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  1. I wish more bands did that.
  2. Moose7

    This is going to be very interesting.
  3. Moose7

    I'm Searching for CD Rips of: SAVAGE - 悪趣味な性癖 SHeepSLeep - 「MOMENT」 Case anyone has, we can talk.
  4. Moose7

    Sounds good!
  5. Moose7

    Well, they signed with Starwave, have to keep the label pattern. zzz
  6. Moose7

    Best news of the year so far!
  7. Moose7

    Oh, you guys don't want to know. Seriously.
  8. Moose7

    Akane saying believe in God. lol
  9. Moose7

    I'm eclectic. Taste a bit of everything, you know. But Visual kei is preferred.
  10. LACK-CO. I can't like the sound of them. But in terms of visual, they are cool.
  11. Moose7

    Royz is cool, but Mejibray is better.
  12. SID, but if anyone can overcome is the GazettE.
  13. Mejibray... Because I don't know the other. lol
  14. Moose7

    Lolita23q and that's a little crazy.
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