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  1. ダリス! What an exciting find

    : o

  2. I am poisoning myself with the internet

    1. saishuu
    2. IGM_Oficial


      Nothing new here

  3. reminiscing2004

    Awesome work guys. 2008 was the first year I really delved into vk, so it was cool to see a bunch of familiar records, and a few other ones I'm now keen to try out. Some of my favorites not included are Matenrou Opera - GILIA, Sora - 耳鳴りとその訳, Galneryus - Reincarnation, and Killie - offering a sacrifice..
  4. Does anyone know where this acoustic ver. of Coo Quack Cluck comes from?



    1. chemicalpictures


      From Sakihokoru hana no youni / kabuki boyz single

  5. reminiscing2004

    lmao you gotta @ @Zeus on this one
  6. had a dream Leda was playing Keyboards in a new band under the alias "Sew ooo", and there was a bunch of random new (nonexistent in reality) VK songs I found that I thought were great, and I was really excited because I felt that this was a breakthrough, and that I could now triumphantly say "there is great new visual kei!! my nostalgia ends here"

    1. saiko


      What a wet, wet dream

    2. Wakarimashita



  7. reminiscing2004

    not sure if there's other EU dates, but Tricot played Manchester and London this last weekend, as well
  8. repeatedly listening to DeG's 神葬 while floating around aimlessly forever into eternity

  9. Sometimes you just gotta EXTRA appreciate Nakigahara..

    its like one foot in the world of juunanasai and one in guren, wrapped together in this perfect production that they only could have afforded at that point in their career. im not able to say that often enough. respect, man

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    2. Nagisa


      Couldn't agree more

    3. AimiGen7


      Don't forget the Koto parts. Even though they're simple, they really add to the song

    4. platy


      An under appreciated ballad if I've ever seen one. 

  10. reminiscing2004

    @PIZAZ sent me a mix titled "Guilty Pleasures". I was looking forward to this tradeoff, because when the right one is discovered, I have a capacity for really loving weird, broken songs. There's something about the right amount of wrong that is just excellent at times, and in this way I really enjoyed what PIZAZ sent me. Was by no means an hour of cringing endurance and exposed me to a few tracks (and maybe artists) who will be making additions to my library. Like I hope PIZAZ imagined, I tried to imagine what it would be like for this to be my 100% serious guilty pleasures mix and writhe around in strange excitement listening to it in headphones on the train, feeling like I'm getting away with something because no one knows I'm listening to it, as I deliriously come home, entombed in a strange aura of sleep deprivation induced joy. thx!
  11. Happy Birthday, your high quality uploads are so appreciated. 😮



  12. reminiscing2004

    On one hand, it could be way worse. But I'm just really disappointed, knowing that they are trying so hard to bring back the old sound, and this is where they get. I thought Ross Robinson was producing their new stuff too??? What a shame. Listen to 5 seconds of Iowa, and its so black and white, especially production wise. I don't understand why the arrangement/writing seems so simple and uninspired. Hardly any additional percussion outside the simple 'clang' on the chorus' snare, no backing screams from non-corey members, and so many of the riffs just feel so boring and melodically riding the party metal vibe much stronger than all their stuff that once bled with death metal influence. I know a lot of it is just how thin and clean the guitars sound... Hoping the rest of the album proves me wrong... 😕
  13. emo era mucc is something I can never stop being thankful for

    1. saishuu


      as someone who still listens to kimi ni sachi are and zutazuta regularly, same

  14. reminiscing2004

    yes im here. i need tradeoffs. yes