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  1. Uraraka

    New MV to 倒錯症レジスタンス released on 16th November 2016 on Mini Album "My Resistance"
  2. I'm quite late to review @saishuu's mix but here we go: The topic was haunted mind (anxiety, depression, fear, panic, etc.) I enjoyed listening to the mix and the topic was really interesting. Actually, I'll keep some of the songs in my own playlist. Thank you for the mix, I'm always happy to discover new music! I apologize. The song reviews are really short, but it's my first time doing something like this. Overall rating: 3.45/5 I needed a calculator for that, what am I
  3. Uraraka

    I'm kind of fascinated by Kanji so I looked up the kanji of The GazettE members and if they have special meanings. And because I really like Uruha (麗) I decided to take his kanji and search for other words/names containing it. So... it kind of became Uraraka (麗らか).
  4. Uraraka

    I couldn't find one, so I decided to make one. They deserve one! I got back into VK thanks to Lost November. So we both can blame them for something (^^)/
  5. OH WAO. Welcome to MH AND  Happy Birthday!

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    2. Uraraka


      I'm visiting them on the weekend, but it's the loneliest birthday in years tbh

      I hope to make friends too, but I'm shy and kind of awkward. ;;
      It's my first year yes. I'm studying Architecture, and I'm so nervous because I don't know how uni works yet ^^;;

    3. togz


      YOOOO I'm the same way. Like at my work... I'm outgoing because being professionally outgoing is different than communicating with people to be friends haha. But... Just stay focused, be you and I think the right people will connect with you. Small or Large group of friends what's most important is that they're meaningful ones. 

      Uni can be scary... I only went for one semester lol or rather it wasn't even University but just community college because it's all i could afford. I chose to work instead... But Universities look so huge... don't get lost ;;


      Also Architecture sounds really hard but cool at the same time. I don't think I could ever be successful at something like that... I don't think I'm smart enough haha.

    4. Uraraka


      I can be outgoing too, if it's important, but making friends is a whole different level... But with time I think I'll find people.

      The costs for my university are (compared to others in my state) quite high, but financial/social projects tend to support you if you have problems with money, but nonetheless I hope to make no debt.

      The campus of my uni is scattered over the whole city, I don't even know left from right yet lol But, I live in a university city so it won't be that hard to find someone who knows what's up. I hope.

      I'm not bad with maths but I'm also kinda creative so I wanted a mixture of that and found architecture. I don't know how hard it will be, but I don't expect much free time ;;

  6. Uraraka

    That's paperplanes, right? I don't like it that much as well. It doesn't feel one ok rock-ish to me tbh but all the other songs on that album are really good (I have it on repeat since a few weeks and refuse to listen to any other oor album lol)
  7. Hello welcome in MH and have fun :grin:

  8. I can't seem to find a local online shop selling Uruha picks. 
    Does anyone know a good online shop shipping to europe/based in europe? 

    1. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      japan discoveries!!!

    2. Uraraka


      thank you! do you have experience with them? I never ordered there.

  9. Uraraka

    Everyone, thank you for the warm welcome!! I really like the recent album. It took some time to get used to the change, but now I can't stop listening to it. But it feels a little... Americanised, if you know what I mean. As for the collaborations... I never really thought about that, yet I don't think of it as bad. About girugamesh: I was so sad to see them disband, and sure I would love to hear more music of them but they had their reasons and I respect that. I will try to follow the members' other activities... But I don't think they'll be joining new bands (or maybe I'm utterly misinformed).
  10. Uraraka

    I'm currently playing Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4 and I blame the steam sale a few weeks ago. And occasionally I play Final Fantasy Type 0 but I'm stuck at a boss and too lazy to level all the characters...
  11. Uraraka

    The GazettE - Wasteland (the beginning just gives me the chills) The GazettE - 千鶴 [Chizuru] One Ok Rock - Heartache Diaura - 月光 [Gekkou] (I haven't got tired of watching the MV yet, tbh)
  12. Uraraka

    Yes, it is a best of. There is no new song, but there are a lot of my personal favourites on there. (It also has a limited Version with a DVD with the 2015 Tour Progress From RUINS Reality Final at 2015.06.06, but I don't own that ;-;).
  13. Uraraka

    Yes I noticed that too. I often need to reread the name (not a big fan of complicated Kanji tbh >.<) You're right! I currently have " Incomplete" on repeat. But "Focus" is also really good.
  14. Uraraka

    DIAURA was formed in 2010 by Vocalist Yo-ka and guitarist Kei (both former Valluna members). Their PVs/MVs and songs have become gradually darker since their first releases. They are the main band of the record label Ains. Vocals: Yo-ka Guitar: Kei (佳衣) Bass: Shoya (翔也) (since 2011) Drums: Tatsuya (達也) (since 2013) Official Website Their latest Release is "月光" from August 3, 2016 and they have an upcoming Album "My Resistance" issued for November 2016. Some of their songs: What do you think about them? And what are your favourite songs/albums?
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