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  1. I wish more bands were creative with the intro SE tracks. The combined time I've spent listening to 90 seconds of budget electronic as a prelude to a pretty-good-not-great VK album probably adds up to days.

    1. reminiscing2004


      this hits close to home :sad:

    2. Zeus



  2. Ruri

    That last song is by far the best because they've had the decency to autotune him for some of it. The first one genuinely sounds like bad karaoke...
  3. New look is avaliable. Vote for it.

  4. Ruri

  5. In your opinion what's the most overrated vk band? Active or disbanded, any era. Just curious.

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    2. Zeus


      they haven't done anything to deserve my respect in ten years

    3. Kiyoharu is God

      Kiyoharu is God

      Glay... But it's possible I'll like them one day.  I have a laundry list of bands that I disliked at one time but I really like now (Deg, MUCC, L'arc, SID, B'z, etc).

    4. nekkichi


      no henny early glay were really good, they should have released 1/20-th of their post-2000 output and heavily reconsidered publishing the rest though.

  6. I bought the Ake tape and the Yabuki collection and I can vouch for this. They could have dropped the package on my house drone-strike style and there wouldn't be a scratch on anything inside. Also I got like a bazillion CD sleeves and @CoolKill3rX writes kanji much nicer than I do :<
  7. man today has been fuckin awful for vk news
  8. Ruri

    what the fuckkkkkkkkkk
  9. leave djent-kei behind in 2018

    1. Wakarimashita


      Or do it properly!

    2. Mamo


      Keep it just the way it is

  10. they all look so gooood ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  11. there is something odd about watching a vk vocalist absolutely going for it in front of three people who aren't really moving, but everyone starts somewhere
  12. Ruri

    programmed drums are alright except when they're fucking miles in front of everything else in the mix
  13. looking forward to this!
  14. Ruri

    ロストチャイルド is favourite track based on the preview but it all sounds kinda samey i like the regular edition cover way more than the limited one..