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  1. Here's the setlist for CLear's shusai live the other other night! 1.夢ノカケラ 2.妄想クローゼット 3.Dearest(パートチェンジ) 4.Surround en.夢うつつ I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND. I wish more people loved them too T_T Their set was like one song longer than all the other bands because of the encore, but it felt SO SHORT T_T I can't believe how quickly it went by haha I was really happy that a good amount of ppl stayed! I was kind of worried cos it was REX and that live house is so depressing when there aren't enough ppl for a set haha Ryota lost the lyrics a few times in some of the songs… or like his voice got stuck? Not sure. Something weird happened haha but it's okay <3 He recovered really quickly anyway. And he's really fucking good at directing the crowd like telling them which furi is next and what not and doing it in a way that he doesn't lose the lyrics and the timing is good so you know what to do and when to do it like it's actually really hard to do? I've gone to lives where the vocalist is like trying to direct but it's too soon or too late and it's kind of confusing haha Also, I hope they release Mousou Closet on CD soon!!! I really like it!! And omg they did a part change for Dearest! After Mousou Closet, Ryota turned around and Kai gave him his guitar and I was like wait what? And Kai sang!! HE'S FUCKING ADORABLE! And can actually sing quite well? But he's so shy! Like he looked kinda embarrassed sometimes and was giggling to himself lolol And Ryota was playing guitar!! He even did the guitar solo!! <3333333333333 On the oritatami part Kai was yelling "ORI-TA-TA-MI" spaced out like how Ryota would do it and they both exchanged a look and laughed haha omg I fucking love them <333333333 And one of the parts where we sway back and forth Kai was swaying like how he does in the furi videos… go watch them so you know what I'm talking about. He does it in a very Kai way. Haha <3 But yeah, apparently it was their first part change so they were pretty proud of that <3 I FUCKING LOVE SURROUND. I have no idea why I love this song so much. But I fucking love it. I love the sound. I love the lyrics. I just love it. This is the only song that I actually kind of know the lyrics and Ryota def fucked up the lyrics a few times? Lololol but like it's kind of amazing cos if you don't know the lyrics, there's no way you'd have known? Like he prob knows when he fucks up the lyrics, but like you can't see it on his face at all. He sings it with 100% confidence. <3 After Surround they walked off stage and I was kind of surprised cos it felt so short, but I mean. It's a taiban so yeah. Of course it's kinda short, but still. So we all yelled their names and then it went kinda quiet before Wataru and Tsukimi walked off and Tsukimi was like "WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET ALL OF A SUDDEN????" so everyone laughed and like the Tsukimi gya yelled for him hahaha <3333 There was a pretty sad encore call… like only the saizen?? I did a little but kinda felt embarrassed a while yelling from the third row by myself haha. The girl next to me looked at me like "I want to yell with you but I'm so embarrassed????" haha <3 Before the encore started a screen rolled down and they payed a video of Ryota and Kai basically thanking ppl for coming to the shusai and whatnot and it ended with the group photo of their new look. Maybe I'm biased af (I'm definitely biased af) but I really fucking like it??? Like Kai looks so good!!! I mean, his new look doesn't really fit his personality, but fuck. He looks so good? Haha <33333 Tsukimi looks kinda meh to me. He's really obsessed with that ridiculous hair but that's fine. It matches his personality lolol <3 They played Yume Utsutsu for the encore! I GOT TO USE THE PEN LIGHT STICK THING THAT I BOUGHT! I WAS SO EMBARRASSED BUT IT WAS SO FUN Plus Yume Utsutsu was composed by Ryota! And he wrote the lyrics!! So <333333333333333333 I definitely need to go buy the acoustic version haha Oh and during one of the songs Ryota accidentally punched Kai in the face cos they were both standing on the vocalist box haha and he kinda looked up at Kai while he was singing like "omg I'm so sorry!! Lolz?" hahaha Kai just laughed haha They're so close! They were like near each other all night like on the vocalist box or Ryota would go over to shimote and like put his arm around Kai etc <3 I LOVE THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER It was over WAY TOO SOON! T_T After their set was stasuei! I took two pics with Ryota and one with Kai <3 I asked Ryota if there was a pose he liked and he was like "hm.. Oharyo pose!" lolol <3 I hope more people come to their lives and fall in love with them! I really really love this band!!! Picspam!!!
