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    After their one-man live 「Re;birth day」at 高田馬場AREA at 2016.12.14
  3. On September 10 1st Album DOPEDOWN 1.MASK 2.Anthem of Mavericks 3.Revolve 4.MONSTARIZE 5.Prologue 6.不退転 7.Kingdom 8.Sign
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    I don't know if it's the right place for it, or if it’s ok to share it here, but... TOUR16-17 from depression to ________ [mode of Kisou] Report from todays live Every word unspoken, every thought left and buried. These are the words I couldn't say. The Words You Can't Hear. DIR EN GREY From Depression to ________ [Mode of Kisou] Fukuoka International Congress Centre 11/20/2016 Tonight’s concert, I’d say, is one of the best performances of the band, technically, in my humble opinion. Kyo was super spot on in all songs. Low registers, high notes all perfectly executed. This is gonna be long. Read and be bored. 😅 I saw all of the members from my seat since the venue has a slope like set up. It was a struggle to watch them because everyone demands for attention. So painful. We started with Kigan and Kyo was playful from the onset. In Zomboid, the intro was played with a spotlight on Shinya. It was divine how he played them drums! 😍 In most songs the background was the purgatory-like image. It must be some painting? The first 3 songs, lighting was intricately scheduled. There were no background screens. In the break between Utafumi and Undecided, Kyo sat just at the edge of Shinya’s drumset - where he normally places his bottled water and towel. Kaoru was the last to come back and they played a medley of slow songs. It’s wonderful. I have no words because it seems they arranged the setlist this way. It’s painfully heartbreaking and all perfectly played by the band. Kyo has embraced the lyrics of Kisou and his singing, I’d say, was much more felt than when I watched them in Kawasaki. Undecided was again played with a spotlight on Die during the intro. Ah Die was sitting on a high chair in 3 songs if I’m not mistaken. There was one part of the song when Toshiya stared at Kaoru as he played. Call me crazy but that’s how it looked to me. I really adore Kyo’s performance in Undecided because he sang it exactly as the same arrangement in the album - so perfectly in tune. The image in the background was that of burning letters or pictures? Rinkaku followed and DAMN THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT PERFORMANCE OF THE SONG THAT IVE SEEN LIVE! I was teary eyed by the end of the song. Shinya, Die, Kaoru, Toshiya were all lost in their instruments like never before - it was truly stunning! Kyo sang it perfectly oh my goodness… I can see them all in my head and I’m speechless. If only I could bottle that performance and keep it forever… Kaoru mouthed the lyrics during the last verse and it was so obvious how emotional he was in the song. Rinkaku… you’re so perfect. The band’s chaos is just so beautiful in this song. 😭 Cause of fickleness! Kyo’s signature dance move! He literally was instructing us to move like he does aaarrghhhhh I CANNOT HANDLE THE CUTEEEE! Shinya’s songs in tonight’s live are too powerful I just cannot! Hmm… the background in this was the lyrics. In between Cause and Embryo, while waiting for Totchi, Die and Kaoru to come back, Kyo was kneeling down at the edge of Shinya’s drum set. Hehe. Already tired, Kyo-chan? Lol. Embryo. As usual Totchi had his pick in between his lips during the verses. Kyo was gyrating ever so slightly in this song. What a tease. Kyo sang this perfectly. No mistakes in the lyrics this time haha. I believe Die was sitting in a high chair during this song. Hmmm yeah, he was. Ah the background here is a constellation that forms an image of an unborn baby. I waited for Totchi to throw the pick after the song but he didn’t. The next song was Mushi. Totchi was throwing glances at Kaoru during the latter’s guitar solo towards the end. Again, I know I’m crazy. Maybe unless Totchi was looking at someone beyond Kaoru? Hmmm… Kyo sang this song so painfully. I thought he would just drop dead on the floor and cry. He was too lost in the song - it was heartbreaking. In the end he said “生きて” while he was slumped on the floor. 😭😭😭 New song. The more I hear it, the more I hear Kasumi. And now I cannot unhear “Ranunculus”. It has grown in me, this song. Is it Kaoru’s? The lighting in this song was gorgeous. Purple and Blue (uhuh… uhuh… yes, i’m reading into this. So what?!). And in the final chorus it turned purple and yellow? Or brown? Ugh. Colorblind me. I believe it was after this song that Toshiya unceremoniously threw his pick - in the darkness. It was my first time to hear 24 Shirinda live and it was so powerful. Die was the one backing up on “Give me love, give me pain, give me…” Totchi’s basslines here reverberated in the whole hall oh my goodness.😍 Background was red things-something ugh I can’t remember. Karasu - Totchi was on fire. My eyes were glued on him in this song. He used his mic stand as an effect to the song just like in In Situ though not as sexy. He was almost kneeling on the floor as he played this song. Soooooo intense!!! I LOST ALL SENSE WHEN THEY STARTED PLAYING UGLY. Ugly is like one of my most fave songs and I’ve been praying that they play this song live so I can headbang to it like there’s no tomorrow. And that I did. “DIEEEE!!!!” This song is super intense it should be in every live. REALLYYYY!!!! THE BASS SOLO, THE GUITAR RIFFS, THE SWEET OH SWEET DRUM BEATS AAAHHH IM TRULY IN LOVE. Un deux - same background as usual (tower? Church?) Totchi was particularly jumpy in this song. Encore. Except for Kaoru, the rest were wearing merch/con goods. Die and Shinya wearing the dolman t-shirt. Totchi and Kyo wearing long sleeved top. Toshiya wasn’t wearing neck harness this