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  1. Seelentau

    i hope lets plays with them in the future
  2. Seelentau

    The quality was better during the stream than as a VOD, for some reason. I'm certain they keep recordings of what each camera filmed, but if anywhere, we'll see it on a DVD/Blu-ray. If there's ever been a reason to make a new documentary, it would be this show and the current situation worldwide. Here's part 2 of the doc: SERAPH published this, btw:
  3. Seelentau

  4. More dates rescheduled: 2020/4/9(Thu.)【OSAKA】NAMBA Hatch →TO BE HELD ON:2020/5/11(Mon.) 【OSAKA】NAMBA Hatch 2020/4/10(Fri.)【OSAKA】NAMBA Hatch →TO BE HELD ON:2020/5/12(Tue.) 【OSAKA】NAMBA Hatch Can't wait for them to realize that they'll have to reschedule the rescheduled shows because this situation probably won't be over in May.
  5. Last minute announcement: Backstage Documentary and Behind Doors Live Concert to be live streamed from KT Zepp Yokohama! DIR EN GREY has just announced that a special live streaming will be broadcasted on March 28th (Sat.) 2020 on the band’s official YouTube Channel. The title for this broadcasting is 「The World You Live In」and it will be streamed live from KT Zepp Yokohama: starting from 14:30, it will bring you into the backstage of a DIR EN GREY show, while it will bring you a behind doors live concert from 19:00 (Japanese time zone). DIR EN GREY 「The World You Live In」 Date and time: March 28th (Sat.) 14:30〜20:30 JST (*)Time schedule may change Where to watch: Official YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/direngreyweb) ◇Contents 14:30~ Backstage Documentary 19:00~ Live Concert (behind closed doors) ◇Talk Room MC: SEXX GEORGE (LADIESROOM) ◇Main MC: You Masuda http://www.sp-freewillonline.com/direngrey/
  6. Man, remember when the biggest issue was that they wouldn't be able to perform at Nippon Budokan for their tour final? Well, the tour itself got partially postponed as well. The following dates have been rescheduled: 2020/3/27 (Fri) [Kanagawa] KT Zepp Yokohama-「a knot」 & ONLINE only- → Thursday, May 14, 2020 [Kanagawa] KT Zepp Yokohama-"a knot" & ONLINE only- 2020/3/28 (Sat.) [Kanagawa] KT Zepp Yokohama-「a knot」 & ONLINE only- → Friday, May 15, 2020 [Kanagawa] KT Zepp Yokohama-"a knot" & ONLINE only- 2020/4/1 (Wed) [Miyagi Prefecture] Sendai GIGS → Friday, May 8, 2020 [Miyagi Prefecture] Sendai GIG 2020/4/4 (Sat) [Hokkaido] Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Civic Hall) → May 6, 2020 (Wed, Shin) [Hokkaido] Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Civic Hall)
  7. Seelentau

    Them fellas will release the 𝓛 𝓘 𝓠 𝓤 𝓔 as a regular Blu-ray on April 29. http://sukekiyo-official.jp/news/1227/ 映像音源集『LIQUEFACIO』 RELEASE DATE : 2020.4.29(水) TYPE : 通常盤 PRICE : ¥6,000(tax out) DISC : 1枚 FORMAT : Blu-ray CATALOGUE NO. : PZBD-001 Manufactured by sun-krad Co., Ltd. Distributed by sun-krad Co., Ltd. sukekiyo TOUR2019「FORTY」 2019年6月27日(木) 中野サンプラザ 01.偶像モラトリアム 02.猥雑 03.沙羅螺 04.アナタヨリウエ 05.純朴、無垢であろうが 06.kisses 07.elisabeth addict 08.aftermath 09.白濁 10.dorothy 11.君は剥き出し 12.本能お断り 13.濡羽色 14.anima 15.ただ、まだ、私。 16.憂染 17.漂白フレーバー
  8. Seelentau

    DIMLIM will be the first vktims of 𝓒 𝓞 𝓡 𝓞 𝓝 𝓐, guys. You read it here first.
  9. Seelentau

    Yessir. Here's that day's setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sukekiyo/2019/veats-shibuya-tokyo-japan-2b9b3cd2.html There's also the actual countdown from that night on the extra DVD, btw.
  10. Seelentau

    Nope, that's exactly what it is. Disc I is the full show with special effects. Disc II is the full show w/o special effects (I think, haven't watched it completely) and snippets from each of the FORTY tour shows. Disc III is the partial audio of the show (I ripped my own audio from the first disc already because of that). Bonus disc is snippets from almost all songs of their NYE live. They included Sesshoku and Valentina, but left out GARA's performances ._.
  11. Seelentau

    Not sure how long it'll take until a full rip is up, so have this as a consolation:
  12. lyncharoni.? xD and my god, the song sounds like lynch. alright why do all their songs sound the same. It's like they have five original songs and each has like 20 versions not disappointing, but also not exciting is what I wanted to say, but the growl came as a surprise indeed, whew
  13. Seelentau

    Tada~ I hope they're in the correct order lol
  14. Seelentau

    So since today's show got cancelled, they posted various clips on Twitter in the order they would've performed them at the show. Sooo thoughtful of them, I'm amazed Will upload the snippets to YouTube later. Most of them come from LIQUEFACIO btw.
  15. Seelentau

    Just a reminder: It's highly likely that the popping sound in the first half isn't intentional... is what I want to say, but knowing sukekiyo, it might as well be.
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