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  1. Akira.

    Plastic Tree this year!!! Ryutaro - Hello Kitty Kenken - My Melody Tadashi & Akira - Lala & Kiki (Little Twin Stars)
  2. Akira.

    This was my favorite from all the time: Plastic Tree in 2015. All Disney characters, Ryutaro as Mickey Mouse, Tadashi as Cinderella, Akira as Olaf (lol, why) and Kenken as Donald Duck I wanna see members sanrio's costumes from this year!!! Here, Rai from Gigamous as Giorno Giovanna from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ♥ And this treasure
  3. Akira.

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but Neko Yume it's already a song released with Arimura's alternative project Neji.
  4. Akira.

    So excited for this! And it's even more special because of their major debut 20th anniversary!
  5. Akira.

    Yeah, as someone said it, this books "Zetsubou Wonderland" contains Arimura's personal experiences in his trips (the first book was about his trip in Londres and the second in Prague), also photoshoots (this time the photos taken in Barcelona) and other kind of things like a diary.
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