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  1. Hello Japanese metal fans, in the last monts i have bougth the album The Uprising Desolation and i have the lyrics now, i want to send it to Musixmatxh but it dosen't aprove that, but now i have the Lyrics in Metal Archives.com, if you want to see that, you are free to watch. Link: http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Victim_of_Deception/The_Uprising_Desolation/609460
  2. LovelaceCamlo

    So amaizing song i really really love it, the bridges of the song with the drums and the riffs of the gitars makes it become a masterpiece, sure this is the new era of Inception Of Genocide the screams and intrumentals sounds mutch better than the first release (on my opinion), i wish than Inception Of Genocide and all japanese deathcore bands go valorated in the metal world because it is very amaizing just listen to that
  3. Not bad, Hotoke have very good songs, actually they have a new release, but i prefer Inception Of Genocide one thousand times more, just only listen Realize that song reach the all
  4. Actually their songs are original, check the Inception EP it was a very original stuff for me, the Suicide Silence covers are other diferent thing, have you listen Realize? i think it are a very amazing song Abuse quote
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