still dig it. i'd recommend 改造テープ, 青年の主張, 新世界ゲバルト* plus the version of ドヤ街** on CD/海賊版 and クリフトクラフト2668版*** more now. depends on if you favor (1. bleepy chaos or (2. bleepy chaos with Big Choruses more, of course (i like both, but the latter wins out just a lil' more for me) speaking of, several gewalt records have uncertain release years—改造テープ i've heard both 1998 and 2003, 公式エミュレータ 90s and 2005, etc. i don't even care, really, i love the mystery it provides, lol * (not just because i was the one who uploaded it...) **the 廃2 (流行歌謡実験VER.1.0.2) is good in its own way, but this one just has the right mix of details... ***his poppy side, but blissfully dinky and recorded onto an answering machine when we get down to it, everything those boys touch is frickin gold tho
  10. i'd go ahead and put CD音源集 on gewalt's rec list, as it combines the whole of 実録歌謡大全第弌集 (Jitsuroku kayou taizen daiichishuu) and the version ofドヤ街、味噌、女子。 from 海賊版 (Kaizokuban) with the equally essential 公式エミュレータ (Koushiki emulator) actually tbh gewalt's released so little (well, a lot of Things, but equalling a pretty small amount of songs) you might as well cop everything to start, really (and it all rips so hard anyway)
  11. what you don't know is that arisu is actually a member here. he's been hiding all along
  12. i heard about that! it actually isn't him, but the vocalist (twitter here) was in Arisu's painfully obscure post-MR band Coup d'e tat,* so the confusion seems to stem from there. god knows what happened to arisu. *THIS BAND IS ONE OF THE GREATEST MYSTERIES IN MY LIFE
  13. maaaaaan this is peak angura
  14. wasn't familiar with CindyKate, but damn... so sudden. terrible to hear, thoughts to his friends and family