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  1. I'm so excited to hear the rest of their music!!! Ryo is the first one to come back in an actual band since Tra T_________T My friend is def going to their shidou live! I might not be able to go, but I really hope I can! And I hope Hiroki and Omi form new bands soon too! <3 I really miss Tra, but I'm glad at least Ryo has joined a new band! In any case, I really like the sound of this song!! <3 can't wait to hear more!!!
  2. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥ :yay:

    1. echo


      Thank you so much!! (๑╹ω╹๑ )

  3. haha yes we met! <3 satsuei is the word for when you get to take pictures with the bandmen! Usually you have to buy something or spend X amount of money to do it.
  4. I went to Lux's last one-man last week, and I'm so glad I did <3 I also went to their instore! I wrote a bit about it for whoever's interested! Instore the live I didn't follow them as long or as closely as some other bands, but I fucking love them <3 I'm super glad Mio joined too like, they were fun the first time I saw them, but I like had a fever that day so I couldn't get as into it since I was feeling pretty terrible. But despite how I felt I really enjoyed them so I knew I'd def love them when I was healthy. The only thing that bothered me was that they didn't have a drummer. Like when a band doesn't have an actual drummer or bassist, it feels weird to me, unless they have a long-term support or something. So it felt a bit off to me. But the second time I saw them was after Mio joined and like everything clicked into place and fit so perfectly!! And then disbandment T_T It was really fucking sad cos like I had JUST fallen super in love with them and then they announced their disbandment and there were only a few lives left and even fewer I could go to since they're an Osaka band T_T I'm glad I was able to go to Osaka to see their last live though <3 it was definitely fucking worth everything. Thank you, @hiroki, for sharing this band with me <3
  5. I like it! I mean it's hard to say anything based on like 5 seconds of preview haha, but it sounds like it'll be fun! idk electro effects is kinda what they do though, isn't it? like I think they've been pretty consistent with that so if you don't like the sound of it idk why you're even commenting on vivarush lol
  6. that's true that it's realistic, but it being realistic doesn't take the shock or distraught away from fans nor does being realistic exempt you from being a dick. So saying it with the tone of "obviously it will happen, you should've expected this. Get over it" is really shitty for fans who were supporting them and really didn't see this coming (like I said, this one in particular seemed really sudden and out of nowhere). It's especially shitty to be told something like that if you are emotionally invested in the band and are hurting from this announcement. So yeah, maybe you weren't intending to be a dick, but you certainly came off as one. And yeah, we all know that VK is unstable, but you can't really assume that all bands decide to disband cos they suddenly lost motivation. There are many factors that as fans, we can never and will never know. Plus, Lux hasn't posted any information about it other than their last live details so there are even more unknowns than usual.
  7. I literally JUST fell in love with this band T_T I'm really glad I met them before it's too late, but this really fucking sucks T_T Even if you're not surprised, you don't have to be a dick about it. This band had a lot of potential and this disbandment definitely came out of nowhere. Especially since Mio had JUST joined and actually decided to quit playing support for other bands so he could focus on Lux.
  8. so I like never come on MH anymore, but I cannot with this video <3

