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  1. To the US? With tracking would be expensive... without tracking it’s €2 (done before, did arrive lol)
  2. Anyone interested in 黒百合と影 (kuroyuri to kage) cheki? ***Mei no longer available***
  3. I asked 2 friends and a shopping service to try to get me the DECAYED single... and all 3 were able to get it. ...So I have 2 available if anyone is interested! EDIT: both on hold
  4. This is catchy... SAIL AWAY sounds like a soft vk summer hit. Surprising myself for wanting this mini album now, cuz I’m usually into darker/heavier stuff.
  5. Disappointing that some people find this (or any other bandmember missing) funny. We don’t know a thing. I’m worried just like all their other fans.
  6. True, I had the same problem and then tried bank transfer... doesn’t work either. I PMed them and they replied with the same as they said to you. The website is not really friendly for countries outside of Japan x] I can read the Japanese that is used, but for many people that can be a problem too.
  7. They’ve opened their international webshop: https://kerberostore.official.ec/ “Every person who places an order this month will receive a personalized signed image from the members of Vivarush (please note that because of this all orders will be mailed out at the end of the month)”
  8. Typical R指定 sound. Love it. Those last few seconds tho... lol
  9. The limited boxes of NINTH come with a dvd/bd of their 15th anniversary live too, besides the Falling MV + making of... So I don't think it's ''too'' expensive. Also, they're not the only band with this kind of prices for this kind of limited album editions x]
  10. I pre-ordered it at japan-discoveries.com
  11. I was blown away by trailers for Dogma and the MV’s for Ugly and Undying. The MV for Falling is a bit boring to me, but I’m not disappointed by the song itself. Very curious to hear more. Pre-ordered the limited box edition type B. It should look rad next to my Dogma box lol.
  12. Same! Now waiting for my RUIN copy to arrive~
  13. Would you be willing to send it to me too?
  14. Nihit (ex KILLANETH) confirmed to be their support guitarist for ther next live at Takadanobaba AREA.