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  1. this is why visual kei exists

    1. Spectralion
    2. xriko


      I'm proud of them !


  2. a video tradeoff sounds really interesting. same concept as the standard mix tradeoff, but your mix is made up of music-related video clips. can be all music videos, or all live bootlegs, or all pro-shot, or anything in between. definitely might take a bit more effort, but I really like the idea of trying to make a consistent theme across a bunch of clips

    1. suji


      that sounds like a cool idea!

    2. platy


      I love that idea :) 

  3. reminiscing2004

    Probably another compilation/best of release, or like a 1 day revival. But, I honestly won't wince unless I hear about some sort of legit reformation. I try my best, but neither FED nor Breakn Holiday (?I think?) really do it for me, in comparison. If it's time to over-hype two ambiguous twitter posts, sign me the fuck up Basiiiically, the key is leda and juri being in a band again. Would be a shame if 10 years passed and they still didn't realize how G they were together
  4. reminiscing2004

    the way this song feels changes a lot )for me( from time to time, but when I first discovered it was the perfect blissful despair. beyond sad
  5. reminiscing2004

    Just discovered this band recently and it's been so satisfying, acoustic screamo emo perfection (singing starts at 2:11) They have an EP called "The Distance Between" that has better recording quality and is awesome, but these two demo songs are my favorite by far.
  6. reminiscing2004

    I bought seven CD's and they were well packaged and undamaged upon arrival. They came in nice plastic protective sleeves (I know some of you guys are into that lol), and the shipping was crazy fastttt. Shipped from Singapore on a Monday and arrived by the end of the week. Thanks @hiroki!
  7. Any diehard fans know what G.A.L.D. or F.T.O. stand for? I've just noticed I never really tried to figure it out

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Urban dictionary knows it all

    2. Zeus


      F.T.O. = fight the order
      G.A.L.D. = giving all love dearly

      these are just my best guesses

  8. I'm hardly familiar with either of these bands (maybe seen one video each), but I read specifically because I was curious if Tenten still 'had it'. Glad to hear he seems to -- dude's getting old : ) Nice report
  9. How do you know when 1) things aren't working but the universe if fucking with you and you just need to keep trying, or 2) things aren't working because you're trying things in the wrong way, and they will never work if you don't change/abandon?

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    2. Spectralion


      On brighter note, at least, some-"thing" with fucking with you. 

    3. platy


      I think it's up to you to decide. Take into consideration how long you've tried for and why it could be going wrong. Things might work out if you change so you can go back to what you were doing before. (hope that made sense) 

    4. Lereku


      Generally when things aren't working like you want keep trying is not the best options coz that's will not working, is better to think about why this things are like or become like that now , how I can do for change that.

      After you finish to think about that is more easier for find the good plan for this things can work like you want

  10. Any マイナス人生オーケストラ fans who can help me identify this song?



    1. colorfuljinsei


      マイナス人生オーケストラ - 電波天国 I just went off the lyrics, but I'm kinda convinced to check them out now.

    2. reminiscing2004


      holy shit, I'm really impressed. thank you so much, I 100% would have never found this otherwise @colorfuljinsei

  11. You stole the words from my mind perfectly. I wish it weren't so, but I agree..
  12. feeling PURE

  13. reminiscing2004

    Yoooooooo, sorry to Triangle for the late review. Overall, I enjoyed the mix, because it gave me the opportunity to listen to a bunch of music I would have never listened to on my own. Favorite tracks are definitely Stay with Me and 양화대교 Yanghwa Brdg. Mega gomen to @Triangle for being so late on my review. Sorry about that. The mix was definitely generally relaxed, but I think I had a different concept of how CHILL chill was, going into the mix. And I’m glad that triangle seemed to enjoy it at all past the first vocal tracks, despite that. If this mix prompt was “your friend comes home from a long day and asks you to make them a meal to help them chill out”, triangle made me a nice salad with chicken and some hot tea. And I gave triangle a glass of Water™. I hope you don't find my review too harsh or anything. I don't listen to much music like this usually, so it was a new experience in some regard, but I tried to stay open-minded about it. Thanks for being my partner @Triangle
  14. reminiscing2004

    my reaction: the Gazettttte was still signed to PSC??? PSC still exists??
  15. reminiscing2004

    Will be keen to check this out after your very positive review. Onmyouza was the first japanese band I listened to, and I listened to all their albums up until Maou-Taiten (that was all that was out at the time) religiously. I tried dipping back in once or twice since then, but had trouble enjoying the new material ( though it seems like they've released a lot between Maou-taiten and now). I'm optimistic to check it out.