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  1. Agreed on the new nightbringer. Absolutely slays. Many people are hyping it up it seems. Strongly considering on getting the vinyl
  2. God I love ghost and their music is phenomenal. Sucks the guy is a douche but like what was said above as long as they release a meliora part 2 I'm good but still didn't some of the other ghouls write most the music? Gonna be hard to say this won't affect their next album
  3. I can't even....
  4. I don't normally advocate for re-releases. But it would be really great if we could get special re-releases of their older albums like vulgar, kisou, macabre. The only way to get a physical copy of these is to spend 45 bucks on eBay for a supposed "official" release. I'm hoping at some point I can add all their albums to my cd collection without spending a fortune through a 3rd party source.
  5. This is dumb, why don't pelican release the album not their fan club?
  6. This is the absolute worse.... Can't help but feel a glimmer of hope
  7. Nope, you guys are wrong. Album will be Blue Blood part 2 I wonder how expensive the SUPERULTRADELUXMEGAXXX Edition of the album will be?
  8. I feel like Dir en grey has one more album up their sleeves... i hope anyway. I feel like this will be some weird ambient instrumental stuff with random guest vocalist.
  9. Haha yes yukke is the best
  10. Don't. I mean if you really enjoyed their earlier releases their newer stuff is just cringe worthy.
  11. Visual-Kei

    Haha that wasn't good at all
  12. Hey good for you that's awesome!
  13. I listen to my music by cassette only. because trVu kulT quality. All other forms are obsolete. But in all seriousness I couldn't hear a difference In the two types. Probably because I haven't listened to either one.
  14. Gackt is full on rock!? Naw bro. But in regards to the question asked I have personally never cared if an artist was solo or with a band. I only cared about the music they put out. Actually most black metal bands I listen to are solo.