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  1. Takato

    Easy: Mist of Rouge
  2. Takato

    no doubt, this is adorable.
  3. Takato

    Sounds pretty good and exactly that's what I expect from this band. Last Track is only a outro i guess.
  4. Takato

    TODAY by DEZERT (it wasn't so bad)
  5. Sorry, that sounds awful.
  6. Takato

    Nothing special here, but it sounds quite average and im glad that they are back more from them never hurts. (like their last single maybe the b-side is better then the actual song)
  7. Sounds okay for me, I keep an eye on it. They have the potential to get better.
  8. they afraid that nobody going to their last live, so that's why they are already announcing it. lol.
  9. i'm excited, maybe they come back with the typical sound. (c'mon guys, TODAY wasn't bad at all.)
  10. Takato

    I'm glad Cologne is on a Sunday. I will try to go.
  11. This is some FBI-shit wth.
  12. Their last ep was 2007, their last single 2011.
  13. Takato

    Kisaki is out of money and tried to get every coin he can get. What a business man.
  14. Takato

    damn that hurts, goodbye...
  15. Takato

    I like this look, nothing special but esthetic. Absolutely, I love himitsu and a rerecorded version with the skills and improvment they now have would be great.
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