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  1. Band will be the biggest thing of 2017 Calling it now.
  2. Sadly this, but we won't know for sure until it comes out!
  3. Their mini had some moments. Hopefully they continue to grow. Will check this out for sure
  4. I can dig it. I enjoy these guy I really enjoyed their last single. But that tour name.....
  5. Oh crap that new dalle album....
  6. Man uroboros is so good
  7. No forgivness. You are banned forever from deviloof fandom haha jk
  8. Im surprised Miyavi's new album hasn't made any top releases of the year. That album is solid throughout.

    1. nekkichi


      str8 ppl have interesting taste in music

    2. chemicalpictures


      I'm ashamed of not giving it a spin yet. I used to be a huge myv fan, but the SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1 was the last release I've truly enjoyed.


      this new one has been really praised tho, I gotta check it out

    3. Shmilly


      Agreed! Great album

  9. Actually not a huge fan of this song. Was hoping a little bit more of a mature sound a mixture of Kabukichou butterfly and Panic. Oh well maybe the b-side will deliver? This band seriously needs to release an album
  10. Welcome! Lots of awesome bands to get into!
  11. well this is what google translate says hahaha "I did it! Official's 2017 one-man tour held, full album release, Karaoke delivery decision! It is! Yuu fixed tweaks you again! It is! I did not go back to the original after erasing it"
  12. featured list

    I think this is my favorite list! Awesome reviews here and enjoy seeing some 'uncommon' releases.
  13. Ok guys, but all jokes aside here is the link
  14. Amy schumer isn't funny. There. I said it.
  15. Cool hopefully will be able to see it