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  1. returnal

    ten copies?? given how expensive and time/resource-intensive it is to press vinyl that's one hell of a flex. hell, that's Asatsu-DK money!
  2. happy birthday fellow milphinne appreciator 😙

  3. returnal

    word? damn, that's pretty awful.
  4. new carly rae jepsen album and then new ziyoou-vachi album just five days later... may is a wrap

  5. returnal

    i don't care for this band but i will not let you guys slander koriki choshu like this
  6. returnal

    how can you postpone something that was never meant to exist in the first place
  7. returnal

    yo this album is gonna rule
  8. *wins the day of march 22*

    *cries* first of all i'd like to thank lil b the based god, avu-chan, and victor nikiforov for helping me get this far thank you

    1. Gesu


      Congrats~! ^_^

    2. returnal


      i would also like to thank deadman

    3. chipathy


      id also like to thank deadman 

  9. deadman oneman wonderland

  10. returnal

    yeah i edited it! couldn't tell if it's a one-day revival or whatever else, got a half a year to see lol!
  11. after thirteen years, deadman will hold a oneman live, titled oneman live 2019 -before the dawn-, at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM ebisu on the ninth of September, 2019. the group will consist of 眞呼 (Mako) (Vo) and aie (G). Support members will be Tetsu from MERRY on bass and Asanao from lynch. on drums. nothing about whether this is a full-scale resumption of activities or just a one-day thing. official website
  12. returnal

    most vk wouldn't exist if they all took creativity workshops ba dum tss
  13. first thing to come to mind is 和亥 (kazui) from Missalina Rei most recently being in the very un-VK band arrival art this is a legendary combination
  14. looks like they changed their twitter @ btw i'm living for that promo image, can already imagine it being hastily printed on some laserjet and put in a slimline CD-R case, then sold a decade plus later on rarezhut for like five bucks. will their OHP be hosted on maho.jp? hopefully they sound the part as well.
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