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  1. xLIZ4

    I'll be attending this live! Please PM me if you'd like this single or any other SARIGIA merch!
  2. xLIZ4

    I saw DIMLIM live last night and they also played pre-THE SILENT SONG songs!
  3. Reminder: Last 3 lives of January! 1/17: まみれた(mamireta) - oneman「僕が射精された日」@ 赤坂BLITZ 1/20: AIOLIN/ヴァージュ(virge)/ギャロ(gallo)/SAVAGE/DEXCORE/Rides In ReVillion @ 高田馬場AREA 1/27: SARIGIA - 1st anniversary oneman🎉「Where is the Sun」@ 新宿 RUIDO K4
  4. I wasn't feeling those either, so I only got the towel since you use them for a song during the live lol But the setlist was diverse, they were all in such a good mood (very talkative and smiley) and Aoi actually sings very well live. I usually go to lives with more headbanging, but it was fun anyway! Oh, and they started the show with Kimi no koe to yakusoku, one of my faves.
  5. xLIZ4

    I have 1 cd available! (no flyer) Shipping from Japan https://www.facebook.com/groups/paradox.vk/permalink/299894047340624/
  6. xLIZ4

    If anyone wants a copy of the mini album or anything from their merch list... I'll attend a taiban with them performing too next month!
  7. The live was so nostalgic...
  8. ⚠️Last call for shopping service⚠️ They just uploaded this on Twitter... What do you mean last minute? No service fee if you order for ¥3000 or more! PM me to order.
  9. First thing I had in mind too. lmao
  10. I’ll be going to ayabie’s oneman on January 12 (this Saturday already). Anyone interested in merch? PM me! The ¥6000 thing is a lucky bag with a t-shirt, random cheki and old goods equivalent to ¥12000