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  1. I really like the new single, better than their ep, I can see improvements on the instrumentals and sho's voice is great. too sad next DIMLIM release is live-limited again.
  2. nothing special but yea I scrobbled many.
  3. That sucks, I hope Riku will return with a another band it makes no sense when chariots will be revived again and again.
  4. A new years message from dexcore, they want to play outside from japan.
  5. today is a gloomy day R.I.P.
  6. What a great band, love their imitation single. I think it's a good step to release their songs on ITunes. Maybe other bands will follow suit.
  8. I know, but I want an EP or single.
  9. - DIR EN GREY announces a new studio album, its time! - new singles or maybe an EP from ORCALADE - The GazettE's new Album will be a beast - new stuff from Yuuki (ex-Unsraw/DOAK)
  10. vocals and instrumentals are very good, especially the guitar!
  11. I miss them so much, I had "Zangai" stuck in my head today and It's a pretty depressing piece of art.
  12. Damn, this really sucks. "Ame" is one of my favorite single released this year.
  13. Because I like statistics. And I can discover new music, mostly last.fm has a biography biography.
  14. So beautiful to hear his voice again. Now I hope that's really a come back for him.