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  1. This is a great thread topic for discussion. Like others have mentioned I feel pretty conflicted on the subject. When I got into Visual Kei, I was hardly savvy with internet-ing, so if I found something I liked on Youtube, I would save and order it from CDJapan or something. I didn't even know about western VK communities/download forums/file sharing/torrents whatever. But at the same time, since discovering all those things, I have been able to find so much amazing music that simply never would have been available to me. The majority of bands that never make it and had super limited run CD's are lost to the sands of time, but kept alive through some of this file sharing. On the other hand, it being seen as the norm is certainly concerning. The most important point I want to bring up about this whole topic is that this problem is not only concerning the Visual Kei industry. In the western music world, all artists are suffering from a trend over the last 15 years where people simply don't feel that they ought to pay for music. People were eased into this idea through the retiring of physical formats, introduction of illegal downloading, and finally STREAMING. The final nail in the coffin for this issue, is, now, people can pay a small subscription fee that used to be the cost of a single record, most of which won't go to the recording artist, to listen to all of their music. And they have no sense that what they're doing might be unethical. Because they are paying for a legal service, after all. Ask most people below the age of 20 who their favorite artists are? Chances are they may have gone to their show, or seen them live, but the majority of the upcoming generation simply are not buying music (this refers to digital downloads, not even including waning physical formats). I wish I knew a proper solution, but its a strange predicament for the entire industry. The previous generation went to record stores and saved for LP's or CD's. Their most devious exploitation might have been copying a friend's album to a blank cassette, so they could finally listen to an album they'd never be able hear to other wise. Simply speaking, there wasn't a choice. If you wanted to hear specific music, you had to buy the releases or go to concerts. Those were the only ways. The current generation grew up listening to their music on YouTube and Spotify, for the most part. For someone to actually pay for an album, physical or digital, they have to be a diehard non-average music fan (ppl on this forum), not know how to use YouTube/Spotify, or they are exceptionally ethically considerate. To give more of a solid response to the OP, I think promoting the purchasing of music is a good thing, but I don't know if cutting down on illegal downloading is the way to do that. Atleast in the case of the Western Visual Kei audience, there is argument to be made that much of the Western Visual Kei audience wouldn't even exist without file sharing. I may be an exception to the rule having no current bands I really care about, but I can't even financially support so many of my favorite Visual Kei (and Japanese) artists. ( ( Because I can't legally download or buy non-2nd hand cd's from due le quartz, aioria, or yarmulke, etc.) ) I know this is a sort of a wishy-washy answer, but I encourage further discussion of this topic and of buying music that rocks your world.
  2. I think the poor reputation surrounding non-japanese vk bands is a result of a lot of those bands being musically gimmicky, poorly recorded/mixed, or just downright to be fair. However, to be fair, a lot of japanese vk bands are all of those things. Music is the bottom line. If some brand-cringy brazil kei band happens to make some really promising and exciting music, I'm all for it
  3. Damn! I just missed this. If there's another straggler out there who wants to late sign up with me, let's d0 it
  4. + Mouse on the Keys + Lite last year ^^, but I feel u. Part of me wants to go, but then I realize I probably don't want to see 2018 miyavi. i hope the EP's are a refreshing return to glory
  5. H O L Y S H I T Y O S H I - T H E A B S O L U T E M A D M A N
  6. I don't understand why the bass level is so low in Leda's projects. I just assume that someone who was such a heavyweight sick bassist would want some sick bass action on their recordings. For DELUHI, I can kind of understand, as Aggy seemed to be a pretty barebones, unnoticeable bass player, but ryu from FED seems to be pretty great. *seems* because I can hardly ever hear him, but it looks like hes doing some tough shit in the live dvd


    Oh well, the new FED single slams, so I finally care :-P

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      It really bothers me aswell, but I've accepted that this is just the way he intends for his music to sound. Yggdalive was a beast of release crippled by some real poor mixing table decisions, and this is more or less the case for everything after that. He also does that to the drums, which further proves my point. it's like he separates the base/percussion to serve as stepping stone to guitar lines and vocals. That's why everything he does sounds better live (he can't damp Sujk live, lol). and the thing with the 8-string does make sense, listen to Inhale's 03:02~03:30. The bass is there, you can listen to it in several moments, but the base guitar basically does the job for it. Nadir is another song with some killer bass lines that could've gotten some spotlight. The oddness in all of this is that Leda was a bassist in first place, so it's not like that's just guitarrists being guitarrists, lol

    3. Zeus


      DELUHI is why i use the equalizer now

    4. Wakarimashita


      I have to admit I do too... and I love DELUHI. LOL!

  7. Generally, I'm not much of a person to binge single tracks, as my tendency is to listen to albums. However, according to my iTunes, my top 5 played VK tracks are 1. DELUHI - s[K]ape:goat (103 plays) 2. Versailles - Princess (64 plays) 3. Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER (58 plays) 4. the GazettE - 未成年 (44 plays) 5. Rentrer en Soi - LAST SCENE (36 plays) Seems pretty accurate! These are all total classics for me, though if my library playcount included my listening pre-2011, I'm almost positive Aristocrat's Symphony, The Revenant Choir, and HYBRID TRUTH would be on this list
  8. https://www.generasia.com/wiki/Crash!_Nightmare_Channel
  9. The real question is why wasn't it in everyone's mix? To @Hohchicano96: I'm super glad that you picked my mix. Based on the little intro for your review, you are quite familiar with all of the different movements that get branded with the emo moniker, and based on your actual track reviews, you seemed to really enjoy the music and ride the wave of feelings with a number of thoughtful reminiscences. It's a simple thing, but I'm just really happy of that, that this style of mix went to someone who really appreciated it. Alsooooo, the fact that you already knew The Little Explorer beforehand means we kind of have to be friends now. ^^ To @Original Saku Gotcha! Thx again for your mix, delicate and beautiful
  10. When you're fucked up in a certain kind of way, atmos*note fills the void perfectly

  11. Is anyone still missing, or can the partners be disclosed?
  12. This guy is a fucking GOD, hope he has the best of luck in his future endeavors... https://youtu.be/9LfBhA1Gbsk?t=130
  13. Why the switchup? Isn't this everyone from zero mind infinity, except the other guitarist? ohwell... RIP deluhi revival
  14. The mix I chose was simply called "MH Secret Santa Tradeoff". I was enticed by its vagueness and very pleased with what I got, a number of piano and orchestral driven pieces that all shared a delicate and beautiful character. Almost like snowflakes Overall mix rating (4.5/5): I am very happy to receive this mix. A collection of quaint piano pieces and emotive ballads is welcome by me anyday and a great choice of sonic theme for a christmas themed mix imo. I'd only heard of 1 of these artists before hearing the mix (AIMER), and my only complaint is the song transition between track 5 and 6. Besides that, the theme was soooo solid. One of the most cohesive I've listened to. Thanks, whoever made this : ) Andddddd who do I think made the mix? Well, I'm pretty much still a noob here in the grand scheme of things and only know about a handful of these users, mostly the music taste of cat5 and zeus, as I've mix swapped with them before. So...