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  1. TRA had their 3rd one-man last night!! Here's their set list! They played ALL their songs! カルラの憂鬱 is the only song that they hadn't played live yet! I fucking love this song!!! I was SOOOOO happy to hear it live finally <333333333333 anyway, I wrote a bunch of stuff and then accidentally closed the window and don't feel like writing it again right now so here's a couple of drum cams and Yukia's bass cam instead! Venom: WE-Kid I fucking love We-Kid. It's definitely one of my favorite Tra songs <3333333 Yukia cam! Kamikaze from before the live Yukia playing with Hiroki's drums haha Omi Post-live snow videos Picspam: Okay wait now that I've posted some pics I kinda feel like writing some stuff again. So apparently 「所詮、女宿り」is a super important song to them. like they went through a lot of shit to write the song and debated a long time about releasing it and whatnot so yeah. it's a big deal to them <3 oh and they also said they'll be releasing their demo songs (re:born and re:light) sometime next month (none of them could remember the actual date cos they fail lol) for 1,000 yen, if I'm remembering correctly. cos Omi was saying how they were on their demo tape (and went into a tangent about what a demo tape is since cassette tapes don't exist anymore and a lot of gya are pretty young these days and prob don't know wtf 'demo tape' ACTUALLY means lolol), but how said demo tape (CD?) was no longer available cos they gave them all out already, but he kept getting interrupted cos of hiroki and ryo coming on stage and Yukia's randomness lolol Anyway, you can get re:born/re:light something or other from next month apparently Ryo also talked about how we all go through a lot of shit in live and of course no one wants to deal with all that bs and negativity, but on the other hand if life was all rainbows and sunshine, happiness becomes the norm and is that even really happiness? kind of thing. (this was before they playe 「所詮、女宿り」) Oh and Hiroki did a long MC instead of drum solo. wtf Hiroki. He literally said "this is where I would normally do a drum solo, but ima talk instead" THE FUCK? After he told me before their last shusai to wait for the one-man for his drum solo?????? not gonna lie, I was small kine pissed. >_> But I forgive him cos he's Hiroki. lolol and he actually did a decent MC. Even Omi and Ryo were surprised like "oh, you actually did a good job" lolol and Ryo was like "wtf that's not fair" when Hiroki was getting the crowd riled up cos he could he the drums at the correct timing to get us to yell lolol Ryo really sucks at getting us pumped haha the way he does it, we're all like ".... do we yell now??? umm... yay???" hahaha but with Hiroki it was really obvious when to yell lolol even Omi was like "yeah it's not fair! I have an instrument, but if I do it, it's not the same" kinda thing and he mimicked w/e the bandmen say to get us to yell and hit a chord on his guitar and was like "SEE IT'S WEIRD RIGHT????" haha Oh and apparently at one point, Ryo tripped and knocked the drums a bit and Hiroki was like yeah it was really dangerous and Omi was like "oh is that what that was when the drums suddenly disappeared during that one song???" lolol Anyway, I'm tired. I'll update this more later if I remember things I forgot lol
  2. CLear played at Otsuka DEEPA for the first time the other night (6/21). Here's their setlist: 1.星流る夜に (hoshi nagaru yoru ni) 2.Dearest 3.Dizzling Dance 4.モノクロの未来 (monokuro no mirai) 5.Surround It was a pretty small venue, but there was pretty good energy! All the bands there were relatively small so the people who bothered to be there during each set at least half assed the furi lol I was in the 2nd row so idk how much participation there was during CLear's set since I was just staring at Oharyo the whole time, but I think there was a decent amount of participation. I really fucking love Dizzling Dance. I'm glad people actually did the furi this time. I was shamelessly doing it on my own in the second row haha but people started joining in so I was happy haha Anyway, here's some picspam! Tsukimi also posted this vid: I fucking love this band <3
  3. Thanks!! I'm really glad I stayed too! I was actually considering leaving after Anfiel cos I was so peeved. I'M GLAD I DIDN'T! haha oh! and Ryota posted another pic after I went to sleep. This is from after Neverland's set when Anfiel came back out to join them on stage Shogo had his arm around Ryota and was like "wow you're really sweaty" and Ryota was like "AM I?" and rubbed his sweaty face all over Shogo haha <333333333 Oh and Shogo picked up some ribbonish thing that Ryota usually wears I guess? And put it around his neck and put it in his mouth while Ryota was talking and was like "wait, can I say something? This is really salty... Ryota's sweat is really salty" ahaah But yeah, Shogo and Ryota seem like they're pretty close! I really hope they do a 2man tour! but hopefully I won't have to deal with that one annoying Neverland gya haha
