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  1. reminiscing2004

    Will be keen to check this out after your very positive review. Onmyouza was the first japanese band I listened to, and I listened to all their albums up until Maou-Taiten (that was all that was out at the time) religiously. I tried dipping back in once or twice since then, but had trouble enjoying the new material ( though it seems like they've released a lot between Maou-taiten and now). I'm optimistic to check it out.
  2. reminiscing2004

    All Heroes Must Fall™
  3. reminiscing2004

    Just sent mine to @Triangle
  4. reminiscing2004

    That's a shame... Trondheim is such a beautiful city
  5. reminiscing2004

    I had no idea this band still existed... oh,... lol
  6. Slipknot gets a lot of hate from the metal fans who have graduated onto more technical/mathy/atmospheric metal substyles and bands, but damn...


    It doesn't matter how much nutty tech death or mathcore I listen to, Iowa always holds up as one of the heaviest albums ever. The drumming and vocal  performances really sell it so well, and the production does an amazing job of not going too clean pristine (the problem of many A-list metal act's albums and tech death metal bands), but also not disregarding the power of well-executed recording/mixing and being too raw in a weak way (the problem of many new-era black metal/experimental/atmospheric inspired metal bands). Perfect blend of precision and fervor, sonicly speaking. 

  7. reminiscing2004

    time to CHIL sign me up
  8. there should be a new vk band called NEW☆BANDS☆MUST☆NOT☆SiNTH☆LEAD

  9. (Without cheating) can you name any releases exact release date that you still remember from being once so hyped?


    I've thought long and hard and this is my list:

    Versailles - Jubilee : 2010 Jan 20th

    Versailles - History & Lemon Hall DVD's : 2009 May 20th

    DELUHI - Flashblack CD/DVD : 2009 May 20th

    DELUHI - Yggdalive : 2009 November 4


    I can remember lots more month/year combos, but getting the day is the ultimate test. Some of mine might be off (i didn't check), but my gut thinks they are correct. How about you? 😮

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    2. xriko


      absolutely not. even if there was some release I waited a lot, I don't even remember those dates.

    3. chemicalpictures


      2013.07.10 - xTRiPx's Any verse. Their comeback album after the hiatus, I was CRAZY hyped for it. I've played the teaser a billion times on youtube

    4. Komorebi


      Jiluka - Ajna -Sg Version-, October 25th 2017. It was the first time ever I actually looked at the previews nonstop.

      D - Kingdom, November 12, 2014. It would be their last release before the hiatus and I was both overly hyped and depressed.

  10. saddest mix possible trade-off when

  11. reminiscing2004

    GIMP – it's free. I've used it whenever I was in the same boat and needed photoshop capabilities without actually paying for photoshop. https://www.gimp.org/ Good luck
  12. any tips for max ganbaru-ing? must;work. can't;sleep

    1. platy


      Eat some tasty food, do some stretches, wash your face with some cold water and GANBARU!

    2. emmny


      stop listening to mineral

  13. reminiscing2004

    This is a stacked lineup. mikage is a vk mvp at this point

  15. if you were ever a fan of the band, the new Killie is a must buy. decent sounding re-recordings, the densest release yet. instantly enjoyable if you've listened to their other recordings.


    a perfect summary of their work, only shame is that it wasn't released a decade earlier when it could have caused some more waves....


    not quite as cohesive in a conceptual way as some of their other releases, but serves the purpose of a great album, in the more traditional sense.