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  1. returnal

    if a release has an info sticker on the shrinkwrap as opposed to an obi, i do the same thing!
  2. returnal

    omg yes street of alice demo is great and the original version of aliene ma'riage's endless is like... perfect
  3. returnal

    love 'em too, definitely always keep them. not obsessive about only getting old releases only w/ them, but i definitely like how they just... tie everything together.
  4. returnal

    Savage by Ove is just an intro and two songs but has an unimaginable amount of depth to it. it'll never get old.
  5. returnal

    took long enough for this germ to go
  6. returnal

    i don't play it but arjuna has been my husband for like, three years now
  7. Hitoritopia / World End Tree remake album with their new member?
  8. returnal

    some yall (everyone, including me) only post just to hear yourselves speak (that's what the internet was founded on)
  9. pipes like a fucking chapel omdz if there's anyone i want covering akina nakamori it's him god fucking bless

  11. returnal

    Definitely peep this thread: big fave of mine is カリメロ
  12. returnal

    ten copies?? given how expensive and time/resource-intensive it is to press vinyl that's one hell of a flex. hell, that's Asatsu-DK money!
  13. happy birthday fellow milphinne appreciator 😙

  14. returnal

    word? damn, that's pretty awful.
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