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  1. echo

    lololol its okay, I'm literally focused on the drummer and bassist for now. as long as you don't super, super hate them I'm pretty happy lololol
  2. echo

    Thanks for the info! I don't really keep tabs on Nightbare (I literally don't know anything about them lolol), so idk the details, but I'm pretty impressed that a drummer can maintain such a loyal fanbase! Drummers usually have like NO fans lol
  3. echo

    yay! I'm glad you think this band is good news! I don't know anything about Guts and Death or LSN >< I did a quick search and it seems like there's not much info about them on MH? I did a quick search and it seems even the GnD OHP doesn't offer much info lol if anyone has a source, I can try my hand at translating!
  4. echo

    lol I've only ever heard him live (literally heard him for the first time tonight) and he seemed okay! I think a lot of VK vocalists actually sound much better live. Maybe you'll like him more in future, more polished releases of their songs! If not, hopefully you can get past his vocals and enjoy the music for what is >< no clue what you're talking about (nor do I really care lolol) but thanks for the info! I'll go do some research b(^▽^)d
  5. echo

    Musicians change all the time, yes, but it's a different story if said musician is the vocalist (literally the face of the band). It's a lot more difficult to keep a band going once you lose a vocalist (but again, not sure if he's actually leaving LSN... I have literally never heard of them. Can anyone shed some light? Perhaps a different topic is necessary for this discussion?) In any case, this is borderline becoming off-topic lol. Anyone else have thoughts on this new band? Personally, I am pretty excited, despite their apparent copy/classic-rock style XD
  6. echo

    Not sure lol I just checked LSN's OHP and it looks like they don't have anything in their schedule after 10/14. Maybe he's switching over and LSN will stop?
  7. I honestly don't understand why people bother to post in a topic if they "aren't interested" 

    If you're not interested then why waste any of your precious time saying so? lolol 


    also, I really don't get the whole "sounds just like all the other (insert genre) bands"

    um.. if it things didn't sound at least a little similar, genres literally wouldn't exist?? derp.

    If you like abare and say "this kira band sounds like all the other kira bands" then well, yes of course they do.... cos you don't like kira?? so of course it sounds the same to you. You literally don't have the ear to appreciate nice melodies. Likewise, if you only listen to kira, then of course all abare will sound the same to you... similarly, if you don't like the "new stuff" you prob only like the "old stuff." If you don't like the "old stuff," you probably only like the "new stuff."

    I mean, literally ALL genres of rock sounded the same to me before I actually started listening to it so............????????


    BUT yeah idk. maybe that's just me ( ´_ゝ`)

    1. colorful人生


      It gets the cynics' rocks off. If you go through said individuals' comment history it becomes pretty apparent that they've changed over time. Some people just look at vk w/ such objectivity b/c their favs define the genre for them. 

    2. Miku70


      I agree with you. If a band  don't interest me, if see elsewhere ☺️.


      But "old stuff" is not likely good , because we growned with and  their judgement is biased. So the "new stuff" gave a chance , because maybe in the future or now are interessing.


    3. Zeus


      opinions on old stuff is inherently biased because we tend to not talk about the stuff that sucked back in the day. but people that talk smack about new stuff will always exist, and telling them to go elsewhere isn't productive once you realize that those in love with 2008 visual kei (for example) won't find what they are looking for in 2018. they will be just as unhappy "there" as they will be "here".

      ngl i don't listen to vk nearly as heavy as i used to and what i listen to most of the time are bands people don't really remember or listen to anymore. and as time passes, i have less and less people to introduce my favorite things to, and less and less people willing to talk about the same songs five, ten, fifteen years later. but i try my hardest to give new stuff a chance too and sometimes i am surprised. there's actually a bit more diversity now than five or ten years ago.

