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  1. It's only a semi-goodbye as I will still be lurking around ocassionally as I'm still interested in whatever is being posted here. All I have ever done is cause trouble, so I've decided it's probably better that I don't post anything. I regret all of the posts I have made, and I'm sorry for making you suffer through them. I made an awful first-impression with my first post, and I haven't made it any better from my following posts. I have been really stupid on here, and I don't want to repeat the same mistakes. It's probably gonna be a such good riddance for you all to have me in lurker mode considering what I have done. You all deserve better than to have me run around making stupid posts. I'll still like comments and posts and stuff, but I won't be making any posts myself.
  2. I regret making almost all of the posts I have made on this site, including the ones I made here. I'm really sorry you had to suffer through me embarrassing myself like this. I really am.
  3. Do not remind me of this or that other post, please. I regret making both these posts. And all my other posts for that matter.
  4. Yeah, okay, fine. I figured as much after they told me. I am unfortunately one of those people who tends to take things at face-value, unless it's obvious it's a joke, even if I don't want to. But knowing how people tend to be on the internet and social media, you never know if people are being 100% serious or just trolling :/ Or that's at least from what I have experienced.
  5. How was I supposed to know it was a joke and sarcastic? Ugh, goddamnit... Sorry for going on a rant then. But I genuinely had no idea. And it was late at night and a time when I shouldn't have been on here. I have a much harder time interpreting texts properly late at night too. I should probably take a break from this site. All I ever do is cause trouble. And once again, I don't even remember typing the two last sentences in my reply. I'm very sorry for writing that. I'll make sure it never happens again.
  6. ...Why do I keep coming back to this site late at night? I've told myself it's a bad idea... Because otherwise, shit like this happens and I just embarrass myself and everyone else. I apologize for my entire post. I truly do not care what people think of him. I really don't. I guess I was just wondering if there were reasons for it, but it just came out very badly from me... Damn my inability to word my thoughts properly... And I did not mean to say that at all. I don't even remember typing it. That was completely unecessary of me to say. I'm sorry.
  7. Well, that was an unecessary comment. I don't even remember posting the freaking topic. It's just as embarrassing to me as everyone else. I just wanted it at least locked. Also, about you saying it probably is the worst choice for a voice actor, why do you think so? Please explain (without saying "He's unfit for the role," "He's not a good voice actor," "There are better voice actors," or something similar. I want a well-developed reason for why you think like you do). I have heard/seen far worse voice acting in my life, especially when it comes to dubs. I honestly wonder if you have some sort of disdain for YOHIO because of that statement. It's at least not the most annoyingly sqeaky voice you'll be hearing (and honestly, if you say you prefer such a voice over YOHIO's, then I'll automatically assume you have something against him, because 1. that'd completely kill the mood of the movie 90% of the time, and 2. it becomes unbearable after a while. I know this sounds rude, but I honestly can't understand how someone can prefer a squeaker over a mostly developed voice).
  8. Well, damn... I hope it just gets buried and forgotten then... Because even I think this thread is pointless and embarrassing.
  9. Well, damn. I certainly hope it becomes forgotten then. Because that post is so embarrassing.
  10. Would it be possible to have a post removed or at least locked? Because there is a post I made I would like removed since I don't even remember making the post in the first place, and the post is really embarrassing and stupid. Is there a way to remove it or lock it?
  11. I doubt it. I have heard way worse voice acting in my life. And at least it's not my voice. You must have some sort of disdain for YOHIO if you say he'll be the worst choice ever when there are way worse voice actors out there. But you are obviously allowed to think however you want.
  12. This is not YOHIO. I can only wish it was. I'm just some random dumbass fan of his music. I highly doubt he even knows about this site. And I don't even remember posting this topic and I'm just as embarrassed about it as you all are. I want it removed or at least locked or something. This is the dumbest post I have ever made.
  13. "Condolences?" Why do you feel bad that YOHIO is voice acting? At least it isn't the most annoying voice you could choose??? Or am I completely wrong???
  14. Wow, I must have posted this when I was half-asleep because I don't remember posting this at all. This is such an embarrassing post. Is it possible to have this post removed? This has no reason to be here.
  15. EDIT: Shit, I don't even remember making this post. This is such a dumb and embarrassing post. Could this post be removed or at least locked? To anyone who stumbles across this, please ignore it. I don't want to be reminded of this embarrassing post. (My apologies if this is in the wrong section or if this it's not appropriate to post it here on this forum. Feel free to move it if the former or remove it if the latter) From YOHIO's Twitter for anyone who is interested: I don't mind YOHIO voice acting (it's actually pretty interesting), but my question is why Sweden felt a need to dub the movie rather than subbing it. Is it because it's animated? I don't know... Before you accuse me of only wanting to watch the movie because of YOHIO, I have heard good things about the movie from reading reviews, so I would've probably have watched it anyway even if YOHIO wasn't in it. Hopefully YOHIO will do a nice job dubbing the movie (and the translation to Swedish is good) and not make it bad...