  4. Anfiel played a 2man with Neverland tonight at Ruido K4! I had to get a toujitsuken cos eplus was all sold out. Luckily I could get in. BUT MY GOD WAS IT PACKED. I've never seen K4 so packed… I've only gone there for really minor bands so it was kind of a weird experience. I was trapped by the doors cos the bitches in front pretend they can't here when the staff yell for everyone to move forward lol. It wouldn't have been a problem if people weren't randomly coming in all throughout Anfiel's set T_T I was kind of dying. I was basically on my toes for their entire set with my heels resting against the step up to the 3rd tier of standing space to help keep me up. I actually wanted to go up to that step, but some Neverland bitch gya was pretending I didn't exist. I even tapped her on the arm to ask if I could stand where her bag was taking up space… she was basically taking up the space of three people cos she was leaning against the wall with her feet sticking out and then her bag in front of her. Like this venue is sold out and you're gonna be a bitch??? Fuck. Anyway. I digress. Here's the set list from tonight: The first song they played was a Neverland song! During one of the MC's Shogo said he asked Ryota how to pronounce the title like is it "roku roku roku," "roppyaku rokujuu roku" or what and Hal was like "six hundred sixty-six" (in English) and Shogo was like oh! that sounds so cool in English! and Hal wouldn't stop saying it all night hahaha and at one point he made it six thousand?? but Shogo continued and said Ryota himself was like "well... I say 'roku roku roku'" and Shogo was like yeah... so Ryota doesn't even know how to read the song title, so I'll just call it 'roku roku roku' like he does lololol But yeah. Anfiel is amazing. That's all you really need to know. I was able to enjoy them squished, cramped, and in considerable pain and I couldn't really see anything half the time. But my God Shogo can sing. Haha It was actually an interesting experience cos I could like REALLY listen to them since I couldn't see sometimes, and well, they're fucking good? Go listen to them?? haha also, Mayoi hime is so fucking fun live haha I thoroughly enjoyed that song even though I was dying in the back and unfil is one of my favorite Anfiel songs so I was really glad to hear it live again <3333 I think it might be one of the songs that really made me get into Anfiel and every time I hear it I remember the first time I heard it <333 and being able to see Shogo see it in front of me is kind of the fucking best <333333 During Neverland's set I moved to the very back cos people kind of cleared out and I just leaned against the back wall. I was kind of in pain cos my feet literally went numb cos of how I was standing for Anfiel's set haha. I perked up when they played songs I liked and when they played Anfiel's Mayoi hime <3 I'm glad Neverland played it so I could jump around more easily since I had moved by then lol After Neverland's set, in lieu of an encore, they brought Anfiel back out on stage and they played Neverland's 666 for the THIRD time haha. Shogo was like "let's play a Neverland song!" and Ryota was like "really???" and Shogo was like "yeah which song" and Ryota was like, "well there's only one song then… and it'll be the THIRD time…" but the crowd was ready for it haha. IT WAS SO FUN! Hearing both bands play together was a lot of fun <333 Hal was kind of lost I think though cos you can't really have two ppl at the same drum set. He was kinda just playing with Neverland's bat thing haha before they started, Shogo suggested one drummer do the bass drum with the pedals and the other drummer do everything else. They were both kind of like "wtf are you on Shogo?" haha <3 After they played Ryota kept yelling "ANFIEL SAIKOU!!" and then shoved the mic in Shogo's face and Shogo was like "NEVERLAND TONDEMONAI!!!" bahaha and Ryota was like wtf man??? And Shogo was like oh my bad "Neverland saikou!!" hahaha They seem like they're pretty close haha Ryota was saying how both he and Shogo are from Ibaraki and Ibaraki is known for their men being the delinquent type or something? And he was like "obviously Shogo is a delinquent type" lolol Oh! and Shogo said they MIGHT do a 2man tour. Nothing's been officially decided yet, but it might happen!! <333 Anyway, here's some picspam!
  5. Masashi uploaded a second video to his nico douga last month!! He said this one is more adult-feeling than the last one. He also started instagram tonight! lol I think he's getting lonely with no band activities. Go show him some love!! <33
  6. I'm really glad he's continuing with music!! (btw I think ノスタルジー is supposed to be "nostalgia")
  7. CLear had their instore for 夢うつつ (Yume utsutsu) today! They played some kind of drawing batsu game. Tsukimi lost, but apparently they are all pretty terrible at drawing lol. Before the instore Tsukimi tweeted that this was their last instore event, but Ryota just tweeted and it sounds like they'll have one more event for their last single to be released in October!! I really hope they have one more instore! I wasn't able to go today so I was pretty bummed T_T Here's some picspam from the instore event today: They also have individual photos and comments on the Zeal Link blog: We had a contest game this time, and it was a lot of fun! There was a punishment for the member who came in last so I was really scared, but that honor went to Tsukimi! I hope to do it again! I was covered in a strange sweat lol It was a fun event full of smiles! Thank you! Drawing was a lot of fun! Did you all have fun too? Otsukimi!
