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  1. Ruri

    start random thoughts 3. do them out of order
  2. Ruri

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeend leeeeess raaaaaaaain fall on my heart!! kokoro no!! kiiiizuuuuuuuuuu niiiiiiiiiiiiii leeeet meeeeee forgeeeeeeeeeeeet all of the hate, all of the saaaaaadneeeeeess
  3. Ruri

    this is really outta nowhere considering kaya is the only one who did anything after meties
  4. Ruri

    i find both the music and visuals really boring. like excessively boring. i listened to a BTS album my friend recommended and i couldn't even name a moment from it (sorry kpop stans please don't crucify me (;´・ω・) ) i noticed a lot of former j-rock fans kinda "jumping ship" to kpop but.. i'll stick with vk i think maybe i'm just getting old. but its all just white noise to me. the same friend showed me a bunch of girl groups to see if that registers more but no dice. i don't find it unlistenable or anything, i just wouldn't choose to listen to it
  5. Ruri

    Malice Mizer Moi Dix Mois D'espairsRay LUNA SEA RENTRER EN SOI MUCC ROUAGE MIRAGE L'arc~en~Ciel DEATHGAZE Sandwich de 120 Pun Kagerou Kiryu Mejibray (mostly just out of nostalgia tho) other favourites kinda go in a cycle (for example right now i'm on a big -OZ-, M and gazette kick) but these are like, the consistent favs
  6. whats yo favourite gazetto album mine is dogma

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Enki


      Fellow dogma fan

    3. Miku70


      Very Hard question 😣. Maybe Dogma and Disorder are my favourites 

    4. zombieparadise


      NIL and NINTH

  7. the lfm page for DOBE redirects to some american band called Dope... how... why... those. are two different names

  8. Ruri

    it's angura if i say so
  9. Ruri

    on a list of "vk bands i'd expect to see cameo on american tv" inugami circus-dan would be dead last
  10. Ruri

    at least she has good taste
  11. Ruri

    when Yoshiki was in British news because his scarf landed on the queen's shoulder during some horse racing event. half the publications called him "scarf lady"
  12. Ruri

    i'd be inclined to agree but whenever i mention DIAURA to someone (or when they see my DIAURA flyer on my wall) they almost invariably go "heh, diarrhea?" i always thought JILUKA had a nice ring to it. i feel like "Nocturnal Bloodlust" would also get you hyped to listen to them
  13. instead of sleeping i listened to kagerou all night. fuck

    1. spockitty


      good decision making 🖤

    2. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      whats the problem?

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