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  1. Would be cool if they released this on vinyl
  2. Saw this on reddit my guess why wtd is getting so many votes is because it was their first release over here in the states and came out around the time Kroc saw its rise in popularity
  3. Come one diru release them all In a lp boxset
  4. Ninth odd smells from chaos? do they just throw random words around?
  5. Not sure if I understand but it looks like they are recording? According to their Facebook
  6. Man kyo sounds voice sounds worn on those lives. Wont buy this but will eventually check out the re-recordings. III Empire intrigues me and scares me
  7. Vocal: Gackt Guitar: Sugizo Bass: testu (larcenciel) drums: shinya probably sounds like crap but would be interesting
  8. Couldn't be more pleased by this. Please no more clean singing
  9. Can we all just take a moment and appreciate that artwork? I mean hot damn
  10. Bum bum bum another one bites the dust
  11. Feel ya on the division deformity things wouldn't be to surprised if they regressed to a softer side now that they got all their angst out
  12. Album will be poppiest to date #youhearditherefirst #exclusive
  13. This album was so essential to my vk journey