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  1. Sickle

    I thought they were disbanded
  2. Sickle

    I bought "Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice" some days ago and is pretty amazing game, easy puzzles but the graphics and the story is so captivating, and yeah is not that kind of games were you push a button and says "walk here and do this" you need to figure it out alone
  3. Sickle

    Nice, I love this girls are still around
  4. Sickle

    Lab. / Lab the basement: is pure gold for me, since Ao is a beast of a composser, they sound like a more post-punk version of cali≠gari, and I don't want to compare both because they are in different games, but yeah both bands are awesome (I'm not comparing because @Tokage already speak of c≠g) Kagerou/蜉蝣: they were a HUGE game changer in the scene, they weren't the first doing awesome things in VK, but they do it very well, in one album you were going from pop to rock, from folk to metal, they were so awesome, a unique voice, an AWESOME work in the melody of the compossisions, one of a kind L'arc~en~ciel: maybe I'm just being nostalgic, but I think no one sound like them, even in the western, they are just unique, and like cali≠gari the side projects of the members aren't as good as their main band KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND: another one of a kind band, they weren't doing something new but like a lot of unique bands the blend of the musicians were awesome and they sound unique in a style that existed Kagrra,: the blend of traditional japanese music and rock, the voice of Isshi (R.I.P) for that reason they were huge in western audiences, something I haven't found in newer bands MERRY/メリー: again, the blend of the voice and the composition make a unique sound, making them the first band I really dig in, the guitar work (when first listened them I was learning guitar) is flawless, never heard something like that And pretty much any angura kei bands cof cof グルグル映畫館
  5. "Downfall" from "The Insulated World" have all the groove I need in my life

    1. Elazmus



  6. They start as a full sympho black And starting to drop that with time (not tottaly in their sound but their image), is like any other band who change their Style (for different reasons of course) in bm it's different because you either die being an asshole or die being a "sell out", personally I feel the BM is free as a bird and pretty personal for the musicians where they can express whatever they want even if that's bad or wrong, where are bands from right wing and left wing (even nsbm like goatmoon and I love em) and yeah the "sell out" bands are trying to be big and I like my BM being Niche, that's why I can't take them as a serious BM band By the way I'm not saying a band trying to be big is bad, of course musicians wanna be big and live with that
  7. the deluxe edition looks awesome but sadly this band it's not as good as it used to be, for me chthonic and carach angren are in the same genre: "meme black metal", at least chthonic drop some awesome tunes in the past probably i'm going to try to pickup the deluxe edition for the sake of collection
  8. Sickle

    Yes! I really enjoyed their last album
  9. any Dragonlord fans here? I was waiting more than a decade to listen this album, the wait was worth it, Eric Peterson put an awesome album! more black than thrash even the cover is fucking awesome
  10. Sickle

    oh ok, so if the child don't like it that's more disturbing on this entire story, what's the idea behind that? the guy need some psychological/psychiatric attention and be in jail
  11. Sickle

    I don't know what the fuck he's doing in the first two pictures, but the allegations are really REALLY serious and with pictures, I don't know how the justice works in Japan but the guy's place is in jail
  12. Sickle

    Holy shit, I knew Kisaki wasn't a kind guy but this is an entire new level of fucked up Yeah
  13. Sickle

    holy moly this guys are back, I feel like a teenager again
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