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  1. Man, this thread was an interesting read. Here's some more pictures of Ki$aki's old bands, just for completion's sake I guess:
  2. http://www.metalsucks.net/2018/11/11/threatins-live-guitarist-and-drummer-have-quit-the-band-mid-tour/ Looks like two of his support dudes had had enough already lul
  3. Seelentau

    Sound effect. jic your reaction means you don't trust me, from jpwiki: 音響効果(おんきょうこうか)、サウンドエフェクト (sound effect)、略してSEともいう。音楽コンサートにおいては開演前に客席に流す音楽や歌曲もSEと呼ぶ。 "Sound effect" is also called "SE" (from English "sound effect"). The music that plays for the audience before a concert starts is also called "SE".
  4. Seelentau

    Some more La:Sadie's stuff and magazines. This means that the following La:Sadie's shows have been released sometime ago: [the first three were allegedly sold for the first time on 20.12.1996, that could explain the different versions] 13.08.1996 - Maebashi Ratan (no pics available) 14.08.1996 - Kumagaya Vogue (one song leaked) 16.08.1996 - Niigata O-DO 20.08.1996 - Ichikawa CLUB GIO (two songs leaked) 29.08.1996 - Osaka amHall (completely leaked, often mislabeled as LS' last live) 30.08.1996 - Osaka amHall I've also added La:Sadie's to setlist.fm: https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/lasadies-7bd6c2b0.html Some entires even have setlists, but most are empty, of course^^
  5. Seelentau

    I finally got around to double-checking this, so for those who care: MAGGOT, 眠りの迷い, THE FATAL BELIEVER, 菩提樹, ネヴァーダイ are from the August 1, 2006 concert. 刹那 and 残‐ZAN‐ are from the May 31, 1997 concert. I think they're from the cassette rip, as opposed to the more common rip you can find on YouTube. 藍紫色 is from the October 28, 1997 concert. raison detre and Unknown... are from the October 30, 1997 concert, the latter was actually still called 刹那 at that time. No clue where exactly Cage is from, but it's a live arrange version that was performed on the tour 2000>>20001 macabre. As for the rest, some are fake tracks, the others are live tracks from official releases, I think.
  6. Seelentau

    Never trust a translation you haven't done yourself I guess
  7. Seelentau

    kyo_official twitter 2018.10.31 sukekiyoリハスタート致しました。 2日あるところはメニューと演出を変える予定です。 あとBGMを無くし、その間、公演が始まる前はメンバーのインタビューを流そうと思ってます。全ての会場、全て別のインタビューを流す予定です。今回が終わればもうやらない曲も結構出るのかなと思っております。 京 sukekiyo started rehearsal. When there are two days we will have a different menu (setlist?) and performance. Also, there won’t be a BGM, at that time we will have a video of members interviews. For each venue there will a different interview. And I’m also thinking of playing lots of songs we usually don’t in case it’s the last time. Kyo by kyotaku last time, huh
  8. Seelentau

    Yup, the original one, from what I know.
  9. Seelentau

    Original Karma, Aoitsuki and Byou""Shin were played in 2017, the others haven't been played in a looong time. "S" was played once in 2004, the others haven't been played since 2001 and original Kiri to Mayu was only ever played in 1997, from what I know. From six Ugly, they played all songs in 2016, except for children in 2017 and Byou""Shin not at all. :]
  10. Seelentau

    Dir en grey 「楓」~If Trans・・・~ CRYSTAL VIDEO BOX mail-order version (2000 limited), came with an extra pamphlet for Dir's 1998.2.21 show and a TMOAB poster. Finally, and only for 20€
  11. Seelentau

    That's exactly the kind of "fan" I meant in the other thread some days ago. Absolutely disgusting.
  12. Seelentau

    Hiragana, huh. Wonder if it's a stylistic choice or a first hint of a re-naming...
  13. Seelentau

    Kisaki and just about everyone
  14. Seelentau

    Karma was released as a digital version in 2008 or 2009, but you could only get it via the band's Utafull website, which is super-old and mobile only. Maybe TNP has a rip of the VHS. Regarding the story behind KtM and SnY, the latter's lyrics were written first, but a day before recording, Kyo was asked to change the lyrics. Regarding GARDEN, I'm not sure if those ar actually two different versions. It's not like SnY and Karma, that were forced on the kaede VHS, after all. But I can tell you that the PV was recorded in May 1997 (although I can't find my source for that right now, I think it was because of the same location and outfits?). Oh and kaede was initially released in December 1997.
  15. Seelentau

    No, I was right behind him. His whole demeanour was so weird, can't even really describe it. Maybe it was because of his girlfriend, but I think he absolutely wanted to appear as super cool, but only came off as condescending. But I met some nice people after the concert, so that cancelled each other out, I guess.