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  1. xLIZ4

    I went to the O-west live and was one of the persons who offered shopping service. I'll also go to their next oneman on 9/20. I see them live regularly, so you could ask me next time? I'm not even gonna do the live-limited discussions anymore... getting tiring lol
  2. xLIZ4

    As mentioned several times before: I see them live often. So you could also ask me if you want something from them. Although some things are already sold out/unavailable since it's been months.
  3. ⚠️Shopping service options updated⚠️ Please check my post before contacting me. And contacting via Fb preferred, because I'm not active enough here anymore‼️
  4. xLIZ4

    Let's just make very clear that I don't "make" money first. I have to pay for the tickets, transportation, packaging etc. and put quite a bit of time in this service. And I completely disagree on the other part as well lol. I'm against piracy. You have these fans who pay for their stuff and those who don't want to pay and just complain and wait for someone to upload it? Not very fair to those who do spend money on them nor the band that spends money on making the music. VK bands often even mention that they dislike this piracy. SARIGIA's singles are only between ¥500 and ¥1200. They even had the cheapest parkas I've seen so far. (I usually think bands charge too much for those) Saying that the income from cds/merch is just tiny, makes me shake my head. And when a band is "gone", new fans are pretty useless. They need them when they're active! Edit: Also there has been 2 live limited singles and a normal single since Agartha🤷‍♀️
  5. xLIZ4

    I actually see them live regularly, so yes, I could get their (live limited) cds/merch for you indeed. Small bands like this really do need to sell their cds/merch to be able to continue. And Mizuki is right about it getting harder and harder, especially outside of Japan.
  6. ★added!★ 6/25: DEXCORE/NAZARE/ヴィルシーナ(verxina)/蘭図(rands)/ヴァージュ(virge)/ラク×ガキ(raku×gaki)/午前零時。(gozenreiji.) @ 池袋EDGE 7/27: DEVILOOF oneman @ Zirco Tokyo 8/17: DIMLIM oneman @ TSUTAYA O-WEST
  7. xLIZ4

    I expect them to be like breakin' holiday. You get all excited because of where the vocalist comes from and then you get boring generic songs...
  8. ★added!★ 6/30: SARIGIA/まみれた(mamireta)/マチルダ(mathilda)/Hueye/LIRAIZO/アルケミ(archemi)/ユメリープ(yumeleep) @ 高田馬場CLUB PHASE
  9. xLIZ4

    I live in Tokyo... so I could pick it up for those who can't get it online. (also merch when I see them live) ...PM me!
  10. xLIZ4

    Not gonna miss Brand X, not gonna miss that Yada guy at all. I didn't like him. ...And there are several better vk stores imo.
  11. I've seen them in Europe and in Japan... The Japan lives were definitely more fun.
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