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  1. Waayyy late but I sent my mix to @indigo and they've sent theirs too!
  2. LETS GOOOOOO sign me uuuup
  3. I think theres a mix swap coming up, but anyone wanna do a bonus extracurricular one with me/? we can go hella experimental

    1. saishuu


      I have a free week coming up, so I'm up for it if you are

    2. Zeus


      that sounds fun! i'm going to start the deets for the new mixtape swap soon!

  4. lorelei: the third chapter LES GO, hash tag make vk great again, hash tag make vk budget kei again
  5. When is next Mix Trade-off ??? :OOO

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      Next month if I'm not wrong! 

  6. team no sleep, pls channel ur energy to me


    ill help u out next time ty

  7. couple d'ange is the best two song band ever WTF

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      YES, I agree! It sucks that they didn't release more.

  8. My partner was @Zeus, who gave me a balls to the wall heavy mix, entitled "ADRENALINE". 1. ARLEQUIN - 暁 Song starts off with a nice fade in guitar riff that definitely sets the tune quite quickly for “hey this is going to feel nice”. Followed by a somewhat simple metal-core riff that manages to somehow give off a relaxed feeling simultaneously. Definitely new kei sounding, and once the vocals hit in, you are convinced of this. Hyper clean w/ melodyne, but a sound in and of itself! This track quickly grows on me and serves well as an introduction to the mix as it tends to feel like a constant hint at excitement, without going overboard in hype factor. Melodically, a fun straightforward song, but I would have enjoyed it a lot more with a bit less controlled production (main drums are very dynamically boring and guitars aren’t very sonically aggressive). The first time I’ve really listened to Arlequin too, thx for the introduction! Not a bad song by any means, but perhaps a bit underwhelming, hence my rating. 3/5 2. 12012 - Sheeps Ahh, a song I know quite well. Right away, I am re-affirmed of what I meant regarding production choices in the last song. The guitars are bleeding with life to an almost annoyingly bright degree on these minis and I love it! Super real drums too, the sounds of 2004… Not sure exactly what the right terminology here is, but this song demonstrates a total “undercode” sound to me. The wild shout/high pitch muttering vocals layered over top at times, the nü metal esque power chord riffs sprinkled between depressive, and more cleanly picked monophonic guitar lines. I definitely love this song and the aural quality to it, but am slightly fascinated that this is what has made it on to your “give life” mix. This helps me give me some insight to your relative tastes, because while I personally am totally on board with this, the positive emotional attributes I’d ascribe to it are not quite “life-giving”. 5/5 3. D'espairsRay - Dears Eyyy, a song I have not heard in MANY years. A nice nostalgia trip. The general direction of the mix becomes more clear with this song, as the vibe has been very heavy nü-metal / metalcore inspired VK. Take those influence words lightly, that’s just the easiest way for me to describe this right now. I know it’s probably lazy haha. This song has a very strong chorus and a memorable guitar melody that is repeated, often before it. This, probably like many of the other songs on the mix, would be more life-giving to me five or six years ago, but some of this style of metal VK has just grown boring to me (Probably due to personal overexposure). 3/5 4. The Piass - BLACK≒RIGHT THE PIASS, a band I have heard endlessly about from a lot of OG VK fans, but never bothered to listen to. Sort of insignificant in the scheme of things, but I love this intro. Speech sample and a lo-fi sounding synth pattern, very charming. This song is again, quite heavy. Very classic heavy metal, when it comes to the instrumentation, though with a quite upbeat tempo. The song doesn’t strike me as anything very exciting or interesting, until the guitar solo comes in half way through, which briefly saves me form the monotonous guitar riff that repeats throughout the song’s verses, and the powerchord pre-chorus/chorus. When it comes to life-givingness, I can definitely give it some points vocally, as well as the sparse lead guitar work. This mix definitely makes me question how empirical I should be with my ratings, because a lot of these songs were exciting to me as a younger musical listener, but through time have become a too predictable instrumentally for me to enjoy. 2.5/5 5. girugamesh - ROCKER'S The last song ends with a high hat count, presumably into the next song in that PIASS release, but it works somewhat perfect going into this track, from another band I am quite familiar with, and listened to a lot pre-2010. Formulaically, this is quite similar to THE PIASS song and some of the others, just in the sense that we have a heavy riff for verse/intro parts including screaming and gang vocals, and ringing-out power chord choruses with sung vocals. Though, this certainly has a different flavor than THE PIASS, one I would say that feels a bit less dated. Gets a thumbs up for me nostalgically, but I can’t see myself going to this song for LIFE any time soon. 2.5/5 6. -OZ- - RAZE Yes, the theme continues to solidify! Tooootally another band I was listening to alongside giru and d’espa in 2009. This song is a bit similar musically to the preceding tracks, though most notably, we have different guitar work in the two channels, like the 12012 track, here and there. I found this particularly nice in the verses, hearing the interplay between the guitarists, though it doesn’t quite compare to the work of bands like the one coming up next. Good vocals, cleans and screams are convincing. There’s a nice guitar solo and a simple repeating five or so note guitar melody to end the song. I should disclose at some point here, that bands like this, giru, d’espa, while I wouldn’t really listen to them now, I would absolutely attend a concert of any of them if I could fly back in time. This kind of music is super fun live, but just a bit too flat and predictable in recorded format for my taste, after listening to so much. 3.5/5 7. the GazettE - 関東土下座組合 Aaaaand, another song that is in my current heavy rotation. Though, I am quite surprised (yes again, I know) that this has made into someone’s life-giving mix. Zeus will see in my mix that early gaze tune I would be more inclined to identify with as live-giving. Nonetheless, this is a pretty all over