  2. I just saw them tonight!! They're really good!! Tonight was XIX-nineteen-'s first shusai and before the encore, a screen came down and played that video in the first post. When it got to the part that announced that nineteen would be disbanding and I momentarily freaked out until it said that LAVANS would be forming haha I hope more people like this band!!
  3. TRA had another instore tonight at Like an Edison! Their theme was their regular clothes and no makeup! I wasn't able to go tonight, but my friend said it was fun! Apparently they did some kind of drawing game and the fans voted on who drew the worst (Hiroki lost each time it seems lol) and the last contest was drawing each other. They each drew the person to their left. Hiroki drew Omi, Omi drew Ryo and Ryo drew Hiroki. The loser would have to change their twitter default to their drawing haha. For some reason it was decided that Ryo would have to change his picture (everyone just wanted to see that one I guess? lol) Anyway, sounds like the the instore was a lot of fun!!! I hope more people go to their future instores! picspam!
  4. CLear played at SheepSleep's Takashi's birthday shusai tonight! I totally missed their set, but went anyway. WORTH IT. Here's their setlist: 1.Surround 2.Dearest 3.妄想クローゼット 4.夢うつつ Their next live is Ryota and Kai's birthday shusai on 4/24 @ Shibuya REX! Pictures from tonight!
  5. That's true, but I doubt the messages/photos were anything that drastic. I mean the girl had already spread stuff on the internet. And since the police were involved, I would assume they took a look at the messages/photos in question and didn't consider them to be harmful to the girl or Rio probably wouldn't have been released. Or maybe I'm missing your point? Do you mean that you think he should divulge the messages/photos to the general public? If so, I think I just disagree with that. If you're simply wondering why he got the police involved in the first place, I stick by what I said in my previous post. Rio's an entertainer and things can get crazy when fans get a hold of private information, regardless of what that information is. Plus, he's a VK guy and most VK guys don't like to show themselves w/o makeup/their hair done etc. and they generally don't like to divulge too much personal info so it could've been as simple as that. I mean if you look at their profiles on their home pages, basically they only tell you their name, birthday, blood type and what brands they like lol. So I mean, they obviously want to keep as much personal information to themselves as they can?
  6. I don't think the contents of the photos/LINE messages are all that relevant, though. Private information is private information. I wouldn't want people sharing my photos or the conversations I have with my friends on LINE to the world and I'm a nobody. Privacy is an even bigger issue for people in the entertainment industry. Even if no one on MH cares about LONDBOY, the band has a decent enough following in Japan so I could understand Rio not wanting people to spread his private life around. Especially since having a significant other often very negatively affects the career of an entertainer/musician in Japan. I mean a few years ago there was that AKB girl who shaved her head to apologize to her fans for a having a boyfriend.
  7. CLear Official Homepage//Official Twitter//Official YouTube Members: 涼多(Ryota) Part: Vocals Birthday: 4/24 Blood type: B Likes: Vivienne Westwood Official Twitter Official Ameblog 渉 (Wataru) Part: Guitar Birthday: 11/17 Blood type: B Likes: Disney Official Twitter Official Ameblog かい (Kai) Part: Guitar Birthday: 4/25 Blood type: B Likes: Food Official Twitter Official Ameblog つきみ (Tsukimi) Part: Drums Birthday: 3/8 Blood type: B Likes: monomania, ramen Official Twitter I really had zero expectations of this band before I saw them. I'M SO GLAD I SAW THEM. I kind of fell in love with them and I have no idea why, nor do I really care. lol. I hope more people fall in love with them!!!
