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  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you like the album!! I hope you get to see them live some day! The song definitely all sound SOOOO much better live!! Thank you for liking this band!!!!
  2. ViV

    @Lereku It really was awesome!!! They're giving out DVDs with some footage of their last live for people who spent over 10,000yen (I think?) on their webshop so I don't think they'll be posting it on YouTube like FoLLoW did, but there will definitely be some footage!
  3. Yup!! I've been listening to it nonstop!! I'm actually really pleased with it!! I was worried that their songs might sound too samey, but I was pleasantly surprised! The only disappointing thing was that two of the songs are just a remastered version of existing songs. I hope your copy comes in soon!!
  4. Ryo will be hosting the LINE chat tomorrow (Tuesday) night! It starts from 21:00 (JST) You can usually talk to them until midnight. You can send a maximum of 3 messages (including stamps) at a time.
  5. ViV

    @LerekuHmm, sorry I don't really remember which songs Rayji played with a pick and which ones he didn't. I was mostly looking at Hirohiro tbh lol for the bass vs guitar battle he was def not using a pick though!
  6. TRA played at the last live of KAVKA's shusai tour last night at Shibuya REX TRA and KAVKA seem to have gotten really close throughout this tour. They were the only band to play at each of live of the tour I think. It's a shame KAVKA's disbanding. It would've been great if TRA and KAVKA continued to play lives together T_T Ryo even sang the second to last song, Lucy, of KAVKA's set! All the other TRA guys came out too and moshed back and forth with us! (Hiroki's face lol) Anyway, I was really happy with TRA's setlist the other night. Melt ⇒ KAMIKAZE is always a great transition and a great way to get everyone hyped from the get-go, but brilliant to UNCHAIN was surprisingly good. The end of brilliant flows so perfectly into UNCHAIN's intro! And it's like the best song to transition from slower ballady type of music back ot an uptempo beat. Speaking of, brilliant is SO MUCH better live. I didn't really care for Ryo's vocals on the recorded version of brilliant, but it's def much better live. As one would expect from a live band <3 ボクサーカス is fucking exhausting. I love it though haha. Ryo is always pulling people up for gyakudai <3 And Que sera! sera!!! Definitely one of my favorite songs (but I'm just a sucker for towel songs lol) In general Ryo's been having really good energy recently. Hiroki's kind of on and off, and tbh I don't look at Omi too much haha but he's actually really good at acknowledging his fans <3 He def has the most fans though haha. I'm pretty sure I was the only Hiroki fan last night? haha But it seems like TRA's been gaining fans. It was actually a little more difficult to trade spots into the second row this time. I hope some of KAVKA's fans will continue to support TRA!!! <3333 On to the picspam! Hiroki drum cam spam (you can hear a bit of brilliant and UNCHAIN if you haven't gotten the album yet): April and May tour dates have been announced as well as their 3rd oneman in June! Next live is April 22 (Wednesday) Details: 【Lineup】TRA TRA TRA / IGGY / KAVKA / VAN9ISH / VETIQUE / LAGLESS / LANTANA 【Venue】 Shibuya REX 【Time】OPEN/START 16:00/16:30 【Tickets】Presale/Doors: 3000/4000 (plus drink fee)
  7. ALL OF THE YES!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
  8. omg yes! yes I am!! I'll DM you!
