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  1. reminiscing2004

    @Zeus was my partner for this tradeoff and he gave me the year 2012. During that year, I was listening pretty much exclusively to new electronic music, so I was excited to see what Zeus had in store for me, knowing I probably missed out on a lot of other music that year. Overall, I was really pleased with the mix Zeus sent me, particularly in terms of its coherence to a theme of mainly string-driven atmospheric songs and ballads. He also relayed to me that this mix was emblematic of a trying time of his life, perhaps of personal struggle. Above all else, there is an emotional consistency which is here in many of the tracks-- occasional darkness and dissonance, met by moments of triumph and glory, and a lingering sense of confusion. I found the post-rock portion of this mix less exciting. To avoid driving home the stereotype that post-rock is boring music, I'll add it was mainly to do with a lack of emotional resonance for me. Though, I can almost guarantee Zeus has a very different emotional experience with that Godspeed track than I do. Found some nice keeper tracks in here and as always new bands to check out. Because of the superior thematic consistency (only blunder was that abrupt start of track 7), I'll give this mix 4.5/5.
  2. reminiscing2004

    My review coming in hot today @Zeus
  3. reminiscing2004

    Can you include the year as a headline text/? Pretty please
  4. reminiscing2004

    Sent. @Zeus
  5. reminiscing2004

    I had already tried making 3 or 4 mixes before partners have been revealed. And now I'm having all kinds of doubts.. Do I stick to the year expected? Or do I surprise Zeus with a different one. Do I just go for the best hole-in-one singles from that year that Zeus probably knows (and likes), or do I go a more esoteric route and try to really hit 'em with those deep cuts.. Baaaasically same as @yomii and @CAT5
  6. reminiscing2004

    re: aggy's bass tracks being replaced 🤔
  7. reminiscing2004

    You guys really gonna exclusively stan "Inhale"? I'm also in the camp who never enjoyed FED as much as I hoped I could, but the track is 50% boring djent fuckery. I admit it has an amazing solo, but that's the case for almost every Leda track. I'd pick something like "Beyond These Walls" over "Inhale" any day-- and "Beyond These Walls" still has semi-cringe verse vocals.. @TheStoic brings up an excellent point about the recording sound/mixes, but unfortunately, I think that is a problem with Visual Kei across the board in 2019. The sound a lot of us may be yearning for when we think of DELUHI is partially intertwined with 2000's production techniques, that have been left in the 2000's. Oh, real-sounding drums, where art thou? Leda was suuuuuch a monster musician a decade ago, between Crimson Head, Galneryus, and DELUHI-- let alone how much he's progressed since. I'm just hoping in the next chapter he gives all that talent the setting it deserves. Better vocalist, better sounding recordings, and less trying to be like Animals as Leaders when you have the melodic charisma that Animals as Leaders doesn't.
  8. happy birthday fellow milphinne appreciator 😙

  9. reminiscing2004

    🤩 Count me in
  10. reminiscing2004

    ENFP-T "campaigner" Extraverted 58% Intuitive 64% Feeling 54% Prospecting 90% Turbulent 72% Every time I take this test, I get a different result, so I don't think it is very accurate for some people.
  11. My partner was @Lestat and they sent me a largely post-punk/new wave themed mix, titled "Mors Geminos". Wwwwwhich is the name of the painting by Adam Burke they chose as their image. In their words: "For me, he unveils a sort of mystic and unreal world that I am somehow always craving for... I chose this particular work of him because it feels inviting, imaginary beings beckoning for a living, breathing creature to join their dimension, to become lost for a little over an hour... Gloominess with a light spring in its step." Overall, I think Lestat did a great job with their mix. It suited the picture so well that I had pretty much forgotten what they wrote about why they chose it when I was listening to it and when I went back to find out, it was the same thing I was enjoying about it: fantasizing about its alluring mysterious nature. Foreboding, but not downright evil. Uncertain, both for better and worse. While the musical theme was very strong, I think the black post-metal track was a little out of place in that regard. Or maybe it would have felt more thematic if there had been another few tracks of this nature as well. I found a few post-punk tracks I'm gonna be cycling through my listens now, along with some weird orchestral new age shit that are going in my 1337 emo playlists. Thanks @Lestat!
  12. reminiscing2004

  13. Iiiiiin. I live for tradeoffs.
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