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  1. Seelentau

    Ah, so that's what blacktooth meant xD But I actually meant any song by Dir en grey. :^)
  2. Seelentau

    Ask me when Dir played a song the last time :^)
  3. Tereko trading is still a thing, but it's very hard to get into the scene for newcomers, especially those in the West. It's also very easy to get shunned in the scene. Personally, I really don't like it when people hoard rarities just so that they have something that nobody else has. It's one of the highest forms of arrogance. This does not only go for tereko, but also Western bootlegs (like rare video recordings, demos etc.). There are so many 90s Slipknot shows that won't ever see the light of the day, simply because whoever has them refuses to leak them .__. But then again, I'm obviously not uploading my terekos for a similar reason: If I did, they'd lose their worth and I wouldn't be able to trade them for more^^
  4. lul, Yubisui was talking to someone from DEG just recently, can't remember to whom or what the context was, though it's on kyotaku's tumblr
  5. Seelentau

    FTFY and it's all just Kyo noises
  6. Seelentau

    I trade them for other songs. :] And yes, as I said, that's one of the lines on the screen during the performance. Same for Ranunculus (which is also clearly audible in the refrain).
  7. Seelentau

    No, I have recordings of those songs. The second song is "Punk is not dead", yes. Aside of "gone mad", the line "I cannot love myself" also appears on the screen. No clue about backing vocals, but they're not credited, at least.
  8. Seelentau

    The song they played at mode of DSS reminds me of "Bring them to light", tempo-wise. It's entirely guttural, too. There's a slower, more melodic part in the middle. ~3 minutes long. The Tour18 song has Toshiya providing backing growls. Kyo mostly sings with his normal voice. Again, fast paced tempo with a slower section in the middle, Kyo growls here. Some crazy gibberish in the latter half. The chorus has this "climax" thingy to it, that Kyo does in some songs. ~3:30 long. Ranunculus is a ballad. Very slow and melodic.
  9. Seelentau

    Reminds me of Toshl aka ToshL But I think that was due to legal / trademark reasons...
  10. Seelentau

    Did... did they name their album XLLL?
  11. Seelentau

    If they have been compared to or called the next Dir en grey, obviously. :]
  12. Reading this, I'm so glad that I absolutely have no ear for music lol I'd never be able to tell if a song is good or bad in its mixing, or if the drums are flat or whatever else could be wrong with a song
  14. Seelentau

    what did I just watch xD
  15. That tour titles comes from the single, though.