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    I'm a writer/reporter for JROCK NEWS. (www.jrocknews.com)
    I moved to Tokyo in October 2016.
    Moving back to NL on October 30, 2017 :[
  1. You can buy it at https://vstarpromotion.com/webshop/morrigan.html Or at a venue during the Europe tour maybe?
  2. I like what I see... Makes me look forward to what we’ll get to hear even more.
  3. Maybe you just don’t really like their sound? They’ve been releasing different concepts while keeping their typical Xaa Xaa’ish sound which I love.
  4. I’m in Japan, so I could buy and send it for you? not sure how much you’re willing to pay max.? (Shipping from Japan really isn’t that expensive btw)
  5. They’re all 5 on hold for $26 incl. shipping. If you’d offer more, let me know asap.
  6. Here you go: http://tinypic.com/r/2qwlkm0/9 1: DEVILday live 10/3 2: ANGELday instore event 10/4 3: ANGELday live 10/4 4 & 5: live event ANGEL look 10/10
  7. ...They didn’t convince me. Lots of energy, but that was it.
  8. I’m in Tokyo attending several instore events and lives of MORRIGAN. I have their latest single 「もしも黒い翼が生えたなら」DEVIL (2x) and ANGEL (3x) versions available. I paid 1000 yen plus tax each, selling for 7,50 euros + shipping 4 euros. They are still sealed. I also sell cheki of Kuloe, Pitty and Setsuna. I can show pics if interested.
  9. I’m gonna see them at an event on October 9, along with MORRIGAN, DIMLIM, Lack-co, JILUKA, SAVAGE, ZON, MEIDALA and ヴァージュ(virge) Curious to see/hear UNDEUX perform!
  10. I've seen them live too and they've got a new fan. Damn, they blew me away! Planning to see them one more time before I have to move back to my country :[ (I was never really into buying cheki's, but I'm so happy with my Sho cheki's now lol)
  11. Tour dates and locations confirmed. No B7Klan but Kinetic vibe. Ticket sale starts on September 15. I'm seeing them next week here in Tokyo, but I'll be back in my country in November... So I guess I'll go see them again~
  12. It's not the only troll then.. several people posted about it here the past few days. But yeah I cannot find anything about the release online.
  13. Where did you get it from? I cannot find any websites where they sell the physical album..?!
  14. Who got a ticket? I'll be going alone for a weekend from Tokyo, so let me know if you're in the same position!
  15. I honestly don't understand the complaining about anything HERESY related. - it's 50 bucks for an entire year. If you can't afford that, how would you be able to afford a concert ticket, new album (I mean, I don't download albums of my favorite band), merch or trip to Japan? - you really can't expect them to tour outside of Japan that often either. - many bands/artists do something similar, but you hardly hear anything about that. the 15th anniversary gig was amazing and I'll try to get a ticket for the summer too ♡ Edit: Btw, don't start the typical "you must have rich parents etc." crap. I'm currently living in Tokyo, which wasn't easy to achieve, and studying/working my butt off here :]