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  1. Sorry for the triple post: (is something wrong with the twitter input for this forum?)
  2. http://kurumeki.tumblr.com/post/173129408786/vnshkk-dir-en-grey-20180420-dir-en-grey "I feel Ningen wo kaburu really is the best at expressing us as we are now."
  3. He didn't, he's just playing over the track with his own guitar, which of course sounds better than the radio take^^
  4. The intro reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold's Nightmare album for whatever reason. It gives me some Western metal feel and then bamm, the actual song starts^^ After having listened to it for some time now, I'm not sure what to think... it feels... all over the place, I'd say? I had the same feeling with Utafumi, if all songs on the new album are like that, it won't top ARCHE for me, tbqh.
  5. It's actually straight from the radio stream ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Yeah, that was because of the other version lol, but I made that one invisible, so away with the "HQ" part I guess~
  7. Watch it before it gets taken dooooown~ HQ:
  8. "Well, for this song... we tried something entirely new... while also keeping in touch with the DIR EN GREY up until now... but it's also the current DIR EN GREY and a glimpse of tomorrow, as well... yeah... I wrote the lyrics mainly from the point of an disabled elderly pregnant child, but I want the fans to form their own opinion on the meaning... it's probably very dark though" That's about the gist of it.
  9. Toshiya in D+L 🤔
  10. from kyotaku: DIR EN GREY twitter 2018.04.19 新木場2日目! 今日は晴れて暖かいですね。TOUR18 真世界も3本目! バックステージの様子も初日の久しぶりな感覚から徐々にTOURモードになってきました。昨年4本のTOURを行っていたのに、やはり感覚は抜けていくものですね。まだ続く真世界。今後このTOURがどの様に変化していくのか楽しみです!高林 The second day at Shinkiba! Today we have nice weather and it’s nice. It’s already the 3rd show of TOUR18 Shinsekai! The atmosphere backstage also became tour mode from the day one. Even so we had 4 tours last year, that feeling leaves you. Shinsekai continues. I’m looking forward to how will this tour develop! Takabayashi ============================================== 2018.04.19 Shinkiba Studio Coast 00 video intro (ver.2 - guy with the shovel) 01 人間を被る / Ningen wo Kaburu 02 Disabled Complexes 03 Repetition of Hatred 04 てふてふ / Tefutefu 05 LOTUS 06 禍夜想 / Magayasou 07 Midwife 08 Behind a vacant image 09 DIABOLOS (demo ver. (short)) 10 new song / Ranunculus 11 腐海 / Fukai 12 THE IIID EMPIRE 13 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 / Hageshisa ENCORE: en14 鴉 / Karasu en15 鱗 / Uroko en16 霧と繭 / Kiri to Mayu en17 Beautiful Dirt en18 詩踏み / Utafumi I really loved the energy today and had such a great time!! There was less ‘I’ll shove you out of my way to the front’ and 'more let’s enjoy this together’, at least around me, but I was standing at exactly the same area as yesterday 😁 Kyo wore a huge shirt with 'wave’ print, Adidas tracksuit pants tucked in white Balenciaga socks amd trainers. His hair was not styled today, but it’s still mint green. He wore stronger make up than yesterday - dark eyeshadow that made his white lenses stand out more. Did Shinya wear his custom made white Madaraningen dress??? Die’s hair was sleek on one side. Toshiya wore the artist photo outfit again. Kaoru’s hair was fluffier? Usually there’s a some very quiet background sound for longer breaks between songs, but this time after DIABOLOS the track was louder? Favourite moment - Kyo shouting 'kakattekoi!!!!!’ without the microphone before Utafumi. After encore Kyo went back to the drum stand and he came back to the edge of the scene wearing the hood towel. After splashing fans with water and throwing the bottle (s?) to fans he wiped his face in the towel and threw it to fans Then he did the 'horn’ pointing (but he points with index and tiny finger and moves them like they’re rabbit ears 😁) he waved us goodbye. Other members were throwing stuff as usual but because of the chaos that happened under the stage with the towel I didn’t see much after Kyo left 😂 ==============================================
  11. Yup, the person I got these from told me that they would have to ask all other members first before they could share them with me. And they obviously won't do that. And even if they did, I'm preeeetty sure they'd ask me not to share them further anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Please up, all these wrong album titles smh: https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/DUM+SPIRO+SPERO+2014.03.08+NIPPON+BUDOKAN/+images/aa9329a80b8aa13920d4d1d78c00f179 https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/Withering+to+death.+[初回仕様限定盤]/+images/7a5cd357e6b0323bb8cac77604849f4d https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/TOUR2011+AGE+QUOD+AGIS+Ratio+ducat,+non+fortuna/+images/2d578d99bf0b23fdbe0bcfdda5a85229 https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/「a+knot」LIMITED+-2012.10.10+SHIBUYA-AX-/+images/b64766219b9cd0c80ddbc00466a99b70 https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/THE+UNRAVELING+[通常盤]/+images/fe2184505893bdc013c74af388497d94 https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/DUM+SPIRO+SPERO+[Disc+2]/+images/bd794b887e78183b07c96826ddc497c3 https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/UROBOROS+-with+the+proof+in+the+name+of+the+living...-+DISC+1/+images/f60064b7756c27339674d5dbed3ab18b https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/THE+MARROW+OF+A+BONE+-UNPLUGGED+DISC-/+images/a06238411574dba345dd8702886e8e6b https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY/2003.07.02+赤坂BLITZ/+images/35d1766a56e8fb1019843eb4106c4555
  13. So apparently, these songs do exist, or at least 04 and 05 do. Don't know about 静寂, but it's also said to be the SE for Gesshoku's live VHS, so huh... There are also some more, that would probably be visnu songs then: neo-nazis, 風の無い処へ, sabbat, slave, mania, end and an unnamed ballad. Along with the 真紅 tape I earlier posted. Of course all these songs are 100% off the internet And three VHS tapes that won't ever see the light of the day: