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  1. Sickle

  2. Happy Birthday! \(^▽^)/

    1. yomii


      ありがとうございます( ´ ▽ ` )

  3. Sickle

    honestly I hate the "kpop" label and that scene in general, it's just normal pop but in Korean, I do not like pop, but some co-workers like that and I've listened to some songs and it's not bad compared to western acts is just a different language, many young people nowadays are interested in them, I don't understand the fandom but probably due to my age I heard about companies that overexploit their artists, but I think it's a common denominator of work in Korea (?), but I'm speculating (the girls in "twice" are hella cute)
  4. Sickle

    Awesome news, I really enjoy this 3/5 allure idea band, you know if they are going to sell it online like their singles? -google play or itunes-
  5. Sickle

    super hyped for the new album, their last ep "dark days" was just plain trash
  6. Sickle

    they will lead us to the F U T U R E
  7. Sickle

    Glad to know I'm not the only one loving this project, I really feel the nightmare vibe on their composition (he was the main compositor of nightmare am I right?) and I'm freaking fangirling about this new album
  8. Sickle

    I really dig more this look than the last one
  9. Sickle

    I always thought that sexuality is free as a bird, I don't understand all the idea behind the tags like straight, homo, bi, and the others in the middle, and being completely honest sex is pure fun
  10. Sickle

    I dreamed that my bf was beaten to death by another friend and I didn't do a sh*t maybe I want him dead?
  11. Sickle

    cdjapan, zenmarket and 3rd party sellers here in my country
  12. I loved their first album and look, hope this new look / single bring more oshare awesomeness #ResurrectOshareKei
  13. I like their new look, but like some say above its bland compared to other looks
  14. "東京ホライズン" is the name of the single
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