time. Only Shinya - which he later threw to the crowd (and was retrieved by a girl wearing a dress who dove to the stairs - who said you can’t dive when you wear short skimpy dress? Hmm. That girl. Respect to fangirls INCREASED!). Domestic fucker family - indeed the lyrics were flashed on screen. I wasn’t dreaming the last time haha. Umbrella - i so love umbrella. Kyo was motioning the crowd to jump and move their hands in sequence it was soooo cute (during Miss girl very fond of child). What else… - Totchi looks so genuinely happy. So giggly, so smiley. It’s like everything we do, he’d laugh and giggle like a little boy/girl! - Kaoru soooo pouty and only half of his mouth was drawn with black ink (does that make sense? Lol!). He was competing with Toshiya on the crab dance in many of the songs. His feet apart almost all of the time just like Totchi and damn he mouths the lyrics when he’s so into the song! He waa also very close to the crowd, he kept on stepping on the ledge to rile them up. - Kaoru, after the encore, agaaaiiin teased the crowd when he was throwing his picks away. He was telling the fans to put their hands together like asking for alms before he’d throw the picks. What a bully! 😂😂😂 - Shinya wore the pink killer shirt during encore and when he drums away, the shirt falls off his shoulders. 😵 i love it. So sexy. - There were 3 songs in which Die and Totchi (and Kaoru at one point) were hovering on Shinya’s area. And Totchi was so giggly like there’s an inside joke or something. - Bass guitar trouble. Can’t remember which song but Totchi’s bass malfunctioned and his tech ran to him with a replacement guitar while gesturing NG. Totchi was shocked and looked disappointed (poor boy, ehm man) as he tried to follow on the song. - Kyooooo!!! He sneakily went again to Kaoru’s side and was making faces and gesturing his fingers with a poking motion! Kaoru was so deep in his guitar playing and when he heard us all laughing he looked at Kyo and Kyo just innocently walked away (since he really didn’t do anything!!! Haha!). - Kyo’s next victim was Die and he did his poking gestures from behind Die and once again walked away innocently when Die realized there was someone behind him. - Totchi was a bouncing baby boy again. Literally. He bounced from his ledge to Kyo’s ledge (oh those long legs I wish I could capture that long leeeaaaappp moment!). He was also jumping around in Un Deux’s chorus literally jumping 360 degrees, like a crab leaping lol. He was so adorable! - After the customary throwing of almost everything they have, Toshiya who was standing on Kyo’s ledge, stepped down and when we all thought he was gonna walk out of the stage, HE TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF. JUST LIKE THAT. I thought I wouldn’t hear the end of screaming. Even the guy beside me reacted because it was just too sudden, too unexpected? We, our precious eyes were once again graced by the washboard abs of manly Toshiya. I can never get used to it. I just can’t. I wish I can turn it off but man, he’s soooo attractive! Particularly tonight he was so unguarded, so relaxed, so… playfully calm. I soooo envy whoever he ends up with (not that I’m wishing to be the one haha! I’m on Kaoru’s side forevaaah!). All right, that I guess ends my almost endless ramblings. Forgive the fangirl in me. I do this and write forever because I want to commit what I experienced to something I can read in the future. I have a memory of a goldfish. Pffft. Setlist - hope it’s correct! I haven’t checked Twitter yet. 01 SE 02 Kigan 03 Zomboid 04 Utafumi 05 Undecided 06 Rinkaku 07 Cause of fickleness 08 Embryo 09 Mushi 10 New song 11 24 Shirinda 12 Karasu 13 Filth 14 Ugly 15 Un deux Encore EN01 GDS EN02 Mr. Newsman EN03 Domestic Fucker Family EN04 Umbrella EN05 Sustain the untruth EN 06 Jessica http://theghostinmyroom.tumblr.com/post/153428826754/dir-en-grey-from-depression-to-mode-of
  5. Vo.Luna AxiL → ツクヨミ (Tsukuyomi) Gt.Tokia AxiL → ツクヨミ (Tsukuyomi) Ba.Mahhshi 虐殺-gyakusatsu- → ツクヨミ (Tsukuyomi) supportDr.Hell ツクヨミ (Tsukuyomi)(support)
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    vo.VaN Morpho Gt.山田。/ Yamada. CKroll → Vaille → Vazella → Morpho Gt. 颯太 / Souta Vazella(support) → Morpho Ba.未来斗 / Mikito Morpho
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    They will hold their demonstration live tthis November 20th 2016 at the Takadanobaba AREA. Vo.NANA XIX-nineteen- Gt.知 / Tomo XIX-nineteen- Gt.珠里 / Juli XIX-nineteen- Ba. こうすけ / Kousuke Adrays → パンデミック(PANDEMIC) → XIX-nineteen- Dr. isamu ZaЯieL → えちる(Ethyl) → Adrays → パンデミック(PANDEMIC) → XIX-nineteen-
  8. The band has announced a new album for 2017! Ambitions will be released on January 11, 2017 and will include their previously-released single "Taking Off". A limited edition will include a DVD containing a bonus track and an acoustic session by the band. What's especially exciting is that this album will feature guest appearances by the hit band 5 Seconds of Summer and Avril Lavigne. Tracklist 1. Ambitions - Introduction - 2. Bombs away 3. Taking Off 4. We are 5. 20/20 6. Always coming back 7. Bedroom Warfare 8. Lost in Tonight 9. I was King 10. Listen (featuring Avril Lavigne) 11. One Way Ticket 12. Bon Voyage 13. Start Again 14. Take what you want (featuring 5 Seconds of Summer) Sources
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    Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/decays_official/
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    Salut, salut, toi ^^ "it's quite hard to participate actively in a foreign language" , à qui le dis-tu! à qui le dis-tu!!
  12. Phantasmagoria, UnsraW, Awoi and RENTRER EN SOI.
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    of course X Without hide You
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