  8. New band, アゲハ-AGEHA-, has had their first (unofficial) live tonight at Shibuya REX for Mokichi's birthday event. Their first official live will be held on October 19 (Fri.) at Shibuya Rex Members: Vocals: Yusa (ex. THE KIDDIE) [ twitter // instagram // blog ] Guitar: Saito Shinichiro (aka mokichi) (ex-12012) [ twitter // blog ] Bass: Yukia (ex-As If in the darkness-->てい☆おん (Teeon)-->Keith-->DOPES.(support)-->LINCS(support)-->BANSHEE:, TRA TRA TRA (support)) [ twitter // instagram ] Drums: Hiroki (ex. TRA TRA TRA) [ twitter // instagram ] Official Homepage: http://a-ge-ha.tokyo/ Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClyznDlPwyq4O32OGlGu63Q Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ageha_official Official Soundcloud: They will be releasing their first mini-album at their first live on 10/19 The Beginning Single 「AGEHA-UPPER SCHOOL-」 2,000 yen M1.NORMCORE Additional demo tracks (total of 6 tracks) ※ sold only at live houses ※ comes with cheki
  9. 零[Hz] announced that they will release a new single, 「REDRUM」, on August 22nd. They also had a couple of tour announcements for later this year: 「Breed of REDRUM」oneman tour 「ヘルキンTOUR」twoman tour with Babykingdom
  10. echo

    oh! was there a demo version of the song? I didn't know that! but yeah, Keiya is definitely amazing live!! and idk how he sings like that while he dances like wtf?? lol
  11. echo

    I'm actually a little disappointed that he became an official member. I've seen them a few times with him as support and his vocals don't really match their music and he can't quite hit the notes like their original vocalist could. I wonder if this will also mark a shift in their sound ><
  12. echo

    Today was Purple Stone's fanmeeting oneman for Keiya's bday at Shinjuku Ruido K4!!! Setlist 1. ポイズンチョコレート 2. デサバ 3. Scar 4. 嘘つきピエロ 5. パニックパニック! 6. sakura. 7. River 8. 甘酸っぱいマンゴー 9. ミラーボール 10. キャットウォーク 11. 歌舞伎町バタフライ 12. ブラスターボルテージ 13. BLAME 14. 素晴らしきこの世界へ They let us record two of the songs during the live! It was originally just gonna be one, I think, but Keiya let us do two!! Someone uploaded the full thing to youtube! (they said to have fun uploading on twitter/instagram/sharing with friends and stuff so it wasn't meant to be a "only for the people who came here" kind of thing) you can find a bunch of pics/clips on twitter if you search 'purple stone' as well. people have been posting all night ^^ Panic panic It was super weird to have panic panic w/o anyone doing the furi lol in the MC after this song, Keiya said it felt lonely to do all the furi by himself and fuma commented how even on the clapping parts no one clapped lol some ppl who were recording would tap their wrist softly, but carefully so that they wouldn't make their phones shake too much haha all three of them were like 'this is the first time to see something like this during panic panic' and keiya and fuma kept imitating us staring through our phones to make sure we have a good video lol sakura I love this song <3333 I could stand there listening to Keiya sing all day <3333333 Keiya looked like he was enjoying the fuck out of himself all night <333 during one of the songs Gak altered the guitar solo to sound like a fancy happy bday melody and we sang happy birthday again... we sang happy bday to Keiya like three times tonight haha. once was a surprise from the fans. the drummer accidentally fucked up so we all started singing and popped our little poppers. the 2nd time was when Gak brought out the cake during the MC for the encore and the 3rd was the guitar solo part... except I can't remember which song that was so maybe it was before the encore... I can't remember T_T usually after a Purple Stone live, Keiya will go off stage first and Gak will death voice yell something in the mic and Fuma will copy him and we all yell and they leave, but since it's his bday, Keiya came back on stage and asked if he could do it too haha so the three of them did it and Gak said it was kinda embarrassing with all three of them haha I guess cos he had to stand there and watch Keiya and Fuma be idiots and realized he prob also looks like that lolol and then Fuma and Gak decided to leave Keiya on stage last since it's an event for him and we all screamed his name some more haha then on the count of three we all yelled 'omedetou' and he shouted back 'arigatou' and he left the stage. I love how much he smiles and waves at us as he's leaving haha <33333 KEIYAAAAAA <33333 These are the costumes they wore only one time for the 5th anniversary live, but it'll be their new look starting from today! Though they have a new look, they haven't said anything about any new releases yet, but it seems like they're working on something and will maybe have some kind of announcement soonish? They've mentioned vague stuff like that the past few times I've seen them. I'm excited for whatever they're working on!! o(*^▽^*)o~♪
  13. I went to EVERSSIC's shidou live this past Saturday! They were AMAZING!!! I was surprised that they opened with DAYBREAK and SAIL AWAY cos they aren't the typical high energy, meant-to-get-the-crowd-going kind of songs, but omg they are amazing songs <333 DAYBREAK is so pretty!!!! I'm typically the type who likes to jump around and go crazy and w/e during lives, but I honestly wouldn't mind just standing there listening to EVERSSIC play songs like this for an entire oneman haha and masaya hitting those high notes in SAIL AWAY??? wtf. It was RIDICULOUS. when he finished the last note, I literally said "holy shit" out loud. could not help myself lolol he's insane. like what the actual fuck. haha. oh and later in their set, for one of the songs (I forget which one) he wanted us to do the repeat "whoa oh oh" type of thing, but seriously masaya?? we cannot hit those notes you want us to sing lolol and as much as I loved DAYBREAK and SAIL AWAY, I also super enjoyed their more high energy songs! they have a nice variety of sounds and it was a really fun live!! i'm super excited to see them again! also, not related, but I was surprised cos there was a group of large men in shimote haha. not something i'm used to seeing at a vk live lolol anyway, I hope more people support them! go buy their mini-album!! lol
  14. echo

