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  1. Saw it during the broadcast they made on Nico Nico today and everyone loved it ! What a surprise they made, uploading the PV so fast ! Can't wait to see the one for Second Nimbus now x'D Regarding the music, I love the fact that the intro is similar to FROSTI but the song itself is a mix of few genres and that's really nice to hear with the japanese style sounds. Nice Location btw. Quick summary of what we learnt during the stream : (I couldn't get into the corner reserved for the channel member sorry ;;) -Gou's hairstyle is in fact, a wig with a cute ponytail behind -the blue fabric used for the inner part has a clock on it and it's stopped at 12 (the same time when Megamasso started their hiatus=December and are coming back). -Ryohei had to explain the lyrics especially the part about the taste of the futon (well if you can read it you'll figure it but as usual they quite strange) -The Shi is from the Kanji of Rekishi (History) so this a story of the Futon...yup... -Irodori Drop was composed by Inzargi -The A4 box contains 36 pages of photos, a dvd with two pvs, and offshot and you're right this is the cover ! the same for the booklet, and the CD design is maybe a pie the same as frosti. They talked about many things but other than the release so it's not relevant enough to put it here that was just funny to listen x'D You're welcome for the comment ! (They are just talking about their 10th anniversary, the release and the come back) If you order on Brand-x, the limited will come with a DVD comment and CD, and Photos for the two other version (All+inzargi for A, Gou+Ryohei for B).
  2. Kotori

    Ready to revive this topic with you mate ! They took a "hiatus" for that so let's hope so ! But I trust them since their latest releases were really good. They let you one year to save the money to buy this release in fact ahaha. Me too !! But I feel like we will have the spot just one or two weeks before the release as usual. Ah this photo, yes it was when he took the photos with Intetsu and complained because he was bitten by mosquitos (This is what you get for wearing a skirt with this kind of tights poor baby). Yes we need more people to support them ! They also said several times that they wanted to be listened overseas too.
  3. Just to go back to Futon Shi/ Second nimbus. I didn't see it on this page but FARAO posted a video comment from them for the release --> Megamasso Comment While they didn't even upload their individual photos on their OHP x'D The Limited version is quite expensive but the contents with the booklet seem really worth it ! That will be my xmas ! You already can order it on CdJapan and HMV Japan but somehow I want to wait for the bonus to be announced. I love the mix between western and eastern style clothes. The atmosphere looks promising ! I love Ryohei's japanese influenced songs. I personally think that Ryohei will keep Migimimi and Megamasso so no need to fight about that ^^
  4. Kotori

    Ah Nishutari this is so nostalgic now. A very good album, can't wait for the second nimbus now (but let's talk about this in the appropriate topic) Actually...Maybe you already found me without knowing it -laugh- here : (sounds like playing hide and seek when we are living in the same country !! aha
  5. Kotori

    Thank you for the translation of the lyrics ! as expected Kaya's lyrics are always beautiful to listen and to read. It became harder to wait for my Cd now. Can't wait to listen how those lyrics have been put in music. We were wondering the same with some friends for the "Perfana, Purreb, Pebaude" are those words spells ? Maybe Kaya will explain us someday.
  6. Kotori

    Hi everyone sorry for answering so late (weeks have been busy recently...really I apologize) amen : Thank you eiheartx : I really don't know why~ (just kidding) This is where you were hidding all the time I spent looking for a mate who also loves Megamasso ! Honestly I'm so surprised to meet someone not japanese who also love them. It's nice. Let's get along~ Thank you Beni for telling me ! I'll take a look from now. True that I listen to many genres I came here for VK, I'll keep my other music tastes for other places ^^ sume7 : Thank You, I will ! saishuu : I laughed when I saw your picture that totally fit for someone who lives in Paris. SEKHMET : Now that you said that but this is not because of that (even if I also watched X long time ago) Komorebi : BONJOUR~ It's a pleasure ! and meruuushiii like Kamijo would have say with his accent (maybe we already said Bonjour during a live of the king who know) Well everyone see you in the music parts of this forum !
  7. Nice to meet you everyone ! To be honest it's been a while since I wrote on a forum but I kind of missed it. (^u^;)> First a short introduction ! My pen name is Kotori. I'm a 24 years old french girl (half from peru). I'm currently majoring in japanese (senior year of my bachelor). I always loved music but then I started listening to japanese music and discovered VK ten years ago, I also love a idol group called Tsuri x bit (but this is another story). Speaking of Visual Kei I'm a huge fan of MEGAMASSO/MIGIMIMI/AYABIE, VERSAILLES PHILARMONIC QUINTET , KAYA (FEMME FATALE), and D for the mains. When I'm not listening to music I also love drawing and reading fantasy novels. Thank you for reading, I can't wait to talk with everyone, Do not hesitate if you have questions ! ☆
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