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  1. I'm not stanning anyone o.ô Dunno what kind of argument you're trying to make here, tbh. All we're saying is that bangya are annoying. Not gonna drop a band because of their fandom, though.
  2. We're not obsessing over our masculinity, we are annoyed by bangya. How does that have anything to do with another?
  3. Yes, I know, doesn't make it any better. Just proves that extremism about anything is never good.
  4. I don't think that's his point, tho. There's a difference in being interested in a band bc of their members and being interested in a band bc of their music. You can be both, of course, but if your interest in the members overshadows your interest in the music to the point that you literally think you're the vocalist's fiancee, know what they're feeling or read each and every tanuki post about them, it's just weird and obsessive. The people who are like that are also more than often the ones that scream "Kyo-sama" or "Die-chan" or whatever at their concerts, at any possible point, especially during moments where the crowd is supposed to be quiet (in Rinkaku, for example). It's just agitating as hell. Same for the Germans. Especially since it's pronounced "anko~ru". :^)
  5. I know. But I want the files, since I don't have them yet. Please send them over :x
  6. Can you still share them please? Oh by the way, I didn't mean you with the "confused fan", I just know that list from batsu, where a fan asked about those songs. Thought you copied it from there or so.
  7. If you actually have those tracks, please upload them and I can tell you what's what.
  8. That's not a demo-list, though, just a list by a confused fan.
  9. All Western. Don't know where exactly these people live^^
  10. But where's the picture of the live from? It doesn't look like Fool's Mate or SHOXX to me... ô.o
  11. I asked a tanuki tumblr about it a few years ago and she said that these names are true, according to tanuki. But that's all just rumours, of course.^^ I don't really care about the band members, either. I just know that Kaoru confirms his name in Haiiro no Ginka vol. 0 and his book Dokugen, and Shinya in Haiiro no Ginka vol. 0, too.
  12. I'm amazed at how widespread those wrong names like Tooru Niimura or Nishimura are, tbh. I wasn't into DEG at the vkei-craze (06~08), but whenever I read posts from that time online... Western bangya are scary, man. I think I probably dislike (or outright hate) 99% of the DEG fanbase. I just read a certain person's tumblr and there are so many things about Kyo's feelings and whatever, some people claiming to be his fiancee and other weird shit. Those names are/were thought to be real on tanuki some years ago. I've yet to hear any update. This is the source for "Nishimura Tooru", btw: Dunno if it's from a KERA magazine, though. Also, the name lacks furigana, so there's multiple possible ways to read it. Funnily, "Niimura" is not one of the readings, no idea where that name comes from. The only actually confirmed names are "Kaoru" and "Shinya", as in, only the first names. I've also read that Kyo sometime confirmed that his last name is "Nishimura", but well, no real source for that.
  13. 安東 大 西村 宏則 新倉 薫 原 敏政 寺地 晋也 …だね
  14. Does anyone know the source of this photo? It's from a magazine, but I have no clue which one ._.