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  1. Happy birthday dear! 🎉Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

  2. yeeeesssssss pls
  3. I told y'all Elvis is alive!
  4. this might be a pretty transparent ミズタマ clone and i'm totally fine with that. aicle. style has been overdue for a comeback. interesting to see nozomi here though!
  5. idgaf this bangs yumeji's good af too btw
  6. I'm goddamn shoooooooooooooooooooooook!
  7. all the other missing bandomen are still missing because they know how to order pizza correctly
  8. snatched to high heaven!! also that first look: electroclash never died fxxkers
  9. goddamn they snapped on 最低. i was paranoid they'd lose the sauce but the sauce is even more present than usual this is sounding great (also i thought it was coming out in april... but it's out now!?!?!??! Ahhhhhhhhhh)
  10. 👏bringing👏the👏hoes👏out👏
  11. finally hearing ジャルダン's only song in full and goddamn they left us too early

    1. xriko


      they did how many live. 8/9 live ?

      and youtube down, somebody saved their video?

  12. IM GAY
  13. カリメロ too, mayhaps?