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  1. xLIZ4

    The onemans are still far away, but I'm definitely planning to go to at least one of the December shows in Shibuya. (I live in Tokyo) I've only seen them at taiban before, but I'm very excited about the new member, release and whatever comes with it.
  2. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 7/1 → 鴉-カラス-(karasu)/RAKUGAKI/-ジガ-(jiga)/mama./ミスイ(misui)/エンヴィル(envyl)/ALCYON AND 7/26 → SARIGIA ✨✝️Paradox Shop✝️✨
  3. Are you talking about ss of actual companies? Because I offer all those services just by myself in my free time. The individuals like me that I know who offer this kind of services usually have a fee of around 20% just like me. Please keep in mind that we also have to put time in your orders, no matter the price/size of the item you want us to buy. We still need to get envelopes/bubblewrap/cardboard boxes, put time in communicating with sellers, going to a physical store and/or post office etc. Maybe try doing it yourself for a few months and you'll understand. I've been doing it for more than a year, and would have 0 profit for sure if I'd ask for 10% or less. There are enough people who have been coming back to me again and again. Also I offer much more than just Mercari, so many people combine services which actually saves them money as it can all be shipped out together as well🤷‍♀️
  4. Actually I started with my Facebook group, just expending now lol
  5. Hi, I live in Tokyo and offer many services❗ • Buy merch/cheki/cd's from live houses • Buy merch/cheki/cd's from bands' online stores • Buy tickets for lives, other events, museums etc. • Buy from Mercari, Amazon Japan, online music stores, online clothing stores etc. • Buy from physical stores in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku • Buy Japanese snacks, candy, beauty products, anime stuff etc. ✝️✨Paradox Shop✨✝️ Please use the chat option for any questions and special requests. Shipping fee won't be charged until your order(s) have been shipped.
  6. You can place a reservation now, but the release date isn't stated anywhere. I pre-ordered it right away since it'll be "limited". They put it up in their online shop right after their Twitter live, which you needed an "online ticket" for. During the streaming, You could suggest words for Ryo to use in the lyrics for the new song (he was writing the lyrics in front of the camera for a bit) and they performed part of the song (instrumental) in the studio.
  7. xLIZ4

    Guys you know Google Translate has a function to translate text from pics? ... I was actually shocked by Asuka saying that he suffered from Mizuki's power harassment during their first year and the fact that Mizuki has been saying that he wanted to leave for like 6 months but instead of actually leaving, (trying to) damage the reputation of the other members and leaking music related info that wasn't supposed to be shared (yet). Natsu also mentioned that they were friends for like 10 years, so I can understand if they'd feel so betrayed. They're better off without him. Maybe not SARIGIA, but Asuka, Natsu and Shoma for sure. -I've been seeing them live often since their 1st anniversary and had no idea this was going on-
  8. xLIZ4

    No, I'm not a fan of Misc. nor Retsu's individual attitude, but I feel like many here are just plain mean/annoying. Like, why don't you just ignore/let go of them if you're gonna be negative about everything they do. DIMLIM is not just Retsu, so I feel bad for Sho and Hiroshi. Also things are changing daily because of the Corona shit going on, so you can't blame any artist for saying "it won't be cancelled/postponed" 2 days prior cancelling/postponing the live after all. It happens all the time everywhere. I live in Tokyo and I also have tickets for lives that have been postponed/cancelled 2 days prior, while the bands tried not to disappoint the fans at first. Lives/tours in Europe (from Japanese artists) have been postponed/cancelled too. It may have been decided by the venue or government, so the bands can't even do anything about it. Japanese bands have the tendency to give up on their band too easily imo, so I do respect them for the "we keep trying and don't care about the haters" attitude. He's not a criminal or something.
  9. xLIZ4

    Sho is too pure for sticking with Lets
  10. 4 and 5 are yesssss👌
  11. Let's leave DEVILOOF, to do some DEVILOOF covers with my new band! ...lmao
  12. xLIZ4

    It doesn't look like he just had his nose done in this new MV. His face shape also changed. Maybe another trip to Korea he didn't talk about?
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