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  1. This is some FBI-shit wth.
  2. Their last ep was 2007, their last single 2011.
  3. Takato

    Kisaki is out of money and tried to get every coin he can get. What a business man.
  4. Takato

    damn that hurts, goodbye...
  5. Takato

    I like this look, nothing special but esthetic. Absolutely, I love himitsu and a rerecorded version with the skills and improvment they now have would be great.
  6. Takato

  7. Takato

  8. Takato

    0:18 song name?
  9. Takato

    I hope they collab with Nickelback
  10. I really like this band, but songs like 死 魔 流 し or り 終 わ り sounds like it's the same song only just cut it in two songs it has the same structure and that gets really boring after a while.
  11. Takato

    so awesome to wake up with such a good news
  12. Takato

    MV Spot from SHINE on their twitter:
  13. Takato

    Hopefully its better than BLACK PIG. Imitation was a great single!
  14. Takato

    yep one track only.
  15. Takato