  8. Hiroki will be doing a twitcast tonight from midnight (JST)!! Yukia will probably be joining him cos they are both terribly awkward with no one to talk with them lolol Also: Hiroki says you can use Ryo's pic for a "I'm on a date with my boyfriend now" post this pic: wtf ryo @_@ And then he said he found a pic of himself that seemed suitable and that you can use it to say you're on a date with your bf. lolol I think it's a meme going around. I've seen a few other bandmen posting similar tweets lol
  9. Late update cos I cannot with the announcement of CLear's disbandment, but here is their set list from the other night: 2017.6.2@Shinjuku club science Set list 1.夢ノカケラ (Yume no kakera) 2.Dearest 3.Dizzling Dance 4.妄想クローゼット (Mousou closet) 5.夢うつつ (Yume utsutsu) They seemed kind of out of it at first, but picked themselves up by the end of the first song so I kind of just dismissed it. When they didn't announce anything big during the MC I was kinda worried since they tweeted earlier that they'd have an announcement that night, but I kind of just dismissed that worry too. They had really good energy during the rest of the live and it was a really fun set! Dizzling Dance is definitely one of my favorite songs from them! And it seemed like a lot of people were getting into it so I was really happy! After their set when I went to buppan, Ryota asked if I had fun and I replied really enthusiastically that I did, and he had a really bittersweet smile like "yay I'm glad you had so much fun, but I'm sorry to disappoint you" kind of expression and I knew for sure they would announce disbandment. Kai was pretty out of it after the live too T_T But I still wasn't ready for it when they posted the official disbandment notice. T_T I'm still pretty devastated about it. Been moping around all day and could barely function at work T_T To be perfectly honest, I'm a bit surprised at just how hard I'm taking this, but I could go on and on about it so instead, here's some pic spam from the other night lol Before the live, Ryota made Kai try cilantro for the first time lol Kai buying cilantro yakisoba: Kai posted this after and said he didn't like it lol He said it tasted like how he imaged bugs would taste lol Fuck. I'm really gonna fucking miss these guys T_T <3
  10. You and me both T_________________________________________T
  11. I haven't updated in a while T_T But here's a clip of Tra playing DOUBT! They finished the Like an Edison Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya tour and have hopefully gained more fans! They have their third one-man coming up on June 25th back at Denatsu. Hopefully it'll be fuller than their first one-man was!! If anyone is in Tokyo in June you should definitely check them out! They're definitely a band that's worth seeing live Tickets can be purchased on eplus!
  12. CLear played twice this week at Shinjuku RUIDO K4! (The 22nd and the 25th) They're super fun!! I hope they can get more fans soon!! Set list from 5/22 @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4: 1.星流る夜に 2.Dearest 3.妄想クローゼット 4.モノクロの未来 Post-live picspam: Before the live they also went to Little Hearts to distribute their new flyers! Set list from 5/25 @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4: 1.DizzlingDance 2.妄想クローゼット 3.チョコレヱトケーキ 4.Surround It was a much heavier set list than usual, probably cos of the bands they were playing with, and it was a lot of fun!! I was really glad I got to hear Dizzling Dance and Chocolate Cake live again!! Chocolate Cake's furi was kinda hard to remember lol but it was a lot of fun! <3333 The saizen weren't the regular saizen I think... no one really knew the furi lol, but it seemed like a lot of people were joining in! Also, Kaz (ex-Fenix) was their support bassist tonight! I think I like him more than their usual support, but oh well lol Post-live picspam: The members also went around to Like an Edison and Jishubanclub to distribute their flyers before the live tonight <3 (idk why Kaz is there instead of Wataru and/or Tsukimi lolol)
  13. CLear finally posted a new CLear TV video! This one is the live digest from the Ryota-Kai birthday shusai back in April. The camera work is pretty horrible at times, but you can see Kai sing and Ryota play guitar! <3 It's really nice to see that so people were getting into it! I hope both Kai and Ryota were able to enjoy their birthday event!! <3 For those of you who can't understand Japanese, the actual live digest starts at about 5 mins in if you wanna skip their commentary in the beginning.
  14. They all look so good!! <333 They showed a preview clip of the new single after their set tonight!! I'm really excited to hear it in full!!
  15. Here's their setlist from tonight's live at Shibuya REX! For some reason 自分定義 made me cry like a fucking baby and I couldn't get my shit together for pretty much the rest of their set, but whatever. I love them. It was like during that song all my thoughts and feelings about the band surfaced and it felt like my heart was leaping out of my chest. Not to be over-dramatic, but I'm a little over-dramatic <3 I was pretty much smiling through tears and jumping around for the next two songs haha Even if it's not with Dangan, I really hope everyone can feel the intensity towards a band that I feel for Dangan. Like, I'm pretty sure I used to make fun of/not understand people who cried at lives and over songs/bands/bandmen w/e but like. Fuck. Go fall in love with a band so you can understand <3 Okay sorry, just rambling now. On to the picspam!