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  1. Let's gooooooooooo
  2. PLASTIC TREE FANS: best album???? I've only listened to cell. and Gestalt Houkai and a bunch of random singles. Was looking for some recommendations :o

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    2. Jigsaw9


      Parade, Puppet Show and ドナドナ are my faves.

    3. r...


      Puppet Show is their best album, by far.



      If you want some weird stuff - Strange fruits -奇妙な果実- and Hide and Seek、if you want strange stuff with pop flavor - Parade or Puppet show (here's really tons of songs that absolutelly will stuck in your head)

  3. Just saw the Nightmare last live, wow. For the first hour and a bit, i had this sort of melancholy discomfort watching due to Yomi's vocals. I haven't really kept up with the band since like 2010, but it sounds like he's completely changed his singing technique, or hes burned out his voice, or a bit of both. It was tough at times, because you could tell he was really giving it his all and you he could hear the voice straining in ways that make you cringe a little bit because it seems physically painful. Of course, no one wants to go out as a vocalist like that, especially when the rest of the band was playing so well.


    However, throughout the final encores, Yomi definitely redeemed himself and you could tell it was taking all of his being to do so. The Star[K]night orchestral arrangement that played at the end before the final encore was really top notch and totally got the feels going. In the end, I feel like it will be really enjoyable for anyone who was a fan of the band at some point to watch. It's challenging at first to feel like you're struggling with Yomi's performance, but he really does make the most of it.

  4. i tried this b4, but not many responded. fave live dvd(s)?

    1. AimiGen7


      Dir en Grey 1999 Osaka-jo Hall. The atmosphere, the songs played, the cohesion of the performance is just perfect imo.

    2. platy


      Sukekiyo MUTANS, Dir En Grey Dum Spiro Spero 2014, The Gazette Dogmatic Final

  5. R E N T R E R | E N | S O I

  6. I found this thread really interesting to read through and see everyone's take on this topic. I'm replying to these quotes because it spotlights just how different the desires in a live concert experience are from male and female fans. Despite what some people (like the above quoted) consider to be normal and expect everyone would want from a concert, I'm here to say that the things Inertia and Komo mentioned as being bad are exactly what I want from a great live experience. Not all male fans are like this, but I think this is a really common mindset for men. It's why a bunch of dudes who have never met each other can pile up in a cramped hot space and push the shit out of each other for a couple hours and leave with a big smile on their face, excited for the next time. I can't tell you how many times I've like shook someone's hand after a show or shared some acknowledging eye contact and nod with someone while leaving a venue after a night of moshing. The bond you have with those people is absurdly strong after the night. And why? It sounds silly, but its because you all got crushed, hit, pushed, soaked in sweat (if not yours, from someone else), and gave every ounce of energy you had while listening to some of your favorite music. It's simply cathartic. It's not really a matter of lacking courtesy (or atleast not intentionally). The rough nature of a lot of predominantly male lives is because there's an unspoken agreement that most people WANT that kind of atmosphere (though obviously a lot of female fans want something different). I can guarantee you I'm always the skinniest/lightest dude in the pit. It's hilarious how little control I have and how far I will fly when pushed, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The best concert experiences for me always end sweaty, bruised, unable to speak, and feeling like I've just ran a marathon. When you find a show where everyone is on this same level, prepared to use up all of their spirit to making this experience count, you have something crazy magical. And a strong sense of unity comes from having been through that together with other people who were looking for the same thing.
  7. Please tell me how the Nightmare DVD is once you've watched it. It's been on my list to check out for like a decade now... Awesome era of the band
  8. Wowza, Lyrical Sympathy is 10 years old

  9. remember JAME? remember JROCKREVOLUTION? remember fucking CUREMEDIAUSA????


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    2. suji


      how bout shattered tranquility tho

    3. violetchain


      Yes, Centigrade J was a lyric translation site. Loved it because it had tons of really beautiful GLAY and Mr.Children translations. I have so many good memories of reading them while watching live videos and stuff in like 2006~2008. It's crazy to think that was so long ago.

    4. Tokage


      remember monochrome heaven?  that site went offline over 20 years ago.... damn......