  9. Scroll down and listen to the Tra guys' voices! Omi and Hiroki are so dumb <3 (Omi's apparently doing a Goofy impression at the end of his)
  10. ViV

    Okay. I finally finished writing about the last one-man. Prepare yourselves. I can't believe it's over. I don’t feel like ViV is really gone. Like, was that really their last live? This was only my second time seeing ViV, and similar to the first time, it felt like a dream. I feel like I'm still dreaming. I don't even feel that upset even though it's over. But I feel like once I wake up from this dream it'll all come crashing down on me pretty hard >< Anyway, I got to the livehouse early for the senkou buppan and bought a SHIT TON of merch LOL <3 omg and the cheki album you got for getting the cd set/cheki set came with 4 group chekis!! One from each leg of the last tour <33333 I LOVE THEM <3 ALL OF THE MERCH: And @hiroki helped me buy some Hirohiro cheki (and Wataru for him <3) from a girl who posted on twitter that she was selling hers at the live. She prob got the 10,000yen cheki set and didn't want hirohiro/wataru. lucky us! lolol It was pretty crowded in AREA (I'm so glad they were able to fill it! it was so crowded that more than once during the live they asked everyone to move forward to make more room for people in the back who couldn't fit in), but I was somehow able to get a spot in the front section in the middle <333 SE L&H started and everyone clapped with the beat. Wataru, Rayji and Sayuki came out to cheers and saku-ing. I can't listen to it without having flashbacks of the live now and getting a little choked up >< like there aren't any lyrics, but the music is just so emotional! I actually missed the moment Hirohiro came out on stage cos I was looking down for some reason haha T_T But when I looked up and saw him on stage I could not @_@ <222 They started with a lot of energy with Scarred! Hirohiro's smile!! I cannot!!! He looked so happy to see everyone!! After the song (or was it the next song?) he said something along the lines of "we're not gonna say any unnecessary things. Let's just have fun tonight!" kinda thing. It seemed like they were all trying make sure to leave us with a happy memory, not a sad one <3 I know some people aren't the biggest fan of Hirohiro's voice, but I fucking love it. I love the tone and how unique it is! And he sings with so much passion!! I love watching him sing <3 I'm really glad they started out the live with the songs they did. It was really high energy and like, just really happy feeling. I love their member introductions! Wataru introduced Sayuki on drums and Sayuki played a bluesy drum solo. Hirohiro then introduced Rayji who played some bass and then Wataru with a guitar solo. Then Wataru introduced Hirohiro and Hirohiro made us repeat/sing some "yeah yeah yeah's" lol <3333 And then, I can't remember if it was here or if it was later, but Hirohiro introduced everyone again, but had the fans yell their names instead of them saying it. So like "on drums!" (they actually say "on drums" etc in English lol) then everyone yelled "Sayuki!!" and he'd keep doing it till we were loud enough to satisfy him <3 I love how much attention they give to each member too like, some bands it's all about the vocalist or guitarist, but ViV puts each member in the spotlight <3 The mood changed for me with My heart keeps beating. This song gets to me every time. The intensity of it and the lyrics just. I cannot <3 Hearing it live is even more intense. Like, it hits you in the heart and you can't avoid it. I died with just the intro >< Before Kizuna, Hirohiro thanked everyone again and said that he's sure we all have a lot of hardships and difficult times in life, but that we all have people around us who care for us and who will cheer us on and support us in those times; that we have important people in our lives and that we're also important in other people's lives. He told us to think of the people who are important to us while we listen to this song. And he said something like after the live to tell them that you love them or that they're important to you. Like don't not tell them. And that you are definitely important to someone too. He got a bit choked up towards the end of the MC. You could really tell how important this song is to him and to the band in general <3 Wataru looked really emotional too <3333 Especially when they started playing the song like so much feels x.x And like they really wanted us to feel loved and not alone. I fucking love this band so much T_T Hirohiro's MCs in general felt a little rehearsed, but I think it was to prevent himself from breaking down and to avoid making things too sad haha It sounded pretty similar to what he wrote in his message when they first announced their disbandment. He was really thankful to everyone and said more than once to remember that each of us are definitely important to someone out there and to never forget it. Sorry, a bit repetitive, but they all really just wanted us to feel loved I think <3 Kizuna really gets to me. Just the mood of the song and on top of that the lyrics and the emotions of that night in that live house was just… too much. I almost lost it >< I'm so glad I could experience this song live <333 You can definitely tell how important this song is to all of them <3333 Supeoki Pain came on next and saved me from dying completely haha. I love love LOVE this