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  1. ぺるしゃ猫

    Nah Mamireta is the only thing FORUM/PUNCH makes money from, so I doubt they will be allowed to disband.
  2. FIRST OF ALL Can I just say that I'm super excited for KRAD's Halloween live? :D

  3. Today is KRAD at AREA but I really don't like any of the other bands so I'm pissed lol I have to wait 2 hours to see KRAD after the live starts

  4. Yuuga most definitely did that, I literally saw him pop off at 2 guys in the middle of a DK live a few months ago.
  5. KRAD live today and tomorrow. I have work tomorrow but I hope I can make it because Danger Gang is playing and I haven't seen them in 3 years

  6. ぺるしゃ猫

    Sou from KRAD ex-SHEDIA Is the best vocalist OF ALL TIME (to me :3)
  7. There's another KRAD live on the 10th, I wonder if I can make it to that after work...

  8. ぺるしゃ猫

    LMAO daaaaaaaamn I'm team M
  9. Tomorrow KRAD has a live at Shibuya REX... I have work that day but my job is close to Shibuya so I can probably make it... Fingers crossed

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    2. ぺるしゃ猫


      @xriko ahh that’s the drummer and bassist. They are really nice guys so I’m glad you had a good experience with them! I hope you can see them again one day, they’ve improved so much. 

    3. xriko


      I loved their beginnings tracks, but I didn't followed what they released those 2 last year. And not planning to go Japan b4 next summer, so I'll see, but thanks for the advice :)

      I don't really follow anyband since 2015.

    4. ぺるしゃ猫


      @xriko If there's a band you should follow it's definitely KRAD!!

  10. ぺるしゃ猫

    Yes I am!! They have different styles, but their concept is "闇" aka "DARK" which is why they are called KRAD. I am not sure what SHEDIA's concept was so I'll ask Sou next time I can talk to him, but I can see why KRAD is an evolution of SHEDIA, since all the members are the same. KRAD's live are really heavy, constantly headbanging, kobushi headbanging, oritatami, stuff like that. I don't hear a lot SHEDIA's songs having as much room for that. Re:Puzzle had some oritatami but not as much as original KRAD songs. They said they are changing KRAD's concept so I think it might be more similar to SHEDIA from now on. How many SHEDIA fans were at their shows? I wasn't a fan back then.
  11. ぺるしゃ猫

    SHEDIA and KRAD have different atmospheres, KRAD's music is WAAAY darker and different imo. SHEDIA had more upbeat songs, and KRAD has more Dir en grey/D'espa/Gaze influences. Their MV does sound like it would be a SHEDIA song though, I agree with that. Abyss doesn't sound like it would be in SHEDIA though, the other two songs on it (Manjushage and Grief of microorganisms) is quite dark and KRAD-esque, and abyss itself has a lot of death voice and screaming, the entire song is headbanging except the chorus ;o;
  12. ぺるしゃ猫

    I was thinking why they aren't releasing a mini album either but... I mean they can make more money with 2 singles.
  13. ぺるしゃ猫

    TBH I'm not super into it, but I love Sou's voice so I will listen to anything he sings. However, the music does not fit KRAD's over all concept at all, and their "new concept" seems like they are trying to get more fans but, most of us became fans from their darker and heavier music, I don't think people are going to become fans of the band from this one song, where as their other songs could pull people in. Personally I think they should have worked more on their original overall concept rather than take a new direction, I don't think it's gonna work out.
  14. Ahhhhhhh KRAD's next live is on Wednesday and I wish it was tomorrow :(((((((((((( also I'm sad I don't have any other bands I like playing that day.

  15. ぺるしゃ猫

    This is gonna be so good >:)