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  1. Seelentau

    I'm still missing about half of their releases. 😕
  2. Seelentau

    Dir en grey - Taiyou no Ao 1-track-sampler Dir en grey - Taiyou no Ao 3-track-sampler
  3. Seelentau

    Gomenasai, my name is Ken-Sama. I'm a 27 year old American Otaku (Anime fan for you gaijins). I draw Anime and Manga on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my art and playing superior Japanese games. (Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Persona series) I train with my Katana every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through steel because it is folded over a thousand times, and is vastly superior to any other weapon on earth. I earned my sword license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day. I speak Japanese fluently, both Kanji and the Osaka dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about Japanese history and their bushido code, which I follow 100% When I get my Japanese visa, I am moving to Tokyo to attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become an animator for Studio Ghibli or a game designer! I own several kimonos, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Japan, so I can fit in easier. I bow to my elders and seniors and speak Japanese as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond. Wish me luck in Japan!
  4. Seelentau

    Yeah, I just saw two kanji and thought "ah, that's probably Hidauta", since I'd have recognised Hakudaku at least^^ Ironically, "waizatsu" means confusion. :^)
  5. Seelentau

    Turns out I need to polish my Japanese sometime. The second song they played was not "Hidauta" (as I thought it to be), but a new song called "Waizatsu". Both have two kanji, so I confused them^^
  6. Seelentau

    Ah, that one. Yeah, I'd love to hear it. In general, I'm pretty exited for the album. ADORATIO was alright. But it irks me that "PASSIO" has no subtitle.
  7. Seelentau

    Two new songs? The only new one they played was "Rongai na ikimono toshite", according to their twitter. Or did they play the new version of "kisses" as well? Would be interesting to know for setlist.fm
  8. Seelentau

    "Birth Name: 西村 亨 (Tooru Nishimura)" 😪
  9. Seelentau

    22 years today, Dir en grey was officially formed.
  10. Seelentau

    They'll do an "album release commemoration" live on March 20. I can't recall them doing the same for their previous albums. Could mean that they won't be doing a Budokan show for TIW.
  11. Seelentau

    I uploaded the whole DVD to my YouTube channel
  12. Seelentau

    He was the support-guitarist in D+L, yes. But he was the support-bassist in GOSICK.
  13. Seelentau

    22 years ago, on January 24, 1997, DIR EN GREY played their first ever show at Nagano J. Kyo, Kaoru, Die and Shinya arrived the day before and met Toshiya in a parking lot. They stayed at Toshiya's parents' house over night and on the next day, they booked two hours in a studio to rehearse. In the evening, there was an event and the future members of DIR EN GREY performed on stage together for the first time. Since they had not thought of a band name, they called themselves DEATHMASK and played around four Kuroyume cover songs. Toshiya also performed with D+L as their support guitarist on that evening. So since it's already the 24th in Japan, today marks 22 years since the true beginning of DIR EN GREY! 😊
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