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  1. I honestly don't understand why people bother to post in a topic if they "aren't interested" 

    If you're not interested then why waste any of your precious time saying so? lolol 


    also, I really don't get the whole "sounds just like all the other (insert genre) bands"

    um.. if it things didn't sound at least a little similar, genres literally wouldn't exist?? derp.

    If you like abare and say "this kira band sounds like all the other kira bands" then well, yes of course they do.... cos you don't like kira?? so of course it sounds the same to you. You literally don't have the ear to appreciate nice melodies. Likewise, if you only listen to kira, then of course all abare will sound the same to you... similarly, if you don't like the "new stuff" you prob only like the "old stuff." If you don't like the "old stuff," you probably only like the "new stuff."

    I mean, literally ALL genres of rock sounded the same to me before I actually started listening to it so............????????


    BUT yeah idk. maybe that's just me ( ´_ゝ`)

    1. colorfuljinsei


      It gets the cynics' rocks off. If you go through said individuals' comment history it becomes pretty apparent that they've changed over time. Some people just look at vk w/ such objectivity b/c their favs define the genre for them. 

    2. Miku70


      I agree with you. If a band  don't interest me, if see elsewhere ☺️.


      But "old stuff" is not likely good , because we growned with and  their judgement is biased. So the "new stuff" gave a chance , because maybe in the future or now are interessing.


    3. Zeus


      opinions on old stuff is inherently biased because we tend to not talk about the stuff that sucked back in the day. but people that talk smack about new stuff will always exist, and telling them to go elsewhere isn't productive once you realize that those in love with 2008 visual kei (for example) won't find what they are looking for in 2018. they will be just as unhappy "there" as they will be "here".

      ngl i don't listen to vk nearly as heavy as i used to and what i listen to most of the time are bands people don't really remember or listen to anymore. and as time passes, i have less and less people to introduce my favorite things to, and less and less people willing to talk about the same songs five, ten, fifteen years later. but i try my hardest to give new stuff a chance too and sometimes i am surprised. there's actually a bit more diversity now than five or ten years ago.

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