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  1. The THIRTEEN - IGNITTION13 Teaser2 They will make lives with great bands
  2. tomika

    No regular is only CD version But thank you
  3. GAMUSHARA and WHITE DUST covers.
  4. I have to sell some merch. Shipping isn't included. Shipping from Poland. DIR EN GREY - DUM SPIRO SPERO – eu edition, with sticker – 7€ - ON HOLD DIR EN GREY - THE UNRAVELING – eu edition – WITH AUTOGRAPHS!!! – only reasonable offers DIR EN GREY - ARCHE – eu edition, 2 disc, bonus to VIP ticket – 10€ GUILD – GUILDED - eu edition – 5€ Lycaon – LAST DANCE – 5€ Lycaon - Akujo no Hohoemi – 7€ D’espairsRay – Spiral Staircase #15 Final – eu edition – 7€ Japanese Bands in Germany 2004-2010 – 2€ Versailles photoset from eu tour 2011 – 7€ GYZE – BLACK BRIDE WORLD TOUR sticker – 2€ Gab vol. 72 (12/2014) (NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST on cover) – 2€ Gab vol. 74 (04.2015) (the Raid on cover) – 2€ Gab vol. 75 (06.2015) (FEST VAINQUEUR on cover) – 2€ Gab vol. 77 (10.2015) (GRIVA on cover) – 2€ Club Zy MAG vol. 025 (05-06.2015) (Royz on cover) – 2€ EvoL’v vol. 7 (09.2015) (Tokami on cover) 1€ Cure V-spash vol. 36 (09.2016) (ASTARIA/Schwarz Kain on cover) – 2€ Seven vol. 10 (10.2016) (K/Gossip on cover) – 2€ Mad Tea Party MAGAZINE vol. 1 (06.2015) – 3€ VR vol. 039 (10.2015) – 3€ AREA & EDGE MONTHLY SCHEDULE… vol. 083 (10.2015) flyers magazine – 3€ AREA & EDGE MONTHLT SCHEDULE… vol. 095 (10.2016) flyers magazine – 3€ MORRIGAN – Aryu cheki – SOLD MORRIGAN – Setsuna cheki – 6€ All photos: here Feel free to ask.
  5. @Gichi GichiI don't feel offended about it, maybe my last post might seem on sth like this but I'm not. It's all time quite funny to read that they copy everybody and everything because for example somebody 10/15 year ago have the same title song or single <even it isn't dir en grey>. You could like them or not but now you don't know anything about new singles songs so it's nothing to discuss now. You could laugh because Mao's green hair <facepalm I hate this color so much>.
  6. I see it like what Mao or his projects do it will be always bad... only because he is Kyo's fanboy <and always wanted be like him> I have a friend who never liked Sadie, because she is big DeG fan. But she love The 13 so much, because she know that Mao is great singer and now she don't see Kyo and DeG in his music... To me all of this is creepy. If you really don't like their music why you listen it? Comment it? I hate Mejibray so much but I don't talking about it, don't know what they do now, it isn't interesting to me.
  7. I like WHITE DUST look so much. Don't be like this. Why people talking shit about them not important what they do....
  8. Track lists to both singles (regular version) GAMUSHARA 1. GAMUSHARA 2. BABY GO FOR IT 3. OH MY GOD WHITE DUST 1. WHITE DUST 2. シンデレラ (CINDERELLA) 3. GIRLS BE AMBITOUS Hate because "Girls be ambitious" title 3... 2... 1... START Nevermind... to me hating them all time about everything is ridiculous...
  9. Matenrou Opera after many years again in EU. I'm very happy. I can go on good concert after long time.
  10. I thought the same... <3 I'm so curious what ANDROGYNOS will be. And I will be very happy if PIERROT will back too.
  11. tomika

    Why only active bands? Most of my faves are disbanded or on hiatus. Ok, let's try. 1. DIR EN GREY 2. The THIRTEEN 3. MUCC 4. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST 5. xaa-xaa 6. DEZERT 7. DIAURA 8. MERRY 9. SuG 10. DADAROMA
  12. tomika

    I could take all flyers, free magazings or sth like this. I love to collect such things
  13. tomika

    Maybe in the end I will write m the WTB list. The highest priority have all CDs/DVD D'espairsRay 「S」 yste 「M」 さくら (Sakura) 蒼 (Ao) RAZOR Sixth TERROR Kumo - 1st press Genwaku - 1st press Sexual Beast - 2nd press Garnet - 2nd press BORN - regular edition Final Call - regular edition Redeemer - regular edition Antique - regular edition Murder day - DVD limited edition chekis, magazines, photoset, flyers, towels and other merch... maybe except posters
  14. I'm really happy about this project. And have a hope that will be their main project. Shounenki were one of my fav bands.
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