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  1. Sickle

    Hi, if you're only interested in rock/metal bands (not only japanese bands) I can recommend you some: start trying Borknagar's "Origin", it's a fantastic acoustic album, other metal bands into acoustic are: "Sig:Ar:Tyr", "Ulver" (the album kveldssanger), and "Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik" if you want only japanese bands here's my top 10: -Rentrer en Soi - Last Word -Dir en grey - Akuro no Oka -12012 - The Swim -Sadie - Silent Eve -X Japan - Crucify My Love -Luna Sea - Gravity -Glay - Way of difference -Janne da arc - DOLLS -the GazettE - Pledge -Vistlip - Chimera Edit: oops, I listed ballads on that top 10, sorry 😩
  2. Sickle

    This is what younger people call "Nu-Metalcore" and I'm loving it ❤️
  3. Sickle

    what is this A$APtsuki? btw ZERO is the only song I want to hear from this EP
  4. That's why I prefer to call them just "avant-garde", like solefald and arcturus, is just "new", and for me is difficult to tag them cuz every band is trying to sound different but of course with clear influences, the tags in almost every time are created by magazines now, talking about the "new" trend on adapting black metal to other genres I really dislike all this kind of bands like deafhaven, bosse-de-nage, etc. I feel isn't honest music like the roots of this genre, black metal was of course a bunch of teenagers enraged with the christianism in their countries and flavoured with patriotism, but I feel it more honest than this newer bands making black metal "artistic" hipster, that's why I only listen to a handful of bands and probably some of them aren't post-black metal haha, still there's some good bands Träumen Von Aurora is really good
  5. Sickle

    Well, this sound very standard deathcore, it's not my cup of tea
  6. this band was amazing, and was more amazing because Neige (Old Silver Key / Alcest / Peste Noire) was in
  7. Sickle

    Marco This is a PEN. S.Q.F Variable Messiah Aiolin BABY I LOVE YOU
  8. Sickle

    I went to CCR[evisited], in general an awesome show, their new vocalist Dan McGuinness is a really good addition
  9. Sickle

    neo oshare is a real thing? or just something to delimitate the year a band started? (anyways I voted for "neo oshare" because アヤビエ )
  10. Sickle

    nice, I really dig their first single
  11. Sickle

    pretty much the same what suji says
  12. hope they come back and this is not a break up, their last album is really good
  13. Sickle

    If you like the first 2 albums I definitely recommend you to give a chance on the album "the hunting party" from LP, and the band "GUN DOG" from japan Sorry for not continuing with the thread but I felt the need to recommend GUN DOG because they were very linkin park-ish back in the day