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    PSC before 2005 has pretty much all my favorite vk.

    also love killie / blue friend / sora

    sad music is nice

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  1. janne da arc is a strong SSRI

  2. I had that signed Lin poster that came with the CDjapan order of what I think was their first release? But, where the hell is it now....
  3. when i saw versailles earlier this year, hizaki forgot his first of like five solos when they played Silent Knight. maybe forgot isn't the right word, but his muscle memory got sort of lost after a phrase or two and his left hand was out of position, and he just kept playing to save face through it, the entire time staring out deeply into the audience, as he tends to do during many of his solos. like it was bad, out of key notes and then a really nervously improvised 'oh shit' recovery part after for fifteen seconds or so. it was the only part of the entire show where the musicianship was less than perfect from any of the members. but anyway, while it was happening and he was staring into the audience, he locked eyes with me for like a second or two as soon as he seemed to start messing up and it was a very profound moment for some reason. it was just like a "oh shit, hizaki's not a god, but hizaki is actually a human being like me that makes mistakes" moment. psychologically as if i watched an idol die in front of me felt as if i had like successfully walked through a wall or something akin in mental weirdness.
  4. i need more BONGO kei


    deluhi's lorelei has left a gaping hole in my heart by teasing at something so glorious

    1. chemicalpictures


      I second that!

      Lorelei is some fine bongo + arabian kei, love those guitars

  5. how the fuck do you search for "D' stuff, this is so pain


    entry level vk complaints, but GHHH

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    2. Komorebi


      What do you need? I have everything backed up in a cloud. 


      Pro tip: google "D Asagi" and everything magically pops up.

    3. frozen_bug


      this reminds me of the time I searched "X Japan" in thepiratebay... haha

    4. reminiscing2004
  6. Sooo confused trying to make sense of what the hell's going on here. Repress of the 1st edition of 痛絶 is pretty cool? and i guess im curious about a 痛絶 remaster, because I would say there is some potential to do a better post-processing job on it this time around. However, I'm extremely suspicious that the remaster of 葬ラ謳 will show any improvement.... It's just a really great sounding album already. This is all intriguing news nonetheless, as a fan of pre-2005 ムック.
  7. If any of you euros are thinking of seeing Mouse On The Keys, . . . DO IT!! It was an extremely good show. The drummer in particular gave what was probably the best drum performance I've ever seen live.

  8. i feel like the funniest part of the whole make western VK a THING thing, is just that this wouldn't have to be a discussion at all if there were actually any western vk bands that were good
  9. tfw you have nightmares that you didn't use chicken from the fridge in time, but you already did yesterday

  10. You don't suck! Just keep practicing, sing all the time, and you will find improvement! Based on what serox said, I was worried it would sound worse, but when I watched the video, I found you were hitting most of the notes, which is what really matters imo. No one starts out with a crazy interesting starting voice the first note they sing, you basically do just this, practice, practice, practice, and the sky is the limit. As for practical advice, I would say feel free to try singing the lowest parts of the songs that may be difficult an octave higher. If you are interested in lowering your vocal range, you can obviously just keep practicing trying to hit those low notes and you will find they become easier over time. However, for the time being, it might be useful to sing them an octave higher when they are very difficult. I am a male and so MOST of my vocal heroes (even that are male) have atleast like 6 or 7 high notes above me that I can't hit. So, what I've grown used to doing is try to sing as much as possible at the same note, but then when there is a crazy high part I just bring it an octave down and it allows me to continue singing with full strength and actually sound good. And then I tend to find that if I sing for an hour or so, two or three higher notes will open up that I may not have been able to hit when I started that day. And then you just kind of slowly push yourself over time to keep hitting the absolute highest (or lowest) note you can. Since I've started singing I've definitely extended my range like this. Anyway, hopefully there is SOME sort of hopeful advice from this, but you are good and have a lot of potential. Don't give up if it means a lot to you. Also, not sure what your living situation is, but you might find singing LOUDer will give you some more expression with the voice.
  11. nonstop kagrra's "神謌" till my ears bleed

    1. reminiscing2004


      it loops SO perfectly

  12. featured list

    Tommy is an underrated bamf.
  13. I dressed up all nice just to watch my 2006 alice nine dvd 💅🏼

    1. Elazmus


      I started reading this as "dressed up alice nine to watch alice nine" haha XD

      That's a piece of history though<3

    2. saishuu


      I'll never forgive them for not releasing a proper Zekkeishoku DVD ):

  14. Remember S.K.I.N.? Rememberカラス??



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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      only 90s kids will remember

    3. saishuu


      SKIN was a mess lmao poor MYV was so out of place in that lineup

    4. madygrain


      Both had a chance of being pretty good. A shame really. Karasu at least released somethng.

  15. tricot release on topshelf records???? I feel like worlds are colliding and its fucking with my head, but idk why

    1. emmny


      holy EMO...