song!! Experiencing it live this night really made me love Hirohiro even more. I'm not sure like his smile and energy during this song was just so great! Like my heart has never felt so full?? <3333 Plus it's just really fun live! On one part everyone holds hands, runs shimote and jumps, then runs kamite and jumps, repeat. And Hirohiro is up there directing like "jump!!" haha After the song everyone but Sayuki left the stage and he had a little drum solo. He did this weird thing where he hit this something that made a higher pitched squeak noise and we all had to mimic the sound. So like he'd hit it like "da da da" and we'd say "boo boo boo" or "poo poo poo" I wasn't sure what sound they were making but it definitely not a regular yell. lol And he'd hit it to different rhythms and we'd just have to mimic it haha and when it was our turn to mimic the sound the lights behind him would flash to the same beat to help us lol and then he'd go into a sick drum solo, then back to the weird tappy thing rather abruptly lolol When he was done with his solo he was looking off stage to Rayji or whoever was there and kinda did that head nod as if to say "okay you can come on stage now." but no one came. And he look slightly startled in the subtle Sayuki way, and then kinda stared intensely off stage at them like "okay for real guys, get out here" all while maintaining a beat on the drums haha. It went on for a little while till they finally came back on stage haha I really really really love Message!!! I think it was by this song that I realized that ViV furi is like 90% hearts haha. I think they really like when hearts are being thrown at them? <3333 And I have absolutely no problem with that. <333 It's like oritatmi and hearts all day with them haha <333333 I THREW SO MANY HEARTS AT HIROHIRO <333 During Kimi no tame nara shineru, they had us sing the "la la la's" again <3 but this time we didn't sing any of the lyrics. Just the "la la la's" but that arm wave things lasts forever haha I was getting really tired lol. I really love this song though!! <333 hearing it live for the first time back in January really made me love it I think <3 I really hope a lot of people love this song >< I also really love Kanzen muketsu super star. Okay I think this live just made me really love all of their songs really. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't 100% on board with their music until the first time I saw them and going to this live just reinforced the love that formed a month ago. Too little too late T_T I really wish more people could've experienced them live. You can really feel their music. Like idk how to explain it, but some bands the music stays on the stage and you're just observing it? But with ViV, the music really hits you in the hearts and you're all a part of it together for the duration of that song or that set or that live. The world ViV creates is just… the fucking best? <333333 Next was Rayji's amazing bass solo (seriously what the actual fuck) and then the guitar vs bass battle. IT WAS SO AMAZING!! I really hope the whole thing is on the live digest DVD T_T The thing I remember the most though was when Rayji was finishing up one of his solos, Wataru came towards him from kamite in like a crouching swaggering walk? With an expression that was like "what, is that all you got??" before going into his guitar solo <3 Wataru's so hot when he plays guitar wtf haha <3333 he's so talented!! I love when bands have these kinds of segments in their live!! And then LOVE SICK!!! I really love the intro of this song!! I love how Hirohiro looks while singing this song <3333333 okay I just love how Hirohiro looks period. But like especially when he's singing? <3333 maybe this song just stood out to me cos of the lighting or something. Like there was a halo of light around him? Or maybe I was just seeing him like that cos I love him? Hahaha <333 I also really love the melody changes at the end of this song. Like it's one of my favorite parts of any of their songs for idk what reason, but it just is <3 Barenai you ni kiss shite is literally one of my favorite songs from them despite all my "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG" statements, I really really do fucking love this song haha. Like just the intro makes me excited haha this song has so much throwing of hearts and oritatami haha I fucking love it! I used actually really hate throwing hearts at bandmen, but now I love it? lololol HIROHIROOOOOOOOOOOO <33333 Random memory: whenever the lights went out and the fans call out their names, Rayji would come up to the front of the stage, arms spread and yell and everyone went crazy shouting his name. Even if they weren't Rayji-gya haha I fucking love him! <3 When they came out for the encore they looked so thankful <333 Hirohiro asked everyone to move forward a step cos apparently people weren't able to get into the livehouse and some people had given up and gone home. The girl next to me pulled her friend forward from the back section and kinda took my spot, but cos of that I kinda ended up in the row in front of me somehow haha So for the encore I was in the 3rd row in the center and dying cos Hirohiro <33333333333333 After the fans all settled, Hirohiro had all the members to say a few words. Sayuki was up first. Rayji or someone was like "you have 3 minutes" and Sayuki was like "what? I prob won't even need one minute?" but