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  1. Visual-Kei

    Haha that wasn't good at all
  2. Hey good for you that's awesome!
  3. I listen to my music by cassette only. because trVu kulT quality. All other forms are obsolete. But in all seriousness I couldn't hear a difference In the two types. Probably because I haven't listened to either one.
  4. Gackt is full on rock!? Naw bro. But in regards to the question asked I have personally never cared if an artist was solo or with a band. I only cared about the music they put out. Actually most black metal bands I listen to are solo.
  5. Love the new look
  6. Not even silent jealousy...
  7. @VisutoxI really like the album. I find their tunes almost relaxing and have fallen asleep to them a couple times at night. As a whole I like it but I have a couple complaints, I feel that some of the tracks are a little long with some dull moments, however when they go all in boy do they go all in. When fen goes all out it is glorious
  8. Hey, I'm not that overweight
  9. God I love them so much
  10. These guys are solid. Having a dedicated bassist really stands out. Will hopefully be able to pick up this album
  11. Finally a yellow guy, does that make me cool now?

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      Well, looks like I'm cumming to Brazil...


      @Hakari I am so sorry. We've truly FUCKED your status.

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      Do Rhetorical Questions Need a Question Mark #askgrammargirl

  12. Awesome thank you guys for the recommendations! I gotta lot of music to get through!
  13. Wait a minute... there's a download section?
  14. I was hoping you guys could help me out and recommend some solid Black Metal bands. I started listening to this band Ungfell, and they are terrific.
  15. AILIPH DOEPA MEMBERS Eyegargoyle(Vo) RedZibra(Ba) Paprika Papriko(Gt) Donaldy Ketchup(Dr) Official: http://www.ailiphdoepa.com/top.html Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoepaChannel/featured If you are already confused a little bit that's OK, so was I when i first heard of these guys. They were first brought to my attention by @fitear1590in January's recommended tracks and ever since I have not been able to keep this guys from my playlist. I don't have much more information on these guys but I am going to let the music speak for itself. Hopefully you guys enjoy them as much as I have over the last couple weeks!