the place rock tune, in a good way. Similar crazy high-pitched, and speedily mutter vocal overdubs all over the place. We get one of those “1-2, snare roll, 1-2 snare roll” gang vocals riffs that I think would be suuuuper fun at a live, but listening at home starts to get a bit old. Vocally, this song is very stimulating, even including the weird (drunken sounding??) group singing and laughing lullaby thing at the end. It sounds so boring when put plainly like this, but this mix just makes me think over and over “People. Have. Different. Taste.” We both like early GazettE (and a lot of these bands, at least at some point in time), but we may have different things we like about it. 4/5 8. school food punishment - deviswitch Woah! After the first 7 songs, I wouldn’t expect school food punishment. A song I’ve only heard a few times, so this was a good reminder to get in the regular queue. Out of all of the songs in the mix so far, personally, I find this the most life-giving, and would expect it the most in this type of mix. I’ve always leaned waaay towards the metal side of things, but for some reason when it comes to life-givingness, I’m like sign me up for pop choruses and no nü metal breakdowns pls. Sonically, I wouldn’t say this song fits very well with the rest of the mix, but the change is nice, and I think it’s really exciting production wise. Lots of different special effects going on throughout the songs to lead and vocal elements that keep your interest. 5/5 9. Ruiza - by degrees Ruiza is another band I have heard of but never listened to. This song is an instrumental track, and has one foot in the oz/giru/despa world and one foot in some other one. There is a more downtempo stripped back clean guitars/phasery bass part of the song about a third and two thirds through preceding guitar soloes, which I find especially intriguing. Even amidst the thrashing brutal riffage that shows up here and there, the song is extremely melodically rich, along with school food punishment on of the most in the mix. The lead guitarist(s) does work!! Will have to check out more from these guys. 4.5/5 10. SKULL - COKEHEAD I think we would have got along quite well musically many years ago. Another band I listened to a fair amount in my first wave of VK interest. Listening to it now, the song’s resemblance to the girugamesh formula is quite striking, though with a quite different sounding clean vocals. Power chord clean vocal choruses, brutal nü metal riff interlude galore! The bridge section at 2:55 is a very nice touch, definitely feels like the right direction for life-giving, before returning back to some “OOOHHHHHHHHH” screams over some drop D riffage. Same deal as some of the others, once my cup of tea, I get the appeal, but today, not so much. 3/5 11. The Underneath - R.P.G.C -Red Phoenix G Crushers- This is the only band on the mix I have 0 familiarity with and haven’t even heard about. They definitely belong in the general mix of artists here. I quite enjoyed the non shouting vocal line in the verses, wish he did more of it. Hard for me to say much about this artist/song, because its similarities to others in this mix far outweigh the distinctive characteristics. The nü metal breakdown thing two thirds through is a bit refreshing, slightly different layered sound makes it fresh. 3/5 12. NoGoD - II-懐柔 And, we finish the mix with something strong. As Zeus will see from my mix, I’m also an enthusiast of NoGod. Perhaps, they are more tied to the nü metal/metalcore tropes in their earlier work, but quickly evolve to develop quite complex and interesting guitar work. Blistering with passion, definitely one of the strongest vocal performances in the mix. Some almost whining with desire sounding vocals totally does it for me in the life-giving department, and danchou deliverse. After listening to a lot of the bands preceding this in the mix, NoGod really shines in terms of virtuosity. There are quick tight stabs from the bass and drums while the guitars go on an adventure of previously unmatched proportions. Very much so a shred fest from 2:50 - 4:27 and I’m 100% on board. There’s a more dense arrangement, more frequent variations on patterns and fills, and just generally higher level of compositional complexity compared to a lot of the other bands showcased here, while still relying on some similar timeless metal techniques. 5/5 Conclusively, this mix was a good revisitation for me to a style of Visual Kei that has been mostly lost to my past. Many of these bands and songs were favorites of mine pre-2010, but for whatever reason, their emotional impact has waned on me. I absolutely understand the appeal of these songs, but from years of listening and diversifying my musical interests, I think I’ve become more choosy when it comes to bands I may give my attention when I focus on a particular VK niche. Excluding the NoGod, 12012, ruiza, school food punishment, and maybe GazettE track, my rating for the mix would be quite low, unless I were a particularly diehard metalcore/nü-metal fan (still). I’ll give this mix a 3/5, with immense uncertainty. On one hand, I basically could have made this mix eight years ago, but on the other, many of the weaker tracks just felt like very simple archetypal metal songs, that without their respective vocalists might sound like they are all from the same band without you knowing. And on the other hand, perhaps that is a good thing, because the purpose of a mix is to create a unified theme. And finally, I wish that Zeus didn’t have taste so damn similar to me in the past, because only two or three of these songs were truly new for me. XD I hope Zeus understands the reasons behind my ~uncertain~ rating. It’s not you, it’s me. All in all, as always, really fun to participate in these and I apologize for having to submit my review a few days late. Thanks for your patience, Z. After reading Zeus’ review of my mix, I’m pleased to know that I have inspired him to revisit old Kagrra,, RES, and Plastic Tree. I’m glad you didn’t totally hate the oshare-esque songs, but I hoped you might enjoy them better too. I sort of think of them as oshare for people who don’t like oshare (because I don’t really lol). And having this be the third mix I’ve participated it in, if there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure, it’s that I have an incurable admiration for terrible vocalists.
  9. @Zeus, I will be a little late uploading my review. Just a headsup
  10. caught myself listening to due le quartz and just watching gordon ramsay cooking videos on mute for like 20 minutes

