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  1. returnal

    ohmygod this is so iconic also that's not engrish, also we gotta retire that word pls thx
  2. returnal

    what album
  3. returnal

    oh this is the good shit and omdz i'm living for nozomi going from the respectable ramiel to this merry band of messy bitches
  4. returnal

    SNK going real avant-garde having Yoshiki cry on a pile of money for the new OP
  5. ユーリ!!! on SCREAMING

    it's me screaming. i'm screaming

    1. leafwork


      we're all screaming

  6. returnal

    Oh!. Damn.
  7. pretty typical of them, which is fine since their typical steez is still always great. that look though is amazing, especially johannes... killer!
  8. returnal

    damn, all covers of classic c≠g joints... super curious to hear how it'll turn out
  9. returnal

    how long have Resistar's videos once again been viewable in the States??
  10. returnal

    lqqk alert
  11. returnal

    That artwork got it looking like something that'd be released on XEO Invitation or the like
  12. returnal

    if we're keeping it 150% real i'm making this just to hit 400 posts and seemingly get the Coveted Orange Name? edit: omg i finally got it, yey
  13. thank God for vkei
  14. love y'all but get some rest goddamn!
  15. returnal

    ah, that's a shame! hope dude will be alright. i thought they were pretty great and kylyn is an icon.