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  1. It’s below Japanese average for men. It’s about the average for women.
  2. Can’t get myself into a band where a member (especially the leader) already showed several times that he is some dipshit. And the tiny vocalist reminds me of : ...Just much less interesting.
  3. xLIZ4

    Does anyone know if there’s new merch available at their lives? (for this release)
  4. xLIZ4

  5. Interesting look... waiting for their sound...
  6. xLIZ4

    He’s been replacing Pitty since shortly after he disappeared
  7. xLIZ4

    アスカ (Asuka) Natsu 翔磨 (Shoma) 水希 (Mizuki)
  8. I expected more darker songs too, but pre-ordered the limited edition anyway.
  9. xLIZ4

    This band... THIS BAND.
  10. Selling CD's, DVD's, cheki, postcards/photos/trading cards etc. Check Paradox VK Sales ! As I'll move back to Tokyo in January, I'll start offering shopping service too. Will go see (have ticket for) • KAMIJO on September 16 (EU tour) • ayabie on January 12, 2019 at Zepp Tokyo *more coming soon*