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  1. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a kira-kira day! ♥✨

  2. such a vibe
  3. no photos because can't be bothered last couple of days the following have come in th mail: cdjapan: 女王蜂 - Q ltd. edition Maison book girl - image ltd. edition rarezhut: marvle - せんちめんたる RONDE - Obelisk Monument (2nd press) INO HEAD PARK - 君に逢いにゆこう ENDLESS - FAITH Under - ずっとずぅーっと一緒に…いたいのに。 Under - 待ちぼうけ薄荷雨。 Pastel Holic - buzz★speaker/さよならの理由 and the first LP by my best friend 4 life
  4. found footage kei! it's lit! still need to hear them tho, but look is p good
  5. i have better things to do than be a hater-ass motherfucker but god, new CLØWD is snoozeville...

  6. nothing better than fresh rarez in th maiiiiillll

  7. man three of y'all in here wild sick, get better soon! the lot of you!
  8. the moral here is obviously never trust a bandomen named ryuryu
  9. hey! welcome! purple stone gang gang
  10. congrats on V-Star for pioneering Time Crisis-kei
  11. digging the sample (モノクロピエロ) on their site, feels like some 90s/00s demo tape business. dinky electronics and a really good atmosphere. the music for that preview sounds like it came from like a Dreamcast game or something i love it
  12. "aladdin" is that frickin' song rihanna is timeless ofc know SECRET but never gotten around to listening to them! same with ayabie, even though i love ryouhei so much and i still haven't listened to much of the recent perfume album but what i have heard hasn't caught my fancy much ny'way: bjork - aurora trance generators - rock to da beat miki furukawa - Freedom leaf the radio dept. - The Idle Urban Contemporaries ミツメ - science my little airport - donald tsang, please die Key Tronics Ensemble - Calypso Of House (Paradise Version) DOGinTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ - いつか。 BOaT - LISTENING 40 (burn up the club '99) URBAN DANCE - A Moment's Pleasure
  13. 1. all these disappearances are wild spooky 2.
  14. omg that is soooo precious i love it