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  1. AILIPH DOEPA MEMBERS Eyegargoyle(Vo) RedZibra(Ba) Paprika Papriko(Gt) Donaldy Ketchup(Dr) Official: http://www.ailiphdoepa.com/top.html Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoepaChannel/featured If you are already confused a little bit that's OK, so was I when i first heard of these guys. They were first brought to my attention by @fitear1590in January's recommended tracks and ever since I have not been able to keep this guys from my playlist. I don't have much more information on these guys but I am going to let the music speak for itself. Hopefully you guys enjoy them as much as I have over the last couple weeks!
  2. Been watching these guys from afar as late and have always been trying to like them. (not sure why, might just be their look) It seems over the last couple releases they have been progressing, which can't be said for most bands. Instrumentally this is pretty solid. Gonna be paying closer attention to them.
  3. The Gazette will go on Hiatus.
  4. Did you listen to the full single and just not the pv edit that basically takes out all the cool parts? I just feel like their last single was right up your alley
  5. Well that was disappointingly band
  6. Hakari's dope 2017 list of questionable ratings!
  7. Just saw arrival. Anyone else see this movie? I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Nice to see a unique spin to an alien movie.
  8. It's crazy how active this band is considering all that Kyo does with diru. Hopefully the single is as good as Anima was.
  9. One of my complaints about Versailles is i feel that they are incredibly stagnant. Their sound hasn't really changed at all over the years. I think of bands like Merry, Mucc, Diru, etc bands that have been around for awhile and have gone through this evolution of sound, offering if anything a unique and fresh perspective to their own music. I understand that alot of that has to do with Kamijo/Hizaki, since they have been doing the same thing in both their respective careers. With all that being said I absolutely loved their first mini when it came out because I felt that at the time it was so fresh and exciting (despite the x japanisque). Every release after that my interest declined ever slowly. I did enjoy this release though, I wasn't blown away at any point but my no means was this a bad album. Lineage and Inheritance are the only two tracks that really pickled my interest. Showing a teeny tiny bit of deviation from the Versailles formula. 7/10 Note: Lineage was the saving grace on this release. Well worth a listen.
  10. That is a savage line up. I would go to one of those shows with out a doubt just to check out Merry. Sukekiyo is such a bonus. Cool to see Merry play with other bands. I find it interesting how Japanese bands almost always play one mans. Even the crappy little VK bands. Even though it would be justified completely for Merry to be playing exclusively one mans.
  11. Idea of the day goes to....
  12. I think the whole baseball thing is kind of cool. But you guys are right. This band is incredibly Lackluster to say the least. I have about 20+ other bands that offer me a better generic VK sound than these guys.
  13. I can dig it. Sounds typical Gackt, Ive always enjoyed his stuff.
  14. I used to be in a band a little bit ago and our lead guitarist has massive anxiety issues. It took him awhile to be ready to come back on stage but I understand how hard this is. I hope she is able to overcome it and be able to come back!