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  1. Ruri

    the Maze mini by Rayarch... for the longest time i had no idea this was the same band as Laypüa (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
  2. when i first heard mejibray i really liked tsuzuku's strained oversinging thing because i thought it sounded passionate and raw but now when i listen to them i'm just quietly aware that it's him covering up for not being a very good singer

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    2. platy


      I was listening to their discography yesterday and thinking the same. 

    3. Seimeisen


      I don't miss them. I can't delete them all because they still have some really good stuff, but it would not crush me if they decided to never come back 😕

    4. Zeus


      That's how I've always felt

  3. hit me with ur shittiest 90s goffik PVs pls i'm in that kinda mood

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    2. Ruri


      i'll never forget the first time me and my infant son sat and watched deshabillz PVs

    3. Himeaimichu


      Gotta introduce the little tykes to the good songs early on. Have them listen to Deshabillz as babies and as teens, they'll be listening to Dir en Grey and La'mule

    4. Ikna



      Enjoy the pristine video quality and high budget

  4. anyone give me examples of vk guys who transitioned and became women? i know anzu from atmos*note is one and there's another relatively famous case that ive forgotten and its annoying me

    1. colorful人生


      Yuuri from Irokui is probably the one you're thinking of.

    2. Tokage


      Dinah from Guniw Tools/Nookicky if I remember correctly

    3. Ruri


      IROKUI YUURI that's exactly who i was thinking of. thank you

  5. Ruri

    i haven't seen one of these in a while, thank god
  6. Ruri

    shu~furuma~jyu revival 2020
  7. dont know if i like the new dimlim album :((

    1. Himeaimichu


      Just talking musically, its not a bad album...

      ...but taking the rest of their discography into account, and all the behind the scenes drama, it's really hard for me personally to like it

  8. i think there's been a decrease, compared to like early-mid 2010s when it seemed like they were constant. which is quite unusual because the rise of social media has caused a boom in most genres, easier distribution etc. in fact most genres now have the problem of there being *too much* music, it's hard to know what's good if you don't have infinite time to sift through all the random copycat shit. but i guess visual kei isn't fully onto the whole streaming wave yet
  9. i love kizu so much it's ridiculous

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    2. Wakarimashita


      Fingers crossed it's going to be brutally heavy

    3. platy


      Kizuato levels of energy 

    4. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      Kind of hope they go back to what they had going with steroid and 0 

  10. Ruri

  11. Ruri

    misaki couldn't figure out how to upload it loool
  12. Ruri

    noah fence but i think this whole like "sO mYsTeRiOuS" cloaks-and-shadows thing where its supposed to keep everyone guessing and be a big exciting reveal, doesn't really work when it's bandmen nobody would recognise anyway. was i really supposed to guess the guitarist from 失墜とアサナギ and the support bassist from SARRMATH? still the song is okay imo so ill follow them bc why not you are mistaken REVINE → ARCHEMI. (アルケミ) support → SLIVER. support , MISAKI support , GzNDLH support , RGDY (ラガディ) support , Astaroth
  13. Ruri

    dont jinx it! the presence of ex-MBE and warumono support members has me excited for this O:
  14. Ruri

    so this band is a vocalist, guitarist and.. film director. alrighty then id assume it's named after the director but i also immediately thought of the b99 character tbh new band Scully~スカリ~ has formed
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