  8. TRA TRA TRA had their first instore events for their album this past Sunday! They answered questions that had been previously submitted by fans. The first few were about their album like favorite songs/how to enjoy the song live. Hiroki likes Venom, Ryo like UNCHAIN, and Omi likes Doubt (although in the tokuten comment DVDs Omi and Ryo both really liked DOUBT). Venom has more of a metal core so Hiroki loves it. I can't wait to hear it live! And apparently they've been working on UNCHAIN for like a year or so. They also talked about dumb stuff like they somehow got on the topic of natto. So they were just talking about how they enjoy eating natto lolol One of the questions was about what club they were a part of in their school days. Hiroki was in Kendo club! Since elementary school! Ryo played soccer and got an eye injury that put him out of sports for a couple of years so that's how he got into music instead. Apparently even now he can't see out of part of his eye. Like it's a bit scratched or blurry or something. Omi was lazy af, but at his school joining some kind of club activity was mandatory so he joined the easiest club which was art club or something. Like they only had to meet once a week and occasionally submit some piece of art lol Oh and they did a lot of tongue twisters hahaha Omi and Hiroki failed so hard. Ryo was really good at it! But I guess that makes sense since he's the vocalist lol. Hiroki tried really hard but like failed before he could say three words LOL Oh! And they came out to buppan after! I wasn't expecting that since they never come to buppan after their lives lol so we paid them and they handed us our cheki themselves! <3 Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I'm glad the guys seemed to enjoy themselves too. They seemed a little bit nervous (prob cos it was the first instore event this time around. It's been about a year?? I think since their last instore lol) I hope lots of people go to their other instores!! Sunday was the only day I'll be able to go unfortunately T_T On to the picspam! Next instore is at Like an Edison Tokyo branch (which is actually in Shinjuku) on April 15th!
  9. Okay! So SUPER late but, I went to Anfiel's fan meeting on April 2nd! Here's my experience for those of you who might be interested! (Sorry I waited too long to write this so I can't really remember their setlist T_T) EVERYONE SHOULD GO LOVE ANFIEL RIGHT NOW. haha I’m so glad I went to their fan meeting!! It was a lot of fun!! It was a short live, talk (like an in-store event), and then satsuei! You got a free 2-shot just for buying the ticket to the event, and if you bought 6 cheki, you could get another 2-shot! (I got one with Shogo and Hal <3) The live: The talk: Satsuei: SO that was my experience. I’m SUPER glad I went <3 I hope they gain even more fans! And it sounds like they had a lot of fun and they want to do another fan meeting sometime!! :DDDD Short picspam: My satsuei cheki!
  10. TRA TRA TRA held their Hiroki bday/first album release shusai this past Wednesday (March 22nd) A little hard to tell in this picture, but the flowers were in the shape of a cat head! (Hiroki loves cats lol) Here’s their setlist: “UNCHIAN” lol UNCHAIN IS SO GOOD LIVE. BUT, it was kind of an interesting start for me. It’s definitely not as exciting as Melt because of the slower intro, but it made a lot of sense, especially if they were trying to appeal to a wider audience I think. I feel like most people can enjoy this song. ^^ That being said, MELT AND KAMIKAZE <33333333 Seriously, if they play any song other than KAMIKAZE after Melt I think I’d be so confused haha They just blend so perfectly! Or maybe I’m just really used to it haha EITHER WAY, they’re super good. haha And if they ever NOT play Melt I think I'd be super disappointed haha The first MC was short and sweet. Kind of just like “we’re TRA TRA TRA, thanks for coming, here’s a song from our new album, please listen” and then they went into brilliant. I can’t say enough how good this song is live. <3 And all the members seem really proud of this song so I’m glad it seems like it’s popular among the TRA fans too <333 And they played Shangri-La! I feel like they haven’t played it in a while! This is the circle mosh song! And a lot more people definitely joined in this time! I’m glad a lot of fans from other bands stayed till the end and seemed to enjoy themselves! :DD In the second MC after Ryo’s first attempt at like “ARE YOU GUYS HAVING FUN?!!?!!” and we’re supposed to like cheer in response, but no one did, he was like “okay why are you guys always like this?” like for their onemans and shusai, we never cheer at the right times and Omi was like “it’s cos the way you talk makes it difficult to know when to cheer” like we’re always on the brink of cheering, but aren’t sure so we’re like “do we cheer or not cheer???” kind of thing and Ryo was like “oh, so it’s my fault? my bad” kinda thing haha and Omi compared him to like someone dog paddling or something? like super erratic so you’re not really sure what to expect or something like