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  1. omg you have no idea how happy this makes me!! Here's the preview of their first album if you haven't heard it yet!! I really hope you like this band!!
  2. Monkey dance during Que sera! sera! lolol 🐒🐵
  3. They've kinda changed to a heavier sound since Mamoto left I think. All their interviews since he left have been kind of about their new music direction and being really heavy etc. Previews are out!! I'm glad you preordered their album too!! <3
  4. Tonight is Hiroki's turn to host the Line chat! It starts from 21:00 (JST) so.. in like a little more than an hour haha Also, here's the set list from their live at Shinjuku Holiday the other night They haven't played Sayonara in forever! I was surprised that they didn't play Unchain, but I think they were trying to play songs that got the crowd to go crazy. Literally ALL of the bands had gyakudai/mosh songs so I think they were trying to compete. pic spam: And for those of you who haven't seen it yet, the long version of their UNCHAIN PV: Anyway, go say hi to Hiroki tonight on Line!!
  5. I LOVE AKASHIC RECORDS SO MUCH <333333333333333333333 Also, this picture Also, this picture too <3
  6. me neither T_T <3
  7. FoLLoW posted a digest video of their last one-man
  8. Tried to do the Heresy ticket trade thing for Gazette's 15th anniversary live, but apparently you can only apply if you have a Japanese credit card T_T ALL OF THE SADNESS.

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    2. Yukimoto


      someone has to have a Japanese credit card and if you have the money on you just give it to them!!! You can do it!

    3. echo


      @YukimotoI'm not close enough with anyone to ask to use their credit card. I think most people would be reluctant even if I say I will pay them ><; But I'm still exploring a few other options. I hope I can figure something out ><

    4. Yukimoto


      AWWWWw i hope you do..... I would be devastated if I couldn't go and I was there too.... Maybe you should just try asking someone you are kind of close too. Like have the money in one hand so they know you mean business!!!!

  9. Dangan had their one-man live tonight at Tsutaya O-West! Apparently this was the first time they've ever taken a picture at their one-man Flowers: Tonight's set list: Prepare yourselves for my spazzy write up later. I'm too tired to finish writing it tonight, but here's the short version: THE LIVE WAS FUCKING AMAZING AND I LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH AFTER EXPERIENCING IT <3333333333
  10. I'M SO EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! I really hope they can fill denatsu more this time. Their first one-man was kind of sad haha. But they've been gaining fans recently it seems!!! Also, just to clarify, this is the long version of the MV. It's still not the full thing. I guess they just want to give you more of a feeling before you buy it? lol. Oh they've also announced a bunch of instore events for the album! 4/09 (Sun) TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku store 4/09 (Sun) littleHEARTS. Shinjku store 4/15 (Sat) Like an Edison Tokyo store 4/23 (Mon) Like an Edison Osaka store 4/24 (Mon) Like an Edison Nagoya store 4/29 (Sun) Jishuban Club Details: So all the instores have a talk + 2 or 4 shot cheki satsueikai except for the tower records one has a hand shake, signing and a 2 or 4 shot cheki satsueikai Tokuten details Like an Edison TYPE A: Comment DVD A TYPE B: Unreleased Personal Artist Photo (random) Jishuban Club TYPE A: Comment DVD B TYPE B: Ryo comment DVD littleHEARTS. TYPE A: Comment DVD C TYPE B: Omi comment DVD ZEAL LINK TYPE A: Comment DVD D TPYE B: Hiroki comment DVD CROSS CAT TYPE A or TYPE B: Original comment DVD TOWER RECORDS TYPE A or TYPE B: Unreleased Artist Photo Set
  11. awww it's okay. thanks though!
  12. Yes I'm interested! :DD Your friend doesn't happen to have an extra third ticket do they?
  13. Ugggghhhh I've been talking about this live with my friend since forever but I wasn't able to get tickets T___T didn't get the heresy lottery tickets and general sales sold out before I could even access eplus T______T
  14. ViV

    5th part of the Sendai live: LOVE SICK, Kanzenmuketsu no Super Star Set list from the 2/11 Nagoya MUSIC FARM live: Nagoya Otsubibu: Live footage part one: MESSAGE, MELODIES, anagram, itsumade tattemo aikawarazu anata wo aishiteru Part two: Supeoki Pain, Blues Session Member Intro, Destiny
  15. Hiroki will be hosting the Line chat this month on Saturday, February 25th from 9pm (JST)! Don't miss out! Download LINE and add the official TRA TRA TRA account via their QR code here: