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  1. I know, I know. I just wanted to know. And alright. I understand what you mean. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Okay... And alright? Never really thought about it that way... And I probably won't because I'll probably not remember, but whatever.
  3. Ah, okay. I can kinda see why people may dislike it now. I never really got the impression Sweden had that many VK bands/artists... I thought for sure the US had more... But maybe there are more of them in Sweden than I know of...
  4. What do you have against Western VK? And why do you call it "Swed-kei"? Is there a Swedish VK scene I'm not aware about?
  5. So, I interpret all of this as that you didn't like the album or any of YOHIO's solo works, huh? Well, that's fine. Didn't really expect anything else. But I just wanted to ask.
  6. Okay, that's cool
  7. I know that. I mentioned that there were probably many good reasons for there being no thread here about it that I wasn't aware of, but I just got curious and wanted to ask. And I know many don't like him, and I can understand why. And what you wrote was actually quite interesting to read. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Um, okay?
  9. Er, I was not looking for fans, I was just wondering what other people thought about it since there was no thread about it here. I won't judge anyone for disliking it.
  10. Although I don't think the albums were too bad (though I can see why people may not like it as crazy as that sounds), I can agree that DISREIGN is the best he has done. It sounds much better to me.
  11. The lead singer of DISREIGN?
  12. (I apologize in advance if this topic is in the wrong section) For those who are actually interested and have given it a listen, what were your opinions on the album? I honestly don't think it was too bad (though that may just be me being biased and horrible at judging music) and I thought it was better than BREAK the BORDER (which you didn't seem to like that much judging from it's thread), but I'm also curious as to what others thought about it. I'm not asking this just because I like it or to try and blindly defend the album or YOHIO, I'm just wondering. I know I'm very late in asking this (it was released like, in 2014 or something) and that I'm probably getting annoying with my YOHIO (and DISREIGN) posts, but I never found a thread about YOHIO's third album on here (which is probably for many good reasons I'm not aware of) and I'm just curious as to what your opinions are.
  13. WITHIN THE VOID is now released digitally for anyone who's interested. Just listened to all 3 songs, and I really like them all. ABYSS OF VEILED TRUTH is a little weird to me, but it's still fairly good. Out of the two that I didn't hear until now (they released the WITHIN THE VOID PV a bit earlier which I find a bit odd), I liked SHINSEKAI the best, but WITHIN THE VOID is my overall favourite of all the three songs. This is probably their best release so far in my opinion and a big improvement over their other two releases (I still like them, though). I'm really glad that DISRIEGN is getting better and I hope they will keep getting better from here, even if it's just gradual. And as a fan of their music, I'm also quite glad they are getting positive reception as well! It's really nice to see! Hopefully they will continue recieving it with their future releases! (Geez this last sentence looks so cheesy, but I don't really know how to word it better :/) Really looking forward to their next release now!
  14. Sorry for asking, but in what way is Yohio's japanese awkward and could you provide some examples of it? I'm not asking this to defend his japanese (and I shouldn't since I barely know any japanese in the first place) or to be rude, I'm asking out of genuine curiosity.
  15. Although I liked them even before this, WITHIN THE VOID is better than their previous I'll have to admit. I am enjoying it quite a bit! The PV is also quite good. I really hope they will just continue getting better from here and not suddenly "jump the shark"/get worse. I am quite excited to hear the other 2 songs now!