then he went on the longest I think haha Maybe only Wataru talked longer than him. Haha Sayuki said a few words about each of them. I guess Hirohiro is the one who first suggested that Sayuki join the band and how grateful he was for that. He mentioned that when he first met Wataru it was kinda scary cos Wataru had super heavy makeup at the time lol but that Wataru looks a lot better now that his makeup is lighter haha He was like "Wataru's so good at guitar, plus he's an ikemen, plus wtf he can sing??" haha (btw I love that Wataru sings all the backup vocals live rather than having them be a recording like how some bands do) He talked the most about Rayji. I think he was prob the closest to him. At one point I think Hirohiro even cut in and was like "those two would say they weren't coming out of the car and take a nap together in there. IN THE CAR!" like he couldn't believe they'd want to sleep in the car haha plus the two of them together was like wtf? haha When Rayji spoke he didn't use a mic even though Hirohiro kept offering him one lol. And like towards the end of him talking he was like "alright there's one thing I have to say" and he took a step back and took a deep breath and shouted "I LOVE YOU!!" but there was like no response. LOL and he was like "yeah, three times is no good" cos I guess he did the same in Nagoya and Osaka too haha he said the first time he did it everyone cheered and went crazy, the second time the crowd was less enthused. More like half-assed "yay's" and polite clapping. At AREA there was like no response, just polite clapping. LOL so then he was kinda just like okay w/e just let me hear you call my name hahaha so we all shouted his name and he was happy with that <3 Wataru was really choked up before he could even start. It took him a few minutes to compose himself and everyone called his name and yelled words of support. He said to love yourself. Don't ever hate yourself because you're definitely important to someone even if you don't know it, and that you should love yourself like how they love you <3 He definitely broke down the most out of everyone during the encore MC. You could really tell how much he loved the fans and the band and the music and just.. Everything. T_T <3 Wataru said he loves playing at AREA because it's easy to see everyone and easy to play on the stage and that all the fans give him power. He said the power that was created by everyone there at every live was a kind of magic. <333333333 Hirohiro was crying pretty much the whole time Wataru was talking I think Wataru was thanking everyone. The other members, the staff, someone named Haku? Or Paku? Who helped with some music compositions I guess. He even had us clap for Verry, their original drummer <3 He was SO thankful to Sayuki for joining the band. He said if Sayuki hadn't joined, they wouldn't have even been able to come as far as they did. He turned to Sayuki and thanked him and bowed so low for so long >< And then he thanked Rayji. I guess him and Rayji have been playing bass together for a long time. He said that he can't play with any bassist other than Rayji <3 Rayji kinda derp-hopped over to give Wataru a handshake when Wataru kinda moved towards him with his hand outstretched, then ended with a slightly-awkward fist-bump. Haha Typical Rayji. <3 I think Rayji was trying really hard the whole live to keep things light-hearted for everyone. I fucking love him <3 And then Hirohiro T_T He made me cry so hard when he started talking about Hirohiro. The fact that Hirohiro was breaking down behind him didn't help. Wataru said ViV is not ViV without Hirohiro's vocals. <3333 Like Hirohiro's vocals is what makes a song a ViV song T_T <3 they shook hands and then hugged and I died T_T They all love each other and their music and their fans SO SO MUCH <333333333333 Hirohiro was last and he kept it pretty short. Kind of reiterated what he said earlier and started talking about the next song and how it was a difficult song to lead into cos it isn't a song you'd get the crowd all riled up for, but he thought it was the perfect season to play this song cos it's winter and someone was like… it's spring! (or something like that) And he was like oh! Is it? Okay w/e kinda thing and just kinda kept talking about how it's the perfect season for this song (talking about Snow haha) I can't talk about each song in the encore individually, but I really love all the songs they played T_T Itsuai will always be special to me. I really fucking love this song. T_T The bass solo in kanzen muketsu no superstar is so fucking good wtf <33333 RAYJIIIIII <3333 this song is just so good live in general. The energy is unreal! When they played BE THERE all the lights went down with the spotlight on Hirohiro. He sang the intro really slow like a ballad with only Wataru accompanying him on guitar. I really hope they include it on the live digest. It was so touching <3333 Hirohiro broke down and lost a few of the lyrics T___T You could literally see the tears trailing down his cheeks as he sang and I completely lost it. I'm amazed that he was able to sing so well while crying… It was so heartbreaking and beautiful and just… everything T_T Before cage, they played music (no vocals) like those "oi oi oi oi" with fist pumping parts and then we'd head bang, back to yelling and fist pumping, then oritatami and jumping, back to yelling and fist pumping then