  10. My partner was @indigo ! Boris - Siesta The first track is a perfect introductory song. It has a slow fade in of what sounds like a quiet humming feedback, a haunting clean electric guitar pattern, and a few auxillary pad-like elements. The song repeats these basic elements while some new additions delicately develop overtop of them, such as a brushed drum kit. the song strips down a bit in the last 30 seconds to a different guitar line, which is equally as slow and decrepit, which fades out. Rating: 4.5/5 Tha Blue Herb - Run 2 You BAM! The first track had a fantastic dark feeling to it, but was also very slow in pace, which we’ve now completely erased over. As apparent within the first ten or twenty seconds, this is a modern j-hip hop track. Super clean and tight mix and an almost surgically accurate main vocalist. Even when the double tracked backing vocals come in, the rhythm is effortlessly precise. I really enjoy this song because it embodies “modern” or “innovative” hip hop very well, taking advantage of more experimental production approaches sometimes not associated with hiphop. We have heavy synth work, some sort of eerie bell sound, occasional electric guitar samples from the right, and even the occasional choir bite. Although the meat of the song doesn’t offer much variation, it’s easy to stay entertained. Maybe a better way to put it as that there is variation, but within the same general section. Whether the vocals or the instrumentals, you’re attention is kept. One of the many artists on this mix I’m not familiar – will check out more. In terms of crime vibe, I would give it a solid rating, it’s a bit jarring after the first track but i think thats the point. I had similar methods in my own mix, though likely a bit more extreme, like saying “OKAY GOGOGO” out of nowhere. Rating: 4/5 Every Time I die - Moor In terms of mix cohesion, I think the transition between the last song and this one feels a bit clunky. This is a post-hardcore (?) type alt rock tune that starts with a piano and vocal before going into some heavy ultra down tuned riffage and screaming that I would consider very post-hardcore screaming (lol?). This song has a general feeling of dissonance and the vocalist sounds quite morose and almost panicky in the piano sections. Probably one of the least exciting standalone songs on the mix for me, but I guess the spooky tone is pretty fitting, maybe its implying some sort of regret regarding the CRIMELIFE. Also as a big warning to indigo, I’m sorry if I am missing out on lyrics for any of these songs! I’m terrible at hearing words, so forgive me if I’m missing out on some thematicness there. Rating: 2/5 Sed Non Satiata - Dans le tumulte et les lumieres holy fucking SHIT yes! Never heard of this band, but this is mad sick. Sort of a post-hardcore/emo/screamo style. Very tense and morose quality to the entire track. As usual with like the two other french bands I know in this sort of style, the spoken word yelling stuff just sounds so badass. I’m struggling to find words to describe this track for some reason, but It probably gets that way with lots of band-format music. It’s drums bass and 2 guitars, but the execution is very interesting. The last two minutes of the song feel like a constant uphill push in terms of momentum, building, building, building. The final chords ring out with immense satisfaction. Again in terms of mix, I don’t know if its particularly criminal(?), though it is a pretty hard task to do that in and of itself. Very MINOR. Regardless, I love this and need to check out this album/band. Rating: 5/5 Syrup16g - Deathparade One of those bands I have heard about a lot, but heard nothing from. This fits in really well after the last track, as it keeps the hard hitting rock vibe going strong. Again, I miss out a lot lyrically. There was some engrish about “somebody kill me”, so √ that fits?! Based on the first minute or so of the song, I predict I will lose interest soon, but things switch up in pleasant way. The more complex basslines in this song can be really entertaining and overall I’m sold on the sound. Very noisy, loud, all the guitars making this sort of mesh of sound, but the mix is dope and it sounds great! Not something I would normally listen to, but I like it. Catchy chorus too. Rating: 3.5/5 ソンソン弁当箱 - BATSUGUN Keeping the pace with another fast-ish rock track (each of the three last songs have gotten progressively faster which I like). This one quickly distinguishes itself right away, a more abnormal indie vibe, most obviously demonstrated by these wobbly phasery(?) sounding guitars and the sort of unusual chant-yelling type vocals. I think I heard the words “body count?”. About halfway through, we get this HELLA riff that makes me feel like I’m listening to like west coast 90s surf hardcore bands, followed by the catchiest vocal part of the song. “BLAH BLAH BLHA IEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. With that “IEEEEEEE” going down in pitch. Later we get another section like this, but with the vocal phrase in double-time speed. This is unusual to me, but very fun and addictive. I guess that addictive crazy vibe works with the crime thing, like some crazy kids ravaging a gas station or going pedal to the metal in a highway race. Rating: 4.5/5 Meiso - イエティ Another J-hiphop track, definitely a bit unexpected or sort of rough transition coming from all the rock tracks, but it pulls you in quick enough. Compared to the last song, we have more of a traditional approach to percussion. A typical percussion groove comes in and out of the track (kick/snare/hi hat/occasional clap). There’s a piano sample, some woodwinds sample, what sounds like a flute, and a few indistinguishable stabs. The vocals are definitely the main focus of the track. There is a clear chorus section when the sort of weird woodwinds sample