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  1. reminiscing2004

    I understand what you're saying essentially. I used to not really hear it, but nowadays there are a lot of vocalists I can only enjoy when I'm "in the mood". Check out early Janne Da Arc and Rentrer en Soi. After like 12 years of listening to visual kei, Yasu and Satsuki have consistently stuck out to me as some of the best vocalists, and tend to avoid a bit of the excessive vibrato and pitch slurring that a lot of other talented vk vocalists tend to embellish their singing with
  2. reminiscing2004

    I was thinking the same thing. What does the 12012 reboot mean for breakin?
  3. Minus Jinsei Orchestra and brutal death metal till my ears bleed

  4. totally forgot about the stripper girl opening act in Janne's boys only live DVD... sort of spaced out for a sec and forgot what I was watching

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      "Boys only" yo wtf Yasu I wanna see a hot girl take her clothes off too 😤

  5. Mucc are basically the masters of re-recordings at this point
  6. Also quite curious to hear this
  7. i know this is blacklisted and morally wrong to mention, but the new yohio mv showed up in my recommended feed when i was feeling weak and I...

    eveerything after 2012 in this world was a mistake lol

    1. nekkichi


      blessing ur utube reccs




  8. bands that should have had a live album: janne da arc

  9. just one of those nights you think about due le quartz era myv stage presence 👀

  10. Does last.fm culture exist presently? Is there any social utility to getting on last.fm?

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    2. Zeus


      site died after the redesign in 2012. good for maintaining statistics and sometimes for grabbing images of bands, but not much else. if you still want to sign up, you can find me here.

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      she's dead



      Even pulling images from that site is useless, because they changed the image format to webp 

    4. emmny


      dead as fuck

  11. Having an outright spiritual experience with Janne's debut right now....   😵

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    2. nitta


      @reminiscing2004 yes, or live recordings 

      they have songs like "Lost", "Noise" & "Orleans" which are almost unknown 

    3. reminiscing2004


      Interesting. Nice pic btw, that Heidi mini is v good

    4. nitta


      @reminiscing2004 thanks, it's one of my favorite VK releases.

      you can check the tracks I talked about below, my favorite of them is Noise





  12. reminiscing2004

    Hit or miss! If the music feels right, I'll forgive the most abysmal production! And if it doesn't feel right ... ,
  13. fuzylog has some cheap-kei avantgarde masterpieces for real

  14. getting hammered and binging Vidoll PV's



  15. reminiscing2004

    Thinking back on all the instances where I mentioned Visual Kei to non-VK fans (usually people who listen to a wide variety of genres, or even to people who love certain subcultures of other J-music), I've had this cumulative sense that the biggest barrier to entry for people is the VOCALS. I think it's easy to think the least accessible part of VK is the visuals, but that seems more like a positive draw nowadays, considering how increasingly trendy anime and Japanese cute aesthetic shit is in mainstream youth culture. I believe there is something about the general style of how VK singers sing that is kind of uncomfortable and dramatic for western rock or metal fans, who otherwise like the instrumentals. Of course, there's a gradient of how guilty vocalists are of this, and I think the more normal (to western ears) vocalists tend to be the bands that do better with general music, but not vk, fans. To help think about how to better communicate this, I clicked shuffle play based on the tag 'visual kei' in my library. Sure enough, a Due le Quartz song comes up, and it has 1) seductive sounding vocal fry spoken word throughout 2) sudden ultra deep voice ad libs coming from far left and right 3) falsetto ghostly vocals 4) whispers 5) gasps 6) whistles 7) occasional gag screams ...on top of the normal sung vocals, which have a typical vk vibrato fetish. Also, I would say bad engrish vocals sound weirder than japanese lyrics to foreigners.
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