    There are three things that come to mind right away. The first is the first time I saw TRA TRA TRA. I wasn't even there to see them, I was actually there to see LOUD GRAPE before they disbanded lol. TRA happened to be the first band to play and the first song they played was Melt. Within the first few beats of the song my friend and I had exchanged looks like "omg yes." I liked them so much that I literally went up to some guy who was in saizen and asked him the name of the band cos I couldn't understand wtf Ryo said when he said their band name lol TRA changed EVERYTHING. They were the first band that I followed super closely, went to almost every live, my first satsuei, my first ensei... not to sound over-dramatic, but without them, I'm not sure I'd be living the way I do now. Hell, I might not even be in Japan still haha. I mean, I literally joined MH so that I could have a place to spazz about them cos I couldn't talk about them enough ahaha Another moment I'll never forget is when I saw 弾丸NO LIMIT (Dangan NO LIMIT) for the first time in a long time. I didn't have a very positive memory of them from the last time I saw them and wasn't expecting much tbh. But as their set continued I realized I really fucking liked them and had no idea why I remember disliking them the last time I saw them haha so I downed my beer so I could join in their set lol and during Sono Uso Honto, Miyuu got too excited and accidentally threw his towel into the crowd and I was lucky enough to catch it and I remember how fucking excited I was haha the whole experience of their set and my reaction and people I met after kind of had a huge affect on my going to lives experience lol And maybe the most special moment was when I saw FoLLoW for the first time. I almost didn't even go to that live for whatever reason I can't remember anymore. But @hiroki had recommended them to me and I must've had the ticket already cos I remember it being a very "I might as well go" kind of feeling and I was all the way in the back and didn't bother switching out with people to get closer or anything. Before the live I thought I'd be Maki gya cos he's hot af lolol but during the live I was super drawn to Masashi. Anyway, the special moment for me was when Masashi started singing Ningyo hime. Never before had I EVER been so affected by a song or live performance. It was insane. I've never felt so emotional at a live up till that point. And that one performance, that one moment, Masashi singing さよなら right before the last 「さよなら」さえ言えなくて line at the end of the song pretty much changed my VK experience. It's kind of impossible to explain what I felt that night haha I still don't quite understand it myself. It wasn't even like I had a strong connection with Masashi before or during that live. In fact, I could have just as well not been there at all and Masashi would have been none the wiser haha but it was definitely one of the most special moments I've experienced in all the lives I've been to. There are a lot of other really special and/or memorable moments I've had, but those three have had an especially huge impact on me and stand out really clearly in my memory.
  15. I saw 零[Hz] (Zero Hertz) first live at Shinjuku Ruido K4!! IT WAS SO GOOD! SETLIST 1.ZIHARD 2.Mr.SWAGMAN 3.JOKER+28 (this is pronounced as "Joker." you don't say the "+28" part 4.パラフィリア (Paraphilia) MC 5.CONFLICT 6.トリップランド (Trip Land) 7.Velli SISTEM MC 8.勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa) 9.REAL MC 10.AGUL 11.DarthHerz 12.skeles me dop HEADz encore 13.モノクロ (Monochrome) 14.Mr.SWAGMAN 15.DarthHERZ 16.Ophelia I wrote a super long thing about it for people who are interested!! lolol but I realize I may have used some terms that not everyone is familiar with, but I can't be fucked to go back and edit out some of the terminology that I used lol, so for those who don't know: My experience/thoughts: MCs If you haven't yet, you should definitely go buy their album!!! It's super worth it!! I really hope this band does well!! Picspam!!! (from the members's twitter/official twitter/official blog):
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