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  1. You Killed Me First

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some UNiTE. artwork that my girlfriend and I have been making. We are so excited about this band, the only bad thing is not being able to figure out how to order shirts from a Japanese website! lol Oh well! Hope you are all well, enjoy! Btw, we are streets artists too so UNiTE. will end up in the streets of Las Vegas to Los Angeles, well if you are into that sort of thing. Thanks....
  2. You Killed Me First

    I like all sorts of different music, from newer stuff like Ghost to 80's punk and goth. But for the past few weeks it has just been UNiTE. lol My girlfriend and I have even been making UNiTE. artwork we are so obsessed.
  3. You Killed Me First

    So far I've only listened to Aicle and UNiTE. but those two alone are so amazing that I've been stuck on Aicle for years and now UNiTE. is my absolute fav.
  4. You Killed Me First

    Hey there, I stumbled onto this site having just gotten into UNiTE. and I'm trying to locate and devour all I can! Cool site!!
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