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  1. Hey, welcome! I am a huge matenrou opera fan who lives in Japan for the moment so let me know if you ever come over while they're touring 😆
  2. YESSSS AKIHIDE YESSS !!!!!!!!!!! that's exciting, hoping for a nice variety of styles in that album since so many different people are involved in the composition of the tracks... i'm curious about the fact that they call it a "spin-off" of recreation... in what sense? it'd be weird if abc toured with reprise songs for their 10th anniversary...
  3. I'm 99.9% sure JaY will be the one playing the guitar in this album AND that's he's going to stay with them as a support member for the jp and the european tour.
  4. sybil

    o m g all of this in HD.... I want it so bad T__T perhaps later this year i'll just cave in but this is a great release, yasu is good at figuring out what the fans want lol
  5. sybil

    The DC is DICTATOR CIRCUS, they changed their name a while ago!
  6. Metis Gretel and Matenrou Opera never really had a "kamijo vibe", though! (maybe Metis Gretel had a biiiit of a New Sodmy feeling but not so much) But I'm glad Kaya's out of there; I do feel like Kamijo likes to have a bit of "control" over the image/sound/concept of the band. Nope, Matenrou Opera isn't signed under Chateau Agency!
  7. sybil

    Ahh I think you're the only person who said they liked フライングゲット. I also liked it, I didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Sure it's not a masterpiece but it's enjoyable. I'm a sucker for catchy choruses and I think yasu's janne da arc "speed" singing technique fit really well with this song.
  8. ahhh when i first heard about this i was praying for something similar to metis gretel :"""(( anyways, let's see how this goes... sui worked with kamijo before so it might work out just fine for him... (i'm sure kamijo is more tolerable than k*saki but then again we never know) sui looks really good wow
  9. sybil

    ahhhh I had a little bit of hope but once again, the song is really bland/mediocre :/ the chorus is really catchy, though!
  10. sybil

    as always hakuei sama looks smashin, i'm excited for this new release yayyy
  11. sybil

    ohhh that's not bad !! I'm pleasantly surprised wehh I want more !!! I feel like there hasn't been any new church kei band in a loooong time.
  13. sybil

    rentrer en soi - モノクロームシネマ
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