gyakudai. And omg Hirohiro was just squatting on the vocalist box staring out like "come on!!" look on his face. Next round of gyakudai after the headbanging, oritatami, jumping, he literally yelled like "come touch me" and started grabbing people's arms <33 at one point they even brought Sayuki out from behind the drums for the Sayuki gya haha. Idk if he actually did anything other than kinda awkwardly stand there though haha <3 Okay and during cage. Wtf. So like I've been going on and on about how I love Hirohiro and his smile and his energy and his everything, but until Cage I had forgotten how hot he is like WTF. I cannot @_@ He just like oozes sex on the stage during Cage? What in the world?? @_@ During one of the songs in the encore , Hirohiro called Wataru up to the vocalist box thing with him and Wataru came up and Hirohiro put his arm around him and hugged him close while singing <333 And then Wataru kissed Hirohiro on the cheek before jumping off the box <333333333333 I love how much they love each other T_T I think this is one ViV moment I'll never forget <333 Destiny. Seeing all of them on stage playing Destiny at the very end.. There was so much emotion in the air >< I'm so so glad I went that night <333333 After the last song they all came forward and took in the whole scene. They asked us to call their names again and I've never heard a crowd get so loud <333 Like their fans love them so much!!! They had us take a picture at the end! I don't think they've posted it yet though T_T Everyone started moving forward and Hirohiro was like "oh you don't have to squish forward… if you're stay back then it looks like we have more people, right?" haha so we stopped inching forward lol I hope they post that picture soon T_T At the very end when they were looking out at us for one last time, Hirohiro looked right at me and held the eye contact so I screamed his name and threw him hearts and he kinda smirked/smiled at me more <3333333333 I fucking love him! All four of them stood up on the box holding each other (that last picture from hiroki's post) taking in the scene and we all shouted for them and a lot of people were shouting "thank you" too <333 Okay I might have mixed up the order of some things, but that's generally what happened. It was all kind of a blur and different parts of different MCs might've gotten mixed up in my memory a bit >< I still can't believe it's over. It doesn't feel like it's over. Even the way they walked off the stage. Hirohiro left first all smiles and with his two handed wave <3 very "okay see you next time!" kinda feel and Rayji, Wataru and Sayuki were left. They came up to the vocalist box and kinda stood there holding each other and finally left the stage. Wataru lingered a bit. It looked like he really didn't want to leave. He finally left, but he left smiling and waving <3 I'm gonna say it again, but I still can't believe that it's over. Like I feel like I can go see them next week or something. Their last message was like "you're definitely important to someone so be sure to love yourself too" kind of thing. Like I've never felt so loved or felt so much love in general in one place. It was kind of amazing. I'm so glad I was able to experience ViV's world. I really hope they all continue on in some form or another. It seems like Hirohiro is definitely going to stick around. Wataru changed his twitter sn to @wataru_official so hopefully that means he'll be around too <3 You should go read his blogs that he posted too! <33333333333 I think my only regret is that I didn't get into them sooner. But I'm really glad that I found them before they disbanded and got to experience the world they create during their lives. Thank you so much @hiroki for introducing me to this band!!! <3333 Oh, and they haven't posted an otsubibu that I'm aware of, but they posted this pre-live clip <3
  11. I wasn't able to go to their 4man last night, but judging from their tweets it sounds like it went really well!! Hiroki said he's going over the footage now so maybe he'll post some videos later! And Omi completely fell off the stage haha he even posted a video: And Ryo fucking drew attention to it lololol Anyway, here's the setlist: They all sound really happy with brilliant. I can't wait to hear it in full! It wasn't my favorite from the preview, but maybe the full song is better haha I think it was received well last night too! Picspam from last night: Lives coming up: Date: 10, Mar. 2017 (Fri) Lineup: TRA TRA TRA / KAVKA / CANIVAL / Sick. Venue Umeda Zeela Details: 【Time】OPEN/START 17:00/17:30 【Tickets】Preorder/Day of 3300/3800 (plus drink fee) 【Ticket detalis】eplus Date: 11, Mar. 2017 (Sat) Lineup: TRA TRA TRA / KAVKA / PARANOID≠CIRCUS / ビバラッシュ Venue: Nagoya HeartLand Details: 【Time】OPEN/START 17:00/17:30 【Tickets】Preorder/Day of 3300/3800 (plus drink fee) 【Ticket details】eplus Date: 18, Mar. 2017 (Sat) Lineup: TRA TRA TRA / KAVKA / 彩-イロドリ- / VAN9ISH Venue: Shibuya REX Details: 【Time】OPEN/START 17:00/17:30 【Tickets】Preorder/Day of3300/3800 (plus drink fee) 【Ticket details】eplus
  12. I'm pretty sure it's one of the new songs from the album. It's def not something that they've released already
  13. 猟奇的ボクサーカス
  14. omg you have no idea how happy this makes me!! Here's the preview of their first album if you haven't heard it yet!! I really hope you like this band!!
  15. Monkey dance during Que sera! sera! lolol 🐒🐵