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  1. caught myself listening to due le quartz and just watching gordon ramsay cooking videos on mute for like 20 minutes

    1. AimiGen7


      Imagine Gordon Ramsay, singing Due Le Quartz. 

      Someone needs to make that. That'd be some funny shit

  2. You ever just stay up for 24 hours and deliriously watch guitar demonstration DVD's

  3. I'm in too! SO excited, love the pic btw lol
  4. Best/favorite GALNERYUS album? Hit me with it, MH

  5. Interesting discussion. First off, I think you might be exaggerating the change of his vocals, as you see it. Even looking it at the live clips you cited, let alone all of the other recordings from 2002 to this point, I don't think there was ever some drastic 'switch' where he got better. (I don't think he was ever 'bad' as many people believe.) You could maybe argue that about his screams, but I'm mainly addressing the clean singing voice. Also, something really key to consider (especially with live performances) is the circumstances of the sound setup at the venue. As a vocalist, you are desperately depending on monitors, either on the floor in front of you on via in-ear headphones, to allow you to hear yourself. Standing on stage with the band, you often can't hear the sound of your own voice. This makes your performances at shows vary a lot based on how the venue can accommodate this. Most small venues will have sparse to nil monitoring options. Even in higher budget tours where you have monitoring equipment, you are presented with a new problem: bigger venues have even louder sound systems. Even among same size venues, the acoustics differs wildly, so the live sound team is facing a new set of challenges every show. And on top of that, the house guy doing the mix might put you too low on X night at X venue, and do the opposite at Y venue on Y night. My whole point is that for Ruki, or any vocalist in a loud band, each show will not be a level playing ground for their performance. It's very plausible that at one concert he could hear himself fantastic, while at the other he had insufficient monitoring or was in a crazy reflective room that drowned everything out. Additionally, the idea that someone can improve very suddenly at a discipline is generally a fantasy, imo. Even if you are practicing something for 6 hours a day, progress is usually steady, but diminishes over time. For instance, imagine there are two people who practice singing for 6 hours a day. One of them only started singing yesterday and the other one has been professionally singing for 3 years. The newbie will make a considerable amount more overall improvement than the veteran in a month's time. This is what makes it so difficult to be in the highest echelon of skill in a certain field. If it takes 100 hours to become 'okay' at something, it might take 1000 to become good, and 10,000 to become very good.
  6. Listening to Phantasmagoria for the first time in years, and I'm having flashbacks of 5th grade. We were on a field trip and this girl asked me what my favorite song was. And my answer to her was "Kousoukyoku -Variant Jihad-".

    1. Hohchicano96


      Fuck, I just remembered playing BAISER's En fleur for a guy while on a bus heading towards some landmark during a field trip in Washington D.C. when I was in eighth grade.



    2. reminiscing2004


      lol, yes, you too

    3. AimiGen7


      Where I live, if I told ANYONE my favourite song was "Variant Jihad", yeah they'd probably turn the bus around and turn me into the police. (It didn't help that younger me had a short lived fascination with Middle Eastern aesthetic...)

  7. Does anyone know how the hell Miyavi's first support band had ex-members from X, sekima ii, hide spread beaver, and Luna Sea??? Did Tomomi Ozaki have like a shit ton of "I  owe you's" saved up?

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Things like these happen, but this is probably a cutting edge

  8. 3 ムック limited editions, two V.A.'s, and a lone Ryohei ty rarezhut!
  9. PHAT PANTS. holy shet its 2006
  10. stretching feels so good!! i'm almost convinced there is no circumstance in life where stretching won't make things atleast slightly better

  11. What's your all time favorite live DVD/VHS?

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    2. Jigsaw9


      For me it's a tie between BUCK-TICK's "Devil and Freud - Climax Together 2004" and MERRY's "BURST EPDVD/Live at Shinjuku Loft".

    3. saishuu


      oh damn, YES, MERRY! totally forgot about them. their PEEP SHOW concert in Hibiya is easily one of my favorites too.

    4. IGM_Oficial


      A9's "Tokyo galaxy", the one they recorded at Budokan.

  12. It's been softly raining outside since i woke up and it sounds so peaceful and beautiful. I don't even know what to do with myself its too enjoyable. c:

  13. The Develop One's Faculties drummer's new look is LITERALLY sex kei, wtflmao

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      Hiroshima Second clutch lightning needle blaster cannibal kei OMFG

    3. returnal


      confirmed best bandomen 


    4. leafwork


      the joy of someone discovering dof-era johannes

  14. Musically, this is probably a bit soft(?) for my usual tastes, but I really really love the sound of the recording so I thought I'd mention it. This is free from so many of the recording/mixing techniques commonly expected with 2010's VK that I generally just find uninteresting and emotionally flat. I really liked this song because the drums sounded natural and roomy. They aren't triggering synthetic feeling kick and snare samples and it hasn't been compressed to shit. The mix in general just sounds super pleasant, in part because it hasn't been squashed in a number of ways for teh loudness!!! Production wise, I find this waaaay more similar to how late 90s emo and post-rock sounded then anything visual kei in the last decade and I really love that. It's really cool to see a band going in this direction with their recordings. Because it's something most people don't really consider, most bands just feel pressure to bandwagon on the trend of what everyone else's records sound like and hire the same engineers because its safe and lazy. I like the falsetto vocals and the instrumental breaks, so I'm excited to see what else this band can do. And as mentioned, I hope their recordings continue to glisten with beauty...