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  1. last.fm's layout continues to get worse

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    2. God


      i’d probably quit using it too, but i’m a big fan of being able to track things and keep stats for them.  it’s v satisfying.  maybe if someone made something similar to last.fm that did things better.  but it seems like people are more interested in tracking what shows/movies they watch than music.  dont get me wrong, i use sites for that kinda thing too.  it’s just cool to be able to look at my listening history too.  

    3. Jigsaw9


      I quite like the new layout of the artist pages actually, but the new 'recent tracks' part looks so lame, lol.

    4. CAT5


      Would be nice if they actually had a feed where we could see what the ppl we follow are listening to

  2. my fav thing about the yoshiki scarf thing is that the queen didnt even notice because shes like 150 years old and probably doesnt even know where or who she is

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    2. Ruri


      Yoskiki The Scarf Lady

    3. zombieparadise


      She's probably a hologram at this point, lets face it (Actually, that would explain how Yoshiki's always everywhere too, hmm)

    4. Ruri


      she's actually been dead for a few years now. they just hook her up to a generator and shoot electricity through her whenever she needs to make a public appearance

  3. Ruri

    that's why i said *most* lol there's some good black metal but its mostly not for me. but thats just my opinion & i am nothing more than a dumbass online, dont take too much notice of it R-Shitei have a weird nationalist undercurrent, that's not really too surprising. they probably know the meaning but i don't think it indicates any genuine beliefs, just good ol vk shock value
  4. Ruri

    (・ω・ )ノ hey guys whats going on in this thre- Σ(・Д・;;) (・Д・ ;;) =3 im outta here
  5. Ruri

    yeah, black metal nazism is some serious shit, and kinda scary to think about. the shock-value nazi imagery in vk and the occasional thing they have against foreigners in the bangya community is nothing in comparison another difference is that vk is good and most black metal sounds like a stray dog being beaten to death with a tambourine
  6. Ruri

    i see kpop fans decrying toxicity in their fandom and im like. psshh if only u knew
  7. Ruri

  8. Ruri

    i really like tsuzuku's clean singing but not like his banshee squealing when he does harsh vocals. its rough and he oversells it but that works for me. compositionally i think they were fantastic. definitely pretty unique & probably one of my favs just for that i simply cannot will myself to care about 8p-sb though
  9. Ruri

    the only other genre i know of that has an abundance of ambiguous nazism is black metal, and it's funny to think that it shares that in common with squeaky-clean azn femboy pop-rock
  10. Ruri

    jajajajajajajajaja XD
  11. Ruri

  12. Ruri

    i found his voice grating the first time i listened to them but it kinda grew on me. i have a real soft spot for dramatic over-singing tho
  13. Ruri

    mejibray... i don't get why people don't like them tbh
  14. wonder why he'd leave it 12 years to do that also, this feels really odd to me because the start of their hiatus lines up almost exactly with when i started getting into vk
  15. all the best visual kei is made between 1979 and 2019. after that it really goes to shit

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    2. RaeDesu


      I'm just glad my favorite band still puts out good consistent music. Cuz I agree, some of it now is not as good as back in the day.

    3. Ruri


      this status was just supposed to be a joke about how i like all vk. i don't think vk is going to end in 2019 :<

    4. Gesu


      Ooh... gomen.

      To be fair, though, I don't think it'll end, either. It just probably might not be as great as it is now (I hope that's not the case and that it continues to improve). Who knows?

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