    1. AimiGen7


      Imagine Gordon Ramsay, singing Due Le Quartz. 

      Someone needs to make that. That'd be some funny shit

  11. You ever just stay up for 24 hours and deliriously watch guitar demonstration DVD's

  12. I'm in too! SO excited, love the pic btw lol
  13. Best/favorite GALNERYUS album? Hit me with it, MH

  14. Interesting discussion. First off, I think you might be exaggerating the change of his vocals, as you see it. Even looking it at the live clips you cited, let alone all of the other recordings from 2002 to this point, I don't think there was ever some drastic 'switch' where he got better. (I don't think he was ever 'bad' as many people believe.) You could maybe argue that about his screams, but I'm mainly addressing the clean singing voice. Also, something really key to consider (especially with live performances) is the circumstances of the sound setup at the venue. As a vocalist, you are desperately depending on monitors, either on the floor in front of you on via in-ear headphones, to allow you to hear yourself. Standing on stage with the band, you often can't hear the sound of your own voice. This makes your performances at shows vary a lot based on how the venue can accommodate this. Most small venues will have sparse to nil monitoring options. Even in higher budget tours where you have monitoring equipment, you are presented with a new problem: bigger venues have even louder sound systems. Even among same size venues, the acoustics differs wildly, so the live sound team is facing a new set of challenges every show. And on top of that, the house guy doing the mix might put you too low on X night at X venue, and do the opposite at Y venue on Y night. My whole point is that for Ruki, or any vocalist in a loud band, each show will not be a level playing ground for their performance. It's very plausible that at one concert he could hear himself fantastic, while at the other he had insufficient monitoring or was in a crazy reflective room that drowned everything out. Additionally, the idea that someone can improve very suddenly at a discipline is generally a fantasy, imo. Even if you are practicing something for 6 hours a day, progress is usually steady, but diminishes over time. For instance, imagine there are two people who practice singing for 6 hours a day. One of them only started singing yesterday and the other one has been professionally singing for 3 years. The newbie will make a considerable amount more overall improvement than the veteran in a month's time. This is what makes it so difficult to be in the highest echelon of skill in a certain field. If it takes 100 hours to become 'okay' at something, it might take 1000 to become good, and 10,000 to become very good.