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  1. Himeaimichu

    Hey! You probably know I'm Aimi from facebook lol
  2. Wow, so apparently, I can't add this video of these people playing traditional Chinese music to my playlist because it's marked as "made for kids". WTF


    1. IGM_Oficial


      YouTube sucks real hard sometimes

  3. Hopefully he's ok. I don't want this band to be ruined by drama and emergencies
  4. Was anyone able to snag the videos of Devil Kitty's one night revival in 2009 from Youtube before they were taken down?

    1. Himeaimichu


      I'm pretty sure if I find myself in Japan, I could just go to the bar Yuuga frequents and maybe if I feed into his narcissism enough, he'll give me Devil Kitty rarez lmao

    2. Axius


      That would be pretty funny


    3. Axius


      Im mostly looking for different rares. ahh sht...  you know you just gave me an idea on how to get them XD

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  5. Bandmen: *leaves band*

    1. patientZERO
    2. Himeaimichu


      @patientZERO No, this isn't about any bandmen in particular. I just felt like making fun of some of the more common Tanuki rumors. 

      Plus, I don't highly defend Kisaki rumors anymore lol. I'm past that problematic phase lol

    3. patientZERO


      Oh I figured. I was joking.

  6. So my birthday is coming up soon and I may be getting some money, so I was wondering if anyone had any DEViL KiTTY (specifically 2002-2004 DK. Not the 2015 "revival") fliers or chekis they'd be willing to sell.
  7. Bootleg PVs are the AMVs of Visual Kei

  8. Himeaimichu

    Not a lot of Mexicans bought tickets because they know that music without a bass tends to suck live
  9. Can Gulu Gulu announce a new single already?

  10. Kinda wish Aika had a role in the session band +ISOLATION. Cuartet is amazing, but Black:List has very few releases and I don't like Triggah too much lol

  11. Himeaimichu

    I'd rather see someone else play bass in a Phantasmagoria revival knowing the shit he pulled
  12. Himeaimichu

    But without Kisaki
  13. Did anyone here watch anime on Sky7Anime back in 2008? I remember the Chatango chat was WILD (and toxic lmao)

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      the only media I ever consume is acquired legally, including music

  14. Himeaimichu

    Yeah, hes slowly going blind.
  15. Himeaimichu

    Didn't know these guys were still around. That's cool
  16. I just realised that Metis Gretel and Devil Kitty probably used the same drum machines. The cymbals are almost exactly the same, especially the China-cymbal

  17. Himeaimichu

    It sounds kinda like Liphlich but not as good. Kiryu's B-sides though have always been better than the A-sides, so let's hope the B-sides are good
  18. I don't often watch Chinese Drama, but one of the things I always found stupid about it was those dramas where they pit a "chinese orchestra" against a western style one.

    Now, I can see why they'd be compared... if only actual traditional Chinese music was being compared. But rather, they use "Chinese Orchestra", which is basically western music played on Chinese instruments modified to sound "pretty". So really, you're not comparing two vastly musical styles, you're comparing the same style played on marginally different instruments.


    Of course, what would be cool is if they compared real traditional Chinese music, like Hebei Bangzi, to their western equivalents, but no, real traditional Chinese music is too shrill and not "pretty" enough for the modern bourgeois Chinese person.

    1. Himeaimichu


      Like, why not pit this kind of music against say, Italian Opera? That would make for a very unique musical competition plot. Especially since Hebei Bangzi is pretty representative of the music that was actually popular in old China. It's not for the feint of heart though. No pretty sounding Erhus or Guzhengs here.


  19. There was also a supposed fight that broke out between La'Mule and Diru fans. That's tea for @WhirlingBlack to spill tho
  20. Burmese Hsaing-waing music is like if you took Thai piphat but made it progressive and technical. It's full of tempo changes and weird time signatures. 

  21. My guess is just western fans being western fans. But even then, I rarely see Diru fans fight with Gazetto fans, unless it's like the deathcore Diru fans that only listen to Dum Spiro Spero and think Visual Kei is for Le Gays™ But then again, I don't participate in fanwars so what do I know? lmao
  22. Plus, even if it were true, why the hell would Diru fans insult The GazettE for being former Diru roadies? Last time I checked, there wasn't any Diru and Sel'm fanwar. If anything, it should be La'Miss Fairy fans reminding Gazetto fans that without Yayoi, the GazettE would be nothing, but La'Miss Fairy is, well, disbanded lmao
  23. Wait, the GazettE were Diru roadies? Because I remember the formation story mostly being Ruki, Uruha and Reita playing around with different musicians, most notably vocalists Tetora (who'd join Kamikaze Boyz) and Saki (who'd form Cuartet) until Ruki decided he wanted to do vocals instead of drums and so they left Saki and Kanna and joined with Aoi and Yune from Artia. Plus, I remember their early history being much more associated with Yayoi from La'Miss Fairy than anything to do with Diru. Could you perhaps elaborate more?
  24. Just compare any bandman to Final Fantasy characters and you're bound to rustle a few jimmies
  25. Does anyone know what Aika ex. Cuartet, Black:List and Triggah is doing these days? Is he still an associate of Tomozo's label or has he fully retired from anything music related?

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