comes in and things strip down, I really like this section, but the rest was a bit unexciting to me personally. I’m not really sure if I can make much of a crime association other than generic hip ohp “WE ROLLIN’” vibe. Rating: 3/5 downy - 鉄の風景 In, I believe, three out of four, of the mixes I’ve participated in, I have received a downy track in the playlist my partner made. And I still haven’t properly listened to an album of theirs (– SHAME). This song definitely nails the creepy “things are wrong” atmosphere that a lot of these other tracks capitalize in. Would have gone great after the Boris track, though that’s kind of a bogus suggestion because that might screw up the chemistry of the end of your mix by leaving it out as well. Most of the song is Drums/Bass/Vocals, with a very present bassline! Simple and monophonic, but right in your face at the mix with that strong 100-200hz, and not necessarily sub bass, sound. Vocals sound super messed up – the crime is getting to us!! Not my favorite downy track I’ve heard, but works superbly in the mix. Rating: 4/5 world’s end girlfriend - Girl And the transition from last song into this one is 100/10. Perfect. This is possible my favorite song on the whole mix???? world’s end girlfriend is another band I’ve heard about but never actually listened to. This song is a sort of epic instrumental number which goes right up my alley. Repetitive straightforward synth bassline, glockenspiels, violins, overdriven to shit keyboards (yum). My least favorite part of this song has to be the electronic drums, which just sound sort of weak to me. Tends to happen electornic drums in non-electronic albums just sound a bit bare, like studio/live band recording guys being like “oh yeah we can do that”. Though I will add, the drums become a bit more tolerable when they get really glitchy and distorted. That minimal complaint aside, the rest of the song melodically is so beautiful. There’s no way to explain it other than for someone to hear it. This is also one of those moments that kind of breaks out of the confine of the mix, because its hard for me to find strong ties to the theme, but I don’t give a fuck, because it is such a cathartic song. Discovering tunes like these are the main reason I enjoy taking part in these tradeoffs. Back to the song, it sort of cascades up in a number of different ways, each time sort of falling back down and coming back with different and usually increasingly noisy instrumentation. The balance between like pizzicato strings and distorted feedback is very cool, a tricky thing to pull off sonically without all the distortion burying the acoustic instruments. It ends with a super satisfying unraveling of that distorted feedback sound which fades out and a repeating high piano chord played super slow. Also, just noticed the song is named "girl". That fucks me up, yo. Rating: 5/5 友川かずき - おじっちゃ Speaking of discovering cool shit I’d never heard of, where has Tomokawa been in my life ?!?!?!?!?! After the first time listening to the mix, I had a youtube binge session on all sort of clips from him. This song is an acoustic guitar + vocal format at its core, with a drum kit The acoustic guitar is played in a usual strum-a-long chords way, but the vocal performance is especially atypical, lots of belted cries and straining screams, as well as some very folky vibrato falsetto “ooh”s. I love the drums contribution to this song, because its very unorthodox, but completely satisfying. I can usually only find these strange sort of “not fitting, but fitting” rhythmic contributions in jazz or weird avantgarde bands like Supersilent (though this isnt demonstrated super clearly in the song I put in the mix I sent you). This song transitions well again from the last one and is a good closer for the mix. Again, its quite a difficult task to specifically portray CRIMEness in a song, but this totally feels like a not-so-sane mutterings of a dude who has experienced some REAL SHIT in the last 40 minutes. Rating: 5/5 Overall, I enjoyed the mix. There was no song I just straightup didn’t like and the complaints I did have were minimal. I think we have a pretty compatible palate as I tend to be quite picky over things like production choices and didn’t have many stipulations when listening to this. My biggest complaint is that some of the song transitions could have been better. It may seem silly, but I think the flow from the last 10 seconds of the previous song into the first 10 seconds of the next song should feel coherent, or if it doesn’t, that should be because you deliberately want it to feel incoherent. The transition between the last three songs was very good, I think if it was all like that, it would have had a more convincing all-around package experience. That being said, this might have been difficult no matter what considering the wide array of styles, hip-hop, post-hardcore/alt. rock, folk, post-rock. Mix “themeness” aside, I genuinely loved the selection of songs, I feel like I’ve definitely got a strong four or five bands/albums I want to go listen to now. P.S. Sorry if mix was a bit painful! I kind of expect most people will find it challenging, but hopefully you enjoyed the challenge. We gotta make noise music normal one step at a time
  11. My review will be delayed @indigo. Really enjoying what you've sent me though
  12. Waayyy late but I sent my mix to @indigo and they've sent theirs too!
  13. LETS GOOOOOO sign me uuuup
  14. I think theres a mix swap coming up, but anyone wanna do a bonus extracurricular one with me/? we can go hella experimental

    1. saishuu


      I have a free week coming up, so I'm up for it if you are

    2. Zeus


      that sounds fun! i'm going to start the deets for the new mixtape swap soon!

  15. lorelei: the third chapter LES GO, hash tag make vk great again, hash tag make vk budget kei again