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  1. idk where to post this (seeing as how i'm prob the only one on MH who gave a fuck about TRA TRA TRA)  but i need to post this somewhere


    I'm so so so so glad that Omi is still making music. I can totally see both of these songs being on TRA's album. I wish I could hear Ryo sing them. I've listened to Omi's other music too (it's on iTunes) and it makes me so sad that they didn't release any of those songs as TRA.


    On a personal note, it's even more heart-wrenching for me considering the recent news with Hiroki (I'm Hiroki gya -_-) so I see Omi's stuff and think of TRA which also makes me think of Hiroki and then all of the conflicting feelings. Granted, if Hiroki was doing illegal shit, I'm glad he got caught when he was with Ageha rather than when he was with TRA. I think I'd def be more pissed if it had happened during TRA.


    In any case. I fucking love Omi's music <333333 and I'm so glad he's still making the same type of music. I hope he gets more attention!!

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    2. colorful人生


      I really enjoy the latter end of that 耳鳴り preview. It seems like he covers all bases here https://big-up.style/musics/405451 through "Big Up!", so hopefully it's digitally released as well. 

    3. echo


      @colorful人生 he's doing his best i think! his first real live is on Sunday so I'm hoping he'll announce more about it after that. hopefully he'll have more digital releases!

    4. chemicalpictures


      sounds pretty good indeed! I admit that coming from nil delete heads I expected more from TRA in general, but they sure had some pretty kickass tunes! カルラの憂鬱 is still rockin on my daily rotation


      I hope he forms a new band someday

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