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  1. "Downfall" from "The Insulated World" have all the groove I need in my life

    1. Elazmus



  2. They start as a full sympho black And starting to drop that with time (not tottaly in their sound but their image), is like any other band who change their Style (for different reasons of course) in bm it's different because you either die being an asshole or die being a "sell out", personally I feel the BM is free as a bird and pretty personal for the musicians where they can express whatever they want even if that's bad or wrong, where are bands from right wing and left wing (even nsbm like goatmoon and I love em) and yeah the "sell out" bands are trying to be big and I like my BM being Niche, that's why I can't take them as a serious BM band By the way I'm not saying a band trying to be big is bad, of course musicians wanna be big and live with that
  3. the deluxe edition looks awesome but sadly this band it's not as good as it used to be, for me chthonic and carach angren are in the same genre: "meme black metal", at least chthonic drop some awesome tunes in the past probably i'm going to try to pickup the deluxe edition for the sake of collection
  4. Sickle

    Yes! I really enjoyed their last album
  5. any Dragonlord fans here? I was waiting more than a decade to listen this album, the wait was worth it, Eric Peterson put an awesome album! more black than thrash even the cover is fucking awesome
  6. Sickle

    oh ok, so if the child don't like it that's more disturbing on this entire story, what's the idea behind that? the guy need some psychological/psychiatric attention and be in jail
  7. Sickle

    I don't know what the fuck he's doing in the first two pictures, but the allegations are really REALLY serious and with pictures, I don't know how the justice works in Japan but the guy's place is in jail
  8. Sickle

    Holy shit, I knew Kisaki wasn't a kind guy but this is an entire new level of fucked up Yeah
  9. Sickle

    holy moly this guys are back, I feel like a teenager again
  10. Sickle

    takahashi hiroyuki-mitsume is his name (A.K.A Slipper-taka) here's a video of him/her(?) with adobe P.S.: I edited it because there's websites where is called "she" and others "he" so I dunno, but that's the name of the artist I love the artwork for Sick2 (every one of them)
  11. Sickle

    I didn't know about this "feud" because I just really don't read the comment section on youtube (it's a steamy pile of shit everywhere you go), but I think is because they are two major bands, well they are HUGE compared to any other VK band, so the people are like in the football (soccer for my american friends) take a side and fight back Personally I love both bands and hate people
  12. Sickle

    Hi, if you're only interested in rock/metal bands (not only japanese bands) I can recommend you some: start trying Borknagar's "Origin", it's a fantastic acoustic album, other metal bands into acoustic are: "Sig:Ar:Tyr", "Ulver" (the album kveldssanger), and "Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik" if you want only japanese bands here's my top 10: -Rentrer en Soi - Last Word -Dir en grey - Akuro no Oka -12012 - The Swim -Sadie - Silent Eve -X Japan - Crucify My Love -Luna Sea - Gravity -Glay - Way of difference -Janne da arc - DOLLS -the GazettE - Pledge -Vistlip - Chimera Edit: oops, I listed ballads on that top 10, sorry 😩