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  1. also this ^ and this v ■NEW SINGLE『落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』(Pia Arena MM Special Package version) 【Tracklist】 DISC1: CD 01. 落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora) 02. CLEVER SLEAZOID 03. Followers [LIVE] ※Live Take at Islington Assembly Hall on Feb 5, 2020 DISC2: Blu-ray / DVD TOUR20 This Way to Self-Destruction 2020.02.08 Elysée Montmartre -Paris/France 01. 絶縁体 (Zetsuentai) 02. 軽蔑と始まり(Keibetsu to Hajimari) 03. 赫(Aka) 04. Downfall 05. Values of Madness 06. 谿壑の欲(Keigaku no Yoku) 07. Ranunculus 08. The World of Mercy The World You Live In 2020.03.28 KT Zepp Yokohama SE 01. 人間を被る(Ningen wo Kaburu) 02. 軽蔑と始まり(Keibetsu to Hajimari) 03. Merciless Cult 04. 朔-saku- 05. 絶縁体(Zetsuentai) 06. 赫(Aka) 07. Downfall 08. 腐海(Fukai) 09. 谿壑の欲(Keigaku no Yoku) 10. Ranunculus 11. The World of Mercy 12. Sustain the untruth 13. 詩踏み(Utafumi) ※The live footage do not come in the same edit of the YouTube Livestream. ※Title, track list and contents for『落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』(Pia Arena MM Special Package version) may be subject to change.
  2. DIR EN GREY NEW SINGLE『落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』DIGITAL RELEASE: Tracklist unveiled! 2020.06.24 NEWS The track list of the upcoming NEW SINGLE 2020「落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)」 has just been unveiled. The single will be released digitally this summer. DIR EN GREY NEW SINGLE 『落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』 DIGITAL RELEASE 【Tracklist】 01. 落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora) 02. CLEVER SLEAZOID 03. Followers [LIVE] ※Live Take at Islington Assembly Hall on Feb 5, 2020 A physical edition of the single, 『落ちた事のある空(Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』(Pia Arena MM Special Package version), has been announced as special gift for the fans who do not wish to have their tickets for the canceled “The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-” shows, scheduled to be held at Pia Arena MM on July 23th and 24th, 2020. ▶More information HERE ※Title and contents may be subject to changes.
  3. Seelentau

    It depends. If it's about pure numbers, my collection is not that big. I basically just have all regular albums and singles and then some other stuff. But there's people who collect not only music, but also magazines, tour goodies etc., those collections easily outnumber mine. I've seen some on Facebook that have entire shelves full of magazines the members appeared in, their fanclub magazine etc. But I don't really collect those, so of course collectors like that have more physical stuff than I do. But if it comes to rarity, then yeah, I've yet to see someone who can outdo mine in that aspect. I do know two or three others who have the GAUZE LP, though. But I don't know anybody else who has some of the tapes I have, for example. And then there's all those tereko that most fans don't have, of course. But I think I said so elsewhere: It's not that hard to do if you're willing to spend money on it. GAUZE LP used to be this holy grail, but I've seen so many for sale in the last three years only, it's not really thaaat special. Now, VULGAR LP on the other hand... So obviously, there are people who have stuff that's more rare than mine, but they don't post it online, sadly. 😕
  4. Seelentau

    I bought it. It does pop up from time to time on mercari.
  5. Seelentau

    It's been a minute since I took pics of my DIR EN GREY collection, so here it is. Cassette tapes: VHS tapes: Abums: EPs/Best-ofs: DVDs: Singles: Promos:
  6. Seelentau

    Haven't posted here in a while. Since February, I got all this stuff: https://imgur.com/a/OQmOcCj That is: sukekiyo - 接触 (Cassette) sukekiyo - ANIMA (CD + Blu-ray) DIR EN GREY - 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (CD + DVD) DIR EN GREY - ARCHE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN (2Blu-ray + CD) - gonna return this one though, the seller marked it as DVD, not Blu-ray .__. DIR EN GREY - DECADE 2003-2007 Dir en grey - 列島激震行脚 Final 2003 5 Ugly Kingdom ‎(DVD) Outline In Color - Jury of Wolves (CD) and a bunch of magazines if any of the bands interest you, let me know and I'll scan their pages
  7. Seelentau

    I did, but I made some mistakes while recording, so some minutes are missing. Plus, I can't upload the video. But this dude did: https://www.dailymotion.com/ROBICONIC
  8. Seelentau

    That's what actually bothers me the most: There are channels that do literally nothing but upload straight from the DVDs/Blu-rays. I mean, I know my channel is technically as much in the wrong as those others. But at least I make an effort not to upload any officially released material. Besides, in which year do they live when they think that material that was once uploaded to the internet (or streamed) can stay exclusive? It's 2020, if you upload something that is important to someone, they'll grab it before you can take it down again. There's no such thing as "exclusivity" with such content. So no idea why they'd go after me specifically. For now, I've made all my videos private and won't upload anything new until the strikes have expired. Then I'll have to see where to go from there. But of course, this ain't my whining thread, sorry for the OT^^ Edit: Now some rabbid fangirl reported my facebook account... what a strange day.
  9. Seelentau

    Looks like they seriously targeted me, lots of other old videos are either blocked worldwide or have received a content ID claim. So I guess that's it for my channel. ._.
  10. W... why is this in Updates? Edit: well
  11. Seelentau

    Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions. They better plan to use the stream for something. >< Here's a reup:
  12. Seelentau

  13. jic you're serious, I just want to note that the translation in question was wrong
  14. Seelentau

    Not sure where to post this, but details for the talk livestream was revealed today: https://kyotakumrau.tumblr.com/post/618059742712037376/dir-en-grey-line-20200514-the-details-of-dir-en DIR EN GREY LINE 2020.05.14 The details of DIR EN GREY LIVE ARCHIVE & SPECIAL TALK on official YouTube channel have been decided! The first part of the two-part stream, LIVE ARCHIVE will consist of the whole live footage chosen by the members who will participate in the SPECIAL TALK on that day. We hope you will stay excited while trying to predict which live footage will get streamed! The second part, SPECIAL TALK, will be arranged into three segments, topics you will be only able to hear in this program! We're planning a free talk session based on various topics, as well as a special edition of Kaoru's program The Freedom of Expression※ or Q&A time to answer some questions from the YouTube chat. ※「The Freedom of Expression」-special edition- MC:Kaoru GUEST:Joe Yokomizo SPECIAL GUEST: [DAY1] Shinya [DAY2] Die&Toshiya [DAY3] 京 「DIR EN GREY LIVE ARCHIVE & SPECIAL TALK」 05/16 (Sat) 18:00〜 [DAY1] GUEST:Kaoru & Shinya 05/23 (Sat) 18:00〜 [DAY2] GUEST:Die & Toshiya 05/30 (Sat) 18:00〜 [DAY3] GUEST:Kyo & Kaoru DIR EN GREY OFFICIAL YOUTUBE The stream will not be archived so please join us watching on the day! We are looking forward to your comments on the yt stream chat and posts on social media with a tag #DIRENGREYSP Since the stream won't be archived, I'll make a screen capture recording of the talk sessions, I guess.
  15. Na, you aren't. I'm not using Spotify and stuff either. I'm just DLing and buying the CDs etc. when they're available, some way or another. And I'm positive that they'll release a physical version at a later point. I don't expect the digital version to have more than three tracks, either. I can imagine that they'll make a huge fuss over the physical release, advertising it with a bonus DVD and stuff. So basically their regular single release.
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