    they are fucking adorable <333333

  9. It's been a while since their last live, but I've finally finished writing about it for anyone who's interested <3 I love this band so much and I still can't believe they're gone T_T But at least most of them are continuing with music in some form or another <3 2017.10.17@渋谷REX CLear LAST ONEMAN SHOW ~夢の邂逅~ SETLIST キセキ Dearest チョコレヱトケーキ -MC- Visit a rain 星流る夜に グッド・バイ -アコースティック- つきみ。piano solo 幻想曲(acoustic ver.) Surround(acoustic ver.) 妄想クローゼット(acoustic ver.) 夢うつつ(acoustic ver.) -MC- 夢ノカケラ Dizzling Dance 妄想クローゼット モノクロの未来 EN1. Surround EN2. 夢うつつ WEN.キセキ I'll break up what I wrote in sections, cos it's long af @_@ Before the live/OA: The live: MCs: Random things: Picspam: Last messages from the members: I've been able to experience so much and meet so many people and closer with people I've already known thanks to this band <3 This is definitely a band I will never ever ever ever ever forget <3 I hope they all stay with music for a long, long time <33333
  10. Anfiel had their tour final at Takadanobaba AREA tonight! I'm really glad I was able to go tonight! I went straight from work and ran like hell. I missed the first couple of songs T_T but I was there for most of it so I'm really glad! They always put on a good show and have amazing energy <3 Their songs all sound so good live!! I mean they sound good recorded, obviously, but I really like them live <3 I'M SO GLAD THEY PLAYED UNFIL! I mean, I think they prob play it a lot, but I really fucking love that song. <33333 I fucking love watching Shogo sing. He obviously loves being on stage. He has this kind of calm energy? I'm not sure if that's the most accurate way of describing him haha he's like not overbearing like some vocalists, but he also doesn't like fade into the background or anything. idk how to describe it. Go to an Anfiel live so you understand <3 haha I love the expressions he makes when he's singing. They are all of the things. <3 I wish I could've seen Hal more though T_T I was in the back and in the center-ish since I came late so Shogo was right in front of Hal most of the time haha. I really like Hal!!! I have no idea why! haha but I really like watching him play drums <3333 and I love how Shogo never forgets about Hal. Like the drummer is often excluded since he can't run around on stage with everyone, but Shogo will always go back and talk to Hal or acknowledge him during guitar/bass solos and when all 4 of the other members come to the front, Shogo will look back at Hal and acknowledge him <3333 Oh and apparently people have been making fun of Shogo for being short recently haha their current tour shirts are one-size-fits-all and Shogo said people are telling him that his shortness is being revealed cos of it haha I think last night they were making fun of him for having short arms or something haha okay but if he knows he's so short, WHY DOESN'T HE STAND ON THE DAMN BOX MORE??? I could hardly see him a lot of the time cos he kept standing behind the box instead of on it lol during the MC before the encore Yukito was like omg your shoes are so small what size do you wear??? and Shogo was like .... 23... no wait, 24. haha and the Shogo gya were like KAWAIIIIIII lololol I couldn't follow a lot of their MCs cos they were referring to things that happened at the live last night I think. Apparently their MC for the encore was 22 minutes the other day so they were trying to talk less, but ended up being kinda awkward haha they mentioned more than once that they aren't talking as much as they did last night lol Oh and I guess Shogo dyed his hair red for tonight and Mizuki died his hair purple. Apparently Mizuki gya want him to have bright hair haha he was thinking about just staying black for a while but his gya were like you're not Mizuki without crazy hair!! so he dyed it purple haha Natsume didn't say anything like ALL night until the beginning of one of the encores(?) And he only said something cos they were like "you haven't said a word all night. say something" haha he said like a sentence or something. I forget what lol. Oh during one of the MCs Shogo was asking each of them how they felt about last night's live and when he asked Hal he was like "actually I was gonna ask Natsume, but he's standing so far away from his mike it's like he doesn't wanna talk" kinda thing haha They also announced their 3rd anniversary live at Akasaka BLITZ to be held on January 21, 2018. They said that that had decided forever ago that their 3rd anniversary live would be at BLITZ so their excited that it's actually happening. Mizuki tweeted that the first VK live he ever saw was a disbandment live at BLITZ and since that day he's always wanted to play there and that he's incredibly happy that his dream will finally come true <3 They will also be handing out a「timeless -re sings.ver-」CD at that live! Presale tickets are available now on eplus! General sale starts on November 15th at 10am JST. Anyway, here's the pics they all tweeted from tonight!!
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed their album!! I was really happy with it as well <3 I'll definitely be writing about their last live!! Sorry if it's ridiculously long! haha
  12. Thank you for liking them!! I'm pretty devastated about this T_T I really didn't see it coming. They've been gaining more and more fans so I'm not really sure what prompted the disbandment. I hope you keep listening to them even after they disband!
  13. I haven't seen Vivarush in FOREVER, but it seems like they're doing pretty well! I wish I had been able to go to their one coin tour T_T Their one-coin tour final will be at Shinsai Bashi soma on August 27th! Details: Date: August 27, 2017 (sunday Location: Shinsaibashi soma Time:OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30 Tickets:ADV ¥500 / DOOR ¥500 (plus drink charge) If you spend 3,000 yen or more on merch you can get a 2shot or 6shot with the band! Also, I guess if you've been to their other lives on this tour and have received a ticket for a free cheki you can use that ticket at the live as well! You can use one ticket for each venue you've been to on this tour, so if you've been to 5 different venues and have 5 different free cheki tickets, you can get five toujitsu cheki.
  14. SHeepSLeep has just announced that Ba. 海琉 (Kairu) will join Takashi in leaving the band after their oneman on 2017/08/25.
  15. Anfiel has released a special 3rd anniversary site! http://anfiel.tokyo/3rd-anniversary/ They'll be posting special videos and other content that can only be seen on this site! There is a fan vote as well! You can vote for your favorite song or songs you want to hear (one vote per day). The poll results will be released on 9/30 at their one-man live at Shibuya REX! Their set list will be decided based on the poll results (the poll is open from 8/19 20:00~9/28 23:59) Also, I'm loving their new look <3