that hahah and then Ryo started getting us ready to go into the next song and we were all cheering until Omi went into the happy birthday song on his guitar like he did at their first oneman for Ryo’s bday <3 Hiroki looked super surprised/happy. They brought him out a cake and played some bday music and dimmed the lights for him to blow out the candles. Hiroki said that he wasn’t expecting a bday surprise at all (later on twitter he said that even though he wasn’t expecting anything he was secretly hoping for some sort of surprise lol <3). After he blew out the candles, the lights came back on and they started taking the cake away and Hiroki was like “wait I didn’t get to eat any yet” and Omi was like “oh” and went and fed him a strawberry or part of the cake or something haha Ryo was like “you should start us into the next song” to Hiroki since it was his bday and all lol he was like “You have to yell into the mic on your own, hit the drums on your own, and then press the button on the computer to start the music on your own” haha and Hiroki was like “wait what??” lolol but then he went to set up the mic by his drum kit and was fumbling around for a while haha and Omi looked back at us and was like “idk wtf he’s gonna say, but just go with it” and motioned for us to like fist pump and cheer. Hiroki finally got the mic situation figured out, and was like “omae!” in a really subdued, not even a yell kind of voice hahaha and we all just died laughing haha he continued to yell w/e they yell to get the crowd pumped before the songs, and we were like half-laughing, half-cheering.. or maybe that was just me idk but I couldn’t stop laughing haha <3333 finally Ryo (thankfully) took over haha and they started into DOUBT. DOUBT. IS. SO. GOOD. LIVE. And like it’s super fun too! There’s a really good balance of heavy and light parts to the song and Ryo and Omi said in the comment tokuten DVD that it was probably one of their favorite songs on the album. I could see why it wasn’t the same for Hiroki though. Like some of the drumming bits he looked a bit bored and it sounds a bit basic in some parts, but overall I really enjoyed it. Omi even said in the comment DVD that they’ve actually had this song since forever, but they just hadn’t released it until now. But he liked it so much that at one point he even wanted to release it as a single! I’m really glad they played boku circus again!! (I think before I accidentally called this song “box circus” but I’m pretty sure it’s “boku?”) I didn’t think they’d play it since they already played Shangri-La and I don’t think they’ve played both songs in the same setlist recently. THIS SONG IS SO EXHAUSTING THOUGH. lots of headbanging, oritatami, gyakudai @_@ and at the end of their set too haha BUT. SO. MUCH. FUN. <33333333 I wish they’d play it more! haha AND. QUE SERA! SERA! I fucking love this song live. Recently Ryo’s been doing the “monkey dance” for this song so my friend and I have started doing it too haha Overall it seemed like a really successful shusai. I was worried everyone would just leave before TRA’s set, but I’m glad they didn’t! I hope they were able to gain more fans!! I fucking love this band <3 As always, picspam: Here's a few live clips that Ryo posted! DOUBT Shangri-La's circle mosh All in all, I think it was a really successful live!!! I REALLY hope more ppl come to their 3rd one-man in June!!! They only have two more lives in March! Date: 29, Mar. 2017 (Wed) Lineup: TRA TRA TRA / MORRIGAN / IGGY / DiSPiИA / VAMPIRE ROSE / 他 Venue Ikebukuro EDGE Details: 【Time】OPEN/START 16:30/17:00 【Tickets】pre-sale/doors3500/4000 (plus extra drink charge) Date: 30, Mar. 2017 (Thu) Lineup: TRA TRA TRA / UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ / MORRIGAN / IGGY / i.Rias / 他 Venue: Zirco Tokyo Details 【Time】OPEN/START 16:00/16:30 【Tickets】pre-sale/doors 3500/4000 (plus extra drink charge)
  11. Yay!! I'm so glad you like the album!! I hope you get to see them live some day! The song definitely all sound SOOOO much better live!! Thank you for liking this band!!!!
  12. ViV

    @Lereku It really was awesome!!! They're giving out DVDs with some footage of their last live for people who spent over 10,000yen (I think?) on their webshop so I don't think they'll be posting it on YouTube like FoLLoW did, but there will definitely be some footage!
  13. Yup!! I've been listening to it nonstop!! I'm actually really pleased with it!! I was worried that their songs might sound too samey, but I was pleasantly surprised! The only disappointing thing was that two of the songs are just a remastered version of existing songs. I hope your copy comes in soon!!
  14. Ryo will be hosting the LINE chat tomorrow (Tuesday) night! It starts from 21:00 (JST) You can usually talk to them until midnight. You can send a maximum of 3 messages (including stamps) at a time.
  15. ViV

    @LerekuHmm, sorry I don't really remember which songs Rayji played with a pick and which ones he didn't. I was mostly looking at Hirohiro tbh lol for the bass vs guitar battle he was def not using a pick though!